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Consider hose tidies and reels when looking for a safe spot to store your garden hose. Of all the garden storage solutions, this may be one of the most important and aesthetically pleasing. After all, who wants an unsightly hose pipe cluttering your outdoor space, or a hose permanently strewn across the patio? Keeping your garden hose safe and snug will make sure it lasts for years to come, providing your plants with an essential element to their growth and maintenance – water. Below, we answer all your questions about garden hose storage.

Hose pipes are a garden must; they help you tend to your lawn and bedding plants, giving your outdoor space some extra love that it deserves. So, finding adequate outdoor hose storage doesn’t have to be overwhelming. Whether on your garden wall or in your trusty garden shed, your hose isn’t fussy about where it goes. Just make sure you make the right choice for your lifestyle, aesthetic and lawn care needs. Not all hose pipe reels are unsightly – and we’ve managed to find a few stylish picks.

Of course, you could pop your beloved hose pipe in a garden storage box, but you’ll need something else to tidy it up – and stay contained. After all, you don’t want to wrestle with metres of hose pipe to get to your other garden tools. If you plan to have your trusty pipe on display in your garden, then opt for hose tidies or reels that are confirmed as waterproof garden storage – from rust to UV damage. We’ll cover more of this in our buyer's guide down below, which has been sprinkled into the FAQs.

Best hose tidies, reels and storage at a glance

Best overall hose tidy storage: Hozelock 2-in-1 Manual Hose Reel - View offer on Amazon UK
Best retractable hose tidy reel: Hozelock Auto Hose Reel - View offer on Amazon UK
Best hose tidy storage pot: Rolled Edge Hose Storage Pot Small - View offer on Etsy
Best budget-friendly hose tidy solution: Oypla Heavy Duty Garden Hose Pipe Hanger - View offer at B&Q

Below, we have rounded up the best hose tidies, reels and storage solutions for your garden. Whether exposed or tucked away neatly, hose pipes are worth looking after. For this guide, we’ve gone all-in and considered every avenue and lifestyle. Garden organisation doesn’t have to be boring. To keep your hose tidy, consult our refreshing guide below for all the inspiration you’d ever need.

Best hose tidies, reels and storage

Best overall hose tidy storage

At the top of our list is the Hozelock 2-in-1 Manual Hose Reel - a reliable manual option, which is capable of accommodating 60m of 12.5mm hose. Equipped with a sturdy metal handle, this reel ensures effortless portability and can even be mounted onto the wall. Not only is it stable, but the design facilitates smooth, convenient hose reeling.

Customer review: "My old Hozelock reel lasted 15 years+ but had a major flaw. The hose was kinked inside due to the design. This updated design is an improvement having a straight-through connector and a spring to stop the hose from collapsing. Worth the money."


  • Strong and sturdy base for use
  • 2-in1 with wall-mounted option
  • Integrated handle for a smooth reel


  • Some customers said the instructions were a little lacklustre

Best manual hose tidy for value

This St Helens Wall Mountable Hose Reel is an essential garden accessory that keeps your garden organised. Easily wind your hose around the reel using the attached handle to prevent kinks and tangles, extending the hose's lifespan. Designed for convenience, it stores up to 15m of 13mm diameter hose, ideal for small to medium-sized gardens.


  • Store your hose on the wall for a neat look
  • Helps to prevent kinks and tangling
  • Quick and easy to wall mount using fixings


  • No customer reviews yet

Best manual hose tidy for large hoses

Claber Jumbo Hose Trolley Reel
Price: $689.40

The Claber Jumbo Hose Trolley Reel is a good value-for-money option. Its sturdy epoxy-coated steel frame, zinc-coated components, and four large anti-flat tires enable effortless handling, accommodating up to 160 meters of hose. Simple self-assembly with no tools required makes it a convenient choice for gardeners of expansive landscapes.

Customer review: "Easy to assemble and a sturdy finished product. The highish handle is just right for moving it around and the little basket carries my various spray heads for the hose. Hose rolls around the assembly smoothly without kinking. Do remember though that the wheels cannot swivel. This means it will only move forward or backwards and not turn. To do this you have to move it around a corner manually. Other than this it is a great product."


  • Ideal capacity for large-sized gardens
  • Quick and easy to assemble with no tools
  • Complete with a design for easy handling


  • Tricky to manoeuvre around corners

Best retractable hose tidy reel

Hozelock Auto Hose Reel
Price: $104.84

If you haven't picked your hose yet, this hose and hose reel set is perfect for ease of use. The Hozelock Auto Hose Reel simplifies hose storage with its spring-loaded system, meaning easy access and automatic retraction. The hose features an integrated automatic brake for seamless coiling and the hinged wall mount pivots 180º for convenient access.

