A guide to garden lighting for fences

Add some ambience to your outdoor space with fence lighting.

Garden lighting for fences

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If you’re staying out in the garden until late and need some garden lights to keep out of the dark, our solution would be garden lighting for fences. Practical and sweet, this type of garden light can stay out of the way and can hide in your shrubbery – or it can make a gorgeous statement piece.

Finding the right light that complements your garden's design, meets your practical needs, and aligns with your aesthetic preferences can be quite the task. Garden candles, for instance, can introduce a cosy ambience and intimacy. Or opt for solar lanterns that harness the sun's energy during the day and provide consistent illumination at night.

Best garden lighting for fences at a glance

• Best Fairy Lights for Garden Fence: Ivy Solar String Lights – View on Argos
• Best Waterproof Fence Lighting: LiyuanQ, Solar Fence Lights – View on Amazon UK
• Best Fence Lighting with Motion Sensor: Habitat Solar Motion Detection Lights – View on Habitat

Garden fences are not only great for privacy but can add structure to your garden too. To make it fit the aesthetic of your outdoor space, just add some garden fence paint and some lighting, and you have made your surroundings part of your decor.

Figuring out the best garden lighting for your fence can be a big project. So, to avoid you rushing into any purchases, Modern Gardens has answered some FAQs before our round-up.

The best garden lighting for fences

Best Fairy Lights for Garden Fence

Illuminate those summer evenings with these cute string lights. Adorn your garden with a decorative ivy garland, while the LED bulbs emit a warm, white glow. All you need to do is set up these solar-powered lights somewhere outside, and let the sun do its work. And with no wiring or battery charging required, it's simple, quick and safe to install.

Review: "I bought these ivy-decorated solar lights to go on my tent. Very pretty. Plenty of cable to position solar panels. Good quality."


  • Easy to Install
  • Blends in with plants


  • Delicate

Best Waterproof Fence Lighting

LiyuanQ, Solar Fence Lights (Pack of 6)
Price: £18.62 (was £22.99)

Perfect for outdoor indoor wall decorations, these fence lights bring a stylish ambience. They're solar powered and there is no electricity required, switching on automatically at dawn. Plus, this product has strong weather resistance, making it very suitable for outdoor use - come rain or shine. Fully charged, the lights can illuminate for eight hours.

Review: "The brightness from these is actually very good. They last into the early hours of the morning before the batteries die out. They provide a lot of light and cast a nice shadow."


  • Easy to Install
  • Warm
  • Strong weather resistance


  • Problems with motion sensors

Best Fence Lighting with Motion Sensor

Keep your garden safe and lit with this motion-activated lamp. Made from stainless steel with a modern, sleek design, it has a 10m range and it lights up on your approach. Nice and bright at 50 lumens, it provides a great sense of security. Plus, it's solar-activated, too. We like this bright, green choice.

Review: "Using the light in the back porch for some basic lighting when accessing utility storage. It works well when it has been really sunny but it doesn't get much charge in the winter so can sometimes run out of charge."


  • Motion Sensor
  • Bright


  • Requires charging

Best Stylish Fence Lighting

With a classic, black Tiffany design, these solar fence lights give out warmth and elegance to any garden. Rechargeable under sunlight, these lights turn on automatically when dark. The super bright LED for brighter light output is ideal for lighting up your outdoor space.

Review: "Amazing lights easy to use, hard-wearing. My garden looks lovely at night. Value for money. I would highly recommend this product."


  • Stylish
  • Subtle lighting


  • Not very bright

Best Warm Garden Lighting For Fences

This solar LED light set can provide high-power efficiency to emit a comforting, warm light. Easy to turn on from the backside, it will light up automatically when in darkness. Waterproof, it can outlast other designs. Compact and mini design does not occupy much space. The unique lampshade makes it emit a fantastic light, looking like fish scales.

Review: "These lights are amazing been running for three years now through summer and winter and never failed. Sturdy, easy to install and a nice brightness to them. Best solar lights I have ever bought; all 12 are great. The higher you place them, the spottier the light pattern and lower - they can be like normal path lights."


  • Energy-Efficient
  • Easy to Install


  • Needs to charge during the day

Best Colour Changing Fence Lights

MUSUNIA, Solar Fence Lights (Pack of 6)
Price: £16.99

These solar lights will emit a soft light when night falls. The beautiful shell shapes can decorate gardens, courtyards, parties, and terraces. They bring warmth and create a soft and pleasant atmosphere with a warm light mode or a colour mode. These lights take four to five hours to charge in the full - and give you eight hours of light.

