Cordless strimmers to neaten up your lawn and garden borders

Invest in the best cordless strimmer to keep your garden looking pristine from edge to edge.

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by Eleanor Weaver |

Have you used your lawnmower, only to find your garden still looks a little rough around the edges?

If there are nooks and crannies to your garden, or you're looking to neaten up the borders or edges to the lawn, then a strimmer is exactly what you need to give your garden that extra bit of TLC.

A grass trimmer will get exactly where you're lawnmower can't, helping to make your garden look pristine all year round without the need to get on your hands and knees and spend hours pruning the grass, brambles, and weeds with your secateurs.

We've researched the best cordless strimmers on the market and have put together our top picks that'll give you the freedom to trim your garden quickly, easily, and all whilst untethered by a cord.

What type of strimmer should I get?

As with lawnmowers, there is a range of different cordless strimmers which can be powered by petrol or electric battery. The type that's right for you will depend on personal preference and what you’ll be using your strimmer for:

Cordless battery-powered strimmers

Best for small/ medium-sized gardens

Cordless battery strimmers are a great choice if you have a smaller space as the absence of a cord makes them easy to use. However, their running time is dependent on their battery power and charge. To solve this issue, many models come with interchangeable batteries so you have a backup available if you're unable to finish the job, so you may want to check for this if you have a lawn that's edging on the larger size.

They are often lightweight machines, so a good option if you don’t fancy lugging a hefty strimmer around. They produce no emissions, require little maintenance, and are easy to start - just press the power button and go!

Cordless petrol-powered strimmers

Best for large-sized gardens and tough foliage

If power is what you’re looking for, a petrol-powered cordless strimmer may be the route you want to go down. These machines run indefinitely and unrestricted by cables and extension leads, they're better for larger gardens, lawns, and thick foliage. However, it's worth noting that they are often noisier than their counterparts, so if a quiet machine is what you're after, and you don't want to annoy the next-door neighbours, they may not be the best choice for you.

You'll also need to consider the cost of fuel - models with a four-cycle engine run cleaner but fuel costs more, while models with a two-cycle engine cost less but you'll need to add two-stroke oil which as well as being less clean, makes maintenance a little more complicated.

The best cordless battery-powered strimmers

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BLACK + DECKER's cordless grass trimmer is an ideal tool for tidying up the grass bordering walls, fences, flowerbeds, and pathways. It comes powered with E-drive technology which means you can adjust the gear to tackle tougher, overgrown areas or reduce the power for lighter trimming to help preserve the battery.

The battery has a charging time of five hours but it will cut up to 2,500 linear metres in one charge, ideal for tackling most of the garden without having to stop and recharge.

The new flip-to-edge mechanism makes this strimmer stand out - you can convert it to edging mode with the precision guide wheel to help you achieve perfection and precision. That'll be particularly helpful along flowerbeds if you don't want to risk accidentally chopping a few buds.


Blade cutting width: 28cm

Voltage: 18V

Weight: 2.6kg

Good to know: This strimmer comes with a 2-year guarantee, and 1 x BL2018 18v Cordless Li-ion Battery 2ah is included. Also available to buy on Amazon - stock available September 21, 2021.

Promising review: "I purchased this item as a present for my son, it was his selection after reading various online reviews. The product was delivered on time, it's lightweight and performs really well, he is delighted."

This high-performance cordless motor strimmer has an adjustable cutting width of 25 or 30cm, giving you great versatility when it comes to grass and weed cutting, and has EasyEdge too for added border precision. With a telescoping boom and adjustable pommel handle, it's designed to provide comfort for any user height so everyone can pitch in with the garden chores!

It's important to note that this is the bare unit, so it doesn't come with a charger and battery. We love that you can use the battery and charger to power over 100 tools in the home, but if you don't already have tools for equipment with the ONE+ system, it will make your initial purchase more pricey.


Blade cutting width: 25cm or 30cm

Voltage: 18V

Weight: 2.3kg

Good to know: Battery and charger not included with purchase. Buying the battery and charger separately, if you don't already own a ONE+ system tool, is recommended.

Promising review: "Have been using One+ from Ryobi for a few years now and have never let me down. I thought I would purchase this strimmer and see how long the battery lasts. I bought 2 6ah batteries to use with it. The battery came out of the box and onto the strimmer without charging and worked like a charm. No loss of power at all.

"Managed to get into all the awkward places my previous petrol strimmer couldn't. Easy to adjust to suit your needs and adjustable boom for either out-of-reach places or just in case you are extremely tall. Either way, I can honestly say it's a great purchase.

"Highly recommended. Remember that this is a unit only and has no battery or charger. If you don't already own a One+ system you will need to buy both to use it."

The Kärcher 18V cordless grass trimmer also comes with a telescoping boom like the Ryobi, but has the bonus of having a two-handle design for a correct working position, and a rotating trimmer head so even the most hard-to-reach areas can be tackled with ease. Simply adjust the handle length at the touch of a button for back-friendly work.

The LTR 18-25 is also the lightest cordless grass trimmer on our list making it even easier to manoeuvre at just 1.6kg.

Again, it's worth keeping in mind that this is the bare unit so batteries and a charger will need to be bought separately. It also takes 5-6 hours to charge, which is important to note so you don't jump the gun and take it off charge too early for larger jobs.


Blade cutting width: 25cm (30cm available)

Voltage: 18V

Weight: 1.6kg

Good to know: Battery and charger must be bought separately - not included in purchase. The Kärcher battery and charger are compatible with other Kärcher appliances.

Promising review: "Works well. I particularly like the LED screen on the battery telling me exactly how much run time I have left."

This strimmer is a little more expensive but comes with everything you need to get the job done from the offset including a battery and charger.

