Weber Lumin Electric BBQ review: The grill every small garden, and beginner, needs

Read how our tester got on with the Weber Lumin as a newbie to the BBQ world.

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Weber Lumin Electric BBQ

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Whether you're a beginner or an experienced griller looking for the best BBQ on offer, the Lumin Electric BBQ offers a convenient cooking experience at the flip of a switch. Unlike some traditional charcoal or gas grills, it's incredibly user-friendly. To put its ease of use to the ultimate test, we enlisted the help of product writer and BBQ novice Hannah Carroll to provide you with the definitive Lumin electric grill review.

Electric BBQs are incredibly straightforward to operate, making them ideal for beginners. You don't have to worry about controlling flame levels or dealing with flare-ups, as you would with a traditional outdoor grill. However, for more experienced grillers, achieving the perfect temperature is just one aspect of barbecuing, and the Weber Lumin still offers an exciting cooking experience.

While the Lumin isn't Weber's first foray into the world of electric BBQs (it's actually its third) it does prize itself on being created specifically for those small outdoor spaces. So whether you're working with a tiny patio or a small balcony, you can still make great barbecue memories. Not to mention, it's a dreamy option for renters too who may have less space and a landlord to contend with.

As part of our Lumin review, to really make it beginner-proof, we sought expert advice from the Culinary Manager for Weber Barbecues Europe, Dan Cooper, to get all the tips and tricks so you can master this plug-in and go grill in no time.

Weber Lumin Electric BBQ overview:

Lumin Electric Barbecue with StandCredit: Weber


  • It reaches extremely hot temperatures (over 315°C), which allows for an easy and achievable quality of sear
  • It comes with a convenient disposal drip tray
  • The compact design makes it the perfect choice for people with small gardens and balconies
  • Easy to clean, unlike some of the other metal grills currently on the market
  • A collapsable base that makes the whole BBQ easy to store away when space is limited
  • It comes with a Versatility Expansion Kit, which expands your barbecue’s steam and smoke functionality


  • The stand could be better quality. Although it is sturdy, it was fiddly to put together, and aesthetically, it leaves little to be desired

How we tested the Weber Lumin Electric BBQ

Getting a new BBQ was an excuse to have everyone over, of course, to try out the Weber Lumin Electric BBQ. And whilst high-society Bridgerton garden party it was not, it was lovely to get friends and family around to witness (and assist) my first time taking to the grill.

Armed with the best barbecue meats Marks and Spencer had to offer, I was ready to dive into the unknown world of grill cooking. I opted for the traditional combo of hot dogs and burgers, then added the challenge of chicken skewers on my second round of outdoor festivities (when my confidence had grown a little).

The Weber Lumin Electric BBQ arrived promptly in a large box, and I eagerly tackled every step. Armed with my purple toolkit, I assembled the barbecue, then dove into cooking and concluded with a thorough cleaning to provide you with a detailed overview of what to expect from this product.

Testing the Weber Lumin Electric Barbecue

The build

The Weber Lumin electric barbecue arrived in a large box, which took up most of my living room. The barbecue itself is relatively small; however, the bulk of the box was taken up with all of the parts of the stand. The box was very well packed, and everything arrived in perfect condition.

With all of the excitement of trying my first-ever barbecue, I keenly opened everything, laying it all flat so I could see every element that needed putting together. Again, most of this was the stand rather than the barbecue itself.

Following the instructions wasn't too difficult, but dealing with the stand was the real challenge. As a complete DIY amateur, I often found myself frustrated when I realised I'd put the bracket on the wrong side or when the base collapsed yet again, even though I thought I had clicked it into place.

Weber Lumin Eletric barbecue
©Credit: Hannah Carroll/ Mordern Gardens

My initial thought was that for such a stunning barbecue, the base should have been made to the same high standard. The brackets felt flimsy, and the overall appearance left very little to be desired. Although it does not take away from the overall appearance of the Lumin, it was somewhat of a personal annoyance.

The stand took approximately twenty minutes to put together, and the barbecue itself took less than two minutes. The Lumin could alternatively be placed on a metal table if you have one, which would significantly cut down on the overall set-up time.

This grill has been designed for people with limited space, and it really shows. Unlike traditional grills, the Lumin has a very small footprint, even with the stand. It could easily fit on a balcony, patio or even the smallest of gardens.

Being an electric grill, by design, it requires a plug source. The electric source pack can be inserted and removed when it is not in use. Initially, I was a little worried about whether the plug would reach as I did not have an outside plug. However, when I opened the window, the 1.8-metre cable was more than enough to connect to my kitchen socket. But be mindful that you may require an additional extension lead if blessed with a larger garden.

