How To Upcycle A Pallet Into Rustic Rope Shelves

Craft Ideas | Upcycle A Pallet Into Rustic Rope Shelves

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Upcycling is a great way to take something old and give it a new purpose! We love recycling and reusing and this rustic rope shelf craft project is perfect for your garden or your home. Add an instant rustic feel to your outdoor living area and arrange potted flowers on the shelves, or enjoy your new upcycled pallet shelves inside and display any trinkets or houseplants!

What you will need

Hand saw

A pallet



Thick jute twine - you can find this at Hobbycraft

Clear outdoor varnish - we got ours at Wilkos

Varnish brush - try this one from Wilkos

What to do

Saw the wooden slats of the pallet to your desired size of the shelves - you can have as many tiers of shelves as you like, we made ours with two

Drill two holes in each end of both the shelves, making sure they're big enough to thread the twine through

Gently sand the shelves to get rid of any rough splinters of wood

Apply the varnish to the wood and leave to dry as per the instructions on the varnish

Cut 4 equal pieces of twine to the desired length, keep in mind that you will need enough twine to hang above the first tier of the shelf and then between the first and second tier of shelving.

Thread the twine through each hole of your bottom shelf and tie a knot into the ends to secure the shelf

Then decide where you'd like the top shelf to sit and a tie a knot in each piece of twine, at equal heights, for the shelf to sit on

Thread the twine through the top shelf so it is in place

Gather all 4 pieces of twine together and tie one big knot at the top to secure the shelves

Now you're ready to hang your rustic rope shelves in place and decorate with planters or anything else you fancy!

Craft Ideas | Upcycle A Pallet Into Rustic Rope Shelves
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