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Powerful and lightweight, the best petrol leaf blower is an effective tool for clearing leaves and debris. Leaf blowers, sometimes worn as a backpack, are a nifty device for blowing away wet leaves for you to clear detritus from flowerbeds without damaging the plants.

A petrol leaf blower has a sturdy plastic or metal body housing its petrol-powered engine. Controlled by a throttle on the handle, it emits airflow through a long and narrow nozzle that's adjustable to control the direction and angle of the airflow. Simply hit 'go' with the ignition switch or pull cord, but it's worth bearing in mind that a petrol-powered device will emit fumes.

Best petrol leaf blowers at a glance:

Best overall petrol leaf blower: Stihl BG 56 Petrol Leaf Blower – View on Just Lawnmowers
Best backpack petrol leaf blower: Hyundai Petrol Backpack Leaf Blower – View on Amazon UK
Best combination petrol leaf blower: Stihl SH 86 Petrol Vacuum Shredder Blower – View on Just Lawnmowers

A petrol leaf blower gives you a bit more oomph than a battery-powered or corded electric machine. When it comes to the best leaf blowers, a petrol model boasts the highest air volume and airspeed output. However, with great power comes great responsibility; it's essential to wear protective gloves and ear defenders. Be prepared, as the vibration from a petrol leaf blower may come as a shock.

If you're a professional grounds maintenance person, then leaf blowers and combination garden vacuums are a familiar tool. Otherwise, you may have been woken up by a neighbour blowing away the autumnal leaf-fall - there's no denying that petrol leaf blowers are loud, more so than your average lawn mower or pressure washer. As we take a spin through the best models on the market, look for features such as vibration and noise reduction systems built-in to these powerful leaf zappers.

Best petrol leaf blowers

Best overall petrol leaf blower

Stihl BG 56 Petrol Leaf BlowerJust Lawnmowers/Stihl
Price: £249 (RRP £305)

The Stihl BG 56 Petrol Leaf Blower is a powerful tool that ensures your garden remains tidy with ease. Simple to hold and use, the controls are conveniently located at your fingertips. Compared to other standard 2-stroke engines, fuel wastage is significantly reduced by 20 per cent. Also, it's equipped with a catalytic converter so it's a little kinder to the environment. ElastoStart technology reduces the starting shock for increased user comfort. Additionally, this leaf blower can be converted into a vacuum for added functionality.

Customer review: "Faultless and exceptional as per usual from Stihl. Easy to start and runs like a dream."


  • Low vibration
  • ElastoStart for easy starting
  • Reduced-emission engine technology


  • Few customer reviews

Best backpack petrol leaf blower

Hyundai Petrol Backpack Leaf BlowerAmazon/Hyundai

The Hyundai 52cc 2-stroke engine powers this robust petrol backpack leaf blower. It's capable of generating air speeds up to 170mph. The Hyundai Petrol Backpack Leaf Blower's versatile functionality makes it suitable for year-round use, whether clearing snow, leaves, grass trimmings, gutters, or even drying vehicles and machinery. With exceptional fuel efficiency, providing approximately 55 minutes of runtime per litre at full throttle, it ensures prolonged operation without frequent refuelling. The lockable throttle lever is convenient for continuous operation. Additionally, its lightweight anti-vibration backpack design is comfortable to wear.

Customer review: "Had it two weeks and used it a few times with no problems. Looks like decent build quality for the money I paid. It is loud at full throttle about 112dB so have to wear ear muffs and limit use to an hour at a time to avoid upsetting the neighbours. I could not find the fuel primer button/ pump and the manual did not show it clearly. It is up behind the plastic fuel lines that run from the petrol tank up into the engine. Most importantly it blows the leaves well."


  • Amazon's Choice
  • Lightweight and comfortable to use
  • Anti-vibration
  • Easy to reach and operate trigger controls


  • Mixed reviews

Best combination petrol leaf blower

Stihl SH 86 Petrol Vacuum Shredder BlowerJust Lawnmowers/Stihl
Price: £339 (RRP £444)

Its fuel efficiency and user-friendly design make it a top-choice handheld blower. The multi-purpose Stihl SH 86 Petrol Vacuum Shredder Blower is powered by a reduced-emission engine that also has the benefit of reduced weight and up to 20 per cent lower fuel consumption compared to a regular 2-stroke engine. In addition, it delivers top-notch vacuum and shredding capabilities. The STIHL ElastoStart system ensures a low recoil upon ignition. The SH 86 effortlessly collects and shreds leaves and grass; reducing them to ideal composting or mulching material. With round and jet nozzles included, it offers enhanced adaptability for diverse garden maintenance tasks.