Cooking and testing the features

Once the barbecue was set up, the real fun began. The Weber Lumin has two very weighty cast iron plates, which help with the overall cooking experience. The grill reaches pretty incredible temperatures very quickly. The barbecue is just like an easy-to-use hob which allows you to control the heat a little better. You can opt to fire the grill up (or, in this case, turn the electricity on full) and reach 315°C or cook on a lower heat.

I opted for the latter; too often, I have cooked (try cremated) sausages on high heat, only to realise they were uncooked in the middle. So, I decided it was best to air on the side of caution and cook at a lower heat for longer. I was overjoyed to see that I still managed to get a perfect seer; that was hugely satisfying.

Cooking barbecue food on the Weber Lumin Eletctric BBQ
©Credit: Modern Gardens/Hannah Carroll

If you are a bit of a grill master, then you may be slightly disappointed at the lack of charcoal; of course, being an electric grill, your meat does lack that smoky flavouring that is easily achieved on charcoal. For me, as a novice, this wasn't an issue. The food tasted delicious, and it was much easier to have control of the cook than when I had previously attempted a charcoal grill at Weber HQ. I really enjoyed that you do not have to navigate large flames and work out where to put the meat so it gets an even cook. The cooking area was more than enough to feed the whole family and easily fit a six-pack of sausages, four burgers and four chicken skewers.

I was worried about ensuring that all of the meat was cooked properly, and this was made easier with the Weber Connect Wi-Fi Enabled Smart Grilling BBQ Hub. The smart thermometer can be put into your meat and attached to the barbecue to get accurate temperature readings. I would argue that this is fantastic for people who are taking their first steps on their grilling journey, and there is a nifty app which enables you to know exactly the right temperature for each meat as well as recipes. I personally think this is one of the best Weber barbecue accessories.

The cooking process was remarkably straightforward. There was minimal smoke, and despite my nervous habit of opening the lid every five minutes to check and turn the meats, the barbecue maintained its heat admirably. I appreciated the inclusion of an outside thermometer on the lid, which provided a convenient way to monitor the temperature inside the grill, and as I become more confident, I imagine I will use this feature more.

Cooking food Weber Lumin Electric Barbecue
©Credit: Modern Gardens/ Hannah Carroll

The Lumin also comes with a reversible tray for smoking and steaming, perfect for grillers and cooks who are a little more experienced. Online cooks said that it is full of potential, and I cannot help but agree. I look forward to testing this feature in the future but as it stands, it worked well for keeping food warm.

It's also worth noting that some online customers found that the grill wasn't tall enough to fit a beer-can chicken or cook a large brisket - something to keep in mind if you had planned to do more adventurous cooks on the grill.


Cleaning is arguably one of the worst aspects of cooking, and just because you are cooking outside doesn't mean you are exempt from scrubbing. Because you are working on a heated coil, you need to be mindful of keeping the barbecue clean a little more than you would typically need to on a charcoal or gas grill. Failure to do this can lead to excessive smoke and unpleasant odours and, arguably most importantly, could affect the flavour of your food.

With the help of the Weber cleaning kit, this was relatively simple but worth noting. I would recommend cleaning the appliance after every use as the grease does build up very quickly, even with the convenient disposable drip tray. The total time to clean took no more than 15 minutes, and much of that time was spent leaving the spray on to lift the grease.

Cleaning the Weber Lumin
©Credit: Modern Gardens/Hannah Carroll


Is the price tag worth it? In my opinion, it's a resounding yes. Admittedly, the Weber Lumin is no small change (£679 with the stand and £579 without, at the time of publication). However, it is a worthwhile investment if you have a small garden area or a balcony. This is a solid piece of kit that amateurs and seasoned pros can enjoy. It's easy to clean and cheap to run. But in my opinion, most importantly, it enables people who do not have the space for a large BBQ to enjoy grilling.

The closest compact grill currently on the market is the Ninja Woodfire Pro. However, it doesn't suit larger gatherings, lacks the stunning design of a Weber barbecue and doesn't facilitate an authentic style of grilling.

Overall verdict: Is the Weber Lumin Electric BBQ worth it?

After recently visiting the Weber HQ, I was really keen to learn more about the world of barbecuing. When you truly learn about the art of grilling, the possibilities are endless (they even grilled the most stunning dessert). And whilst I am still stuck at the stage of perfecting a sausage, I cannot wait to continue cooking on the Lumin Electric Barbecue. It's simple to use, easy to clean and can be stored away conveniently when it's not in use. What more could a novice like me want?

