The best hybrid BBQ for ultimate summer cookouts

Get the benefits of both gas and charcoal with the best hybrid BBQs in the UK.

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The best hybrid BBQ grill easily earns its space in your garden. Overall, BBQ sales have boomed over the past couple of years as we flocked to the great outdoors to enjoy socialising safely. The backyards of Britain have seen a revolution of smoke and fire using outdoor grills, and the hybrid BBQ offers that perfect mix between gas and charcoal cooking, reaping the benefits of both.

Modern Gardens writer Jill Morgan says, "You can use the gas burners to quickly get charcoal, or briquettes lit and up to temperature before cutting the gas to savour the delicious aroma and smoky flavours only given by traditional coals. Having these two fuel types within one unit also enables you to be really flexible with your outdoor cooking and adapt your methods depending on how much time you have available.

Best hybrid BBQs at a glance:

• Best hybrid BBQ for cooking area: John Lewis Grillstream 6 Burner Hybrid Gas & Charcoal BBQ - view on John Lewis
• Best mid-range hybrid BBQ: Outback Jupiter - 4 Burner Gas BBQ Grill - view on Appliances Direct
• Best hybrid BBQ for large cookouts: Boss Grill Georgia Dual Fuel - view on Appliances Direct

Short on time on a weekday evening? Then cook with fast and easy-to-control gas. Want to impress guests with a more authentic grilled flavour at the weekend? Opt for slower-burning charcoal, safe in the knowledge that you can boost the heat with the gas burners if needed or if your hungry younger guests just can't wait any longer."

So if you're after that beautiful blend of smoky flavours from a charcoal BBQ with the ease and efficiency of gas or electric, we've rounded up the best hybrid BBQs to buy to give you the best of both worlds. Now, the family can dine al fresco, and you can rule the garden with your BBQ tools - no matter the occasion.

Best hybrid BBQs to buy

Best hybrid BBQ under £500

4-Burner Hybrid Gas BBQJohn Lewis

The John Lewis Grillstream 4 Burner Hybrid Gas and Charcoal BBQ is the ultimate garden must-have for larger gatherings. With the ability to cook for up to eight people, the four gas burners allow for even heat distribution, while the warming rack is perfect for timing your meals to perfection. The built-in thermometer and adjustable knobs give you full control over the heat, while the two side shelves provide ample space for your cooking essentials.

Customer reviews average out to 4.7/5 stars at John Lewis, which we think is quite impressive. So, what did they have to say about this hybrid BBQ under £500? One customer commented that is a great pick, coming with exceptional build, constructed from sturdy materials, making this a good quality option. Plus, it is relatively easy to build - ideal for those of us who aren't DIY enthusiasts. Another added thtat they scoured BBQ retailers and pleased they chose this intuitive model.

Any negatives? Well, the hybrid BBQ is a little heavy if it needs to be moved around your outdoor space. But, we hope it stays put and stands the test of time. Customers agree that though it is heavy, it comes with reliable, heavy-build materials for longevity. Another review drops their rating ever-so-slightly as the stainless steel panelling shows a little surface rust. To avoid any unsightly rusting, take advantage of a John Lewis BBQ Cover and try and store it inside, if you can.

The BBQ cabinet with double doors provides additional storage, and the four castor wheels make it easy to manoeuvre and store away after use. Plus, it's easy to keep clean with a brush (sold separately), so you can easily keep grilling all year long. It's a great piece of kit - and is under £500.


  • Best-seller (frequently sells out) - and durable
  • 4-burner gas barbecue cooks for up to eight
  • Stylish look and intuitive controls for easy use


  • Heavy build, made from quality materials

Best hybrid BBQ for budget and design

Argos Home 2 Burner Gas And Charcoal BBQArgos

The Argos Home 2 Burner Gas and Charcoal BBQ is a dual-fuel BBQ that lets you cook with either gas or charcoal. Making it a versatile option for grilling, as you can enjoy the ease and speed of cooking with gas or the smoky flavour of cooking with charcoal. And, reviews?

John Lewis isn't the only retailer dipping their toes into hybrid BBQs. Argos Gas and Charcoal BBQ have an average rating of 4.6/5 stars, making it a really good BBQ, especially if you're on a budget. Many customers love that it's made from a strong material, easy to set up and that the option for either gas or is innovative, and easy to switch between the two.

As for negatives, some customers found it takes a little while to put together, however, if instructions are followed correctly, it can be quite easy. Another downside a customer faced was that some burger fat dripped through a vent hole, rather than the drain hole, and made marks on the patio. Remember to buy a separate regulator for butane gas bottles.

