The best Big Green Egg accessories for your Kamado-style cookouts

If you're in the market for a Big Green Egg or have one already, these are the accessories you need to know about.

The best Big Green Egg accessories

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The best Big Green Egg accessories can help you make the most of your beloved ovoid grill. The Big Green Egg is a popular giant in the world of BBQs and grills. Invented in the States in the Seventies, the distinctive-looking BBQ has since developed a cult following, with dedicated Big Green Eggers, or 'Eggheads', all over the globe. Big Green Egg states that there's "something about cooking in the open air over fire and smoke that turns casual gatherings into special occasions and special occasions into truly memorable events." And you can make your next Kamado cookout even more memorable with some nifty add-ons.

The Big Green Egg is an evolution of the traditional Japanese Kamado. Kamado grills are charcoal-powered, ceramic, egg-shaped BBQs, a design that's prized for its versatility. With a Kamado, you can grill, smoke, bake, and roast your food, and depending on which of the best Big Green Egg accessories you opt for, sometimes all at the same time. This versatility saves the need for a separate smoker, BBQ, and pizza oven, and with the right accessories - and a bit of imagination - you can rustle up pretty much anything on your Egg.

Best Big Green Egg accessories at a glance:

Best Big Green Egg table: Kamado, BGE, Greenline BBQ Table - View on B&Q
Best Big Green Egg stand: Quantfire Rolling Nest - View on Amazon UK
Best Big Green Egg cooking accessory: Burly Grill Five-Piece Eggspander Replacement Kit - View on Amazon UK

If you love your BGE, then the best Big Green Egg accessories are only going to make your outdoor cooking experience more enjoyable, and might better impress your family and friends. From a purpose-built table, to a convenient ash tool, and an informative cookbook so you can truly master the grill, read on to see our recommendations for the best Big Green Egg accessories currently available to help you up your outdoor cooking game.

Best Big Green Egg accessories

Best Big Green Egg table

Big Green Egg table B&Q

This purpose-built table can be made to specifically suit your Big Green Egg, whatever size you have. There's a hole to place your Egg in, and a shelf that it can sit on. This table has a lower shelf ideal for accessories, and an integrated cupboard that's brilliant for keeping food safe from flies and other pests until it's ready to hit the grill. We love that this offers countertop space for essential BBQ prep, including a stainless steel area that can be hygienically cleaned before and after use.


  • Offers storage space
  • Stainless steel prep area


  • Large footprint

Best Big Green Egg stand

Big Green Egg stand  Quantfire/Amazon

Big Green Eggs stands are generally called "nests," which amuses us. This particular nest has a handy wheeled base so you can (slowly and carefully!) move your BGE around your patio or deck. Two of the wheels have locking mechanisms, so you can ensure this stays put once positioned. This is crafted from heavy-duty, powder-coated steel, which is corrosion-resistant for durability. The tips of each of the prongs that hold your egg in place are covered in silicone for a non-slip, protective solution.

Customer review: "The nest comes complete with all of the hardware and the two metric wrenches needed to assemble it. My BGE now rolls around wherever I want to put it on my patio. I wish I would have purchased it years ago. I would definitely recommend this product."


  • Lockable wheels
  • Powder-coated steel


  • Requires assembly

Best Big Green Egg cooking accessory

Big Green Egg eggspanderBurly Grill/Amazon
Price: $169.99

Big Green Egg offers an official EGGspander set, but it's very pricey. This Burly Grill option isn't cheap, but it will save you a few shillings so you can spend more on steak. This five-piece expander rack combines a two-piece multi-level rack, an imitation ConvEGGtor basket, and two stainless steel half grids. This allows you to cook directly and indirectly at the same time, so you can have proteins closer to the heat and more delicate food items sat above.

Customer review: "First this is HEAVY. It's not a cheapie made to die in three months. Compared to the real deal this is as identical as it can get. Super heavy stainless. Everything fits perfect… if you have a BGE don't hesitate, get this."


  • Multi-level design
  • Expands the cooking area


  • Hand wash only

Best Big Green Egg grill accessory

Big Green Egg soapstone Kamado Joe/Amazon
Price: $119.99

Soapstones can take a while to get temperature, but when they do, you have a cooking surface that distributes heat evenly and will stay hotter for longer than metallic cooking surfaces. Other benefits are the fact that food doesn't fall through any cracks and you're less likely to experience grill flare-ups. This Kamado Joe soapstone is non-porous, anti-bacterial, and stain-resistant.

Customer review: "I'm just learning how to use the soapstone for the grill, but the few times that I have used it have been very encouraging. The best were steaks. They all had beautiful crusts and were cooked about right."


  • Non-porous surface
  • Stain-resistant


  • Takes a while to heat up

Best Big Green Egg cookbook

Big Green Egg cookbookAmazon

Rrp: $25.00

Price: $18.52

If you love your Big Green Egg but struggle to think up recipes beyond the BBQ basics, consider investing in a cookbook to provide inspiration and advice. Ray Lampe is a huge fan of the Big Green Egg and offers over 80 recipes in this book specifically aimed at BGE cooking. In this book, you'll find aspirational recipes for the likes of 'Crispy Lobster Quesadilla', 'Summertime Zucchini Pie', and 'Blueberry French Toast Casserole' - a far cry from burgers and bangers.