The Lumin itself is simple to set up and even easier to cook on, and the entire experience of grilling in a space-limited garden is delightful. While I did deduct half a star due to the issues with the base, I must admit it has performed quite satisfactorily. We are yet to have a tumbling barbecue.

Rating: 4.5/5

Top tips and tricks from the Weber expert

Without further ado, behold the nuggets of wisdom from Weber's own Grilling guru, Dan Cooper, worth their weight in perfectly seared gold.

Dan has worked for the company for over 13 years, with his role for the last decade involving educating people on how to barbecue the Weber Way. Dan is a huge advocate of high-quality, locally sourced meat and produce, and he uses his extensive knowledge, creativity, and passion to get as many people as possible fired up and barbecue all year round.

What are some lesser-known tips or tricks for achieving the perfect grill marks on meat?

"Start with a very hot grill and make sure it's perfectly clean. Once you’ve added your meat or vegetables, leave them a little longer than usual.

"Meat, in particular, also tends to bond to the hot metal bars, so I’d always say that not flipping too early allows proteins to free themselves from the grates, making it easier to turn and get those nice dark char marks," says Dan.

How do you know if your food is cooked correctly?

"Obviously, as you cook more and more on your barbecue, you will gain a natural understanding of when different meats and vegetables are cooked through, but my real advice to most people would be to invest in a thermometer, so it can actually tell you when your food is ready," says Dan.

What are your top tips for hosting a successful BBQ?

Dan explains, "Hosting a successful barbecue relies on several elements, including creating a nice ambience by making sure you have the right drinks, lighting and music. Always make sure there are enough areas for people to sit!

"Being well prepared means that you can mingle with your guests. If I'm hosting a large barbecue party, I might slow cook some meat items so when it comes to serving them, they're ready, and I’m not panicking about timings. Try not to give yourself too much to do and keep it to one or two sides rather than a banquette."

Other items to consider

Weber Lumin Barbecue without stand

Lumin Electric BarbecueCredit: Weber

This Lumin Electric Barbecue comes without the stand but has all the functions that were mentioned in the previous product breakdown. You can use this product without purchasing a separate stand if you have an outdoor table.


  • It reaches extremely hot temperatures (over 315°C), which allows for an easy and achievable quality of sear
  • High-quality porcelain-enamelled cast iron cooking grates that are easy to clean, unlike some of the other metal grills currently on the market
  • It does not require a stand and can be used on a standard outdoor table


  • If you do not have an outdoor table, it may be worth investing in the Lumin barbecue that comes with the stand

Best Weber Lumin Barbecue cover

Premium Barbecue CoverCredit: Weber

At first, I was certain I didn't need a barbecue cover. I had my reliable, oversized blue tarp, after all. But after a few windy days spent playing tug-of-war with the tarp in the garden, I reluctantly admitted that investing in the Weber BBQ cover might be wise. Not only does it snugly fit the barbecue, but it also adds a touch of charm when the grill is idle and ensures it stays in top-notch condition.


  • Waterproof
  • Designed to fit the Lumin Electric Barbeque perfectly
  • Stylish Weber logo on top


  • Comes as an added cost from the barbeque

Best Weber Lumin alternative

Ninja Woodfire Electric BBQ Grill & SmokerCredit: Ninja
Price: £279 (was £349.99)

Like the Weber Lumin, the Ninja Woodfire is perfect for small outdoor spaces. However, this grill has more versatile cooking functions, including air frying, baking, roasting, and smoking and a self-igniting smoke box that offers a safe and mess-free alternative to traditional charcoal BBQs, making it a worthy investment for smoked meat enthusiasts.


  • Easy set up
  • Seven cooking functions
  • No charcoal, gas or flames
  • Sturdy and robust
  • Integrated smoker box burns natural wood pellets for real smoky flavours
  • The Portable design is fantastic for travelling, especially camping
  • You can use it to cook in all weathers


  • Not suitable for large families or gatherings
  • None of the elements are dishwasher safe

Best alternative Weber electric BBQ

Weber Q 1400 Electric BarbecueCredit: Weber

Another fantastic electric barbecue from Weber is the Weber Q 1400 Electric Barbecue. The main difference between the grills is the overall cooking area, with the Lumin being slightly larger. Both products feature compact designs, but in our opinion, the Lumin offers a more premium feel and luxurious finish.


  • Easy set up
  • Cast iron grates retrain heat very well
  • Compact design


  • This grill doesn't have a temperature display

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