The barbecue has two burners, which provide plenty of cooking space for a variety of foods. It also has a side shelf for storing utensils and condiments and a warming rack for keeping cooked food warm. Budget-friendly and convenient in mind, but with premium features.


  • Enjoy the ease and speed of cooking with both fuels
  • Designed with convenience and full of cool features
  • With a thermometer, spice rack and tea towel hooks


  • You'll need a separate regulator for butane

Best hybrid BBQ for cooking area

John Lewis Grillstream 6 Burner Hybrid Gas + Charcoal BBQJohn Lewis

The John Lewis Grillstream 6 Burner Hybrid Gas & Charcoal BBQ is perfect for catering to large groups, thanks to the six gas burners that can cook for up to 12 and the large 92.4 x 41.5cm grilling area. Each burner can be individually lit, so you don't need to worry about wasting gas for smaller soirees, and the side shelf can be converted into a side burner too.

Another top pick from John Lewis, this Hybrid BBQ garners a 5/5 star average rating. What did the reviews have to say? One customer called it a "brilliant piece of kit". Though sceptical about moving over to a dual fuel BBQ, this review has big plans for summer and feels confident about this large-surface pick not letting them down. Customers love the flexibility, versatility and maximum space of this burner. It's far from a hassle to use.

Any negatives? Both reviews found this cleverly designed - a brilliant and versatile BBQ. A customer found that the instructions were good - but, the diagrams could have been a little clearer. Plus, they felt as if this BBQ really needs looking after and a proper clean after each use for longevity. So, be prepared to clean a fair amount. Another customer found that assembly was tricky, but has offered some tips in their review on the John Lewis site.

With the built-in thermometer, you can keep an eye on the cooking temperature, whether you're cooking with gas, charcoal, or both together. Not to mention there's a warming rack and plenty of storage beneath, and the Grillstream system will stream fat away to prevent flare-ups and make grilling that little bit healthier. It's ideal for a large family or cookouts.


  • Six-burner gas barbecue cooks for up to 12 people
  • The warming rack acts as a secondary cooking area
  • Handy shelving is ideal for keeping supplies at hand


  • May take two people to build - but, worth it!

Best mid-range hybrid BBQ

Outback Jupiter 4 Burner Hybrid Gas BBQ GrillOutback/Appliances Direct

An ideal option for those who have fewer people to cook for but still want to have a hybrid, the Outback Jupiter 4 Burner Hybrid Gas BBQ Grill has been praised for being easy to assemble, retaining the required cooking temperature, and looking frankly outstanding. This striking four-gas-burner grill comes in three colours (red, green, and blue) and features a charcoal basket with hybrid briquettes and porcelain-coated cast-iron grates.

From 24 ratings and reviews at Appliances Direct, this Outback Gas BBQ Grill has averaged an impressive 4.5/5 stars. Customers agree that this pick ensures easy and efficient grilling, getting to the right temperature quickly - for speedy cookouts. One customer loves the pizza stone addition - providing extras for the price. Plus, they found it easy to clean. It looks smart, too - easy to clean with plenty of clever gadgets. Any negatives?

Any negatives? One customer says it would have been great to have coals supplied. Anther found the assembly challenging - taking a few hours as there are a lot of separate parts. Plus, the side tables get a little hot from the heat of the main grill and should be improved.

Cook simultaneously at four different temperatures and use the side burner for simmering sauces. And when you've got the whole family around, there's room to cook up to 24 burgers on this model! It's a unique multi-cook grill for pizza, wok-cooking and more.


  • Different colours available for any garden
  • Versatile features - considering its size
  • Pizza stone is a fab addition for alfresco cookouts


  • Takes a while to put it together

Best hybrid BBQ premium option

Grillstream Dual Hood 5 Burner Hybrid Gas + Charcoal BBQJohn Lewis

Slightly more than John Lewis' 6-burner hybrid BBQ, thanks to its dual hood, the Grillstream Dual Hood 5 Burner Hybrid Gas & Charcoal BBQ is a premium option that can cook for up to 10 people with the hybrid system allowing you to cook with charcoal alone for authentic, classic smoky-flavour barbecuing or with gas for better temperature control and instant, more convenient cooking.

A customer commented that they're very impressed by this model. They find this Dual Hybrid faultless - high praise - and easy to put together with very easy-to-follow instructions and excellent build quality. They add that it's the best of both worlds - with the flavours of charcoal and the speed of gas. Customers agree that this is a great investment and may last if looked after properly. So, invest in a cover and keep it indoors if you can.

With an impressive 4.7/5 stars on John Lewis, this BBQ comes with fabulous feedback from reviews. But, are there any negatives, anything that sticks out or could be improved? Let's find out. The only three-star review says though unique, this takes time to get used to - and just couldn't get the grill as hot as they'd liked. Though they loved the features and additions, they missed the unhealthy aspects of BBQ cooking and thought the assembly was a challenge despite being a complement DIYer - requiring two people to unpack it.

