How to throw a high-society Bridgerton garden party

Rustle up some regency magic in your garden and celebrate the lavish Netflix hit.

Bridgerton Garden Party

by Katie Masters |
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Hoorah! Season two of Bridgerton finally arrived so send out a (handwritten) invitation to the social event of the season – a sensational party in your glorious garden. We're here to tell you how to throw a Bridgerton garden party, that is, if you can bear to drag yourself away from the telly to glam up your patio, don your finest, and get ready to utter the rather fabulous words of Lady Violet Bridgerton: “Is this not lovely? All of us together again.”

And what better occasion to host a Bridgerton garden party than to celebrate the Queen's Jubilee? We're sure plenty of you are going to host a royal street party or Jubilee garden party to honour Elizabeth II's 70 years on the throne.

What is Bridgerton?

Firstly, where have you been? If you haven’t yet succumbed to Bridgerton frenzy, here’s what you need to know. The Netflix show follows the fortunes of the rich and beautiful Bridgerton children, and their friends the Featheringtons, as they navigate the Regency-era marriage market. Series one showcased Daphne Bridgerton, the family’s eldest daughter, on a rollercoaster route that ended (spoiler alert) with marriage to a Duke, and the birth of an heir.

The second season’s shenanigans focused on Daphne’s oldest brother, the troubled Anthony Bridgerton, and his (rocky) search for love with the Sharma sisters.

How to throw a Bridgerton garden party

Create a floral fantasy

The gardens in Bridgerton are grand, with giant wisteria, a box hedge maze, and cascading fountains. But the good news is that you don’t need a stately home to recreate early 19th century ambience in your garden for a Jubilee party.

The key to Regency greenery is simple – it’s all about symmetry. Create a central DIY walkway along your lawn with garden stakes hung with solar lanterns, and rearrange your pots on either side. Add the opulence and dazzle of high society to your seating area with sumptuous fabrics such as velvet, add eye candy with vases of blooms, and finish with whatever ornate antique touches you can lay your hands on. A spray can of gold paint can turn pretty much anything into a fabulous statement piece for your patio, and you can make a chandelier to hang from your pergola using wire coathangers and solar fairy lights.

Best buys for a Regency bash

If you don't already have a wisteria arch in your garden, fake it till you make it! This artificial garland made from silk cloth and high-quality plastic measures 2m in length with six flower spikes. Hang naturally on walls, doors, pergolas, or your shed roof to instantly add a touch of romance and elegance.

To keep your garden alight in the darker evenings and add whimsical magic to your garden, decorate your trees and fences with solar-powered fairy lights. These contemporary spiral lights with beautiful gold detailing are unique and dazzling.

Huge urn planters are very typical of Regency garden but might be a little much for your own outdoor space. We don't have acres of rooms after all! However, this urn planter measuring H24 x W40 x D23.4cm does just the trick with the weathered material bringing a natural, serene, and authentic atmosphere to your garden.

Mu00c4LLSTEN Floor Decking
Price: £30 (for nine tiles)

Super easy to add to your garden, you can use the Mu00c4LLSTEN floor decking to create your very own ballroom outdoors. Made of weatherproof porcelain, each decking piece clicks together without tools and will seriously enhance your Bridgerton-themed garden party.

Daphne x Transatlantica 9cm Pot
Price: £15.99 (was £19.99)

A pot of daphne (geddit?) blooms is the perfect patio addition and flowers from April-October.

La Hacienda Scrolled Arch Outdoor Garden Mirror
Price: $42.77

This antique-style white finished mirror, available in a range of shape designs, will add a touch of the ornate to your garden wall and add extra depth and dimension to your garden.

Made of strong recycled iron for an antique feel and decorated in delicate flowers around the heart-shaped frame, this garden ornament and hanging bird bath in one is just what we'd expect to find in the gardens of 'Bridgerton'.

Smiffy's Baroque Wig

Rrp: $25.13

Price: $21.74

Add a bit of cosplay to your party with a regal Baroque wig, or a Court wig instead. It'll add some instant Bridgerton glamour and make sure you look just the part!