  • Low vibration
  • Reduced emission technology
  • Anti-vibration system


  • No specific product review

Best petrol leaf blower for sturdiness

McCulloch GB355BP Backpack Leaf BlowerMachine Mart/McCulloch

The McCulloch GB355BP Backpack Leaf Blower has quality, style and power. It's distinguished by its sturdy padded backpack, that comfortably distributes the machine's weight. It makes extended leaf-clearing sessions possible, without putting a strain on arms, shoulders or neck. Powered by a robust 46cc 2-stroke petrol engine outputting 1.5kW, it removes stubborn, damp leaves from lawns and flower beds with ease. Its 'cruise control' feature allows for optimal fan speed adjustment to tailor the fan speed to the task.

Customer review: "This Mcculloch leaf blower is fantastic, with the backpack idea you don't know you are carrying it as it's under 10kg It's easy to start and it has plenty of power which is something I need as I've got a number of mature oak trees that in late autumn make a real mess. I would highly recommend this blower, it the best I've had."


  • Adjustable speed
  • Comfortable backpack


  • Few customer reviews

Best petrol leaf blower for value

Dealourus 65cc Petrol Backpack Leaf BlowerAmazon/Dealourus

This Dealourus 65cc Petrol Backpack Leaf Blower weighs just 6.5kg and has a powerful 65cc 2-stroke engine with an output of 2.8kW/3.8hp and a wind speed of 210mph. It's lightweight but extremely powerful. It's been laboratory tested to confirm its superior performance, with a fan speed of up to 7500rpm it's capable of handling wet leaves and debris effortlessly. The ergonomic backpack ensures easy carrying and single-handed operation, while wide shoulder straps provide comfort during extended use. Additionally, its reduced vibration and noise levels make it suitable for residential areas, and its compact design allows for easy storage.

Customer review: "First time I’ve bought a petrol gardening machine. Couldn’t afford the more expensive well known brand, so, went for this model as it was within budget. Easy to assemble, using the instructions, and lightweight, started first time with ease. Bought for my business which backs into a large park which means in the autumn there are A LOT of leaves. It’s made life so much easier and fun. I feel like a Ghostbuster."


  • Value for money
  • Lightweight
  • Powerful


  • Feels a bit plastic

Best petrol leaf blower for vacuum function

Mountfield MBL 270V Petrol Leaf Blower & VacuumJust Lawnmowers/Mountfield
Price: £199 (RRP £239)

The Mountfield MBL 270V Petrol Leaf Blower & Vacuum is a well-balanced solution for garden cleaning. With airflow reaching 10.2 cubic metres per minute and an airspeed of up to 72 metres per second, it swiftly clears leaves, grass clippings and light snow from various surfaces. Its adjustable airspeed control enables precise adaptation to different working conditions, while the advanced anti-vibration system minimises fatigue during prolonged use. It's supplied with a vacuum kit so this blower offers the added versatility of leaf collection too.

Customer review: "Lightweight and powerful. Easy to start and use."


  • Anti-vibration
  • Multi-functional


  • Not many reviews

Best lightweight petrol leaf blower

Draper BVP26 25.4cc Petrol Vacuum BlowerFFX/Draper
Price: £154.95

From patio and lawns to driveways and decking, this lightweight Draper BVP26 25.4cc Petrol Vacuum/Blower is just 5.8kg, making it ideal for domestic use. Its engine is slightly smaller than the other models, so it's a good option if you have moderate leaf fall that you want to clear. In addition, this Draper leaf blower can be used as a vacuum and comes with a 30-litre collection bag.


  • Lightweight
  • Multi-functional
  • Great for moderate leaf fall


  • No specific product reviews

Best petrol leaf blower for light use

Webb WEBV26 Petrol Garden Blower, Shredder & VacuumAmazon/Webb

For a top pick that will blow you away, go for the Webb WEBV26 Petrol Garden Blower, Shredder & Vacuum. Offering straightforward yet robust functionality, this leaf blower from the reputable British brand Webb ensures effortless garden cleaning. With variable airspeed capabilities reaching up to a potent 114mph, along with user-friendly controls, it guarantees efficient operation. It's equipped with an accessible metal fan blades for hassle-free cleaning if blockages occur. This machine efficiently shreds garden waste into a mulch ratio of 12:1, conveniently collected in a spacious 40L bag.

See the Webb WEBV26 Petrol Garden Blower in action in this YouTube demonstration.

Customer review: "The blower looks very similar to the old Stihl BG85, it’s a great piece of kit for the money, vacuum works well, well packaged, next day delivery, I would highly recommend this machine."


