The best wheelie bin storage for your garden

Hide your unsightly bins with these excellent storage ideas.

Wheelie bin storage

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Wheelie bin storage solutions can help organise and improve the appearance of household waste containers. Everyone can agree that wheelie bins are not the most attractive feature of the front or back garden. Of course, they are a fundamental part of every household, but when you are making your front and back garden look lovely, why not go all the way and store your bins in a storage unit? After all, smart garden storage ideas help keep your garden in order. We've rounded up the best wheelie bin storage for you.

Wheelie bin storage units are specifically designed to tuck your recycling bins away neatly and securely. There's a whole range of trendy options available, including double-wheelie bin storage to hide away multiple bins. Whether you would prefer wood-style storage or something more modern such as a rattan design, we've put together a list of the best one, two and three-component bin storage to suit all styles and sizes of households.

Best wheelie bin storage at a glance

Editor's pick: Rowlinson Double Bin Store in Natural Timber – view on Wayfair
Best triple wheelie bin storage: Arbor Garden Solutions Triple Bin Store – view on Amazon UK
Best plastic wheelie bin storage: Keter Midi Store It Out Pro – view on Amazon UK

There are also some storage units that can multi-task, doubling up as log storage or a handy shed space for storing gardening tools for a spot of weeding. So, if you're on the hunt for a simple solution to storing your bins or bargain hunting for the best budget wheelie bin storage ideas, then read on and see our favourites on the market.

Best wheelie bin storage units

Editor's pick

Rowlinson Double Bin Store in Natural Timber
Price: £246.71

All of the units of this Rowlinson Double Bin Store in Natural Timber are pressure-treated against rot, so they are made to last. Additionally, due to the colour of the wood, you can repaint the storage units to match your garden décor so they will blend in like a dream.

A customer commented that they couldn't wait to cover their "unsightly bins". Once put together, they painted it with coats of external paint - and it looks brilliant. They even made a "makeshift magnetic clasp for the back" as they didn't like the feel or look of the locks supplied. Though it may not be the most good-looking storage, you may want to consider getting your own - and giving it a lick of paint.

Rowlinson Double Bin Store in Natural Timber are a great way to hide away your not-so-attractive wheelie bins. They are available to fit one, two or three average-size wheelie bins so you can customise them according to your needs. This is a special pick.


  • Natural timber finished
  • Treated against rot
  • Different sizes available
  • Easy access to bins


  • Not completely waterproof

Best triple wheelie bin storage

The Arbor Garden Solutions Triple Bin Store is weather-resistant and free-standing - so, no need to place it against a wall or secure it to the ground. You can place it anywhere you see fit. With a lick of paint, it could be rather sophisticated - as well as unbelievably practical.

A customer, who bought the triple storage (without recycling shelf) commented that it is straightforward to construct. An opening support had been incorrectly fitted on the wrong side but was fixed. Despite this, they are pleased with the quality - and it looks "great". Some customers found it super fiddly - so, assembly will likely depend on your abilities.

If you live in a big household and have lots of bins on display, then this triple bin storage is a great choice. It's available in two finishes, with an optional recycle shelf, to fit any bin size from 140-240L. With handles for easy lifting via the chain system, this storage is easy to open, and the bins are easy to access and slide out with no hitches for the big day.


  • Handles for easy lifting
  • Different sizes/models available
  • Pressure-treated pine wood


  • Better suited to larger households

Best plastic wheelie bin storage

wheelie bin storage plastic
Price: £159.95 (was £179.99)

The Keter Midi Store It Out Pro Outdoor Storage Shed claims to be durable and weather-resistant, so there is no need to worry about covering it in bad weather. The box is easy to maintain, and the coating is fade-free to look fresh year-long. Plus, it is made with a heavy-duty floor and lockable features for security. But, what did customers think?

A customer suggests "leaving an hour or two for assembly", which is said - by many reviews - to be straightforward. A large, very solid storage box, customers use it for bin bags and are very happy. A nice touch is that the "lid lifts and stays up making access from above easy". Plus, if you have wheelie bins, the attachments open their lids when lifting the storage box lid, which we love just as much as reviews do.