Customer review: "This is great. Makes watering the garden, and cleaning the motorcycle or car a breeze, and no rolling up to put it away once you're done. The automatic recall feels sturdy and works well, but only time will tell."


  • Keep your hose neat and tidy with easy access
  • Ready assembled with 20m top quality hose
  • Wall mounted with a 180-degree pivot


  • Needs to be fitted to the wall only

Best hosepipe holder

Fallen Fruits Bird Silhouette Hose Holder
Price: $55.76

With this stable Fallen Fruits Bird Silhouette Hose Holder with a classic design, the hose will get a proper storage place on the wall. After all, a garden hose is very important. With a cottagecore, rustic-inspired design, with two birds perched on a branch, keeps your hose neatly in places, tangle-free. You can mount this on the wall with ease.

Customer review: "This hose holder was better than I thought, it looks good and holds a hose well. I'd recommend taking it apart to drill the holes in the wall for mounting. Make sure you drill the holes in the right place and then re-attach the 3 posts before screwing it into the wall. The good thing is that if you drill the holes in the wrong place, your wife won't notice them as the back plate covers them well... or so I'm told."


  • Easily mounted on the wall
  • Stable model with classic design
  • Perfect for a cottagecore garden


  • Unspecified hose length/width capacity
  • Does not come with wall fittings

Best hose tidy cart

Consider the Hozelock Freestanding Hose Pipe Cart, which offers easy towing with its tall and wide build while ensuring effortless hose rewinding. Keep your beloved garden hose in order thanks to the extended soft towing handle, large patterned wheels, and adjustable locking facilitating smooth movement and convenient storage. Enhanced stability is guaranteed with its broad build and lower centre of gravity. Plus, it has two hose connectors.

Customer review: "I was tired of battling with my hosepipe, & trying to keep it tidy. It just kept twisting. This product works really well as it just wraps the hose neatly in its housing. Being free-standing you do have to stand on the frame to keep it stable while reeling in, but it's not a problem."


  • A sturdy frame allows for quick and easy rewinding
  • Large capacity hose cart for large gardens
  • Robust and durable with a soft touch towing handle


  • Some customers found it too lightweight

Best hose tidy storage pot

Rolled Edge Hose Storage Pot Small - 25'-50' Hose
Price: £141.68


This Rolled Edge Hose Storage Pot Small holds up to 50' of hose. Made from repurposed tires, approximately 17" wide,. You can opt for a smooth-cut top and choose from several colours to fit your garden's aesthetic. Perfect for holding longer and expandable hoses, we love this upcycled storage solution - complete with a hose hole.

Customer review: "Fun, perfect size, hose holders. They look so cute in my garden. And function wonderfully. Thanks!"


  • Perfect for long and expandable hoses
  • Made from recycled materials
  • Handmade and customized to order


  • May not suit all garden aesthetics

Best budget-friendly hose tidy solution

Oypla Heavy Duty Wall Mounted Garden Hose Pipe Hanger Storage Hook
Price: £14.99


Store your hose neatly and avoid bends with the wall-mounted Oypla Heavy Duty Garden Hose Pipe Hanger. Constructed from heavy-duty and powder-coated steel to make it weatherproof, this hose tidy is smart, and sleek and will look great in any outdoor space. Pop on your garden wall or fence for a hose free from bends and kinks.


  • Made from heavy-duty, weatherproof material
  • Perfect for popping on the garden wall
  • Prevents any bends and kinks from your hose


  • No customer review yet

Best garden hose storage bag

Securely store your garden hose - with no more tangles. Capable of storing around 26m, this Case4Life Heavy-Duty Hose Storage Carry Bag makes great storage for popping in the shed or garage for winter - or just when not in use. Made from water-resistant material to protect your precious garden hose, this storage solution is easy to look after. With a double carry handle and a secure double zip for easy access, this heavy-duty bag is a good solution.

Customer review: "Because of the zip, so much easier the get the garden hose in and out of the bag. Keeps the weather out. Seems really well made and of great quality. I'm sure it will last a few years."


  • Weather-resistant and easy to maintain
  • Portable, making it easy to carry around
  • Great storage for an expandable hose


  • Only stores up to 26m

Hose tidies buyer's guide

When considering the best garden hose storage for your lifestyle, things such as budget and brand reputation will likely influence your decision. However, we implore you to look further into cable length capacity, material, ease of use, aesthetics, durability, additional features and portability.

Thanks to Easy Garden Irrigation, we have written a simple guide on which type of hose tidy for your outdoor space. From automatic hose reels to hosepipe hangers, we have covered all bases.

Manual hose reel

Manual hose reels are a budget-friendly type of hose storage, perfectly coiling up the length of the cable for storage. With a handle on the side, it’s relatively easy and hassle-free to reel back in.