Review: "I put these all along my garden fences and they look lovely. Beautiful fan-shaped lighting creates a lovely glow for a relaxing evening outdoors. They’re very simple to install and the white lights are nice and soft. (Haven’t tried the colour option). Great price and very quick delivery."


  • Automatic
  • Colour Changing


  • Needs to charge during the day

Editor's Favourite

These solar fence lights from Argos are a great way of lighting up your fence. They're built to survive the elements and come ready and set up, so there's no wiring required. Hassle-free, they're solar powered, meaning they are the ultimate low-maintenance lighting. Simply stick them on the fence and let the sun do the rest. We love these.

Review: "These lights are really bright. My garden is beautifully lit up."


  • No wiring required
  • Batteries included


  • Need to charge up

Best Mains-Powered Fence Lighting

If you're looking at getting some electrics out into the garden, this 15m light string with end-to-end connections, and 25 bulbs is designed to set a warm ambience in your garden. The bulbs are made of plastic, highly translucent and shatterproof, safer and more durable than traditional glass bulbs. Plus, they're independent, if one goes out, the whole set will remain glowing. Waterproof and weatherproof, this product is safe and durable.

Review: "I never write reviews but these lights are very good and bright, so much so I bought another set a couple of days later. Very effective and illuminate the garden."


  • Easy to Install
  • Bright


  • Mains Powered lighting needs work

Best Battery-Powered Fence Lights

Next, this LED, battery-powered fairy light set from Amazon may be what you're looking for. Waterproof, adjustable and with a built-in-timer. Above all, these LEDs are ideal for a romantic garden setting.

Review: "I love them. Really pleased with this purchase. They look so cute on the balcony. Thank you."


  • Easy Maintenance
  • Adjustable; 16 or 32 ft.


  • Batteries need replacing

Best Downlight Fence Lighting

Auraglow Solar Powered LED Garden Light
Price: £14.99 (was £18.99)


Improve your home's style with these lights from ManoMano. These lights look sleek and stylish. Plus, they would fit perfectly in any contemporary setting. They are also so easy to install, and they cost you nothing in electricity bills. This simple, easy-to-use fixture screws onto an applicable wall with no expensive or complicated wiring required. The solar tech absorbs sunlight during the day and automatically turns the light on at night. 

Review: "Five Stars."


  • Neutral design
  • Sleek
  • Stylish for your decor


  • Requires charging throughout the day

Retro Garden Lighting

The retro fence light is equipped with LED and emits a warm light, making your garden so pretty. Simply, turn on the switch to convert sunlight into power - to be stored until the evening for eight hours of illumination. Waterproof and durable, these solar panels can withstand anything. Plus, they're easy to install, energy saving and look fab.

Review: "Bought these after buying various other solar lights, which usually failed. These are super easy to install and look amazing!!"


  • Good Value
  • Easy to Install


  • Needs to recharge during the day


What types of fence lighting are there?

Solar: Harnessing the power of the sun, these lights charge during the day and illuminate your garden at night.

Battery: Powered by batteries, these are often portable and can be placed wherever needed.

Mains: These are connected to your home's electricity supply, providing consistent lighting.

How will you power your fence lighting?

You may be thinking… what is the best garden lighting for fences?

If you’re seeking permanent fence lighting or any outdoor garden lighting, installing an electric cable could be the best option. However, though we are aware that this is a large project, it can be very rewarding to have a mains-powered outdoor space.

Before you attempt anything, talk with an electrician to find out if this is a good (and viable) option for you and what the next steps would entail, including any added cost for the installation job. This option isn’t exactly budget-friendly, but once you have cables out, your garden will be a haven.

If you’re tentative about a permanent solution to outdoor lighting and don’t see it in your budget, that’s fine. There are some alternatives that are cheaper to install. Instead, consider something temporary like battery-powered lighting. You can’t go wrong! Most of our list is comprised of solar lights - as they're popular, easy to maintain and sustainable. Or – perhaps, candles. You can achieve something cosy and intimate.

For those concerned about the environment and their energy bills, the greenest and most cost-effective option would be to install solar-powered lighting, and they’re automatic too.

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