Shed organisation: How to get the most out of your outdoor storage

Follow our guide to creating the ultimate shed organisation and ensure all is kept tidy in your outdoor space.

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You can have the tidiest perfect garden for all your friends and family to indulge in, but the likelihood is the shed is hosting all the mess.

The dumping ground of your outdoor space, the garden shed sees the worst of it all. Between BBQs, lawnmowers, paddling pools, and gardening tools all stored (or thrown around), our sheds have for sure seen better days.

We get it, with such an amazing garden to maintain, your shed isn’t a priority as such, and with so many bits and bobs to keep track of, finding a home for it all can be tricky.

To help you make the most of your garden shed, we've listed some of our favourite storage and display items, from racks to shelving units, to help you up your organisation game.

Shed organisation inspiration

We're in love with this super organised shed, perfect for any avid gardeners.

There's a designated spot for it all in here! The utilisation of wall space in this small shed is what our storage dreams are made of.

Talk about organised! This shed is a DIY enthusiast's best friend.

The best shed organisation items

Editor's pick

Shelving units are a quick and easy way to organise all your unused items, tools or gardening bits. For under £50, you can get these double heavy-duty shelves, each holding up to 175kg of weight. The shelves have a rust-resistant coating, meaning they'll last you a while! Make sure you add all your essentials to an easily accessible shelf and don't forget to keep heavier items on lower shelves.

Pros: Study, adjustable layout, boltless assembly
Cons: Some customers have found that the MDF shelves get mouldy in their sheds.

Customer Review: "Good quality shelving. First shelving unit took about hour and half, 2nd in half the time when we knew what we were doing. Because reviews said the shelves go mouldy, I've painted the MDF with oil-based paint. Recommend."

Best pegboard

Gone are the days when you're rummaging through large toolboxes, hopelessly searching for the right spanner. Pegboards are a hassle-free way to free up space in your shed or garage, as well as declutter work surfaces. This sturdy pegboard comes with 42 attachments and an abundance of storage slots, so you can find a home for all of your tools.

Pros: Flexible setup and arrangement of hooks, heavy duty, can buy additional accessories
Cons: Some reviews have commented that installation is a little tricky because the mount points are not visible from the front and a little DIY skill is required.

Customer Review: "Amazing starter kit for a metal pegboard, excellent value for money! I purchased alongside a pegboard accessory kit to make sure I had enough hooks/hanging points as the kit doesn’t come with that many."

Best wall-mounted hooks

Simple hooks are another good way to prevent tools from laying around your shed or garage workbench. This set of six includes two small, medium, and large hooks to suit a variety of tool sizes. All you need to do is mount these to any wall or door and start hooking.

Pros: Value for money, strong and adaptable
Cons: Not really - reviews seem unanimous that for the money these are really great hooks.

Customer Review: "These were so easy to use and adapt. We used some in the shed to hang the lawn mower etc and even used the bigger ones to hang our bikes in the garage, we had to make the holes bigger, but the material was good enough to stand adapting. Very pleased and would recommend."

Best basic shelving units
Amazon Basics 3-Shelf Shelving Unit
Price: $31.99

Made of durable steel, this is another great option for a shelving unit. You can easily adjust the shelf height without any tools, and store heavy items such as toolboxes or gardening supplies.

Pros: Adjustable height with no tools required, sturdy and versatile, good price
Cons: Some reviews have been negative about the lack of instructions supplied with the product

Customer Review: "Quite simple to put together (my tip would be to watch the video on the Amazon page). The hardest part was deciding what height you want to put the shelves on. Mine was for use in a shed and so I put the base shelf high up so I can store the lawn mower underneath. Will put heavy items towards the bottom for stability and light objects towards the top."

Best for gardening tools

This easy-to-assemble tool stand will house all your tools, be it rake, hammer or broom. Sturdy and functional, this tool holder is also extremely compact and will fit nicely in any corner. It's recommended that this unit be screwed to a wall surface for extra safety, especially when storing top-heavy tools.

Pros: Perfect for tidying up garden tools and storing in the corner of a shed
Cons: Some reviews have commented that product is flimsy but fit for purpose

Customer Review: "Does what it says on the tin. Not quite enough holes for all my tools but still stores them neatly and the tools don’t fall out of their designated holes/slots. Felt a bit flimsy putting it together but holds the tools without issue, overall, reasonably pleased."

Best wall organiser

This storage bin wall unit was designed to solve all your organisation-related problems. Including 28 storage bins varying in sizes and hangers and hooks to mount your tools, the unit will fit virtually every garage tool and gardening gadget you own, making your life easier.

Pros: Value for money, comes with lots of storage bins and racks
Cons: Some reviews have commented that because this product is made of plastic it's flimsy and can snap

Customer Review: "Very useful organiser. Put it up in my shed to keep bits and bobs in. The different size trays are very useful. I didn't have a need for some of the other parts it came with but there's plenty of trays which can be easily arranged to suit your needs. There's a range of holes for securing it to whichever surface you're going in to."

