Best petrol lawn mowers to make trimming larger gardens easy

Our buyer's guide to the best petrol lawnmowers that will help keep your garden looking its best.

Petrol lawnmower mowing grass

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The best petrol lawn mower is a savvy investment if you're lucky enough to have a large, luscious garden and you need a petrol lawn mower to tackle the lawn. When the British weather is behaving and the longer daylight hours give us the chance to spend more time in our outdoor spaces, having a large garden or lawn provides plenty of opportunities for fun and gardening, whether you're a novice or a gardening expert.

However, something we don't envy quite so much is the maintenance that comes with having a bigger outdoor space. Not only do you run the risk of having more unmanageable grass and dozens of weeds, but your regular electric lawn mower might not cut the mustard when it comes to having enough power. This is where we'd recommend investing in a quality petrol-powered lawn mower that'll provide you with the runtime needed to tackle the whole lawn.

Best petrol lawn mowers at a glance:

Best petrol lawn mower for lawns up to 500sqm: Hyundai 19-inch 139cc Self-propelled Petrol Roller Lawn Mower - View on Hyundai
Best ergonomic petrol lawn mower: Stiga Multiclip 950V Petrol Self-Propelled Mulching Lawn Mower - View on Just Lawnmowers
Best for large gardens: Mac Allister MLMP550SP46-M&S 140cc Petrol Rotary - View on B&Q

Petrol lawn mowers vary, just like our gardens, so you'll need to pick one that ultimately best suits your outdoor space. If you have a large open garden, choosing a petrol lawn mower, such as a ride-on mower, with a larger cutting width will help make light work of your grass cutting, but a garden with more intricate spaces or obstacles would be better suited to a more compact, manoeuvrable mower. To help find the best mower suited to your lawn, we've picked out the best lawn mowers for medium-sized gardens (up to around 500 square metres) and larger gardens beyond this too.

Despite their differences in power source, there are similar benefits to cordless lawn mowers and their petrol-powered counterparts. If you're looking for the mower with the largest catch bag, the most powerful engine, or a lightweight model, read on. We cover more of this in the FAQs. We've listed the best petrol lawn mowers to buy in the UK for medium-sized and large gardens, as well as giving you an easy guide to what you should look out for, answering some questions you might have had on your mind.

Best petrol lawn mowers for medium-sized gardens

Best petrol lawn mower for lawns up to 500sqm

The Hyundai 19-inch/48cm 139cc Self-propelled Petrol Roller Lawn Mower is a high-quality, low maintenance, self-propelled, rear roller, electric start model that's designed for creating perfect stripes in your lawn. 38cm ribbed rear roller to achieve perfect results with effortless mowing, thanks to the electric push button start, and a recoil backup. One reviewer shared that this managed to handle a lawn that had been left to grow for "No Mow May." It has a padded soft-grip handle that is foldable and a collapsing grass collection bag (70 litres) for minimal storage requirements. The throttle and choke are positioned on the soft grip handle, for easy use. Mowing the lawn is thirsty work, Hyundai have this sorted with two cup holders integrated into the handle. It gives your reliability and performance each time, thanks to it being an easy start machine, making it a great user-friendly option.


  • Achieve perfect lawn stripes
  • Easy to start up
  • Ideal for small to medium size gardens


  • Instruction booklet could be better

Best petrol lawn mower for popularity

Hawksmoor 144cc 46cm Petrol LawnmowerToolstation/Hawsmoor

The Hawksmoor 144cc 46cm Petrol Lawn Mower is a popular pick amongst gardeners with reviewers describing it as sturdy and robust. It makes short work of tough grass and with a 55-litre grass collection box and powerful 4-stroke engine, you can get the job done quickly, and with less stops to empty the cut grass. This gives you an excellent selection of cutting height options - from 25 to 75mm. This mower's 46cm cutting width makes for less trips up and down your lawn. This has a useful carry handle on the bumper for easier portability.


  • Value for money
  • Popular
  • Cuts through tough grass
  • Strong and durable steel deck


  • Customer comments on bolts working loose

Best petrol lawn mowers for large gardens and lawns

Best suited to make quick, comfortable work for gardens more than 500 square metres.

Best self-propelled petrol lawn mower for performance

Murray EQ700X Self-Propelled Petrol LawnmowerAmazon/Murray

The Murray EQ700X self-propelled lawn mower is packed with features (not gimmicks) that help to make your grass cutting as easy and accurate as possible. It has 4-in-1 functionality, including bagging, rear and side discharge, and mulching, and the ReadyStart feature saves you from priming and choking the engine manually before you start it. The self-propel allows a maximum mowing speed of 3.6kmph, meaning you can get a big job done faster than with most other mowers, something busy reviewers say they appreciate. The ergonomic handlebar is comfortable to use and can be adjusted and folded for easy storage. It's easy to maintain and has a durable steel deck for increased protection against damage and corrosion. We also love that Briggs and Stratton's E-Series initiative places reduced exhaust emissions at the heart of all their engines.


