Our pick of the best budget pizza ovens, all under £150

Pocket-friendly solutions to create stone-baked works of wonder.

Best budget pizza ovens

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The best budget pizza oven is a fantastic addition to your outdoor dining repertoire, joining your BBQ or grill in your garden-friendly cooking collection. The ability to create authentic stone-baked pizzas in a matter of minutes is genuinely exciting for pizza lovers of all ages.

Outdoor pizza ovens come in many different designs and can be powered by various fuels. You can get standalone pizza ovens, popular tabletop versions, and even ultra-portable choices. The main ways to heat your oven are wood, charcoal, gas, and speciality wood pellets.

Best budget pizza ovens at a glance:

Best overall: PIZZELLO Outdoor Detachable Pizza Oven - View on Amazon UK
Best wood-fired budget pizza oven: TANGZON Outdoor Pizza Oven - View on Amazon UK
Best gas-fired budget pizza oven: Omica Gas-Fired Pizza Oven - View on Robert Dyas

If you're interested in giving a pocket-friendly pizza oven a whirl but aren't sure which style would suit you, take a look through our superb selection of pizza ovens to find the perfect outdoor cooking solution to suit you, no matter how small your budget.

Best budget pizza ovens for your garden

Best overall

Pizzello pizza oven Pizzello/Amazon

Rrp: $129.99

Price: $92.99

We love PIZZELLO's outdoor pizza oven not just for its price tag but for how very versatile it is. This capable cooker is comprised of a metal fire box and a detachable oven section. In the fire box you can burn wood, charcoal, or pellets to heat the pizza box on top. As the pizza cooking box is easily detachable you can use the base as a standalone fire pit or add a grill to turn it into a BBQ. If you're planning on firing up your existing BBQ, the pizza box can also be placed on the grill to generate the same cooking effect as the base box offers.

Customer review: "Was purchased as a gift and has been used several times already. Has only been used with standard fire wood (not fuel specifically purchased for wood-fired pizza ovens) but has been used to cook pizza, bread, and heat pies. Took a few goes to get the heat distribution right, so first few efforts either burnt because too hot or took a long time to crisp due to lack of heat, but with practice results improved. Very portable and also easy to store - this will get a lot more use as the British weather improves!"


  • Multiple uses
  • Can use on a standard BBQ


  • No integrated thermometer

Best wood-fired budget pizza oven

Tangzon pizza oven Tangzon/Amazon

This substantial outdoor pizza oven is great for any pizza aficionados who have the space for a standalone, rather than tabletop, option. This is made of durable iron with the fire section perfect for burning wood. There is a handy storage shelf underneath the oven so you can keep your firewood close to hand. This has two wheels and a sturdy handle so you can move it around your garden. This pizza oven comes as an all-you-need package, complete with pizza stone, cooking grills if you want to BBQ, pizza peel and cutter, a grill brush, and a handy cover.

Customer review: "Great, speedy delivery. Put together very easily, sturdy and good quality cover. Paddle and stone good."


  • Storage shelf
  • Lots of accessories included


  • Not a compact design

Best pellet-powered budget pizza oven

VonHaus pizza oven VonHaus/Amazon

This tabletop pizza oven from VonHaus is a solid solution for anyone with limited outdoor space as it can be placed on any fire-safe surface in your garden. Adding to its space-saving credentials it has a removable chimney and foldable legs, so you can store it away with ease. This is pellet-powered and offers insulated stainless steel construction so heats up in as little as 15 minutes, cooking 12-inch pizzas to stone-baked perfection in around five minutes. This has an integrated thermometer so you'll know exactly when it's time to start slinging some pies.

Customer review: "I can 100% recommend this pizza oven. Very easy to put together (took no more than 20 mins). Used it for the first time today night and it produced some amazing results straight way. Takes a few goes to really get to know how to use it e.g., how to top up the pellets without accidentally putting out the flames but easy to figures out. Really great price, amazing quality. Really don't waste your money on the £300-£600 ones."


  • Removable chimney and folding legs
  • Five-minute cooking time


  • No pizza peel included

Best gas-fired budget pizza oven

Omica pizza oven Omica/Robert Dyas

While there's a lot to be said from the extra flavour a pizza can gain from being cooked over wood or charcoal, gas is a clean, hassle-free choice. The main benefit of a gas-fired pizza oven is how reliable it is - you can get consistent results every time by controlling the gas flow, something that's a little trickier with other methods. This sleek pizza oven is made from anodised steel, given a black coating, and it comes with a 12-inch ceramic pizza plate. When it's time to store this oven, the legs fold down and you can pop it in the storage cover supplied.