It also has plenty of features, such as a warming rack to keep food warm or for use as a secondary cooking area, handy side shelves, sliding drawers, a chopping board, and storage space underneath. If you want a BBQ challenge, this one is mighty - but will serve you well.


  • Five-burner BBQ is great for large families who BBQ a lot
  • Dual hoods with thermometers for cooking at different temperatures
  • Warming racks to keep food warm or as a secondary cooking area


  • Some found it a challenging assembly

Best hybrid grill for quick convertibility

Char-Broil BBQCharBroil/Amazon
Price: £559 (was £699.99)

A firm favourite out of the limited options available in the UK, this combination Char-Broil Gas2Coal Hybrid Grill can convert from gas to charcoal and vice versa in just three steps and under 60 seconds! This hybrid also has a patented charcoal tray to ensure uniform cooking, fewer flare-ups, and juicier food. This BBQ has enough space to cook for all your family and friends and comes with a handy side shelf for plating up and hosting your cooking utensils.

With an average rating of 4.5/5 stars on Amazon UK, the Char-Broil Gas2Coal Hybrid Grill, this pick is well-liked. Many customers agree that the appearance and sturdiness are stand-out features of this outdoor living product. Not only does it look great, but this BBQ is well-thought-out and built to last. It's worth the money - and is easy to clean. Any negatives?

That said, opinions are mixed on quality and instructions. Most of the reviews are high (in the 4 or 5 region), so the criticisms are often a little nit-picky things that Char-Broil could do better to improve their BBQ. For example, one customer says the top rack is narrow, so you can't store food there. Plus, many customers felt it took a long time to put together.

It really is all-in-one with a side burner which we love, perfect for warming up sauces, making gravy, or preparing side dishes and vegetables quickly. Plus, there's a warming rack too to keep everything nice and toasty off the primary heat. It's a great bit of kit...


  • Converts from gas to charcoal in less than a minute without tools
  • Offers space for a gas bottle which can be easily connected
  • With four wheels for manoeuvre and an integrated bottle opener


  • Some reviews say set-up and cleaning are complicated

Best hybrid BBQ for large cookouts

Boss Grill Georgia Dual Fuel - 3 Burner Gas and Charcoal BBQ GrillAppliances Direct/Boss
Price: £249.97 (was £349.97)

This hybrid Boss Grill Georgia Dual Fuel - 3 Burner Gas and Charcoal BBQ Grill is one for the serious BBQ-er. Combining a gas and charcoal grill, this versatile BBQ provides plenty of delicious ways to grill a variety of meats and dishes. The gas grill and hot plate combination offer different cooking styles and capabilities. Meat and veggies no longer need to be cooked in the same area. The space is so large it can fit 30 burgers at once.

With a 4.2/5 star rating, this Boss Grill has lots of positive reviews at Appliances Direct, with most reviews agreeing that it's great value for money. One customer commented that the hybrid nature is very handy, making the BBQ very flexible for any type of cookout. Plus, it was assembled in a few hours between two people, a fairly manageable set-up. Another customer loved that it caters to those who love the speed of gas but the smokiness of charcoal - plus, it's easy to use and monitor with the thermostats. Any negatives?

Though the reviews are overwhelmingly positive, Appliances Direct offers customers to put in improvement points. Some customers found that the grill lid was a little flimsy, whereas another found that the paint could not withstand high heat when the BBQ lid was down. Another customer questioned the quality of the charcoal holders, warped from the heat.

Overall, this Boss Grill is a great pick for your hybrid BBQ - offering supreme innovation at a budget price. There is also a fold-out preparation area. Store your accessories, some plates and glasses in the double cupboard beneath the grill. Two integrated temperature gauges help you to keep an eye on internal cooking temperatures without losing heat by opening the lid. This Boss Grill pick is perfect for large cookouts, garden parties and much more.


  • The BBQ is lightweight, easy to use and clean
  • Large, with a split cooking area for grill and hot plate
  • Great value - for everything it can do


  • Some reviews noted that the design was flimsy in places

Best tabletop 'hybrid' BBQ

Price: £279 (was £349.99)

With a whole load of five-star reviews and a celebrity chef endorsement from none other than Gino DiCampo, the Ninja Woodfire Electric BBQ Grill and Smoker is constantly selling out for all the right reasons. While it's not 'hybrid' in the traditional sense, it's designed to allow users to enjoy authentic Woodfire flavours in any outdoor space using 100 per cent real wood-burning pellets whilst cooking on electricity.

