Low cost garden fence designs for marking your boundary on a budget

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Low cost garden fence

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Achieve functionality and aesthetic appeal that doesn't break the bank with low cost garden fence designs. No need to dig around online for garden fencing materials. We've done the hard work for you; except for building the fence, that is! A modern garden fence that's unique and doesn't cost a fortune is achievable as a weekend garden project.

As well as marking the perimeters of your garden, the trusty garden fence can provide a decorative backdrop to trail vines, hang garden art and bird feeders. It can create zones in your outdoor space for those exploring garden design or pockets of privacy for you to relax in peace outdoors. Better yet, with a lick of fence paint, you can transform a tired-out trellis into a revamped boundary.

Best low cost garden fence designs at a glance:

Best budget composite fencing panels: VP Plastic Composite Fencing Panels – View on Amazon UK
Best decorative metal fence: Outsunny Garden Decorative Fence – View on Amazon UK
Best bamboo low cost garden fence: Real Bamboo Slat Fencing – View on Amazon UK

But going low-cost, doesn't limit your garden fence options. Within the garden itself, you can have decorative low lawn fences that flank flower borders and vegetable patches. A traditional wooden fence helps to create separate enclosures in your garden for entertaining, relaxing and growing veggies. It also provides a windbreak and shade, which can protect delicate flowers from our maritime climate.

Fencing can also be a way to introduce natural textures, by using rolls of screening made from willow, bark or bamboo. It's a budget way to cover an existing fence or wall. Alternatively, use sound-absorbing materials (acoustic fencing) to help dampen noise from nearby roads. Our top picks provide a non-permanent fencing solution that's easy to install for an instant garden spruce-up.

Best low cost garden fence designs

Best budget composite fencing panels

VP Plastic Composite Fencing PanelsAmazon/VP

VP Plastic Composite Fencing Panels are lightweight yet robust, for effortless handling and fitting. Simply stack each board to the required height. The panels can be seamlessly installed between existing concrete posts or by using VP's plastic posts or bolt-down spikes and knock-in spikes. Each composite fence board can be easily trimmed to size using a standard saw. Composite fencing saves money in the long run as it doesn't cost any money to maintain, unlike timber fencing which needs treating. With its unique finish, the boards actually look and feel like wood.

Customer review: "You will never need to buy wooden panels ever again. I'm going to be buying these again to upgrade my rotten panels. And the best thing it that they fit nice and snug."


  • Strong and hard-wearing
  • Lightweight
  • Easy to cut
  • Accepts screws
  • Made of 75% recycled materials


  • Takes some working out to know how many packs to buy

Best decorative metal fence

Outsunny Garden Decorative Fence 4 PanelsAmazon/Outsunny

With its elegant vine decorations, Outsunny Garden Decorative Fence makes a charming addition to any garden. For those seeking both beauty and practicality in their fencing, this is an ideal choice. Each fence has two ground stakes that insert into the ground, so it's easy to set up. The angle between the panels can be adjusted; you can have a staggered fence or create an alcove, as well as a straight fence. Use it as a partition, border or a pet fence. It comes complete with eight ground plugs for effortless setup, making it suitable for use as a garden fence, space partition or patio decoration. Its powder-coated steel frame, ensures durability and longevity, whatever the weather.

Customer review: "Good quality, bit flimsy staying together but it's an easy fix. Looks good keeps dog in."


  • Multipurpose design
  • Easy to install
  • Attractive design


  • A bit flimsy

Best bamboo low cost garden fence

 Best Bamboo Slat FencingAmazon/Best Artificial

Real Bamboo Slat Fencing from Best Artificial offers versatile screening for any garden or patio, serving as an excellent solution for concealing unsightly fences, providing privacy, making a chic wind break, or creating an attractive garden feature. Comprised of individual bamboo slats, each roll can be easily fixed to existing fences or walls using galvanized wire, cable ties or screws/nails. Because this is a natural product, the colour and dimensions may vary. With an average slat width of 15mm, ranging from 12mm to 18mm, the slats are bound together with horizontal galvanized wires.