Easy Garden Irrigation says these manual reels can be “mounted to an external wall or sheltered inside of a cabinet or hideaway box.” For large gardens, the brand recommends a hose reel cart. Consider metal hose reels if you’re likely to be using your hose often. Not only are they heavy-duty and built to “withstand the outdoor elements”, but have large wheels for reliable, sturdy use.

Retractable hose reels

Retractable hose reels are the next step up, ideal for those with “mobility issues or limited strength,” says Easy Garden Irrigation. When mounted on your garden wall, they offer a hassle-free solution – as you won’t need to “stoop down, detangle, or crank any handle.” It’s a little luxurious.

In most cases, reeling in is gentle and automatic and is stored in a compact, safe case that you can pop on the floor or mount on the wall. For ease, Easy Garden Irrigation suggests the Hozelock Auto Reel.

Hosepipe holders or hangers

Arguably the most attractive-looking storage solution, hosepipe holders, hangers or stands are multi-functional, much like garden storage benches. Think about your garden aesthetic and choose something that catches your eye. These hose pipe reels will need a little DIY to be wall-mounted.

Easy Garden Irrigation says a hose pipe hanger should have a “round surface for the hose pipe to hang on” which spreads the weight “evenly so that no kinks, bends, or tangles occur”. No matter the material – metal or plastic, we recommend placing it in a shady spot, away from direct sunlight.

Hose storage pot

Lastly, hose storage spots are another simple way to keep your hose pipe at bay. Minimalist or decorative, a hose pot can reflect your own personal style or aesthetic. It can be funky, quirky or even camouflaged to blend in with the beautiful plants you have in your outdoor space.

However, much like the hanger storage, a hose storage pot does require you to coil by hand, says Easy Garden Irrigation. After all, hoses “left twisted in a storage pot can become severely damaged.” Despite not being very user-friendly, hose pots are a fabulous solution, doubling as garden décor.


Why do I need hose tidies or reels?

Easy Garden Irrigation says hose tidies protect your precious garden hose from “the sun and temperature while keeping it neat and tidy.” After all, if your hose pipe gets tangled up, it will lead to damage – like splitting or kinking. Not only is sunlight damaging for the cracks and rupture in garden hoses, but water left in the tube to heat up or freeze can be just as bad for your garden tool.

If you’re wondering how to store a hose outside, Easy Garden Irrigation has left us with three main points to keep in mind: drain your hose pipe of any water, keep it tidy and away from direct sunlight.

How do I store hose pipes for winter?

To avoid any extensive plumbing repairs and expensive hose pipe replacements, Easy Garden Irrigation recommends preparing your garden for winter by using their easy hose-friendly tips:

Bring your hose inside a garage or shed for protection from the cold and wrap the hose for “extra protection from the cold”. When inside your garden storage, garage or shed, use a rounded surface like a garden hose tidies or reels, a hose hanger or a large circular plant pot for storage to maintain its shape.

When storing, Easy Garden Irrigation says to avoid hanging the hose on a nail to prevent any damage to the material. Remember to remove all attachments, including hose end fittings and the hose nozzle, before this step, as these “can retain water and become damaged if trapped water freezes.”

Lastly, “seal your hose over the winter” says Easy Garden Irrigation to keep it bug-free and maintain its integrity for springtime gardening. For this, consider investing in hose caps to prevent any unwelcome insects from making the pipe their home. Your trusty garden hose isn’t a bug hotel, after all.

How do I store a large or expandable hose?

Your garden hose, if a little different than most, may need extra care when storing. After all, they should be stored correctly to avoid any damage. If left lying around, hoses can be easily “run over by your car or a lawnmower” or even punctured by garden tools, says Easy Garden Irrigation.

For a larger hose, they suggest a Claber Jumbo Hose Reel – found in our round-up. These storage solutions can store extra-long hoses for larger gardens and will avoid any tangles.

As for an expandable hose, which is made to grow and shrink for easy use and storage. Though lightweight and very practical, they cannot be stored the same as regular hoses. Easy Garden Irrigation says cranking them into a hose reel or wrapping them around a hose holder can cause damage; instead, store them “indoors, out of direct sunlight, or in a storage container with a lid.”

Any ideas for hose storage?

Believe it or not, you can get creative with nearly every aspect of your garden – even your storage solutions. If you’re not keen on our picks, consider DIY-ing a hose holder or hanger. Easy Garden Irrigation has some hose tidy ideas, which include up-cycling and repurposing what you have.

By nailing a galvanizer pail or a vintage tire rim to a post, you have a cottagecore hose tidy in your beloved outdoor spot. You could even repurpose and up-cycle an old planter pot, an old tire and even a copper drum and washtub – to make your own hose pot for a rustic look and feel.

If you’ve got the smarts, go green and make it yourself, why not? Upcycling is the future.

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