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Any successful garden relies on the talent and ability of its gardener (you) and one essential structure – the tool shed. Gardens mean different things to different people. For some, it’s an oasis to escape from the pressures of day-to-day life and enjoy the company of family and friends. For others, it’s a space for self-sufficiency to grow tasty fruit and veg that will be a welcome addition to meals. Or perhaps a combination of both. No matter what you use your garden space for, you need to keep it in order. To do that, you will need a certain amount of equipment, and you really want to keep your equipment safe and protected with some decent garden storage.

Tool sheds come in lots of different guises and sizes – from basic metal containers to luxurious bespoke masterpieces that wouldn’t look out of place gracing a prime position in, well, your garden. Before you make a decision, it's worth considering what space you have available, what you plan on storing, and what kind of protection you need, both in terms of weather and security.

The best tool shed at a glance:

• Best low-maintenance tool shed: Lifetime Vertical Storage Shed - View on Amazon UK
Best budget tool shed: Outsunny Garden Tool Shed - View on Amazon UK
• Best versatile tool shed: Sentry Box Wooden Garden Tool Shed - View on Amazon UK

Whether you're a seasoned horticulturist with a vast array of tools or a budding enthusiast just starting to build your gardening collection, we’re sure there will be a tool garden shed here to fit your needs.

The best tool shed

Best low-maintenance tool shed

 Lifetime 60209 Vertical Storage Shed
Price: $624.99

Lifetime has produced a number of garden storage solutions, but this one is ideal for tool storage. It’s reasonably compact, but it is big enough to take larger tools, smaller lawn mowers and other bits of gardening paraphernalia that need to be stored when not in use. It’s constructed from high-density plastic, it’s weather resistant and won’t crack, chip or peel, so will keep its appearance, but as it’s constructed from plastic, it will get rather hot if situated in direct sunshine. It does require some assembly, but if you have reasonable DIY skills, this shouldn’t be a problem.

Customer review: "This product is very strong and robust, fairly lightweight to be able to move around the garden easily."


  • Sturdy build
  • Will keep its appearance


  • Some assembly required

Best large size tool shed

Keter bring us this weatherproof tool shed which is six feet wide, four feet deep and over six feet tall, so there’s plenty of storage space for the smaller garden. It’s durable and weather-resistant and requires virtually no maintenance, just the odd wash-down to keep it looking nice and clean. There is some assembly required, and because of its size, it’s recommended that two people are involved in the build. There’s plenty of ventilation, the floor panel keeps your tools clean and dry, and the window allows plenty of natural light to get in.

Customer review: "This is a very nice shed indeed. Top marks for appearance. It is a little on the insubstantial side compared with a wooden shed, but it is quite acceptable for a plastic one."


  • Low maintenance
  • Window for natural light


  • Needs two people for assembly

Best metal tool shed

This one is similar in size to the Keter tool shed but is constructed from rustproof and UV-resistant galvanised steel. While it might not be the most aesthetically pleasing tool shed, you’ll have plenty of space for your lawnmower and other gardening tools and maybe even the odd piece of garden furniture. There’s good security as the door features a locking system, and the sloping roof helps prevent rainwater from gathering and gives a handy few extra inches if needed, but you might find that condensation can build up during humid weather. Assembly is best achieved with two people.

Customer review: "I bought this shed as it said waterproof and was a decent size. Both boxes definitively ticked and very happy as my camping gear is safe and dry."


  • Good build quality
  • Door lock includes


  • Not the most attractive design

Best budget tool shed

The Outsunny wooden tool shed is ideal for spades, rakes, buckets, as well as smaller bits of garden kit, as there are two handy storage shelves to keep things organised. The Fir timber is finished in a natural wood colour waterproof coating for improved weather protection, and the sloping asphalt-covered roof gives additional protection against rain. The front door opens full width for easy access and has a latch which is suitable for a security padlock. Once again, some assembly is required, but it shouldn’t cause too many difficulties.

Customer review: "Love this little shed got it for spades folks small tools and plant feed weedkiller etc., its really very good value for money."


  • Easy to assemble
  • Shelving included


  • No so good for longer tools

Best tool shed for appearance

This is a rather charming storage solution which will look good in most gardens. It features three built-in half-length shelves and an extra upper shelf cleverly incorporated into the roof, which is ideal for gardening essentials like weed killer, trowels, and gloves. There’s plenty of space for bigger items like rakes and spades, and the wooden floor panel keeps everything off the ground, clean and dry. It’s recommended that two people do the assembly, although the clear instructions mean that it’s a pretty straightforward task. It’s functional and looks good, ideal for the smaller garden space.

Customer review: "I love this little garden shed. Holds everything I need it to and is very aesthetically pleasing."


  • Lots of shelf space
  • Looks good


  • No lock

Best for ventilated storage

This is another model from Airwaves. Its appearance is a bit more plain than the Bidefortd model – that’s not to say it’s unattractive because it’s not, just a bit more perfunctory in appearance. It’s also a bit larger, with multiple shelves that can be used to accommodate a multitude of gardening equipment; the downside is that you can’t really fit in larger tools. The louvre-style front doors encourage greater airflow within the shed, helping to prevent condensation and provide better all-around ventilation. There’s no lock or hasp, so you will have to make your own security arrangements if required.

Customer review: "The overall construction of the unit is good, and though it's softwood the elements are thick enough to be sturdy. The top has a waterproof cover, fits with a slope to the back and overhangs to keep drips off the back panel."


  • Good ventilation
  • Good shelving


  • Not so good for larger tools

Best versatile tool shed

This Talia sentry box-style tool shed from Dunster House is good-looking and practical. At almost seven feet tall, there’s plenty of room for long-handled tools as well as shelf space for smaller bits of gardening equipment. It’s made of slow-grown spruce and is suitable for coating in a protective wood solution or for painting with suitable outdoor wood paint. The shelf and tool rail are adjustable, so you can move them to suit your own requirements. Waterproofing is improved with the inclusion of waterproof felt on the roof.

Customer review: "This is a smashing little shed. I put it together, with a bit of help from my partner in about an hour, then another hour kitting it out with the provided shelf."


  • Good storage space
  • Adjustable shelving


  • Two person assembly

What to consider when buying a tool shed

Investing in a tool shed can help keep your gardening gear safe, clean and in order. Here are some things to consider before buying or upgrading a tool shed

Organisation: A tool shed provides a dedicated space to store all your gardening tools, equipment, and supplies. By keeping everything neatly organised, you'll spend less time searching for items and more time actually tending to your garden.

Protection: Garden tools are valuable, and leaving them exposed to the elements can lead to rust, corrosion, or damage. A tool shed offers shelter, protecting your tools from rain, sun, and harsh weather conditions.

Safety: Storing sharp or hazardous tools in a tool shed keeps them out of the reach of children and pets, reducing the risk of accidents.

Space optimisation: Even if you have a garage, summerhouse or garden shed, dedicating a separate tool shed allows you to free up space for other items or activities.

Style: Garden sheds come in various styles and designs that can complement the aesthetics of your garden.

Convenience: Having all your gardening tools in one location near the garden itself saves you time and effort. No more lugging heavy tools back and forth from a distant storage area.

Extended growing season: Some gardeners use their sheds to store potted plants during colder months, creating a mini-greenhouse effect that helps extend the growing season and protect delicate plants from frost. If you're a keen gardener who doesn't already have a greenhouse or allotment, this may be something you want to consider.

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