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pressure washer for your patio

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When you have a garden, but more specifically a patio, getting your hands on the best pressure washer for your patio is essential to help keep it in tip-top shape. Patios provide a great little entertainment spot in your garden and can even make smaller spaces look bigger too. But, there’s no denying they can get very dirty, so we’ve found the best pressure washers for your patio, so you can get your garden summer ready.

When patios are exposed to moisture, algae, lichen and moss can begin to develop, spoiling your pretty paved area. But a pressure washer will easily blast away dirt and restore your patio's natural beauty again.

Best pressure washer for your patio at a glance:

Best for large patios: Bosch Universal Aquatak 135 - View on B&Q
Best for small patios: Nilfisk Core 130 - View on Amazon UK
Best budget buy: Bosch Easy Aquatak 120 - View on Amazon UK

If your patio really has seen better days, then you may even want to consider getting a patio cleaner solution to use alongside your pressure washer. It’s also worth noting, some pressure washers come with a specific patio cleaning accessory head, which can make cleaning them (especially larger patios) a lot easier. However, if they don’t, these can be purchased separately, but are usually pricey. We’ve tried to include as many options that already come with this attachment for easy cleaning.

We've rounded up the best pressure washers from Kärcher, Nilfisk, Bosch and more, that will leave your patio gleaming once more.

Best pressure washers for patios

Best for large patios

For larger patios this powerful pressure washer is ideal. It has a long hose so that you're able to cover larger areas with no problem and has strong wheels and a handle so that you can move it about. It comes equipped with a 3-in-1 nozzle — pencil, jet, and fan — for ease of use, so you don't have to constantly change between them. Plus, the handle folds down for easy storage.

Although it doesn't come with the patio cleaner attachment this can be purchased separately, but it isn't essential to have (check out our FAQs at the bottom where our expert explains). One reviewer confessed they hadn't cleaned their outdoor hardstanding for 20 years and this machine handled the grime. Several reviewers recommend investing in the extension hose which obviously greatly expands the reach of this pressure washer.


  • Powerful, so ideal for larger patios, decks, and driveways
  • 3-in-1 nozzle for ease of use
  • Handle folds away for easy storage


  • Patio cleaner attachment has to be purchased separately

Best value

Nilfisk core 140Nilfisk/B&Q

This Nilfisk C140 Corded Pressure washer is a brilliant allrounder when it comes to price and the accessories it comes with. Not only does its 140 bar pressure make it the ideal pressure washer for your patio, but it comes with a whole host of attachments too, including a foam sprayer, two nozzles for high and gentle-pressured cleaning, a soft brush attachment, plus a patio cleaner head — all for just under £200 — talk about an absolute steal.

It has a long and flexible eight-metre hose, which is great for manoeuvring around objects/areas. Its lightweight and top handle make it easy to transport all over your garden. We were also very impressed by its robust build and that it’s been made with a metal pump, instead of a plastic one. For patios, cars, bicycles and garden furniture, you can't really go wrong with this.

Tried and tested by Homes & Gardens Product Writer, Bryony Firth-Bernard: "This pressure washer was a delight to use. Assembling it was very easy and it took around 15 minutes (you just need a Phillips screwdriver). Using the patio head to clean my mum and dad’s small front patio was a flawless (and rather soothing) experience and it left a flawless finish too. The green algae instantly disappeared after one swipe over with the patio cleaner and, afterwards, I gave it a quick blast over with the gentle nozzle to remove some stubborn bits of dirt. Overall, it turned their rather grubby and dirty patio back to its beautiful sand stone colour.

"A few things to note, the patio head is quite small, so this is definitely suitable for smaller patios and not really big ones (otherwise you could be there a long time). My favourite features were, of course, the patio cleaner head and the fact that all the accessories neatly attach onto the pressure washer, making it a really tidy and compact piece of kit. I also loved that there's a little guide on top of the pressure washer that tells you which nozzle and pressure is suitable for your required cleaning task."


  • Great value, comes with a range of accessories (including patio head attachment)
  • Impressive power for the size of the machine
  • Long, flexible hose for great reach
  • Very easy to assemble


  • Not the best for large patios, or will at least take a long time to clean

Best for small patios

Core 130 pressure washer NilfiskNilfisk/Amazon
Price: £141.95

Another brilliant pressure washer from Nilfisk is the Core 130. It’s very similar to the Core 140, the main differences being, its maximum water flow rate is ever so slightly lower, it has a maximum pressure of 130 bars and is 2.2kg lighter. Reviewers appreciate that lightweight design, describing this as easily manoeuvrable and very manageable to clean smaller areas of hardstanding, paths, and driveways.

Even though this is less expensive than other Nilfisk pressure washers, you still get a range of great Nilfisk accessories, including the infamous patio cleaner attachment, three cleaning nozzles, and a soft bristle brush. Reviewers love the hose storage system that helps make this washer a relatively space-saving option to store.

At just under £150, this pressure washer for your patio is an absolute steal. The only thing to bear in mind is that this model is best for small patios, as the patio cleaner isn’t very big, therefore if you do have a lot of ground to cover, you’re best opting for something bigger, like the Kärcher.


