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Perfect to organise for a green-fingered friend or to treat yourself to, plant subscription boxes are a great way to introduce new plants to your home each month. Not only will they save you the trouble of trekking to the garden centre, where you may run the risk of picking up one too many (we're always tempted!) but they'll also provide you with florist fresh plants, personalised to you, delivered safely to your doorstep.

Plant subscription boxes have boomed in popularity over recent years with people looking to introduce more greenery into their living spaces, create their own personal jungles, and reap the benefits that come from having new leafy friends in their homes.

But with so many house plant subscriptions to choose from, it can be difficult to know where to start. To lend a helping hand, we’ve rounded up a few of our favourite monthly plant subscriptions that'll make you a blooming happy plant parent indeed.

Are monthly plant subscriptions worth it?

We think so! Not only will it take the hassle out of trying to transport your new plant babies home without spilling soil in the boot, but it will also help you pick which plants will work for your home, as everything will be sorted for you by the plant experts.

It's a great way to gradually introduce a new green oasis to your home, especially if you're new to the indoor plant world, and will save you the time and effort it would take to go to the garden centre. You can see exactly what's available from the comfort of your home with all the guidance and tips you need, without a wasted journey or disappointment.

Plus, who doesn't love a monthly delivery? It's exciting, will last well with the right care, and will bring you plenty of joy, clean air, and even help you concentrate. Plants definitely have their perks!

The best plant subscription boxes UK

Created by Dr. Katie Cooper, a Doctor of Psychology, Bloombox Club focuses on the benefits of having plants in the home for our wellness and health. With each delivery, you'll get a perfectly fitted ceramic pot or basket, a care card to keep your new green friend happy, and even a quality surprise gift every other month!

Payment options: Monthly, quarterly, bi-annually, and annually

Review: "Love my classic subscription! Even bought an extra plant between my first and second month as I've been loving house plant parenthood!"

Bloom & Wild is the top-rated UK online florist on TrustPilot, priding themselves on quality and ease of service. You can sign up for a flower subscription for fresh blooms or, if a jungle is more your thing, you can organise a three-month subscription for house plants. Each plant will come with a colourful pot and each plant and bouquet with handy care tips that are easy and super low maintenance.

Payment options: Monthly, quarterly, bi-annually, and annually

Review: "I ordered a special deal of one bouquet of flowers each month for three months to be sent to my mother as I can't visit her. The flowers are beautiful and my mother is very happy."

If you love outdoor and indoor plants equally, Lazy Flora alternates deliveries so you can work on your home and garden simultaneously. With plenty of quirky and pet-friendly species, you'll be well on your way to creating a beautiful oasis indoors and out with the best plants chosen for you based on your location. Even without green fingers, these plants will thrive!

Payment options: Monthly, quarterly, bi-annually, and annually

Review: "Every aspect of Lazy Flora is well thought out, from recycled packaging to care guides to fab pots and more. Great to be part of a like-minded community. Excellent customer service and super healthy plants"

You can organise for yourself or a friend to receive a standard or pet-friendly plant, hand-selected and at a frequency that suits you. Each plant will vary in size and can reach up to 60cm in height, but they'll come in a 12-19cm decorative pot made from ceramic, wood, plastic, metal, concrete, or basket.

Payment options: Monthly

Review: "I've ordered a few plants from PlantsByPost now and always been happy with my items! Thank you - definitely one of my go-to places when I'm looking to buy a new plant or present for someone."

Missing a green thumb? Plant Pet Club is the houseplant subscription box perfect for people who have no idea what they're doing! Each plant delivery comes with a gorgeous pot, a care guide and is safely packaged for its arrival. Choose from the Original or Pet-Friendly subscription, or for a quick plant fix, the one-off Ultimate Starter Kit will help get you going.

Payment options: Monthly, quarterly, bi-annually, and annually

Review: "Absolutely excellent company with absolutely amazing plants that are packaged and sent with love. Brilliant attention to detail with an introduction and instruction booklet so you can get to know the new plant member of your family! I really cannot fault them. Highly recommend as a gift to yourself or to others."

If you're a little on the forgetful side, or just love cacti and succulents, Barry's Cactus Club will help you build up your prickly collection. In each delivery, you'll receive a mini cactus or succulent, a beautiful pot and a collector's card for each plant with facts and care instructions. In your first box, you'll receive a collector's annual, a club member's enamel pin, and a surprise extra, with more surprises along the way!

Payment options: Monthly, quarterly, and annually

Review: "Love Barry The Cactus! Such a fantastic place to finds gifts for friends (& yourself!), with a great range & amazing customer service. I'll definitely be back to buy more soon."

Made for plant-lovers inside and outside the home, this subscription will provide you with monthly seed parcels so you can watch your garden come to life and absolutely flourish. Build your box with flowers, plants and food from all over the world, hand-selected as per the season for best growth results, with new choices available each month and Expert 'How To' Grow Guides to help you become a gardening pro in no time.

Payment options: Monthly

Review: "This is a fantastic subscription service. The seeds arrive well packaged and presented with lovely information cards. I recently purchased their Grow Pod 2 which is a great hydronic starter kit. Customer service is top-notch 👌 One happy customer here."

