The best Mother’s Day gardening gifts

From a garden trend stylist to a gifted green thumb - here are the best Mother's Day presents for a keen gardener.

Mother's Day gardening gifts

by Ellen Kinsey |

It can be hard to know what to buy your mum for Mother's Day this March 27, 2022, especially if you don't always want to always fall back on flowers and chocolates. If your mother, grandmother, stepmother or mother-like figure has a bit of a green thumb, then they will surely appreciate a gift that makes their garden all the more beautiful.

From gorgeous brass plant markers to gardening kneeler cushions for the family horticulturist to pizza ovens and oven mitts for the master griller - we have selected the best Mother's Day gardening gifts to suit every garden lover.

What to consider when gifting for a gardener?

First things first, it's good to think about what type of gardening hobbies the person you have in mind has before you dive straight in and buy plants they don't want or a shovel they already have. Here are a few things to consider:

Indoor or outdoor garden: Is your mum more of an indoor plant parent or an outdoor gardener? This will affect a few things on your gifting list. If you have an indoor gardener in mind, think about the kind of plants or even herbs that will survive inside, indoor accessories or guide books. Outside gardeners have more options from seeds to tool kits.

Luxury or efficiency: If the gardener you're gifting for is into garden design trends and high-outdoor aesthetics, they will love trinkets and items like beautiful plant pots or furniture. If they are more into gardening and growing their garden, then they may appreciate more functional gifts like high-quality gloves or pruners.

What do they already own? If they already have lots of gardening tools in their shed, chances are they don't need any more. You can always ask them what kind of plants or gardening items they prefer, which will give a good insight into what gift they'll appreciate.

So with that in mind, let's take a look at the best Mother's Day gardening gifts for every gardener and outdoor lover.

The best Mother's Day gardening gifts

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