  • Great value, and comes with a range of great accessories including patio cleaner head
  • Good for smaller patios
  • Attachments store neatly on the pressure washer


  • Not suitable for larger patios

Best Kärcher pressure washer for patios

K 5 smart home pressure washerKärcher/Amazon
Price: $446.43

When it comes to the best pressure washers, we know Kärcher is top of the game, and while their models may be more expensive than competitor brands, you get what you pay for. The K 5 model comes with the T 5 patio cleaner head attachment, so your paving will be left gleaming, as well as some stone and façade detergent. And with a max 145 bar pressure, you’ll be able to clean all your garden’s tools and accessories, from furniture to fences, bicycles, cars and patios.

Reviewers, may whom have upgraded from lesser specced Kärcher pressure washers, say that the K 5 has transformed their approach to outdoor cleaning and describe cleaning cars as effortless with this model.

The 3-in-1 jet lance is really handy, as it allows you to switch between different spray settings without the hassle of having to attach a different nozzle. The plug ‘n’ clean system is pretty cool too as it lets you add detergent to your pressure washer mid-way through cleaning. Reviewers are big fans of the Smart Control App that works via Bluetooth, if pop in what kind of object or surface you’re cleaning, the app will tell you what setting and attachment to use.


  • Very powerful, great for patios, cars, garden tools and furniture
  • Long 10-metre hose
  • Comes with patio attachment head
  • 3-in-1 jet lance for ease of use


  • Hose is a little rigid

Best budget buy

Bosch Easy Aquatak 120Bosch/Amazon
Price: £109.99

Looking for something a little more budget-friendly for your patio? Then this pressure washer from Bosch is just that. Naturally, its lower price tag does mean it’s not going to be as powerful as some of the other pressure washers we’ve listed, but with a maximum pressure of 120 bars and coming equipped with a patio cleaner head, wash brush and three different nozzles, can you really complain?

It may just require a little more time and patience when cleaning your patio, but some reviewers have seen great success with this option, one happy customer said this got rid of five year's worth of dirt off their patio in no time at all. As you can see this pressure washer doesn’t come with wheels or a pulley handle, so you will have to move it by hand. But weighing in at 4.7kg makes this no problem. There’s also the option to buy a six-metre extension hose at a small cost if you don’t want to have to move this pressure washer around.


  • Very affordable option for those on a budget
  • Lightweight and compact, easy to store
  • Comes with a great range of attachments, including patio cleaner head


  • Not suitable for larger patios

Best mid-range Kärcher pressure washer

Kärcher K 3 Premium Smart Control HomeKärcher/Ebay

If you had your heart set on getting a Kärcher pressure washer for your patio, but the one we listed earlier is a little out of your price range, then the K3 could be a better option. Described by one reviewer as offering first-class cleaning power, it will still do wonders for your garden patio. The main difference between the two, firstly, is the size. The K3 is quite a bit smaller but still has an impressively powerful 1600-watt motor.

Reviewers are fans of the Power Control Vario Lance which makes it quick and easy to switch power levels - if you're deep cleaning the patio and then want to give your French doors a quick hose down, for example. Points also get awarded for this cleaner's quiet performance.

It doesn't have a 3-in-1 nozzle like the K5, however, this shouldn't be a problem, as the K3 comes equipped with everything you need, including a patio cleaner, 500ml patio and deck detergent, a dirt blaster spray, an extension lance, and the Kärcher Quick Connect system.


  • Powerful with 120 bar pressure
  • Easy to use with intuitive controls
  • Good for small/medium-sized patios
  • Comes with great range of accessories, including patio cleaner


  • Takes a little while to assemble

Best high-end pressure washer

Kärcher K7 Premium Smart Control Home Pressure WasherKärcher/Amazon
Price: £549.99

As we've already stated, Kärcher is a legendary pressure washer brand, known for its high-quality and durable washers. As you'll see from the list above there are a range of models, including pressure washers for cars or outdoors specifically, but this K7 premium pressure washer tackles everything from cars to external staircases, garden paths, pools, and patios.

The 3-in-1 hose has different settings to suit different cleaning tasks and there's a handy boost mode that really brings the pressure, useful if you need to remove stubborn stains. Reviewers are pleased with the build quality and sheer power this pressure washer offers, but do note it is not the most lightweight option - something to consider if you'd struggle to lug this nearly 20-kilogram machine around your outside spaces.

We consider this one of the ultimate pressure washers for your patio that you can get your hands on. This machine can work through a Bluetooth connection, meaning you can tailor your machine to what you're cleaning at the press of a button. One reviewer claimed this worked wonders on a driveway and has purchased additional accessories to use it elsewhere in their outside space.


  • Compact design that's easy to store
  • Powerful 180 bar pressure for deep cleaning
  • Many useful accessories available


  • Smart control can be faulty

How we chose the best pressure washers for patios

All of these pressure washers have been hand-selected by our team of Modern Gardens shopping experts. We carefully considered power, features, and price-point in our selection of the best. Our team has spent hours investigating and researching pressure washers to make it easier for you to find the very best, and we'd never recommend a product we don't believe in.

