Best lawn mowers for large gardens

With these lawn mowers, you can stress less about how much you need to mow this spring.

Lawn mower for large garden

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Achieving an immaculate lawn in a sprawling garden is no easy feat, but the best lawn mowers for a large garden can make all the difference. Whether you are a dedicated gardener with an expansive lawn to maintain or have a large property and want to get the job done efficiently - having the right tool is crucial for the task at hand. In this article, we will explore the best lawn mowers designed for larger gardens, which will not only help you achieve a lush green lawn but will also save you your precious time and effort.

With a wide variety of lawn mowers available today, there is something for everyone, but identifying the ideal one for your specific needs can be overwhelming. That's where we come in. From the best petrol mowers to innovative cordless electric models, we've covered the best to narrow your search.

Best lawn mowers for large gardens at a glance:

Best cordless electric lawn mower for large gardens (Editor's choice): Einhell Power X-Change 36/47 Cordless Lawnmower - View on Amazon UK
Best petrol lawn mower for large gardens: Hyundai 196cc Petrol Lawnmower - View on Robert Dyas
Best value lawn mower for large gardens: Webb WER460SP Self-Propelled Rotary Petrol Lawnmower - View on Amazon UK

Large gardens are an amazing place to relax and retreat, but keeping it in a healthy condition can take lots of time and energy. If you are looking for a mower to make light work of your space, perhaps the best ride-on lawn mower will do the trick, or if you don't mind walking laps, a petrol option could be a good choice too.

Before settling on your lawn mower, delve into the world of garden maintenance with our quick guide to the most important factors to consider when selecting a mower. From cutting width to power options - you can find this information and more down below.

Best lawn mowers for large gardens

Best cordless electric lawn mower for large gardens (Editor's choice)

Einhell Power X-ChangeEinhell/Amazon
Price: £479.95 (was £679.95)

This robust model from Einhell is a powerful electric mower designed for large lawns, offering a wide 47 cm cutting width and six cutting height positions (30-65 mm) for efficient mowing. It features a 75 L grass collection box and comes with 2 x 18 V batteries for extended operation.

However, its limited ground clearance may cause some difficulties on bumpy lawns, and the protruding wheels may need additional edge trimming. Although if it is electric you are on the hunt for - this is a great pick.
Customer review: "It's a great piece of engineering. You get four batteries that rapidly charge in the two double-charge units. Easy to unpack and build. Mower is a little heavier than I expected. This won't be a problem as it is self-propelled. Batteries charged up in about 70 mins (from flat)."


  • Wide 47 cm cutting width for efficiency
  • 75 L grass collection box
  • Contains 2 x 18 V batteries


  • Wheels stick out, so additional edge trimming may be needed

Best manoeuvrable lawn mower for large gardens

Greenworks GD24X2LM46SPK4X Self Propelled Cordless LawnmowerGreenworks/Currys

Self-propelled and cordless, this lightweight lawn mower is easy to move and designed for lawns up to 480m². It offers a 46 cm cutting width and the performance of a petrol-powered mower without noise, mess, or environmental impact. Plus, with seven cutting heights, 25-80 mm, and a 55 L grass bag, this mower can collect, mulch, or eject clippings.

This model from Greenworks includes 2 x 24 V batteries that last up to 35 minutes and are compatible with any 24 V Greenworks tool. Although relatively heavy at 27.5 kg, the self-propulsion and 25 cm rear wheels make it easy to handle, and the foldable handle allows for compact storage. All-in-all an excellent choice.

Customer review: "I have been persevering for years with a tiny corded Flymo, and the Greenworks is a revelation in comparison. It reduced the time to mow my lawn (maybe 8m by 25m) from about an hour to 20 minutes, consuming 2/3 of the battery charge in the process. The grass bag needed emptying three times. The mower gets very close to the edges of fences, although some edging is still needed (Greenworks strimmer on order...). It's very easy to clean, and very easy to adjust the cutting height. A single pass of medium-length grass is cut perfectly. I am very happy indeed!"