Customer review: "I spent a long time researching this product as funds were limited and I didn’t want to make an expensive mistake. This product took about a week to arrive but when it did, it was very sturdy and has done the job so well that I have ordered a further three rolls to complete my garden."


  • Amazon's Choice
  • Versatile
  • Value for money
  • Range of sizes


  • Customer comments that there were gaps between the bamboo slats

Best overall fence panels

Wicker PalisadesAmazon/Damian-Wiklina

Wicker Palisades provide a natural and charming aesthetic while offering a cost-effective and eco-friendly solution for garden borders or fencing. 100 per cent European willow is hand-woven around durable hazel pegs that have been treated for weather resistance. The palisades are flexible, movable and easy to insert into the ground, providing practical edging for flowerbeds, paths and lawns.

Customer review: "Used these for a border. Really pleased with the quality of the product. Really easy to install, just pushed them into the ground. Instantly made the border look better. I will be buying more."


  • Made by hand
  • Weatherproof
  • All-natural


  • May be slight variations in size due to being handmade

Best wire low cost garden fence

Simpa Multipurpose Wire Garden Fencing RollAmazon/Simpa

Simpa Multipurpose Wire Garden Fencing Roll offers durable and versatile screening in your garden. Whether you're protecting your vegetable plot from pests or keeping the dogs from escaping, this 10-metre roll is easy to install and use. The PVC-coated mesh is weather-resistant, and its galvanised steel construction ensures longevity.

Customer review: "Really impressed with the quality of this wire. Properly constructed and well covered with plastic. I was able to snip it in half to give me two rolls of wire to cover the bottom of my fences to stop a fox which has been travelling between gardens. No signs of it being able to push through under the wire."


  • Amazon's Choice
  • Versatile


  • Customer comments that it had a few broken bits

Best willow low cost garden fence

Handwoven Willow Wicker Hurdle Fence PanelsNot On The High Street/Prestige Wicker

Use natural textures to soften hardscaping with Handwoven Willow Wicker Hurdle Fence Panels. Each individual panel has an appealing aesthetic and sturdy construction, making them an ideal choice for instantly enhancing your garden. Screen unsightly BBQ equipment, create a private corner for reading or use multiple panels to make a fence with ease. Each panel simply stakes into the ground. With measurements of 60cm in width and a variable height between 90/110cm, this beautiful fencing panel is a delightful addition to any outdoor space.


  • Naturally weather-resistant
  • Moveable
  • Easy to install
  • Aesthetically pleasing


  • No customer review

Best wooden lattice fence

Solid Wood Expanding FenceAmazon/Easylife Lifestyle Solutions

The Solid Wood Expanding Fence serves a multitude of purposes. Whether it's concealing wheelie bins or providing a barrier to keep pets from wandering, this instant portable fence expands effortlessly. Its sturdy construction ensures durability, functioning as both a barrier and divider. Additionally, the trellis design means it can support climbing plants. Easy to fold up when not in use, this high-quality wooden fence provides a reliable solution for a range of outdoor uses.

Customer review: "Good product for the cost. Lightweight and easy to move around. Using it to block off areas from a small dog (inside and outside) it fits and stretches into lots of different sizes. Not the most sturdy product but for £25 it’s great value. Feet were easy to fit. Screws included."


  • Versatile
  • Portable
  • Folds up
  • Value for money


  • Not very sturdy

Best bark low cost garden fence

Papillon Bark Natural Garden FenceAmazon/Papillon

Get a rustic and natural look with this Papillon Bark Natural Garden Fence. It's a versatile and practical addition to any garden for framing flower beds and increasing existing fence height. Crafted from natural bark, this screening is durable and resilient in all weathers. It can be easily attached to various surfaces such as wooden fences, stone walls or pergolas. Get shade, privacy and decorative appeal from this all-natural screening.