Customer review: "Great book for those with a Big Green Egg. Ray Lampe simply loves his and it has some great ideas. Ray's enthusiasm is infectious and definitely motivates you to use your Egg more and helps fuel our passion for this great invention."


  • Provides inspiration
  • Over 80 recipes


  • Some consider it too meat-focussed

Best Big Green Egg cover

Big Green Egg cover OnlyFire/Amazon

This cover isn't custom-made for Big Green Eggs, it's more a generic Kamado grill cover, but it will fit a large BGE perfectly. It's made from water-resistant fabric finished with high-density stitching to make it more robust. There's a handy elastic hem that has a drawstring with a toggle so you can wrap your Egg up snuggly in windy conditions. There's a useful handle on the top of the cover to whip it off when it's time for action.

Customer review: "Good fit for my Kamado. Fabric is nice and heavy duty and rainproof. The draw string at the bottom prevents lifting in the wind. Would buy again."


  • Elastic drawstring
  • Water-resistant backing


  • Not 100% wind-resistant

Best Big Green Egg fire tool

Big Green Egg tool Onlyfire/Amazon

While you can use ordinary BBQ tools for cooking on your Big Green Egg, a specialist tool is useful for cleaning and maintenance. This ash tool from Onlyfire is just that - it is specially designed for raking ashes out of the bottom vent door. The head of the tool is the perfect size and at the ideal angle to remove accumulated ash. There's a long metal handle to protect you from heat, and it also features a wooden section to act as extra insulation.

Customer review: "Well made and good value. Individually, each tool well made, handles well and does what the tin says. Pleased with them."


  • Wooden handle
  • Perfectly sized to fit


  • No hanging loop included

Best Big Green Egg charcoal

Big Green Egg charcoal Big Green Egg/Amazon

Rrp: $64.86

Price: $58.50

You don't have to use official charcoal in your Big Green Egg, but if you want the full BGE experience, this is the product the company recommends - and they should know their stuff. This charcoal is made from 100% natural oak and hickory wood to give you a lump of charcoal that contains no nasty chemicals to contaminate your food. This is a 20-kilogram bag, and as Big Green Eggs use less fuel than traditional BBQs, it should last you through a fair few cook-outs.

Customer review: "This is one of the best lump charcoals out there. If doesn't have the chemical smell and holds it's temperature very well. Will use again. Worth the extra few pounds."


  • 100% natural
  • Made from oak and hickory wood


  • Bags can contain dust

How we chose the best Big Green Egg accessories

All of these Big Green Egg accessories have been hand-selected by our team of Modern Gardens shopping experts. We carefully considered usefulness and functionality in our selection of the best. Our team has spent hours investigating and researching the best Big Green Egg accessories to make it easier for you to find the very best, and we'd never recommend a product we don't believe in.

Where possible, we also test and share the latest and best products you should know about. And with help from Modern Gardens Magazine, Garden News and Garden Answers, we share expert gardening knowledge to help you get the most from your product.

Should I put my Big Green Egg on a table or a stand?

If you have the budget, and space in your garden, we love tables for Big Green Eggs to be safely housed in. Such garden furniture ensures your BGE is at a comfortable cooking height, not at risk of tipping, and away from curious little fingers.

Similar to tables designed for pizza ovens, and depending on the style, you can also enjoy a prep area to get your BBQ feast ready, and storage space for all your essential accessories.

A stand is a good option for anyone with limited space as it has a smaller footprint than a table. Some, like the one we're featuring, boast a wheeled base so you can move your Big Green Egg into the perfect cooking spot. Stands will also allow your Big Green Egg's cool design to shine rather than be hidden away.

What can I cook on a soapstone?

A soapstone is a slab of natural material that's non-porous, bacteria- and stain-resistant. You can cook pretty much anything you would on a grill on a soapstone, with proteins, in particular, retaining their juices when cooked on such a surface.

The great thing about soapstones is that you can cook food that you wouldn't be able to on an open grill-style surface, such as eggs. They are also useful for smaller food items that risk falling through your grill and getting lost in the flames.

What can I cook on the expander grills?

On the bottom level, anything you would on a standard grill. The next level makes things a bit more exciting, as anything you place here will be cooked indirectly rather than directly. This means more delicate items you don't want next to fierce heat are now an option. Vegetables cook well on the higher levels, it's the perfect place for pittas, naans, and other breads, and you can even place a cooking pot on it to heat through the contents.

Do I need a cover for my Big Green Egg?

Yes! Big Green Eggs are like any BBQ equipment that should have a protective cover on when not in use. Unless your BGE is safely nested inside a table, it's very much recommended to protect exposed Eggs from the elements. Despite the sky-high price, covers are not included in Big Green Egg purchases, so finding a suitable cover from elsewhere is a savvy investment.

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