Choose a colour scheme

The trick to making all these details pop while still retaining a sense of rich style is to keep your colour scheme simple. Choose one colour and repeat it everywhere, layering up in different shades. If you want to base your party lookbook closely on the show, start by choosing your favourite family – the elegant Bridgertons or the showy Featheringtons – and bring in their design motifs.

The Bridgertons are characterised by restrained and stylish blue, with the occasional bee turning up. The Featheringtons dress everything in citrus shades, with big, lavish, floral accents, and add butterflies everywhere. Incorporate these colours and motifs wherever you can.

And while your colour scheme should be simple, do go completely over the top everywhere else. From a (hired) A-line ball gown with ribbon under the bust to flounced cushions and chair drapes, nothing is off-limits.

Best buys for the Bridgerton colour scheme

Turn each garden chair, whether it's plastic or rattan, into a beautiful and elegant Regency seat with these chiffon vertical drapes designed to hang on the back of the chair with gathered floral detail. Available in 21 colours, this one suits the Bridgertons to a tee.

Keep your garden party guests comfy with these large, luxurious cushions in sky blue. Containing real silk and a touch of viscose for easy care and softness, each cushion is plump with a lightweight duck feather filling. These opulent cushions aren't made to be left outside but they'll suit the occasion perfectly. Measures 58 x 58cm.

For those occasional Bridgerton bee motifs, why not hang these decorative bee lights in your garden? Made of metal and glass, these lights are solar-powered and you can clip them anywhere you wish. Subtle but effective.

With beautiful pastels with Regency-style inspiration, this magical parasol is fringed with an elegant shade of mint green, it's an enchanting piece of garden decoration that'll be well-used going into the summer months.

You can rent your ball gown, or instead buy this A-line dress from Ever-Pretty on Amazon. Available in sizes 8-30 and a choice of colours if you're not going for the Bridgerton family theme, it's beautifully fitting with elegant flutter sleeves and a tie-ribbon waist.

Delicious dishes

Everything, including the food, is lavish at a Bridgerton party. Guests in Regency times expected to be offered at least 15 different dishes to choose from. Think big, think bright, and think, mainly, sweet: currant-laden fairy cakes, macarons, fruit baskets, syllabubs (desserts made from whipped cream, sugar and wine), jellies and brioche.

Add Regency style by making the table layout symmetrical. Start with a centrepiece and build around it, using cake tiers and metal serving platters to create height, and adding small dishes of brightly coloured finger food to amp up the visual impact.

Stand pineapples among your tablescape to add an exotic look to your feast, scatter rose petals around the dishes, and edge cakes with ladyfinger biscuits to enhance the feeling of overblown extravagance. If you really want to take this to the next level, type ‘piece montee’ into Pinterest and be inspired to get creative.

Best buys for a sweet and scrumptious dish

A tiered cake stand is a must for Regency style, and we couldn't resist this colourful floral and bird pattern stand from Pip Studio. Made of timeless porcelain, it'll add a little delicacy to your dishes and has a stainless steel pole of gold in the centre for extra pizzazz.

Impress your garden party guests with this gorgeous gold cutlery set and add a touch of uniqueness to your utensils. Adding a luxurious feel without splashing the cash, this cutlery set is the ideal way to bring that extra Regency flair.

A timeless design, the decanter and six tumblers are all crafted from high-quality crystalline that will last for years to come. Add some classic elegance to your garden party and impress your guests with grandeur.

Silk rose petals make for a beautiful and romantic decoration, fitting for the Bridgertons' search for love. We love these champagne coloured petals - simply sprinkle them over the table around your place settings.

Serve up your sweet treats or canapes on this high-polished tray with ornate edge detailing for yummy dishes that ooze sophistication.

This beautiful tray with a polished mirror base and decorated with diamante clear gems will make for a wonderful centrepiece for your table. We'd recommend putting lit candles on top for a dramatic and exciting light display.

Whether you're Bridgerton garden party is tea-rrific or you plan to wind down the night with a cuppa, this Panbado Cups & Saucers Set fits the bill. Made from bone china and available in a bunch of beautiful, delicate designs, it'll bring some whimsical elegance to your party for that authentic, regal feel.

Want a hassle-free and ready-made party? This hamper from M&S includes everything you could ever need if you're thinking of throwing your own Platinum Jubilee party. Including drinks, treats, decorations and even your very own Jubilee tote bag to remember the occasion.