Any negatives? Though the doors can be locked up with a padlock, you aren't supplied with one. Depending on your DIY experience, you may find this tricky to assemble, whereas some find it very easy. Some customers comment that if you're looking to use it as storage, look for another model with shelves or attempt making them yourself. They felt misled that it was made for storage but were left disappointed.

If you are after a storage box to serve many purposes, then this Keter Midi Outdoor Storage Shed is the one for you. This unit is perfect for storing wheelie bins, furniture, tools and equipment. It also provides dry and ventilated storage with two doors that open wide for easy access.


  • Padlock compatible and door and foot bolt for security
  • Heavy-duty floor panel
  • Waterproof and longer-lasting
  • Attach wheelie lids to storage lid


  • Self-assembly

Best modern design

The vidaXL Double Wheelie Bin Shed boasts a locking system and two individual doors, so you get easy access to contents. A good match for medium-sized households, the door can hold two wheelie bins.

We can't seem to find any customer reviews on VidaXL. Though now out-of-stock on Amazon, we've kept a few thoughts from customers on that site who bought this rattan pick to inform us on this storage.

They agreed that this vidaXL Shed is sturdy, easy enough to put together - taking "about 30 minutes to put one together" and that they look great in gardens, often matching furniture, which is a plus. Any negatives? Some felt instructions unclear to follow, so construction may take a little experience and common sense.

If you're after a storage unit that looks trendy as well as practical, then this vidaXL Poly Rattan Double Wheelie Bin Shed will fit right into modern gardens. If you don't fancy a wood or plastic storage shed, then this is the one for you. It's great for fans of rattan.


  • High-quality, pretty PE rattan
  • Water-resistant and rot-resistant.
  • Useful lock system


  • Hard-to-read assembly instructions

Best for quick assembly

Ketchum Wooden Double Bin Store
Price: £246.71 (was £279.99)

Keep your bins out of sight with this Rowlinson Wooden Double Bin Store. It can hold two wheelie bins and will also fit into the rest of your garden with this chic minimalistic design.

A customer commented that it's "easy enough to put together" and looks fantastic. Though pressure-treated, we'd recommend giving it a lick of paint. Then, you'll be set - with stylish storage for your bins. Customers agreed that the build quality was great - and they loved the fact that their unsightly bins were nowhere to be seen... But, were there any negatives?

However, one customer thankfully pointed out that there is no back panel to this bin storage, so they had to buy a bamboo fence to "mimic the back wall" - so, this pick was made to be put against a wall. They add that you likely have to use a drill when assembling this storage, which may not be accessible to all of us but will make things so easy.

You can assemble the storage unit so your front or back garden will be improved in no time. Store your wheelie bins in style with this pick, with easy access and plenty of space.


  • Pressure treated wood
  • Lock included
  • Easy to assemble


  • No back panel - made to be fixed against a wall

Best for durability

Bellus Double Wheelie Bin and Recycling Box Storage
Price: £449.99 (was £489.99)

The Bellus Double Wheelie Bin and Recycling Box Storage (and other products produced by this company) is made using only the highest quality British wood and ethically sourced timber. Plus, it has been pressure-treated to ensure it lasts for years to come. It comes equipped with features and extras to help you make the most of your bin days.

What are customers saying? Most reviews agree that this storage is a great investment, taking away unsightly bins - and that service from Wheelie Bin Storage Direct was exceptional. Sturdy and straightforward to assemble, customers said it was manageable for DIY novices. It won't be long before the rest of the street has one, says a happy customer.

Any negatives? Though sturdy and straightforward to put together, some customers found themselves stumped when they got to the chains that lifted the lids and found the instructions lacklustre for that particular part. Whereas some customers were faced with a missing part or a frame splitting during a storm, but this was resolved by the helpful customer service who sent out replacements and spare parts with no issue.