  • 46cm cutting width
  • Good for lawns up to 480m²
  • Seven cutting heights and various clipping disposal options
  • Foldable handle for compact storage


  • Battery life is reduced when cutting long grass

Best petrol lawn mower for large gardens

Hyundai 196cc Petrol LawnmowerHyundai/Robert Dyas

The Hyundai 196cc Self Propelled Petrol Lawn Mower is an ideal choice for large gardens, boasting a powerful 196 cc 4-stroke engine and a wide 51 cm cutting width. With six cutting heights, a 70 L grass bag, and mulching capabilities, it efficiently tackles a variety of lawn conditions.

However, its bulky size and 38.7 kg weight can make manoeuvring and storage more challenging, particularly in tight spaces or gardens with obstacles. Despite this, the Hyundai 196cc Self Propelled Petrol Lawn Mower is the top contender for the best petrol lawn mower for large gardens, boasting power and efficiency for those with a big property.

Customer review: "Only had it a few days, but it's a really powerful machine, took some getting used to after my manual electric mower, but it really makes short work of my large lawn, and starts really easily. So far, so good"


  • Powerful 4-stroke engine
  • Large 51 cm cutting width
  • Six cutting heights and mulching capability


  • Heavier than electric models, making storage more challenging

Best ride-on lawn mower for large gardens

Honda HF 2317 HME Lawn TractorHonda/Just Lawnmowers
Price: £3,999 (was £4,630)

If it is a ride-on mower you are on the hunt for, then this Honda model could be for you. The HF 2317 HME Lawn Tractor has hydrostatic transmission that makes it responsive and easy to manoeuvre. It boasts an Optiflow grass collecting system, which means no grass clippings get left behind. With a huge 280-litre grass collector, this lawn tractor can plough through grassed areas up to 8,000 square metres. It's a petrol-powered vehicle with a meaty 5.4-litre petrol tank and a speed range of 1.2mph to a spritely 5.5mph. Additionally, it has an LED smart diagnostic dashboard that's user-friendly and tells you what fuel you have remaining.

Customer review: "Great mower, easy to use and does the job well in no time."


  • Easy to manoeuvre
  • Collects grass clippings
  • Large capacity


  • It might be too high-tech for some

Best self-propelled petrol lawn mower for large gardens

Murray EQ700X Self-Propelled Petrol LawnmowerMurray/Amazon
Price: £579

The Murray EQ700X self-propelled lawn mower is loaded with features that help to make your grass cutting as easy and accurate as possible. It has 4-in-1 functionality, including bagging, rear and side discharge, and mulching, and the ReadyStart feature saves you from priming and choking the engine manually before you start it. The self-propel allows a maximum mowing speed of 3.6kmph. Designed for lawns up to 2,000 square metres, the Briggs and Stratton engine is powerful and efficient - packing the power whilst producing less noise.

Customer review: "Great mower! Had a Mountfield that lasted for years but did not like the feedback on the new ones. Took a chance on the Murray - it is really good. Much lighter to use and yet the grass collecting box is bigger. Well worth the extra money. Works well on all types of grass - and I should know, I have five acres of it! Five-star product. Plus good instructions and easy to assemble (or so my husband told me!)"


  • Starts easily
  • Powerful whilst being energy efficient
  • Great for big lawns


  • Shortest cutting setting is very harsh

Best compact lawn mower for large gardens

Honda HRG466PKEH Four-Wheeled Push Rotary LawnmowerHonda/Amazon
Price: £599

The compact Honda HRG466SKEH Self-Propelled Petrol Lawnmower is dependable and easy to operate, making it suitable for gardeners with big lawns. It features a self-drive system and an intelligent blade design that twists instead of breaking when encountering obstacles, increasing durability and reducing maintenance.

One thing to note is that it lacks a mulching system, which may be a drawback for some users. The mower's durability, 3-year warranty, and smaller size make it a great alternative to some bigger models.

Customer review: "Cuts well, easy start, easy to use and reliable."