Into the evening

After the food, turn your patio or decking into an impromptu dancefloor. Lots of the music in the show is an orchestral version of recent pop hits such as Ariana Grande’s Thank U, Next, Taylor Swift’s Wildest Dreams, Billie Eilish’s Bad Guy, Maroon 5’s Girls Like You, and Shawn Mendes’ In My Blood, and you’ll find the official playlist on Spotify.

If you want to learn a new skill, challenge your guests to recreate a full-on 19th century dance. Head to for video tutorials.

If you’re not in a waltzing mood then light the lanterns, snuggle into a velvet wrap, pull out a side table and settle down to another Regency favourite: card games. There are tutorials on YouTube so just search for the game you want to learn: Rummy (2-6 players), Whist (4), Vingt-Et-Un (3-7), and Faro (2+) are all fun.

Why not try the traditional Regency game, Puss in the Corner?

It will have you and your garden guests in stitches. One player (Puss) stands in the centre of the garden. The rest of the guests each stand in a corner or designated spot – mark these with a cushion or upturned plant pot. When Puss says 'miaow' all the players have to run to one of the other spots, and Puss tries to get to a spot too. The last person to reach a spot has to go to the centre and become Puss, and the game starts again.

Alternatively, throw period detail to the winds, pull out a 21st-century projector, tie up a white sheet, and settle back to watch an episode of Bridgerton.

Best buys for evening entertaining

This Bluetooth outdoor speaker is small, compact, and makes for a fantastic party speaker for your garden. The latest Bluetooth provides a greater wireless range and crystal-clear audio, and the speaker is equipped with an IPX7 waterproof level making it weather-proof if accidentally caught outside in a rainstorm.

Waddingtons Number 1 Playing Cards
Price: $7.10

If you don't already have a pack of cards at home, this classic set of playing cards is super affordable without cutting back on quality. Snap!

This Epson projector will give you a crystal clear image that'll perform in both the dark and natural light. Easy-to-use, it's been designed with portability in mind and is simple to transport into your garden to set up. If you're looking for a projector that'll stand the test of time, this Epson has a long-lamp life, providing 18 years' worth of entertainment, perfect for all those garden parties and screenings to come!

If you don't want to splash the cash too much, you can instead opt for this projector with a projector screen included from DR. Q. With rave reviews, this compact video projector is equipped with multiple ports so you can play directly from your laptop, tablet, or phone, and it's a great value portable option for taking into the garden or round to a friend's.

As the evening winds down, have this beautiful fleece throw blanket to hand to keep your guests snug. With a regal velvet touch and super comfy sherpa texture, you can choose from a range of colours but we love this blue to fit the Bridgerton family theme.

Make your own Bridgerton-style garden drinks

These six quick drink recipe ideas are sure to wet your whistle (down) and go down an absolute treat with your Bridgerton-obsessed garden party guests:

The Queen Charlotte: Give classic Buck’s Fizz a regal twist by blending 50ml freshly juiced pineapple juice with 100ml chilled champagne. “Flawless, my dear.”

The Absent Duke: Make a jug of summery sangria by mixing half a chopped apple, one chopped orange, 150ml brandy, and 175ml orange juice. Add 750ml dry red wine, sugar to taste, and ice to chill.

The Lady Danbury: Buy a bottle of Evangelista Ratafia. Serve straight over ice or mix 30ml of ratafia with 90ml champagne and add a mint leaf garnish.

The Lady Violet: Chill a cup of Earl Grey, add 30ml gin and stir in a simple honey syrup, made by boiling honey in water (1:1) then cooling, and a squeeze of lemon to taste. Serve over ice with a lemon or lavender garnish.

The Eloise: Warm a cup of milk in a pan with a cinnamon stick and a strip of red chilli. Take off the heat, set aside for 10 mins then strain out the solids, reheat, add 50g chopped dark chocolate, and whisk smooth.

The Hyacinth: Put the zest of two lemons in a jug, add five cups sparkling water and the juice of six large lemons. Flavour to taste with a simple sugar syrup, made by boiling sugar in water (1:1) then cooling.

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