Like us, you may be easily swayed by handsomely styled houseplants that make your home look more trendy. Leaf Envy will deliver seasonal plants right to your home in minimal, modern, and classy pots that work beautifully with the unusually shaped, patterned, and textured plants. Each plant will come with instructions on how to care for it and will be a welcome treat with each bespoke pot and plant being a surprise each month.

Payment options: Monthly, quarterly, bi-annually, and annually

Review: "This was my first subscription and I’m very happy, I received a plant that I wouldn’t have necessarily found whilst out shopping and I was impressed with the packaging too - will be leaving my subscription active!"

Tight on space? These stylish and sustainable window and balcony planters are an easy way to introduce greenery to your home, even if you don't have a garden or large living space. The Plants Club provides you with a hassle-free, pre-planted selection of beautiful plants as your first delivery, with seasonal top-ups every three months to keep your planter looking its best no matter the season. All their plants come with simple and clear care instructions, while their planters come with an integrated water tank so your plants get the right amount of water without flooding.

Payment options: One-off, quarterly, and bi-annually

Review: "I have had the planters for over two months now. They adorn both my front windows. The plants are of very good quality and are surviving the winter nicely, growing and producing new shoots and flowers. My new planters are a joy to look at from the inside of the house, as well as the outside!"

A fab pick for introducing the kids to gardening and mucking down in the soil with mum and dad, these boxes from Mud & Bloom provide enough materials for one or two children to do a bunch of fun, green activities. These could include seeds, craft equipment, quizzes, and nature news to encourage kids aged three-eight to enjoy the great outdoors.

Payment options: Monthly, quarterly, and bi-annually

Review: "We're onto our second box now and I'm really impressed with the contents and quality. My 3.5-year-old is really enjoying the activities and can do some independently as well which is really nice."

A business born out of a passion for plants, this subscription is green through and through with 95 per cent of Beards & Daisies' packaging being either biodegradable or recyclable in pursuit of sustainable packaging. With a houseplant subscription, with a pet-friendly option available, you'll receive a plant from their collection of rare, unusual, or simply stunning indoor houseplants along with a ceramic plant pot. Each comes with a beautiful keepsake postcard with care instructions and top tips to help your collection grow.

Payment options: Monthly, quarterly, bi-annually, and annually

If you have an outdoor space but aren't sure what to do with it, a subscription from GardeningBoxes will provide you with a fantastic mix of garden-ready plants and flowers to help your garden bloom over the years with minimal maintenance - yes, please! There's a container option too, but no matter which subscription you choose, you're guaranteed gorgeous, season-thriving displays all year-round thanks to their R.H.S qualified expert Matt, who has over 20 years of horticultural experience.

Payment options: Monthly, quarterly, bi-annually, and annually

How do you take care of houseplants?

With your plant subscription, you'll likely receive care tips from the service to help you care for your monthly plant. However, if you're still unsure or have got a houseplant of your own, you'll need to check the water, sunlight, and the best position to help your bud thrive.

Plant expert Claire Ransom, founder of plant subscription box Lazy Flora for her top tips and advice for helping your houseplants flourish.

“Firstly, you should always learn a bit about where a plant comes from and what conditions it grows in the wild," says Claire. “If you can find this out, the easiest way to ensure a plant will survive in your home is by recreating these natural conditions to the best of your ability.

“So if you know, for example, that a fern grows well in a cool, shady spot beside water sources in the wild, you can use that information to create an environment and watering schedule that best mimics that environment.

Man watering plants
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“As tempting as it might be to want to be surrounded by (for example) a Bird of Paradise or hibiscus flowers in your home unless you have a very sunny conservatory or south-facing window (not to mention a lot of patience), you might have to be prepared to accept that dark, cool conditions just aren't going to be ideal for those plants.

“In terms of watering, I would say that learning the individual watering needs of each plant is the best way to ensure success. So for most people, acquiring one or two plants at a time is probably a good number, rather than going crazy and buying lots all together that you haven't grown before, and then feeling overwhelmed when you can't cope with the varied watering requirements.”

What type of soil you use is also another key factor in caring for your plants. Our advice? Use a good form of potting soil that has a good mixture of minerals that your plant will need.

Which house plants are easiest to take care of in the UK?

A succulent, spider plant, Zamioculcas Zamiifolia (ZZ plant), aloe vera, or a cactus, are all very low maintenance and a great choice for first-time plant parents or those with difficult plant-living conditions i.e. rooms with limited lighting.

That means if you're quite forgetful, your new additions won't suffer if don't happen to water them enough.

A Philodendron or a Swiss cheese plant are both larger species if you're looking to go to the next level, and need a little bit more care.

What are the most popular houseplants?

If you're new to plant parenting, you might also want to take a look at the list of the most popular houseplants filling people's homes that will help liven up your space. These favourites flourish indoors:

• Chinese money plant

• Spider plant

• Peace lily

• Succulents

• Aloe Vera

• Cactus

• Snake plant

• Lucky bamboo

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