Shed organisation: How to get the most out of your outdoor storage

Follow our guide to creating the ultimate shed organisation and ensure all is kept tidy in your outdoor space.

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You can have the tidiest perfect garden for all your friends and family to indulge in, but the likelihood is the shed is hosting all the mess.

The dumping ground of your outdoor space, the garden shed sees the worst of it all. Between BBQs, lawnmowers, paddling pools, and gardening tools all stored (or thrown around), our sheds have for sure seen better days.

We get it, with such an amazing garden to maintain, your shed isn’t a priority as such, and with so many bits and bobs to keep track of, finding a home for it all can be tricky.

To help you make the most of your garden shed, we've listed some of our favourite storage and display items, from racks to shelving units, to help you up your organisation game.

Shed organisation inspiration

We're in love with this super organised shed, perfect for any avid gardeners.

There's a designated spot for it all in here! The utilisation of wall space in this small shed is what our storage dreams are made of.

Talk about organised! This shed is a DIY enthusiast's best friend.

The best shed organisation items

Editor's pick
Garage Shelving Units
Price: £74.99


Shelving units are a quick and easy way to organise all your unused items, tools or gardening

Best pegboard
VonHaus 45pc Metal Pegboard Set

Rrp: £44.99

Price: £39.99
Alternative retailers
Wayfair UK£51.63View offer


Gone are the days when you're rummaging through large toolboxes, hopelessly searching for the

Best wall-mounted hooks
6 x Assorted Storage Hooks Wall Mounted
Price: £9.99


Simple hooks are another good way to prevent tools from laying around your shed or garage

Best basic shelving units
Amazon Basics 3-Shelf Shelving Unit
Price: £27.46


Made of durable steel, this is another great option for a shelving unit. You can easily adjust the

Best for gardening tools
Garden 2 Shelf Tool Tidy by Garland

Rrp: £24.50

Price: £18.80


This easy-to-assemble tool stand will house all your tools, be it rake, hammer or broom. Sturdy

Best wall organiser


This storage bin wall unit was designed to solve all your organisation-related problems. Including

Best wall-mounted rack
Direct Online Houseware Extra-Long Tool Rack
Price: £18.99
Alternative retailers
Robert Dyas£13.99View offer


Free up your workspace with this extra-long rack. With 16 hooks, you can attach this rack to a

Best heavy duty tape
VELCRO Brand Heavy Duty Stick On Tape

Rrp: £7.91

Price: £6.48
Alternative retailers
Halfords£8.49View offer


If you're looking for something quick and affordable, the Velcro stick-on tape might be the best

Best tool organiser


Like the Velcro strip, this magnetic strip is another hassle-free way to organise your shed. These

Best tool bag
Ardermu Gardening Tool Storage Bag
Price: £16.99


There's nothing like a gardening bag to help organise your life and keep all your essentials in

Best organiser for small pieces
Draper 12014 Plastic Organiser with 12 Drawer

Rrp: £17.30

Price: £17.30


If you're looking for a table-top organiser, look no further. With this simple 12-drawer unit, all

Best garden storage box
Keter Marvel+ 270L Garden Storage Box u2013 Grey

Rrp: £50.00

Price: £50.00


There's nothing like a nice box to store away anything you won't be using for a while. Made of

Best for bike storage
Bike Nook Bicycle Stand
Price: £49.99
Alternative retailers
Argos£50.00View offer


Make the most of every inch of your shed by using up that empty space. Instead of storing your

Shed organisation tips

1. Empty your space

This one might be obvious, but we recommend taking every single item out of your shed or garage and starting from scratch. This will give you a completely clean slate, so you can reorganise all your items and make the most of the space available.

2. Use storage shelves or boxes

Chances are that your space is messy and cluttered due to a lack of storage options. Luckily, simple shelving units and storage bins can make a huge difference, helping you neatly pack away all your things. Ensure that all your most-used items are in an easily accessible spot to avoid moving things around and creating a mess.

3. Hang items to save space

Hooks, pegboards, and tool hangers are another great way to make the most of vertical space. Magnetic or Velcro strips can also be added to any walls for tool storage. If you’re lacking wall space in your shed, don’t worry – you can easily attach hooks, hangers, and strips to the inside of your shed door to make the most of your space.

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