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Here is our pick of all the tools you need for the ultimate DIY home tool kit.


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If you love to see a project through from start to finish and enjoy home projects, then look no further than our ultimate guide to DIY tools that will help you effortlessly finish your vision as you embark on home improvements. The home DIYer can do countless projects and tasks like building your own garden wall bar without bringing in a professional if you have the right kit.

With around 40 per cent of house sales taking place between May and August, first-time buyers are going to need to be prepped and ready with a list of essential tools ready for their first DIY projects to improve their homes and gardens.

These essential tools will make you the ultimate DIYer and you'll be able to complete most tasks without the help of a joiner or builder. Often doing something yourself can make the task that extra bit satisfying when it is complete. Depending on what things you undertake at home and in your garden, there are some tools on our list that will be useful and will last the test of time.

The top 10 buys for garden upgrades and upcycling endeavours

Here are Modern Gardens Magazine writer Geoff Hodge's favourite DIY tools.

Best shock-absorbing hammer


A lump hammer brings you the power of Thor when it comes to light demolition work, driving in

Best super-handy screwdriver

Best super-handy screwdriver
Price: £22.75


A manual screwdriver such as this is a boon for fiddly jobs on account of its magnetic bit holder

Best go-anywhere drill


A cordless drill lets you roam around the garden and this rechargeable one is a great choice at a

Best accurate tape measure


Never skimp on a tape measure as even tiny measurement inaccuracies can cost you dearly in terms

Best light but hard-hitting hammer


With a carbon steel head and fibreglass core this is light but strong and durable. The ribbed

Best sanity-saving staple gun


Think a staple gun isn’t a toolkit, er, staple? Think again! Driving metal staples into wood,

Best garden-perfect multitool


With any garden DIY job, a multitool stashed in your pocket will come to your rescue in endless

Best stay-sharp knife


Rather than trashing your kitchen scissors, use a Stanley knife for any minor slicing-and-dicing

Best easy-peasy saw


A powered jigsaw is a godsend for both speed and accuracy when cutting raw materials and a

Best hand-saving chisel


A cold chisel or bolster, along with a lump hammer, will break up small areas of old concrete and

What tools should I have in my toolkit for home improvements?

If you're looking for a quick list of tools to get started, Toolstation, in collaboration with construction expert, Chris Lawson, Managing Director at CK Architectural, has devised a list to invest in that will cost around £200, or cheaper if you can borrow a drill!

Drill driver – around £110 (+ £15 for bits)

Designed to both drill holes and drive in screws, whether you’re putting up blinds or curtains, assembling furniture or installing shelves, this versatile tool will make life much easier. This is an investment so if you can borrow one, by all means, go ahead. Remember, you’ll also need some drill bits and screwdriver bits.

Screwdrivers – around £10

You’ll use manual screwdrivers for more precise jobs like tightening furniture and opening tins of paint. Go for a set of screwdrivers or a multibit screwdriver with interchangeable heads for maximum versatility.

Tape measure – around £5

A tape measure doesn’t need much explanation. A top tip is to take your tape measure with you when going DIY or furniture shopping so there’s never any room for error.

Spirit level – around £8

A spirit level can also be called a bubble level and indicates whether a surface is horizontal (level) or vertical (plumb). Relatively low cost, spirit levels avoid bodged jobs when erecting shelves, hanging mirrors or perfecting a gallery wall.

Claw hammer – around £5

The head of a claw hammer is used for driving in the nails needed to hang things like hooks and photo frames, while the claw is great for retrieving any picture hooks, nails or raw plugs left in the walls. It can also be used for tasks like prising up old carpets.

Step ladder – around £50

A step ladder will come in handy for all sorts of DIY tasks including painting ceilings, changing lightbulbs, and hanging pictures. If you're strapped for cash, a chair may suffice but ask somebody to keep it steady.

Toolbox – around £8

It’s not strictly essential but you’ll want a toolbox to store all your new tools in.

(Bonus) Shared tool libraries

For more challenging DIY jobs, it’s worth checking out local shared tool libraries. These are repositories of tools, like power tools, you can hire.

