The best fence paint to freshen up your garden

Our pick of the best fence paint and other helpful tips.

Painting the fence

by Ellen Kinsey |

Over the summer, we spend a lot more time outdoors enjoying the sunshine. But, wear and tear from the harsh British weather throughout the year, especially in the winter months, may mean your garden fence needs a little TLC and a lick of fresh paint. If you are looking to spend more time outdoors and want to get your garden looking its best, even if through a rain-spattered kitchen window, why not get started by grabbing a tin of the best fence paint?

Not only will painting your fence save you money in the long-term as, without the proper treatment, fences will rot and need to be replaced, but it will also inspire you, or the kids, to get outside.

So, at Modern Gardens, we have researched the best fence paint to use to freshen up your garden. Plus, we've listed some additional accessories to make the job a bit easier. It's all hands on deck!

Best fence paints UK 2023

Top Pick

Water Based Shed and Fence Paint - Dark Grey - One Coat - 20 Litre
Price: £50


Our top pick has to be this water-based paint from UK Paint, which boasts amazing reviews. With


  • Takes around one to two hours to dry
  • Secure and easy to open


  • Paint is very heavy, so be careful when you're moving the tin

Best pigment

Cuprinol 5 year ducksback Autumn gold Fence & shed Wood treatment


If it's time to give your garden fence some TLC then this amazing treatment from the Cuprinol 5


  • This paint offers protection for up to five years
  • Perfect if you're looking for that matt finish


  • It will take around two to four hours to dry

Best for fence protection

Johnstones Woodcare One Coat Shed & Fence Paintamazon


This Johnstones red cedar fence paint is water-repellent and sun-protecting properties. It also


  • The paint has been wax enriched
  • It has a long-lasting colour which should last for three years
  • This paint can be used with a fence sprayer


  • Very thick

Cuprinol Garden Shades Willow Exterior Paint 1Lwilko


Available in an impressive range of shades from green to cream - this paint by Cuprinol is


  • Lovely green colour
  • Good coverage


  • Tins only 1 litre

Best for iron gates and fences

Swan household u00ae -COATINGS PAINTamazon
Price: £6.50


We have talked a lot about wood, but what if you have a metal fence? Then this paint from Swan


  • It is tough and durable, so it can be used on metal gates and fences
  • Nice, smooth varnish


  • This tin of paint holds 180ml

Fence painting accessories

Harris, 5-Inch Seriously Good Shed & Fence Brushamazon
Price: £9.19
Alternative retailers
Homebase£6.00View offer
Dunelm£6.00View offer
Robert Dyas£9.99View offer
Argos£13.50View offer


Painting can be a tiring (and sometimes boring) process but this seriously good brush from Harris


  • Comfortable handle
  • No-loss bristle tech
  • Can be attached to a pole for reaching tricky spots


  • Only good for fences and outdoor wood

On Sale

Wagner Fence & Decking Paint Sprayeramazon

Rrp: £94.49

Price: £63.75
Alternative retailers
Argos£63.75View offer
Homebase£85.00View offer


Let's face it; manual painting is exhausting - especially if you have a lot of ground to cover.


  • Suitable for all solvent or water-based fence paint, oil, stain, varnish, wood preservatives and treatments
  • Atomises the paint for a deep and even single coat
  • Horizontal, vertical and detailed nozzle settings


  • Cleaning takes a while


What to look for when purchasing paint

There are a few things to consider and look for when purchasing, including:

How much paint you'll need - depends on the size of your fence. You could require 2.5 litres or more. However, we recommend doing at least two coats of paint for longevity.

The budget - is something to consider. If you're on a budget, you need to scour for the best deals and figure out how much you can spare - or how much you're willing to spend.

Can you use fence paint on the decking?

It is not recommended that you use fence paint on decking due to the properties in the paint not being able to withstand foot traffic. Instead, it is best to go for a paint specifically for decking for better longevity.

What colour fence paint makes the garden look bigger

A light blue colour usually makes your garden look bigger, as it adds depth.

Is staining or painting a fence better?

Staining will leave your fence with a more natural effect and will show the wooden panelling, however, paint is best if you are looking to transform your fence and change the colour entirely.

Paint will also give you the option of various bright colours if you are looking for a certain style. However, in terms of cost, paint is also more cost-efficient in the short term.

Am I allowed to paint my side of the neighbour’s fence?

No – legally you can only alter your neighbour’s property with their permission.

How do I paint a fence?

If is it your first time painting a fence then make sure to watch this informative step-by-step video from B&Q. The tips on protective clothing and the importance of a protective sheet are especially helpful

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