Best pressure washer attachments for efficient cleaning

Get the most from your pressure washer with these handy accessories.

Pressure washer attachments

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A pressure washer is such a handy and versatile tool to have around the garden; its usefulness, as well as its performance and cleaning capacity, can be improved with the addition of pressure washer attachments. Let's face it life is so much easier when you don't have to rely on brushes, water, and elbow grease.

There's no doubt these machines, even the budget pressure washers, have made our lives easier, but there are so many different brands available, like Karcher, Bosch, Worx and Ryobi, and they often have their own specific types of connections and fittings, meaning interchangeability between brands can be difficult, although not impossible. We would recommend going with the manufacturer's accessories to be on the safe side.

Best pressure washer attachments at a glance

• Best for patio and driveway cleaning: Kärcher T5 Patio Cleaner - View on Amazon UK
• Best for accessing awkward areas: Bosch 360° Pistol - View on Amazon UK
• Best soft brush attachment: Nilfisk 6411131 Auto Brush - View on Amazon UK

It would be nigh on impossible to give a comprehensive list of attachments for each manufacturer, so we've had a look across some of the different popular brands and chosen a selection of attachments to give you an idea of what's available and how they can enhance your pressure washing experience. It's worth noting that these attachments are not suitable for cordless pressure washers.

Best pressure washer attachments

Best for patio and driveway cleaning

On Sale

Karcher T5 Patio Cleaner
Price: $169.00

The Kärcher T5 Patio Cleaner is a great additional accessory for your pressure washer that makes cleaning your patio or driveway a breeze. There are no bristles, just two rotating high-pressure nozzles that effectively remove dirt, grime, and even stubborn stains, while the covering hood keeps the water and dirt inside, protecting you and your surroundings from getting covered in dirty spray water – bonus! The T5 pressure can be adjusted to clean at different strengths to suit hard or softer surfaces, depending on the material. It can also be used to clean vertical surfaces.

Customer review: "The patio cleaner is brilliant. I think it cleans 8 to 10 times faster than the wand. It is fast and effective."


  • Great for patios, driveways, and other hard surfaces
  • Adjustable nozzle position


  • It can leave a pattern if you move it too quickly

Best for budget cleaning

This patio washer from Nilfisk is pretty similar to the Karcher T5 but is slightly less refined. It features two rotating jets that spin under pressure, cleaning surfaces efficiently and delivering pretty consistent results. The conical action also ensures that all ridges and uneven angles get cleaned. The compact design makes it easy to manoeuvre and reach tight spaces, and the adjustable handle adds to its ease of use. The patio cleaner is compatible with all Nilfisk Compact range pressure washers, and it is also relatively affordable.

**Customer review: "**The rotating jets and brush assembly effectively covered a wide cleaning path, allowing me to clean larger areas with each pass. This significantly reduced the time and effort required to complete the job, making it more efficient overall."


  • Good value
  • Conical action is good for cleansing around ridges


  • Not as efficient as some other patio cleaners

Best for accessing awkward areas

Bosch 360 Pistol

Rrp: $44.85

Price: $41.03

The Bosch 360° Pressure Washer Pistol is a fantastic addition to your cleaning tool kit. Its design allows easy manoeuvrability and lets you get into every nook and cranny. The 360° rotating nozzle allows thorough cleaning without twisting and turning your wrist and arm or getting into uncomfortable or awkward positions. The ergonomic grip provides excellent comfort and control. The pistol's spray pressure can be adjusted to suit the surface you're working on, and there's a 450ml detergent container to help you make quick work of stubborn dirt and grime.

Customer review: "The 360 nozzle helps you reach places you normally wouldn't be able to and offers even more functionality and convenience."


  • Rotating nozzle for easy cleaning of hard-to-reach areas
  • Variable nozzle setting for different cleaning needs


  • Not so good for patios or decking

Best for spraying foam cleanser

The Stone Banks Pressure Washer Snow Foam Cannon Lance Gun is a great option for making car cleaning easier and more efficient. The adjustable spray dial on the soap dispenser allows you to select the foam concentration depending on how much dirt and grime you have to deal with. Then, when it comes time to rinse the soap off, there are five quick-connecting spray nozzle tips allowing different degrees of cleaning power, from a 0-degree spray for tough marks to 40 degrees for rinsing.

Customer review: "This is a great bit of kit, coming with both the bottle and the handle parts in 1 set makes it a great budget item."


  • Quick connect feature
  • Durable construction


  • May need an adapter to fit your washer

Best soft brush attachment

The Nilfisk brush attachment features soft bristles that are gentle on surfaces but tough enough to remove dirt and grime. The wide design of the brush is excellent at distributing the jet spray and detergent, allowing you to speed up the cleaning process, while the adjustable handle provides a comfortable grip and control. There's also a squeegee attachment to help remove water from panels and windows, making it easier to dry off and leave a streak-free finish. The Nilfisk brush attachment is also ideal for cleaning windows, caravans and conservatories.

Customer review: "Great product. Bought for cleaning our static caravan. Saved so much time and effort. Really good product."


  • Soft bristles prevent scratching
  • Squeegee attachment


  • Can be a bit messy to use

Best for accessing high or low areas

The Frunimall angled lance attachment is a versatile pressure washer tool that allows effortless cleaning of gutters, roofs, the underside of cars and caravans, and other difficult-to-get-to-places. Five different nozzles are included (from 0 degrees to 40 degrees), allowing you to switch between different spray patterns and pressures, giving you complete control over the cleaning process. The quick-connect feature makes it easy to attach and detach from most pressure washers. If you're looking for an attachment that saves you from getting out your stepladders or crawling along the ground, this is the ideal solution.

Customer review: "If you need or want something that gets dirt and grime out of stuff easily, then this is for you."


  • Great for hard-to-reach places
  • Adjustable pressure and angles


  • May need an adapter to fit some models

Best multi-function brush accessory

On Sale

The Kärcher WB 7 is a versatile and effective cleaning tool. It offers three functions in one, making it a convenient and space-saving choice. The foam jet applies detergent from the built-in tank to loosen dirt, the high-pressure spray tackles tough marks, and the soft bristles gently remove dirt and grime without scratching the surface, ensuring a thorough and safe clean. The lever on the handle easily selects all the functions without the need to change accessories, and the adjustable joint allows for easy manoeuvrability, reaching even the most challenging areas.

Customer review: "It does everything pretty well. You used to wash the car with a brush and sponge and then rinse it off. With this, you can do a fairly complete, quick wash in one swoop."


  • Versatile 3-in-1 design
  • Easy to use


  • Becomes a bit heavy when used for longer periods


What is the best pressure to use with my washer?

Pressure is measured in bars or PSI (pounds per square inch). For cleaning decking, garden furniture or cars, a pressure of around 100 bar (1450psi) is ideal to avoid any damage. For patios, you can go up to about 130 bar (1885psi), and concrete can take about 150 bar (2175psi)

Most popular pressure washers deliver a set PSI, and this is where pressure washer attachments come to the fore, as they can increase and enhance the performance of the washer. The addition of an attachment like a patio cleaner or a foam dispenser can help you get the job done more quickly, with less mess, less chance of causing any damage, and give better results. Once finished, you can stand back and enjoy the satisfaction of a job well done!

It's always worth making sure that any attachment or accessory is compatible with your pressure washer.

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