  • Multi-functional
  • 12:1 mulch ratio
  • Powerful
  • Variable air speed, up to 114mph
  • Shreds garden waste


  • Customer comments that it's difficult to use with the collection bag if you're left-handed

Best petrol leaf blower for power

BU-KO 79CC Petrol Backpack Leaf BlowerBU-KO/Amazon

Likened to a gardener's jet pack, the powerful BU-KO 79CC Petrol Backpack Leaf Blower has a larger engine size than other leaf blowers. It's capable of generating high-speed airflow. With a fan speed of up to 8500rpm, it handles even the most sticky leaves with ease. Featuring an ergonomic backpack design weighing 14kg, it ensures comfortable handling during prolonged use, supported by wide shoulder straps. Additionally, its anti-vibration system minimises user fatigue.

Customer review: "Used a good few times and it works for me I have a large driveway and the road to the house is private and long it used to take me a full day to clear now its an hours job."


  • Extremely powerful
  • Comes with protective accessories
  • Anti-vibration technology


  • Heavier than other models

FAQs: Best petrol leaf blower

How much does a petrol leaf blower cost?

Factors such as brand, engine power and build quality are important when you're considering which petrol leaf blower to buy. Generally, you can expect to pay anywhere between £100 to £500 for a petrol leaf blower. Entry-level models, with basic features and lower engine power, are around £100 to £200. High-end models with more powerful engines, advanced features and durable construction can cost upwards of £300 to £500. Stihl leaf blowers are from a trusted brand and powerful machines at a variety of price points.

Are petrol leaf vacuums any good?

Petrol leaf vacuums are powerful, making them effective for cleaning up leaves and debris in outdoor spaces. They provide convenience and portability, allowing users to reach areas where electric vacuums may not be practical. However, they require fuel and maintenance and, like a petrol lawn mower, they are noisy and emit fumes. But if you are doing professional grounds maintenance or have a large outside space to manage, they are the most robust and practical option. Hyundai leaf blowers and garden vacuums are top-notch for intensive outdoor cleaning.

What features should I look for when buying a petrol leaf blower?

Petrol leaf blowers are equipped with powerful engines, measured in cubic centimetres (cc) or horsepower (hp). The higher the engine power, the more air volume and airspeed the blower can produce. Also, more powerful engines are larger in size.

Air volume is measured in cubic metres per hour (m³/hr) or litres per second (l/s). It represents the volume of air the leaf blower can move. Higher ratings equate to more powerful blowing capabilities, which are effective in moving larger piles of leaves or debris.

Airspeed is measured in miles per hour (or occasionally metres per second). It indicates how fast the air exits the blower's nozzle. Higher airspeeds are effective for blowing leaves and debris over longer distances.

Many petrol leaf blowers have variable speed controls, allowing users to adjust the airflow and airspeed according to the task at hand. This feature provides versatility and precision when clearing different types of debris or working in various weather conditions.

Man using leaf blower
©Getty Images/ lucentius

Petrol leaf blowers are available in both handheld and backpack designs. Handheld models are more compact and manoeuvrable, while backpack models evenly distribute weight, reducing fatigue during extended use.

The fuel tank capacity determines how long the leaf blower can operate before needing a refill. Larger fuel tanks allow for longer continuous operation without interruption.

Some petrol leaf blowers have vibration reduction systems. This minimises arm fatigue during prolonged use. This feature enhances user comfort and allows for longer working sessions.

Many modern petrol leaf blowers feature easy start mechanisms and choke systems to simplify the starting process and ensure quick and reliable ignition.

While petrol leaf blowers are generally louder than electric or battery-powered models, some models have noise reduction features. This is beneficial for users working in residential areas.

Look for leaf blowers constructed from durable materials such as high-quality plastics and metal components. A robust build ensures longevity and reliable performance.

Are petrol leaf blowers better than electric?

Petrol leaf blowers offer greater power and portability, making them suitable for larger outdoor areas and heavy-duty tasks. However, they tend to be noisier, emit fumes and require more maintenance. In contrast, electric leaf blowers are quieter and more environmentally friendly.

What can you clean with a leaf blower?

A leaf blower serves multiple purposes beyond leaf clearance, including cleaning outdoor surfaces like driveways, decking and patios. It's also handy for blowing away grass clippings, dirt and debris from outdoor furniture and equipment. A leaf blower has enough force to move fir cones, twigs and seed pods without damaging surrounding grass and plants. Simply pan side-to-side and direct the airflow underneath the leaves. It can even remove stubborn leaves that have lodged behind drain pipes or guttering and clear light snow from driveways and paving. Just be careful when going over stones and always wear protective goggles.

An effective leaf blower needs enough air volume and speed to shift large leaf piles. Higher-spec models will be powerful enough to get sticky leaves out of wet grass.

With a combination leaf blower, dry leaves are collected, compacted and mulched. Blow the leaves into manageable piles, fit the leaf collection bag, and then vacuum them up. By changing the tube you can convert the blower into a vacuum. Also, it's so much more economical than having a separate garden shredder.

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