Ellen Kinsey

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Ellen Kinsey is a Senior Health and Wellness Product Writer at Bauer Media, contributing to multiple publications since 2020. Ellen brings her natural health and sustainability expertise to Modern Gardens with a deep-rooted passion for eco-friendly living and holistic health.

Her journalistic journey began at the University of Bristol, where she wrote for the student newspaper, covering various topics from live music shows to film and television. Her early career also included contributions to The Indiependant. Her role at Bauer Media has her writing for brands such as Yours, Spirit & Destiny, A Modern Kitchen, Modern Gardens, What's the Best, Heat, Closer, and Grazia, covering a wide range of topics from women's health to mindfulness.

At Modern Gardens, Ellen combines her professional experience in commercial writing with her interests in natural health and sustainable living. She is dedicated to exploring how gardening and outdoor living can enhance physical and mental well-being, advocating for practices that benefit people and the planet. Her articles often feature sustainable gardening tips, eco-friendly outdoor living ideas, and insights into how the natural world can contribute to holistic health.

Beyond her professional endeavours, Ellen is an avid content creator. She has a health and food-focused Instagram account, Ellen Friendly Kitchen, where she shares her experiences and knowledge about healthy living. Her commitment to a green lifestyle extends to her personal life, where she enjoys activities like visiting farmer's markets, wild swimming, and learning about natural health.