Customer review: "This has made a great deal of difference to my privacy in my back garden and looks very rustic and natural. I'm very pleased with it."


  • All-natural
  • Durable
  • Versatile


  • Customer comments that there were bugs in their bark screening when it arrived

Best PVC low cost garden fence

VOUNOT PVC Privacy Screening FenceAmazon/VOUNOT

VOUNOT PVC Privacy Screening Fence makes an ideal balcony screen. Designed for privacy, the opaque PVC fence has small gaps (1-2mm) for air circulation while effectively shielding your outdoor space from prying eyes. The reinforced double supports incorporated into each slat ensures exceptional strength and reduces the risk of breakage. Its sturdy construction offers superior stability compared to hollow PVC alternatives. This privacy screen is UV-resistant, waterproof and weatherproof, so maintenance is minimal. It presents a practical and stylish alternative to traditional bamboo, reed and wicker fencing options.

Customer review: "Easy to install, looks great, matches the pictures. Would recommend it."


  • Available in a range of sizes
  • Weather-resistant
  • Can be cut to size
  • Minimal gaps between slats so it's a great option for providing privacy


  • Quite fragile – slats can come off

Best brushwood low cost garden fence

Waltons Thick Brushwood Thatch Fencing Outdoor ScreenAmazon/Waltons

Waltons Thick Brushwood Thatch Fencing Outdoor Screen adds authentic natural texture to your outdoor space. This roll of brushwood thatched screening can disguise fences, walls and bins. Alternatively, it can be used to create private areas for relaxation or as shading on arbours and pergolas. It's made from 100 per cent natural brushwood (thatch), that's weatherproof and resilient. Also, it can be cut to size and installed using galvanized wire, cable ties, screws, or nails.

Customer review: "It's thicker than I first thought. It has covered brilliantly. Happy with this product. Would recommend to anyone wanting to create a bit more privacy to their garden."


  • Thick
  • Great privacy fence
  • Weatherproof and durable
  • All-natural


  • Because it's an all-natural product, expect variations from roll to roll

Can I paint my side of my neighbour's fence?

In short, no – at least not without your neighbour's permission. Lawsons timber merchants' guide to fencing and the law goes into detail about boundary disputes. The fence is the neighbour's property, and altering it without consent may lead to legal issues. It's best to discuss any changes with your neighbour beforehand to avoid disputes.

Is it cheaper to buy fence panels?

Buying fence panels can be more cost-effective compared to building a fence from scratch since panels come pre-assembled, saving on labour and materials costs.

What is the cheapest form of garden fencing?

The cheapest form of garden fencing includes options like chicken wire, bamboo fencing and simple wooden picket fences. These materials are cost-effective and easy to install.

To install a chicken wire fence, dig holes for posts and secure them. Then, unroll and attach the chicken wire to the posts using staples or zip ties and tighten the wire as needed. Use a chicken wire fence as a trellis for climbing plants, hanging small pots or weaving ribbons through it. You could even add garden lighting to your fence.

Similarily, to install bamboo screening, attach it to existing structures or posts using zip ties, wire or nails, ensuring it's securely fastened. Bamboo is excellent for providing privacy, creating natural boundaries, adding a tropical aesthetic, and blocking unwanted views in outdoor spaces.

Finally, to install a simple wooden picket fence, dig post holes and set them. Next, attach horizontal rails and nail the pickets vertically between the rails. A picket fence has curb appeal. It's great for adding charm, defining boundaries and creating a traditional Americana aesthetic to your property.

How can I make my fence more interesting?

It's true, some of the cheaper fencing options are not the most attractive. To enhance the visual appeal of your fence on a budget, consider painting it in vibrant colours, adding hanging planters or window boxes, attaching decorative metal accents or wooden cut-outs, incorporating string lights or solar-powered lanterns, or planting climbing vines or ivy to cover the fence and add natural beauty.

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