  • Reliable and easy to operate
  • Self-drive feature for added convenience
  • Intelligent blade design for durability and reduced maintenance


  • Lacks a mulching system

Best lawn mower for performance for large gardens

Fox Petrol TurboFox/Ebay

The Fox Self-Propelled Petrol Lawn Mower offers a powerful 4045 W motor and a 173 cc engine, making it convenient for various grass conditions while remaining affordable. With a 51 cm cutting width, self-propulsion, and adjustable speed, this mower has 8 cutting height settings (25-75 mm) for year-round use.

It provides three grass clipping disposal options and has an underside with eight times more suction for a closer cut and more compact clippings. Comfortable to use with vibration-reducing cushioning on the handles, it also includes a phone and cup holder for added convenience. If it is a powerhouse you are looking for - this is it.

Customer review: "No complaints. Quick and efficient service."


  • Powerful 4045 W motor at an affordable price
  • Eight cutting height settings for versatility
  • Comfortable to use with vibration-reducing cushioning


  • Heavier than some other models due to its powerful motor

How we chose the best lawn mower for large gardens

All of these lawn mowers have been hand-selected by our team of Modern Gardens shopping experts. We carefully considered size, power, and functionality in our selection of the best. Our team has spent hours investigating and researching lawn mowers to make it easier for you to find the very best, and we'd never recommend a product we don't believe in.

Where possible, we also test and share the latest and best products you should know about. And with help from Modern Gardens Magazine, Garden News and Garden Answers, we share expert gardening knowledge to help you get the most from your product.

What to consider when buying the best lawn mower for a large garden

Power: Larger gardens require more power for efficient mowing. It would be good to consider the trade-offs between energy, runtime, and maintenance between petrol, corded electric, or battery-powered options.

Cutting width: A wider cutting width reduces the number of passes needed to cover the entire area, saving you time and effort. It would be ideal to look for mowers with adjustable cutting heights to tackle different grass conditions.

Self-propelled vs push: Self-propelled mowers are more suitable for extensive gardens as they move independently, reducing the physical effort needed. Push mowers may be more budget-friendly but require more exertion.

Mulching and bagging options: Some mowers offer built-in mulching and bagging capabilities - which can save time and keep your lawn looking tidy. Consider these features when making your decision.

Terrain: If your garden has uneven terrain or slopes, look for a mower with large rear wheels and good traction to make manoeuvring easier.

A picture of a beautiful green lawn with trees surrounding

Lawn mowers for large gardens FAQs:

How do I mow a large area?

Mowing in rows is the fastest and most efficient method for large lawns. For rectangular properties, it is a good idea to mow in horizontal rows to minimise turns. For square lawns, either direction works.

You will need to mow around obstacles like flower beds, trees, or furniture first. Also, keep going parallel to driveways or patios, and ensure your mower blades are sharp for a clean cut for the best results.

Is it better to mow fast or slow?

Although it's tempting to mow quickly to save time, slower mowing produces better results and is safer. Mowing steadily allows you to inspect the ground for obstacles like stones. Additionally, a safe operating speed for mowers is typically between 3 and 5 mph. Of course, it is always best to refer to the manual for the best usage. If your mower isn't as accurate as you like - then cordless trimmers will be able to prune your garden nicely.

How often should you mow a garden?

The frequency of mowing depends on the growth rate and type of grass. Typically, it's best to mow your lawn when it reaches 1.5 times its optimal height, usually every 7-10 days during the growing season.

Is a petrol, electric, or battery-powered lawn mower best for a large garden?

Each type of mower will have its pros and cons. Petrol mowers are powerful and suitable for larger gardens but require more maintenance. Corded electric mowers offer consistent power but have limited mobility due to the cord. Battery-powered mowers are more portable and environmentally friendly but may require battery swaps for extensive lawns. Be sure to check out our guide to the best cordless lawn mower if this sounds like something you may be in the market for. All-in-all, your personal preference is most important as there are excellent models for each of these that will work for large lawns.

Can I use a ride-on mower for my large garden?

Ride-on mowers or garden tractors are an excellent option for extensive gardens or those with many obstructions, as they provide faster and more comfortable mowing. However, they can be far more expensive than push models and require more storage space, so consider this before buying.

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