Best wall-mounted rack

Free up your workspace with this extra-long rack. With 16 hooks, you can attach this rack to a door or wall to keep all your essential tools within easy reach. Boasting an easy installation process and sturdy material, you'd be smart to make this rack your next storage solution.

Pros: Made of metal, space-saving, can accommodate a variety of tools
Cons: Some reviews have commented that some hooks have been poorly soldered to the rack and can fall off

Customer Review: "Took all my small garden tools, scissors etc, nice and neat, on display so easy to see and access."

Best heavy duty tape

If you're looking for something quick and affordable, the Velcro stick-on tape might be the best way to go. Free of any lengthy installation process, all you need to do is peel and stick. The Velcro can be applied to a variety of surfaces, indoors and outdoors. The superior holding power will allow you to secure items without the need for any nails or screws - the special adhesive ensures long-lasting durability.

Pros: No drilling or holes, Velcro is strong, available in different widths
Cons: Some reviews comment that the adhesive strip on the back is not quite strong enough for hanging really heavy things

Customer Review: "Whilst this Velcro strip may be more convenient by not needing to drill holes etc. you will more than likely need to repaint the surface after removing this strip from the wall just as you would need to fill a drilled hole."

Best tool organiser

Like the Velcro strip, this magnetic strip is another hassle-free way to organise your shed. These sturdy, carbon steel magnetic strips come in sets of three and can be screwed to any flat surface to free up space and hang all your important tools.

Pros: Excellent value for money
Cons: Some reviews comment that it's not as aesthetically pleasing as it could be

Customer Review: "Great bit of kit and good value. Very sturdy and easy to fit. Nice strong magnets. I now have all my screw drivers and saws all neatly organised on the wall."

Best tool bag
Ardermu Gardening Tool Storage Bag
Price: $16.99

There's nothing like a gardening bag to help organise your life and keep all your essentials in one place. This tote material bag contains multiple pockets of varying sizes for all your tools and any other nuts and bolts you may need.

Pros: Good-sized pockets, can carry a lot of tools
Cons: None

Customer Review: "This garden bag was perfect; all my gardening tools went in and there was room for more. Even my kneeling pad fitted in the main compartment. Liked the deep pockets on the outside which housed the bigger items. Would recommend this garden bag."

Best organiser for small pieces
Draper 12014 Plastic Organiser with 12 Drawer
Price: $46.95

If you're looking for a table-top organiser, look no further. With this simple 12-drawer unit, all your bits and bobs will finally find a place to call home. You can use this unit as free-standing on any surface, but the slotted holes in the back also allow for wall mounting if preferred.

Pros: Drawers will not fall out, can be wall mounted
Cons: It's open at the back so there is a chance of small things falling out if it gets knocked

Customer Review: "My advice get a ruler, so you know what size it is - that's what I did before purchasing.
Very strong and sturdy, the drawer catch is brilliant, so they don't fall out."

Best garden storage box

There's nothing like a nice box to store away anything you won't be using for a while. Made of durable and weather-resistant material, your gardening tools are sure to be kept dry and safe in this sturdy container. Whether it's a hose, watering can, or anything else, the lockable feature will also ensure all your items are 100 per cent secure.

Pros: Weatherproof, has two wheels to aid portability, aesthetically discreet
Cons: Some reviews have commented that the lock is not strong enough
Customer review: "I didn’t put any wood in it until was certain it was watertight. I left it outside for a three day down pour (I did check intermittently) and no water got it. I’m really happy with the purchase and I’m thinking about getting another."

Best for bike storage
Bike Nook Bicycle Stand

Rrp: $69.95

Price: $49.95

Make the most of every inch of your shed by using up that empty space. Instead of storing your bikes on their wheels, stand them upright on this bicycle stand to save valuable floor room for larger tools and DIY appliances - up to 3.5 feet of space in fact! It's quick and simple to use and fits most types of bikes with a wheel diameter of 10 inches or higher.

Pros: Space-saving
Cons: Some reviews have commented that their bikes do not fit the stand properly and there's a danger of the bike falling

Customer Review: "This stand seems to do a good job so far. I live in a small studio so I need to use every small space I can find. This way the bike is not in my way and looks nice. It took me only about 10 min to assemble it."

Shed organisation tips

1. Empty your space

This one might be obvious, but we recommend taking every single item out of your shed or garage and starting from scratch. This will give you a completely clean slate, so you can reorganise all your items and make the most of the space available.

2. Use storage shelves or boxes

Chances are that your space is messy and cluttered due to a lack of storage options. Luckily, simple shelving units and storage bins can make a huge difference, helping you neatly pack away all your things. Ensure that all your most-used items are in an easily accessible spot to avoid moving things around and creating a mess.

3. Hang items to save space

Hooks, pegboards, and tool hangers are another great way to make the most of vertical space. Magnetic or Velcro strips can also be added to any walls for tool storage. If you’re lacking wall space in your shed, don’t worry – you can easily attach hooks, hangers, and strips to the inside of your shed door to make the most of your space.

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