The best wheelbarrows to make light work of your gardening

Never waste time or effort again with a wheelbarrow ready and raring to go in your shed.

Best wheelbarrows

by Eleanor Weaver |

Perfect for shifting soil and moving heavy DIY materials, a wheelbarrow is a fantastic tool to have in your garden shed if you're an avid gardener or have a particularly large outdoor space. Not only can having one to hand save you time and effort from trawling heavy loads around your garden, most likely having to take multiple trips, but it can also make sure you're not putting unnecessary strain on your back.

You may be surprised to hear that wheelbarrows come in a range of shapes and sizes, so finding the right one for you might require a little more research than just buying the first wheelbarrow you spot at your local gardening centre.

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We've done the heavy lifting for you and shared the best wheelbarrows for a range of requirements and outlined exactly what you should be looking for.

Wheelbarrow FAQs

What is the best material for a wheelbarrow?

There are two main materials used in wheelbarrows; those with a steel or plastic bucket. The best material for your wheelbarrow depends on the work you'll be carrying out with each type having different benefits.

Wheelbarrows with a steel bucket can bear more weight so they're best for heavy-duty tasks such as moving large rocks, plants, and stone slabs. However, steel can rust and it will inevitably be heavier to move about too.

Wheelbarrows with a plastic bucket on the other hand tend to be lighter, more affordable, and a good choice if you're just looking for a way to transport compost, mix fertiliser, and smaller plants. The downfall with this type of wheelbarrow however is that you need to be careful not to overload the bucket as the plastic could crack under excessive weight.

Is a one- or two-wheel wheelbarrow better?

A two-wheel wheelbarrow is more stable on level ground, but a one-wheel wheelbarrow is universally the best choice for maneuverability. Positioned in the central point of the wheelbarrow, a one-wheel provides greater control for movement and unloading, with the ability to wheel in small spaces, over planks, in water, and over uneven ground - great for gardens!

How long should a wheelbarrow last?

Wheelbarrows can last for years, making them a great investment, but if you want your wheelbarrow to go the distance, you'll need to care for them. Here are some tips for keeping your wheelbarrow in good nick:

• Clean the bucket regularly

• Store in a dry place to prevent rust and warping, and make sure to dry your wheelbarrow before putting it away

• Maintain the wheels by applying grease to the axle

• Reinflate your wheelbarrow wheel with a bicycle pump if looking flat

• Clean the handles regularly and sand wooden handles if becoming a bit rough

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