Our review: "I've always loved a gas BBQ, mainly because it just tastes different to what you can produce in your kitchen oven. It screams summer. However, charcoal is messy, hard to control, and weather reliant. The Ninja Woodfire looks a little intimidating, but once you set it all up and turn it on, I was so shocked at how simple and effective it is to use. The first function I tried was to smoke a leg of lamb at Easter to really put it through its paces. You simply prepare your meat, add the pellets and press a button. Really, it's almost too easy to believe. Fast forward three hours and I've tucked into the softest and most flavoursome lamb I've ever had. I've since air fried some chips, grilled a few burgers and even charred some vegetables for a Sunday dinner. The opportunities are endless."

Read our full Ninja Woodfire grill review.

Just plug it in, and it's ready to go, with no need for charcoal, gas or flames. There are seven functions under one lid: Grill, Smoke, Airfry, Roast, Bake, Reheat and Dehydrate, and the outdoor cooking possibilities are endless, making it a must-have item for summer cooking. If you're in need of a compact BBQ, we've shared the best tabletop BBQs for ease, storage, and taking on the move. But, overall, we nominate this Ninja Woodfire as our top pick.


  • Grill anywhere - from patios to gardens to campsites
  • Easy-to-use grill with electricity and wood pellets
  • Spacious enough to cook whole cuts of meat


  • It's very popular, so it frequently sells out

How we chose the best hybrid BBQs

All of these hybrid BBQs have been hand-selected by our team of Modern Gardens shopping experts. We carefully considered fuel types, performance, and functionality in our selection of the best. Our team has spent hours investigating and researching hybrid BBQs to make it easier for you to find the very best, and we'd never recommend a product we don't believe in.

Where possible, we also test and share the latest and best products you should know about. And with help from Modern Gardens Magazine, Garden News and Garden Answers, we share expert gardening knowledge to help you get the most from your product.

Best hybrid BBQ grill FAQs

Jill Morgan answers those burning hybrid BBQ questions...

What features should you look for?

There are combo barbecues on the market to suit every size, plot and budget, from compact two-burner designs that are easily wheeled around a small garden to majestic six-burner numbers that will be the gourmet hub for any outdoor kitchen gathering.

Cooking features

Individually controlled gas burners, grill plates at adjustable heights and hoods with built-in thermometers all help to eliminate the guesswork needed when cooking on charcoal, as well as saving on time, stress and fuel. Side burners are worthwhile extras and super-useful for heating sauces and simmering veggies.

Usually gas-powered, you can also find models with ceramic infrared plates that are quick to heat and energy efficient. Removable charcoal collection trays make for an easy and quick clean-up. Whilst grills with built-in work and prep areas save on journeys to and from the kitchen.

Two women using hybrid bbq
©Getty Images

Shelving features

Look out for single or twin-side ledges, which are great for chopping. Warming racks are also handy for keeping food that is fully cooked warm.

Other useful features to look for include open shelving that can be loaded up with plates and serving boards and rows of hooks to keep utensils close to hand. Some designs even have spice racks and narrow shelves for sauce bottles and seasonings. And double door cabinets are great for not only concealing the gas canister but hiding cooking clutter too.

Swift conversion

How easy is it to swap from one fuel type to another really depends on the model, so do pay attention to this factor when choosing which to buy. There are a few grills with dedicated sides for charcoal and gas, but the majority have gas burners that can be adapted to be used with coals by simply adding a tray of charcoal above the gas burners.

What material should a hybrid BBQ be made of?

If you barbecue regularly, being choosy about your cooking grates can really pay off. There are three main options:

Stainless steel looks uber-smart and is easy to keep clean, but it doesn't give quite the same cooking results as cast iron.

Cast iron plates are fantastic at conducting heat and will leave impressive sear marks on food, but their slightly pitted surface makes them tricky to keep scrupulously clean.

Porcelain-enamelled cast iron (or PECI) combines fast-to-heat qualities with an easy-clean surface, and while it's more expensive, it is exceptionally durable. You'll need to resist the temptation to scrape the plates, as this can damage the surface and lead to rusting. Instead, use a stainless-steel brush to remove any dirt, then soak in warm water with a mild non-citrus washing-up liquid and dry thoroughly with absorbent paper towels.

Cooking on a hybrid BBQ
©Getty Images

Can you use any cooking charcoal or gas on a hybrid BBQ?

Yes, though it's worth checking the manufacturer's instruction manual in case they have any requirements or recommendations.

The BBQ brand Outback, for example, recommends that you use their Hybrid Charcoal Briquettes for their charcoal, and John Lewis recommends propane or patio gas cylinder bottles ranging in sizes from 3kg to 13kg for their gas.

For more advice on the best BBQ fuel for your grill, read our in-depth guide.

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