  • Powerful whilst being energy efficient
  • Easy to assemble
  • Smooth drive


  • Shortest cutting setting is very severe

Best for large gardens

Mac Allister petrol lawnmowerB&Q/ Mac Allister

Designed for lawns up to 1,000 square metres, the Mac Allister MLMP550SP46-M&S 140cc Petrol Rotary runs a powerful and reliable Briggs and Stratton 4-stroke motor. One reviewer says it took them just 45 minutes to mow a lawn that took them two hours to do with their previous machine. It's compact and easy to manoeuvre, meaning it'll happily tackle confined spaces as easily as wide-open ones to help keep your lawn neat and tidy. It's push operated and doesn't have as many features as the Murray, but it's the most cost-effective option for larger garden sizes. On a practical note, this boasts Mac Allister's "Mow and Stow" functionality that means it can be stored vertically which reduces the mower's footprint by 70%. This upright position also makes it easier to clean and perform routine maintenance tasks.


  • Easy assembly
  • Great value for what you get
  • "Mow and Stow" storage option


  • Some reviews say sourcing spare parts is tricky

Best ergonomic petrol lawn mower

Stiga Multiclip 950 V Petrol Self-Propelled Mulching Lawn MowerJust Lawnmowers/Stiga

This powerful and robust Stiga Multiclip 950 V Petrol Self-Propelled Mulching Lawn Mower has a unique handlebar design that's adjustable for your comfort. This high-spec mower has a working speed between 3.1 to 4.6 kilometres per hour and is ideal for large lawns. Stiga suggests this machine is suitable for a working area up to a maximum of 1,700 square metres. It has a whopping 70-litre grass collector capacity, plus an option to mulch in order to spread your nutrient-rich grass clippings over your lawn. This has a decent 48cm cutting width and five cutting heights ranging from 31mm to 75mm. When you're ready to pop this away, the handles fold down for space-saving storage.


  • Large capacity
  • Adjustable and soft-grip handlebar
  • Can go up to 4.6 kilometres per hour


  • Too high-spec for small domestic gardens

Best ride-on petrol lawn mower

Mountfield MTF 84M Petrol Ride-on lawnmower 352ccB&Q/Mountfield
Price: £2,359

If you have a particularly large lawn, garden, or semi-rural block, this ride-on mower will make cutting your grass quick, easy, and even enjoyable with reviewers pleasantly surprised at how short this can cut grass. The Mountfield MTF 84 is suitable for gardens or outdoor spaces up to two acres and comes delivered fully assembled so you can jump straight into the driver's seat. It has a seven-stage cutting height that can be adjusted from 25 to 80mm and an 84cm wide blade. It has an electric key start engine, and the seat features a safety switch that cuts out the engine if the driver dismounts whilst the blades are turning. Working in tandem with the easy steering is the machine's impressive hydrostatic transmission for enhanced manoeuvrability and a smooth drive, helping to cut with precision even on the dullest of days.


  • Great for larger gardens
  • No pushing or pulling needed
  • Can handle up to two acres


  • One customer said the assembly was tedious

Best for collecting grass

Honda HF 2317 HME Lawn TractorJust Lawnmowers/Honda

Garden like a pro with the Honda HF 2317 HME Lawn Tractor. Its hydrostatic transmission makes it responsive and easy to manoeuvre. With a huge 280-litre grass collector this lawn tractor can plough through grassed areas up to 8,000 square metres and, according to reviewers, handles long grass brilliantly. It boasts an Optiflow grass collecting system which means no grass clippings get left behind. It's a petrol-powered vehicle with a 5.4-litre petrol tank and a speed range of 1.2mph to 5.5mph. Additionally, it has an LED smart diagnostic dashboard that's user-friendly and tells you what fuel you have remaining.


  • Easy manoeuvrability
  • Huge grass collection capacity
  • Professional gardening


  • Might be too high-tech for some

Best ride-on lawn mower with mulching and side discharge

Mountfield MTF 98M-SD Side-Discharge Lawn TractorJust Lawnmowers/Mountfield

The Mountfield MTF 98M-SD Side-Discharge Lawn Tractor is designed for cutting longer grass and dispersing it back into the garden rather than collecting it. It is an optional mulching function and a side discharge as a fast and effective way of returning goodness back to the soil. This ride-on lawn mower is fast too, with a top speed of 9.7kph. With a cutting width that's just shy of one metre, this garden tractor can cover lawns up to 8000 square metres. Mountfield is a trusted brand and this model comes with a quality Stiga ST350 352cc engine. Reviewers love that this lawn tractor is delivered pre-assembled and ready to go.