If you want to give your neighbours something to be envious of, then this practical Bellus Double Wheelie Bin and Recycling Box Storage will keep your bins looking nice and tidy. The larger size and convenient shelves can be used for smaller recycling bins or used to store logs gardening supplies, or other landscaping bits. We recommend this for those of you who spend a little extra time in the garden than most.


  • Fits 2 x 240L wheelie bins
  • Anti-rot guarantee
  • Chain bin opening
  • Extra storage for smaller bins


  • Some customers faced issues with missing parts, but this was resolved by the helpful customer service team


What do you look for when shopping for wheelie bin storage?

Well, firstly, you need to be clued up about the material - and if it will last. We've included one plastic storage box for your wheelie bins. However, Modern Gardens contributor Geoff Hodge says: "Most stores are made from timber, which has a rustic charm, looks smart and fits in with cottage garden and traditional garden styles." Not horticultural glass, like a greenhouse.

With wood being the main component of the majority of our list, it's important to look after your bin storage. Hopefully, your wood will come pressure-treated. Just in case it's a semi-permanent treatment, Geoff suggests adding another layer yourself - and then topping it up every few years. You could even paint it a colour to suit your garden.

There are a few more fancy features of wheelie bin storage that will make your lives easier. Geoff mentions the "ease of access" with the "top lid for putting rubbish in, and front doors to remove the bins on bin day." This works a treat if everything fits. Plus, some storage has sloped or rounded roofs to ensure "better shedding of rainwater."

Not to mention the most convenient feature: the chain bin opening. Essentially, this feature is a metal chain attached to both the store lid and bin lid. This makes sure your bin lid opens when you lift the storage lid. How cool is that? One, easy movement. It'll make filling the bin much easier as it's a "single, one-handed operation", says Geoff. Plus, some stores are lockable - a great advantage "if you're concerned about them disappearing overnight."

Some great advice from Geoff: "Always check the store dimensions to suit the size of your bin: most bins are 240L."

How do you treat wood?

You can treat wood with one of five items:

Wood Oil - penetrates deep into the wood grain, nourishing and sealing the timber. This helps to prevent drying, warping and splitting, Oils are tough, durable and good for waterproofing. They are best applied in thin and even coats with a brush or cloth, allowing them to absorb and dry before re-applying. Perfect for decking and furniture.

Wood Stain or Dye - is a great way to assure protection from the weather - and adds a rich colour, too. It offers great coverage and long-lasting durability and enhances the natural wood grain. Plus, it's resistant to cracking, blistering and peeling. Re-coat every two to three years. Non-slip finishes are perfect for decking.

Wood Preserver - provides waterproofing, as well as protection against rot and decay. Resistant to mould, algae growth and woodworms, the wood preserver is also packed with UV protection. This kind of treatment penetrates the timber from within and should be applied liberally with a burh. This makes a great choice for beds, fencing and sheds.

Wood Varnish - is ideal for woodwork, providing high-performance protection against UV light and water penetration. This makes a great top-up for previously-treated wood. It resissts cracking, peelingand blistering. Some formulas will offer year-round protection and different finishes, too. Varnish requires a sanded surface for smooth application.

Wood Paint - is the fastest (and easiest) way to transform your timber. It offers protection against fading, peeling and weather-related wear. Plus, it provides a rich, pigmented colour - and is ideal for old furniture, protecting fence panels, trellis and more. It's best applied with a brush, pump or paint sprayer. Wickes recommends applying two or three even coats.

B&Q have a handy guide on how to paint wooden sheds and fences, that's a useful summary on preparing and painting outdoor wood.

How do I build my own wheelie bin storage unit?

If you choose to buy wheelie bin storage, they will usually come in parts ready to assemble yourself. Building it yourself is the easiest and cheapest route if you feel up to it and have got the tools necessary.

Each individual storage unit will come with a manual instructing you on how to build the unit. However, If you need additional clarification, be sure to contact the manufacturer directly. It is good to note that most units will require a screwdriver to put the parts together, and electric screwdrivers usually work best.

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