For particularly sensitive areas of the garden, the speed can be individually adjusted using the variable speed regulator, and it comes with a telescopic shaft and adjustable front handles to suit all users.

Boasting a massive 40V battery that can be used for all 40V Greenworks Tools, it can move quickly, efficiently, and powerfully to cut grass, weeds, and even small bushes. And with all that power it runs without disturbing noise and low vibrations - perfect for a quiet afternoon in the garden.


Blade cutting width: 30cm

Voltage: 40V

Weight: 4.2kg

Good to know: Comes with 1 x Lithium Ion battery and charger which are compatible with other Greenworks products.

Promising review: "An excellent strimmer and unlike a lot of others it is easy to re-cord it. It lasts for ages on a 40v 2ah battery. I started with a Greenworks mower with 2 batteries and now have the strimmer, the hedge trimmer, and the chainsaw. All running from the same batteries that charge within an hour."

The best cordless petrol-powered strimmers

Honda's cordless machine vows to be robust and powerful while keeping noise to a minimum, a rarity among petrol-powered trimmers. It'll make light work of any unkempt undergrowth and those hard-to-reach areas with high speeds of 7000rpm.

The non-contact bearing is known for its high resistance to dust contamination helping to prolong its lifespan, and it comes with a harness that will help to make carrying the strimmer easier around the lawn.

As a 4-stroke engine, this is the best option if you're looking for the power of a petrol-powered strimmer, but with a reduced impact on the environment compared to 2-stroke engines.


Blade: 22 inch cutting head - three tooth metal blade

Engine type and size: GX25 mini 4-stroke 25cc

Weight: 5.98kg

Good to know: Comes with a 5-year guarantee, nylon spool, a D-loop handle, and a harness to make sure you remain comfortable and safe when working.

Promising review: "Delivered promptly by local Honda dealer, fully assembled & tested. Easy to use & change heads if required. Used with a bush cutter blade (bought separately), for brambles. Doesn't come with earplugs/defenders but is not too noisy if used for a short time. Found that right hand ached after prolonged use as you have to grip with trigger finger constantly for it to operate."

Ryobi is back again, and this time they're promising power and reliability along with the adjustable blade. As well as being compatible with all Expand-it attachments, this 2-in-1 machine comes with a Tri-Arc+ hardened metal brush cutting blade for powerful, precise cutting and a Reel-Easy grass trimming head for rapid line refills.

Despite being a 2-stroke engine, this petrol-powered strimmer comes with clean engine technology that beats CE CO emission limits by 73 per cent, and CE HC+Nox emission limits by 28 per cent. It also comes with ONE+ EasyStart so you can start your engine effortlessly without struggling to pull a cord again.


Blade: 43cm cutting path with Reel Easy head, 26cm with Tri-Arc+ brush-cutter blade

Engine type and size: Full crank 2-stroke 25.4cc

Weight: 8kg

Good to know: Includes Tri-Arc+ blade, Reel-Easy cutting head with 6m cutting line, wrench, ergo handle, and single shoulder harness.

Promising review: "I bought this cutter for my overgrown top garden. I normally use a scythe as it keeps me fit at the same time, but I decided to give this little baby a go. It’s light and well balanced and fairly quiet compared to others that I have used in the past and it doesn’t hurt your hands which is a bonus. It’s fairly easy to assemble and operate and you get an interchangeable strimmer head with it.

"I watched a video of it being used on YouTube before I bought it and this convinced me to buy one. I’m glad that I did as it’s a great little thing and cuts through anything fairly easy and made an easy job of my top garden."

Perfect for contouring and accurately trimming areas of your garden, the Einhell petrol-powered strimmer is the most versatile garden tool there is. It has a quick start auto-choking feature that eliminates cold start problems, easy reach controls on the adjustable, two-hand bike handle design, and cuts quickly and efficiently at 7200rpm.

What we particularly love about this tool is the split-shaft that makes it easy to transport the trimmer and stow it away, especially if you're limited on space - it can be dismantled into two parts with just a few moves.


Blade: 42cm cutting width - three tooth blade

Engine type and size: Air cooled 2-stroke 52cc (4-stroke 31cc also available)

Weight: 8.9kg

Good to know: You'll receive 1 x petrol scythe; Guide pin; Operating handle; Operating handle retainer; Carrying strap; Trimming blade; Spool with nylon line; Driving plate; Pressure plate; Pressure plate cover; Nut M10 (left-hand thread); Combined oil/petrol cylinder; Spark plug wrench; Allen wrench 4 mm; Allen wrench 5 mm; 3 ea. tie wraps; Knurled screw M6; Protective hood for nylon line/trimming blade; Original operating instructions; Safety instructions.

Promising review: "Who doesn't love a power tool and this one is great. It gives you grace to let the garden go a bit wild just for the joy of using this. It has the long grass and tougher weeds under control quickly no problem."

Last but not least, the Hawksmoor Petrol Brush Cutter is a fantastic choice if you're looking for a petrol-powered machine but are working on a tighter budget.

Coming in at less than £100, it's designed for user convenience with adjustable handles and shaft so you can find the optimal operating position. Reviewers have said it's great value for money and surprisingly powerful having been able to make short work of thistles, overgrown lawn edges, and thick brush. It's also been recognised for being easy to start and assemble.

One thing of note is that a number of reviewers have found it has quite a bit of vibration, so careful use of the throttle is required.


Blade: 42cm cutting width - three tooth steel blade head

Engine type and size: 2-stroke 33cc

Weight: 7kg

Good to know: Compatible with E10 grade petrol and comes with harness.

Promising review: "Good machine for the price. Brush cutter cleared hogweed, brambles and nettles. Sufficient power. Easy to assemble and use, not overly thirsty. Splits easily for storage which is useful."

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