  • Easy to manoeuvre
  • Compact so you can get close to borders
  • Mulching and side discharge


  • Limited reviews on this specific product

How we chose the best petrol lawn mower

All of these petrol lawn mowers have been hand-selected by our team of Modern Gardens shopping experts. We carefully considered size, power, and functionality in our selection of the best. Our team has spent hours investigating and researching petrol lawn mowers to make it easier for you to find the very best, and we'd never recommend a product we don't believe in.

Where possible, we also test and share the latest and best products you should know about. And with help from Modern Gardens Magazine, Garden News and Garden Answers, we share expert gardening knowledge to help you get the most from your product.

Our pick for the best petrol lawn mower

Serving average and larger-sized lawns, the Murray EQ700X wins – it's versatile and has a range of useful features which will help to make cutting the grass a breeze. We also really like the large Murray and Briggs & Stratton service network and its initiative to help reduce exhaust emissions.

Petrol lawn mower FAQs

Cordless or ordinary petrol mower?

They both use a rotary cutting mechanism, have adjustable cutting heights, and have an optional grass collector bag or box. Crucially, petrol and cordless lawn mowers are designed with manoeuvrability in mind. If you're a little more environmentally conscious or have a small garden, a cordless lawn mower is the best option. In contrast, if you're looking for a powerful mower, petrol will make short work of tough grass and large lawns.

Are petrol lawn mowers better than electric ones?

This is really down to preference, and there are pros and cons to each - here are just some of the reasons why petrol lawn mowers make for a better choice:

• Petrol lawn mowers are more powerful and will help cut long wet grass.

• Good for mowing the lawn where it may otherwise be difficult due to slopes or uneven surfaces.

• In larger gardens, you'll use fuel more efficiently and save money in the long run.

• No power cable means you can move this easily throughout your garden without needing extension leads.

Unlike an electric lawn mower, you'll need to service the engine, They're typically heavier and noisier, but it'll make cutting your large lawn much quicker and easier.

Petrol poured in lawnmower
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How do I choose a petrol lawn mower?

You're ready to kit out your shed with quality gardening equipment, but you might be unsure where to begin searching for the best petrol lawn mower for your garden.

Here are some handy tips on what to look for when choosing a petrol lawn mower:

Self-propelled or push mowers

Push mowers are just what you'd expect from a regular lawn mower - push them as you mow to propel them forward.

Self-propelled mowers will move forward on their own. Simply pull the safety bar to engage the drive, and then let go of it to disengage the drive - don't worry, there's no chance they'll run away from you!

Self-propelled mowers are great for making quick and easy work of large open areas, even if you have a hilly garden. However, because of the extra drive components, they are heavier and less manoeuvrable than push mowers which are lighter but require more physical effort in the action of mowing.

Engines and specs

The engine size and specs of your mower will depend on your budget, but this is what you're paying for. A well-engineered mower will be more powerful and robust and yet have a quieter and more efficient motor. You should consider how important certain features are to you as they may be worth paying that little extra for if it makes your life easier.

Woman pushing lawnmower
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What petrol do you use for lawn mowers?

According to garden designer and enthusiast, Lawnmower Larry, "The petrol for your lawn mower must be unleaded, the octane must be a minimum of 87, and if it contains ethanol, this should be no more than 10 per cent. Very important: the petrol must be fresh. Most people don't know that fuel can become stale."

Are petrol lawn mowers safe?

Petrol lawn mowers are safe to use, but just like any other heavy-duty equipment, there are safety risks. Extra precautions need to be taken, and the use of petrol adds an extra hazard that you'll need to be cautious of. Here are some top safety tips to follow when cutting the grass to keep you and others safe.

• Always read the safety instructions outlined with the lawn mower and follow the guidelines exactly.

• Remember to inspect the petrol lawn mower before use. If there are any damages, get this repaired before use.

• Check there is sufficient petrol in the machine before use. Failure to do so may damage your lawn mower's engine and leave you with a costly repair bill.

• Does your lawn mower need re-filling with petrol? Make sure that you fill this up when it is cool and turned off, as it could cause a fire when hot or running.

• At all times, keep children and pets away at a safe distance.

• Clear debris and any obstructions before mowing, including stones, twigs and toys.

• Never leave the lawn mower on when unattended.

• Shut the engine off immediately if you hit a stone or other object to ensure there has been no damage.

For more lawn mower safety tips, visit Flymo.

Why should I keep my garden well-maintained?

According to LoveTheGarden," Recent findings from the British Journal of Sports Medicine state that gardening is linked to longer life and can provide the perfect replacement for a lack of exercise, avoiding a sedentary lifestyle."

It also claims, "Gardening is also said to increase happiness too, with the activity bringing about a sense of peace and wellbeing. Due to the ever-increasing strain on life, gardening is known to be a great stress reliever, which can only point to gardening being a positive influence."

We'd have to agree, especially as the aroma of freshly cut grass in the summer and the neat sight of aligned lawn stripes is hard to top!

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