Best Kärcher pressure washers for a powerful yard clean

Big on power and versatility, when it comes to outdoor cleaning, Kärcher performs the best.

Best Kärcher pressure washer - powerful yard cleaners

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When you see the best Kärcher pressure washers in action, you quickly realise why this is the best brand for power washers. There's a satisfaction in seeing grimy patio slabs getting drenched in a powerful jet of water and washed clean of any stubborn grime, weeds and stains. A pressure washer can clean anything outdoors: Fence panels, sheds, patios, garden chairs and your car.

Kärcher models come with a range of accessories and cleaning detergents that are compatible with all of their pressure washers. There are tons of Youtube videos showing the ease in which components slot together with a simple push and twist. However, the range needs a bit of explaining in order to know what is the best machine for your needs.

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These distinctive yellow machines are synonymous with powerful home cleaning solutions. There are five core models: K 2, K 3, K 4, K 5, K 7. These get increasingly more powerful with higher bar pressure and a higher flow rate. For example, a K 2 is designed to clean 20sq metres per hour, whereas a K 7 can do 60. The K 2 series is around £100 whilst the K 7 starts at around £400. In addition, there are extra features and accessories - such as the Power Control lance and Smart Control - which means the price goes up too.

It pays to do your research before buying a Kärcher pressure washer, so you don't buy a model that's more powerful than your requirements. To put it in context, the K 2-K 3 models are ample for cleaning a normal-sized car and a small yard or driveway. Opt for K 4-K 5 if you have a large paved area to clean, plus an assortment of bikes and a big vehicle. Finally, choose K 5-K 7 if you have a motorhome and a large patio or courtyard. In this guide, we've selected a representative cross-section of the best Kärcher pressure washers to cover a range of outdoor cleaning jobs.

Best Kärcher pressure washers at a glance

Best for everyday use: Kärcher K 2 Power Control - view now on Amazon UK
Best for cleaning the car: Kärcher K 3 Power Control - view now on Kärcher UK
Best for a family home: Kärcher K 4 Premium Power Control Car and Home - view now on Kärcher UK

Best Kärcher pressure washer

Best for everyday use

On Sale

Kärcher K 2 Power Control
Price: £102.56 (was £109.99)
Alternative retailers
Robert Dyas£109.99View offer


For the cheapest Kärcher in the range, this K 2 certainly packs a lot more welly than a garden


  • Powerful solution to everyday outdoor cleaning tasks
  • Reasonable price


  • Lightweight, so is prone to falling over

Best for cleaning the car

On Sale

Kärcher K 3 Power Control
Price: £130 (was £149.99)
Alternative retailers
Currys£130.00View offer
Homebase£159.00View offer
Robert Dyas£159.99View offer
Halfords£159.99View offer


Between the K 2 and the K 3, there's not the greatest difference in price. For an extra £20, you


  • Ideal for cleaning the car
  • Effective everyday cleaning


  • Some customers have commented on the hose being flimsy

Best for power and portability

On Sale

Kärcher K 5 Compact Pressure Washer
Price: £235 (was £289.99)
Alternative retailers
Argos£200.00View offer
Robert Dyas£279.99View offer


The reason for choosing the K 5 as a Compact model over its K 2, K 3 and K 4 counterparts is that


  • Portable
  • Easy to store
  • Powerful


  • Compact range is not controlled by Kärcher Home and Garden App

Best Kärcher for a family home


Clear out stubborn weeds that are growing in your brick weave - and so much more - with the


  • App gives good instructions
  • Versatile
  • Bundle of features and accessories


  • A bit heavy

Best heavy-duty Kärcher pressure washer

On Sale

Kärcher K7 Premium
Price: £549 (was £629.99)
Alternative retailers
Robert Dyas£589.99View offer
Currys£629.00View offer
Halfords£629.99View offer
Homebase£649.00View offer


From removing oil stains on garage floors to cleaning the outside of your house, by utilising the


  • Very powerful
  • Versatile


  • Very heavy

Kärcher accessories and detergents for home and garden

Using Kärcher branded accessories and detergents is a safe and effective bet, as they have been specifically designed for use on those models, whereas cheaper equivalents risk damaging the machine. Not to mention, they'll also speed up your cleaning job as the product is designed with the application purpose in mind.

Best for effective patio cleaning

On Sale

Kärcher T 5 Patio Cleaner
Price: £63.99 (was £85.99)
Alternative retailers
Argos£80.00View offer
Halfords£85.00View offer
Robert Dyas£90.99View offer


This surface cleaner offers splash-free cleaning and is compatible with all of Kärcher's pressure


  • Splash-free cleaning
  • No elbow grease required


  • Some getting to know the accessory is required in order to find the right pressure to use

Best effective foam nozzle accessory

On Sale

Kärcher FJ6 Foam Nozzle

Rrp: £19.99

Price: £17.99
Alternative retailers
Halfords£19.99View offer
Homebase£25.45View offer
Currys£39.99View offer


This nozzle is a best seller, and it's not surprising, given its versatility. Make light work of


  • Effective
  • Detergent goes a long way


  • Some customers have commented on it not being compatible with their pressure washer - check compatibility before buying