In our in-depth guide, we have listed the best tools and divided them into six sections:

In terms of DIY tools, some trustworthy brands include Bosch Green, Ryobi, Einhell, Irwin, Stanley and Draper. We have done hours of research to ensure all our recommendations are of the highest quality and value.

The first section is on the best power tools such as the best drill, sander, saw and grinder.

The second is the best saw blades and gloves.

The third section is on the best hand tools such as the handsaw and hacksaw.

The fourth section is the best screwdrivers and spanners.

The fifth is on the best level, vice, clamp, hammer and crowbars.

The last section is on measuring tools and other useful kits and devices.

With that in mind let's jump into the list of the best DIY tools and their uses.

The best power tools: drill, sander, saw and grinder

Best drill kit for DIY
Bosch PSB 1800 LI-2 Drill Kit

Rrp: £106.00

Price: £56.99
Alternative retailers
Currys£109.00View offer


Bosch Green tools are a big name in the power tool industry and are designed for home use. They

Best sander for DIY
Bosch PEX 300 AE Random Orbit Sander

Rrp: £88.00

Price: £73.95


Another Bosch Green product that works wonders for home DIY is this sander. This 125mm corded

Best saw for general DIY


The Einhell reciprocating saw has a 650W motor - ideal for cutting wood up to 150mm thick or 10mm

Best grinder for DIY


The Einhell TE-AG 115 Angle Grinder has a strong metal gear head, guaranteeing optimal

The best saw blades and gloves

Best value quality blades for a power tool saw
Irwin Tools Reciprocating Saw Blade Set, 11-Piece
Price: £17.21


This quality blade set will make all the difference when it comes to a reciprocating saw's

Best all-round work gloves for DIY
DEX FIT Work Gloves
Price: £13.99


A proper pair of work gloves is useful for absorbing the vibrations when using power tools, making

The best hand tools

The best handsaw for DIY


A good reliable handsaw is an absolute must-have if you regularly work with timber. This Stanley

The best hacksaw for DIY


If you are looking for a hacksaw, this handy piece works great for getting through metal and

The best screwdrivers and spanners

The best screwdrivers for DIY
Stanley Screwdriver Set, 6 Piece
Price: £29.99


An absolute DIY starter kit must-have. This well-made six-piece Stanley set has all essentials -

Best spanner set for DIY
Neilsen Spanner Set, 25-Piece

Rrp: £35.99

Price: £33.99


This set of reliable spanners are equally as useful as screwdrivers in your DIY kit. This 25-piece

Best socket set for DIY


Generally speaking, socket sets are faster than spanners, and this set from Bahco is a 1/4 inch

Best plier set for DIY
Draper Redline Heavy Duty Pliers Set
Price: £14.99


Another crucial addition to your DIY starter tool kit should be pliers. This set from Draper

The best level, vice, clamp, hammer and crowbar

Best classic level for DIY
Stabila 90cm Level

Rrp: £24.59

Price: £19.20


Levels are great for putting up shelves or picture frames, and this classic 90cm level from

Best bench vice for DIY


If you are looking to buy a bench vice then it is good to get a high-quality one. This 100mm vice

Best clamps for DIY


If you want a quick and clean cutting or sanding job done, or anything where a third hand is

A quality DIY hammer


A trusty hammer is an absolute key tool in any kit. This high quality 6-ounce Surestike hammer

Best crowbar for DIY


For prying and levering, a quality crowbar comes in handy and this tool from Silverline is made

Best measuring tool and other useful items

Best tape measure for DIY
OX Tools Metric/Imperial 5m Tape Measure

Rrp: £16.50

Price: £16.50


A tape measure is one of those items that are useful for many things in life, from measuring


This tough toolbox with rust-proof latches is a great way to keep all your tools together. The V


If you are after a powerful, well-made staple gun, then this tool made in Sweden has various uses

Secateurs to suit your needs

Hedge trimmers to keep your hedges prim and proper

Outdoor rugs to pep up your patio


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