Where possible, we also test and share the latest and best products you should know about. And with help from Modern Gardens Magazine, Garden News and Garden Answers, we share expert gardening knowledge to help you get the most from your product.

Pressure washer buyers' guide

Whether you want to get your garden furniture in tip-top shape or clean up your patio, a pressure washer will certainly do the trick. When it comes to looking after your outdoor decking, there are a few things you need to consider before you buy – from functions to features. With the help of, we have a buyer’s guide to help you decide:


Pressure is the first thing to look out for. After all, the pressure is the main feature of the tool, relating to the force in which water is pushed out. How much pressure you’ll require will depend on the jobs you want to do around your home and garden. Typically, it’s measured in bars or PSI.

For cleaning your patio, you’ll want a medium pressure to keep the slabs in place. Whereas, for a heavy-duty task, such as a tough driveway, you need a few more bars on the pressure washer.

Light – is perfect for sprucing up wood decking or garden furniture, which is around 100 bars.

Medium – is ideal for cleaning the car, guttering and refreshing the patio, which is 110-130 bars.

High – works for heavy-duty tasks, between 130 to 150 bars of pressure for pools and paved areas. Some of the higher end models even reach the 180 bar mark.

Key Features

When shopping for your budget-friendly pressure washer, consider the following, says

Different Lances – in different lengths will suit different tasks. Essentially, a lance is the “long pipe that extends out from a pressure washer’s trigger,” says A long piper will help you wash those hard-to-reach areas, with any injury to yourself or damage to your new piece of kit.

Variable Pressure – is a great feature to look out for if you want your new piece of kit to do a few jobs for you, says Variable pressure lets you change how strong the water is. says this makes “the tool just as great for light jobs as it is for tougher ones.”

Detergent Nozzles – will help you add detergent to your pressure washer. Washing with a mixture of water and soap can help you perform that extra-powerful clean. add that a pressure tool with detergent can come in handy “when you want to make your car shine.”

Auto Start and Stop – can come in handy when you’re in the middle of a job. This feature means it has “both a main switch for power and a separate trigger to turn on the water flow.” With this feature, you can turn your tool on and off at will, reducing any water waste during a wash.

Onboard Tools – will help your pressure washer find its footing – and perform various tasks. Luckily for you, there are plenty of tools and accessories for you to test – from different nozzle sizes to extended lances. With these additional pressure washer attachments, cleaning is “easier and more effective.”

Other Elements

There are a few additional things to look out for when picking out a pressure washer for your patio, says

Motors – can differ from tool to tool. Typically, a pressure washer can have one of three motors: a brush, universal or inverter motor. For long-lasting and durable models, inverter motors are the best.

Power – is measured in watts, varying from model to model.

Water Flow – will tell you how much water the tool uses, says – and is measured in litres per hour or in gallons per minute.


Which type of washer is best for my patio?

If you need a little guidance about which pressure washer model and setting is best for each type of patio or decking, you've come to the right place. From wooden decking to concrete slabs, we've got the answers:

Wooden Decking - select a low-pressure washer. Use a wide-angle nozzle and maintain a safe distance to prevent damage to the wood.

Concrete Patio - opt for a high-powered washer that efficiently removes tough stains or dirt buildup on concrete surfaces.

Stone Patio - choose a nozzle appropriate for the stone type (e.g., limestone, slate) and consider lower pressure settings to avoid erosion.

Brick Patio - a medium-duty pressure washer is suitable for brick patios. This variation will effectively clean without damaging the softer brick material.

Paver Patio - requires a medium-duty pressure washer. Remember to adjust the nozzle and pressure according to the type and condition of the pavers.

What pressure do I need to clean my patio?

It’s not actually the maximum bar pressure you want to focus on too much here. “As a rule, the higher the working pressure of the machine, the better it will clean,” says David Davies, a spokesperson from Nilfisk. “Not the maximum rated pressure, which is just the highest pressure the machine is tested to.”

A pressure washer with high working pressure in combination with a patio cleaner that is the correct size for your patio will deliver great results. “You want a smaller diameter patio cleaner for small areas, a larger diameter patio cleaner for medium-sized areas and large diameter patio cleaners for larger areas,” says David.

Do I need a patio cleaning accessory head in order to clean my patio?

No, you don’t. You can still clean a patio perfectly fine without one. However, David does say the advantage of a patio cleaning head is that it has two cleaning nozzles inside of it. “As the arm rotates under the pressure of the water flow, the width of the cleaning sweep is the diameter of the cleaning head. The wider the cleaning sweep, the less time it will take to clean the area,” he says. “If you only clean the area using a lance and a single jet nozzle, the cleaning sweep will be narrower than that of a patio cleaner so, naturally, the patio cleaner will be a lot quicker.”

What is the ideal weather for pressure washing your patio?

You can pressure wash your patio at any time throughout the year, says Eco Pressure Clean. But, it is recommended to wash your patio between March to November, ideally completed before the colder months. Who wants to be stuck in the bitter outdoors pressure-washing their decking? You don't want to work when it's too hot - or cold.

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