Best all-round detergent

On Sale

Kärcher Universal Cleaner

Rrp: £9.99

Price: £8.00
Alternative retailers
Halfords£8.49View offer


Bright yellow, just like the machines, Kärcher's concentrated Universal Cleaner can be easily


  • Plug and Clean with compatible machines
  • Refillable bottle


  • Doesn't last long

Best detergent for cleaning hard surfaces

On Sale

Kärcher Stone and Façade Cleaner

Rrp: £8.99

Price: £7.00
Alternative retailers
Argos£7.00View offer
Halfords£7.29View offer


This specially formulated detergent contains an active dirt dissolver. In addition, using Kärcher


  • Contains an algae and weather protector
  • Plug and Clean with compatible machines
  • Refillable bottle
  • Effective and leaves a nice smell


  • Some customers have commented that there are cheaper, effective alternatives

Our verdict: Best Kärcher pressure washer

There's no doubt that Kärcher is best in class for domestic pressure washers. However, it can be confusing to know what model to choose what's best for your needs. With obscure terms like K 7 - the range sounds like it was named after the strength rating for hurricanes.

We've looked at the budget, mid-range, compact, and the most powerful Kärcher pressure washers; in summary, we'd recommend the K 4 Premium Power Control Car and Home. The key point is that you'll only need to buy this machine once, so it's worth the investment. Customers have commented at length about owning their Kärcher for well over 20 years. This K 4 bundle gives you power (1800W), pressure (130 bar), and flow rate (420 l/h) that can clean anything outdoors, as well as app support and accessories that are purpose designed for cleaning your home and car. Its water-cooled motor and quality components mean this power washer is going to last for years. It's worth paying the higher price for its versatility and long-term gain.


What are the Kärcher features to look for?

Kärcher also has ranges that offer different features. For example, the Premium range has an integrated hose. Smart Control models can be controlled with the Kärcher Home and Garden app. Power Control pressure washers are equipped with the Dirt Blaster lance, and the Compact range is designed for easy storage.

Additionally, you can buy Kärcher pressure washers in bundles that have tailored accessories. The Home bundle includes a revolving patio cleaner brush, and wood and stone cleaner detergents, whilst the Car and Home bundle comes with a spray foam adaptor, car shampoo, polish products and a rotating washing brush.

What can I clean with a pressure washer?

The range of outdoor surfaces and items a pressure washer can clean is exhaustive: Bicycles, garden tools, garden furniture, fences, motorbikes, cars, steps, SUVs, brickwork, caravans, swimming pools and exterior brickwork.

Hard surfaces: Stone terraces, paving stones, washed concrete, asphalt, metal, garden tools
Medium surfaces: Cars, motorbikes, brick surfaces, plastered walls, plastic garden furniture
Soft surfaces: Wood, bicycles, sandstone surfaces, rattan furniture

Before you buy, ask yourself, "how are you going to use the pressure washer?" This will help narrow down the options and determine the power level that you need.

What kind of pressure washer should I buy?

Pressure washers are designed for different tasks. A light-duty model, such as the K 2, is just fine for giving a patio a jet wash every now and again. You may want to consider a battery-powered cordless pressure washer if you have hard-to-reach areas. And a compact model is an ideal choice for portability or if you're short on storage space.

If you have a large paved area or concrete driveway that you need to clean, it's worth opting for a medium-duty model, such as the Kärcher K4.

Heavy-duty options, such as the Kärcher K7, will lay waste to moss-riddled shed roofs and drives. But do note that heavy-duty pressure washers are very expensive.

What features should I look for in a pressure washer?

Pressure (measured in bar) will determine the strength of the water jet. To give you an indication of the strength of a pressure washer, a hose pipe is between 40-60 bar, so even the smallest pressure washer is twice as powerful as a garden hose.

In terms of performance, look for pressure washers with a respectable water flow rate, measured in litres per hour. This indicates how quickly you can clean something and literally states how much water will flow from the machine. Since most small pressure washers come with a maximum pressure of around 100 bar, the water flow rate is the most important feature to consider.

Another crucial product detail is power. For example, a pressure washer with 120 bar pressure at 1,500W will maintain its pressure and be used for longer periods than one with 1,200W because it doesn't have to work so hard.

Take note of the length of the hose to determine how far you can walk around with it. Also, note the length of the cable to know how far you can run the cable from mains electricity without the need for an extension.

You must also pay close attention to the size and weight of the pressure washer and, therefore, its portability.

Finally, consider the accessories that come with the model: Brushes, lances, nozzles, hoses, detergents and wheels. Opt for bundles that give you specific lances, surface cleaners and detergents designed for home and garden cleaning tasks. Kärcher offers long warranties on their products, which makes them the leading manufacturer of pressure washers.

What should I avoid cleaning with a pressure washer?

Never pressure wash electricals - avoid meters and electric panels. Take care when pressure washing treated wooden surfaces, such as decking - if the pressure is too high, you'll remove the paintwork. Avoid pressure washing broken or crumbling surfaces paving as the jet will send fragments flying. Nor is it a good idea to pressure wash glass. Do not pressure wash air conditioning units, as it can damage the blades. Also, never strip lead-based paint with a pressure washer - it's dangerously toxic if you inhale particles. Nor should you aim pressure washers at people or animals. The high-pressure water jet can cause lacerations - it can slice - and it can kill animals.

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