  • Made of anodised steel
  • Storage cover included


  • Requires a gas tank

Best dual-layer budget pizza oven

Costway pizza oven Costway/B&Q
Price: £99.95


This pizza oven is a larger tabletop option that is ideal for families as it is capable of cooking two pizzas at once, avoiding the inevitable arguments about who gets the first one out of the oven. If you want to use this to cook larger ingredients, such as a chicken, the racks are removable, so you can configure the cooking space to suit your needs. Costway claims this is easily adjustable thanks to the vents on both the doors and the chimney. This comes complete with a high-quality, water-resistant 600D Oxford fabric cover.


  • Two cooking shelves
  • High-quality cover included


  • Short chimney

Best BBQ hybrid

Argos BBQ pizza oven Argos

We love this compact, two-in-one solution for use in small gardens or even for balcony cookouts. It's a traditional kettle BBQ with a 55cm diameter cooking surface, but also boasts a removable pizza oven section that sits on top of the BBQ. This, says Argos, means "it gives you the flexibility to host a bang-up BBQ one day and an Italian feast the next." This has a wheeled base for portability and features a useful wire rack storage shelf beneath the BBQ. There is an integrated thermometer and it comes with a pizza stone and paddle.

Customer review: "Perfect for heating pizza on charcoal. Very different flavour."


  • Integrated thermometer
  • Two-in-one design


  • Takes longer than dedicated pizza ovens

Best budget pizza oven for camping

Camping pizza ovenB&Q
Price: £139.99


If a camping trip without pizza is taking it too far for you in the roughing-it stakes, consider a travel-friendly pizza oven you can pack alongside your kit. This portable pizza oven weighs in at seven kilograms and has fold-down legs to make it even more compact for transportation. Powered by clean BBQ gas, this domed oven can reach an impressive 450 degrees in a matter of minutes, cooking pizzas quickly, efficiently, and consistently. This oven's powder-coated steel shell can easily be wiped clean once it's cooled down completely.


  • Portable
  • Fast heat-up time


  • No accessories included

Best mini budget pizza oven

Artesa pizza oven Artesa/Amazon
Price: $70.95

We're including this mini Artesà pizza oven as a fun novelty option that's ideal for children to get excited about and involved in homemade pizza action. This can be used inside as well as out and is powered by chafer gel fuel tins, available online and from hardware stores. This can cook two small pizzas at a time, with two tiny pizza peels included. With the terracotta lid helping to keep the heat in, this miniature oven will cook your pizzas in around 15 minutes.

Customer review: "Fantastic! Took seconds to put together. It makes pizzas the size of cookies you can buy in supermarket bakeries… About five inches… I made a six inch diameter but that was pushing it… I had to lift the lid to get it back out. I've only made margaritas so far but they have gone down a treat!"


  • Can be used indoors
  • Two pizza peels included


  • Chafer gel fuel not included

How we chose the best budget pizza oven

All of these budget pizza ovens have been hand-selected by our team of Modern Gardens shopping experts. We carefully considered fuel type, size, and of course, price in our selection of the best. Our team has spent hours investigating and researching outdoor pizza ovens to make it easier for you to find the very best, and we'd never recommend a product we don't believe in.

Where possible, we also test and share the latest and best products you should know about. And with help from Modern Gardens Magazine, Garden News and Garden Answers, we share expert gardening knowledge to help you get the most from your product.

What's the best fuel for a pizza oven?

It's really down to your personal preference and how confident you are with outdoor cooking equipment. Pellet-powered pizza ovens are a great option for novices as you simply open the pellet compartment and chuck them in.

Wood and charcoal give great smoky flavours, but it can be tricky to regulate the heat - and they are messy to clean up. Gas-powered pizza ovens are recommended for anyone who likes to keep it clean and to ensure consistent cooks.

Where should I place my outdoor pizza oven?

You should put your pizza oven in a well-ventilated area of your garden with as much free space around it as possible. If it's a standalone oven, ensure the ground you're placing it on is level for maximum stability. Tabletop pizza ovens can obviously be situated on heat-proof surfaces.

What should I put a tabletop pizza oven on?

Ideally, a specially designed, sturdy and stable, metal-topped pizza oven table. Hardwood is an option as long as your pizza oven has a stand or legs.

What is different about stone-baked pizza?

The hot stone surface means you get a consistent cook across the base of the pizza and that the toppings are evenly cooked and in the case of cheese, perfectly melted.

What are pizza stones made of?

Pizza stones are usually made of cast iron, ceramic, or 'cordierite'. Cordierite is a naturally occurring mineral compound that combines magnesium, iron, aluminium, and silicon for excellent heat retention and heat resistance.

How do I clean a pizza stone?

Carefully! Once a pizza stone has cooled you can gently scrape off food residue with a spatula or nylon-bristled brush, then give it a wipe with a damp cloth. Non-metal pizza stones should not be submerged completely in water as they are porous and can absorb liquid, making them less efficient.

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