The best lawn mower for small gardens 2024

It doesn't matter if you have a small garden, these lawn mowers will make it look tip top.

best lawn mower for small garden

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The best lawn mowers for small gardens are a great option for those who are not blessed with a large garden space. Lawn mowers are a game-changer, but they are known to be big and bulky to store and heavy to lug around a small patch of grass and many of them are built to withstand hard tasks and large lawns. Fortunately, there are some more compact models designed for small lawns to keep them just as neat.

When considering a small lawn mower, there are several factors to bear in mind, including the size of your lawn, the terrain you'll be mowing, the cutting width and height and whether you want an electric lawn mower or petrol, cordless, or manual model.

Best lawn mower for small gardens at a glance:

• Best overall: Bosch Rotak 34 R Corded Rotary Lawnmower - View offer on B&Q
• Best electric lawn mower: Flymo Chevron 32VC Electric Wheeled Lawnmower - View offer on Robert Dyas
• Best manual lawn mower: Bosch AHM 30 Manual Garden Lawn Mower - View offer on Amazon UK

Despite being small in size, these lawn mowers achieve perfect results – foregoing the need for edging tools. And along with a good lawn fertiliser, it's all you need to keep your grass looking good. That said, if you are dealing with an overgrown garden, a cordless strimmer is the tool of choice as this packs the power and functionality for heavy duty cutting.

Additionally, it's also important to consider the maintenance requirements of each mower, such as blade sharpening, and grass box emptying and whether you have the space in your garden or shed to store it. To help you make an informed decision, we've compiled a guide to the best lawn mowers for small gardens available to buy in the UK. So, if the grass is getting the better of you and and you need some lawn care tips – here is everything you need to know about the best lawn mower for your small patch of lawn.

Best lawn mowers for small gardens

Best overall

 Bosch Rotak 34R Electric Lawnmower Bosch/B&Q

This compact Bosch Rotak 34 R Corded Rotary Lawnmower cuts right to the edge and the Powerdrive motor ensures reliable cutting performance, even in difficult situations, such as in long grass. It is very lightweight, only 11.1 kg, making it easy to manoeuvre around objects and your garden. Reviewers are so impressed with the ability to cut to the edge of lawns, they state they no longer need their strimmers.


  • Cuts right to the edge, no need for a strimmer
  • Large capacity for the size


  • Grass catcher is a bit flimsy

Best electric lawn mower

Flymo Chevron 32VC Electric Wheeled LawnmowerFlymo/Amazon
Price: £91.72

This powerful Flymo Chevron 32VC Electric Wheeled Lawn Mower is ideal for smaller lawns and first-time lawn mower buyers. It packs in an impressive 1200-watt motor for efficient grass cutting with reviewers sharing that it can even cut damp grass well. It compacts as it collects, meaning you’ll spend less time emptying the grass box, while the rear roller adds a stylish striped effect to the lawn as well as providing stability over edges. It’s easy to switch between the five cutting heights thanks to the central height adjuster lever, and when you’re done, the mower is simple to pack away thanks to the lightweight build, convenient carry handle and handy cable storage system.


  • Lightweight
  • Cable storage
  • Powerful for the size


  • Grass box is hard to put together

Best manual lawn mower

Bosch manual lawn mowerBosch/Amazon
Price: £99.99

Simple, quick, and easy for mowing small areas, the Bosch AHM 30 Manual Garden Lawn Mower will be your loyal steed however tiny your garden. The pushable lawn mower doesn't need electricity or petrol to be powered and features an efficient cutting system cylinder with four blades curved in hardened steel. Reviewers are impressed with the results this manual mower produces, saying it cuts grass well.


  • Ideal when grass is damp
  • No need to worry about wires or petrol


  • A little tricky to assemble

Best petrol lawn mower

wksmoor 127cc 40cm Petrol LawnmowerHawksmoor/Tool Station

Said by reviewers to be very good quality for the price, this mower is ideal for anyone looking for great value. Petrol lawn mowers are known for being big and fierce but this Hawksmoor 127cc Petrol Lawn Mower will not only work wonders in a larger garden but smaller ones too. With a cutting width of 40cm and a choice of five cutting heights from 25mm to 75mm, you’ll always be sure of a neat finish and a pristine garden whatever the size.


  • Robust but easy to manoeuvre
  • Effective
  • Not too noisy


  • Basic but great for medium and small gardens

Best value lawn mower

Flymo Turbo Lite 270 Corded Hover Mower Flymo/Argos

Designed with smaller gardens in mind, the Flymo Turbo Lite 270 Corded Hover Mower is a 27cm electric hover mower that utilises a powerful 1400W motor which floats on a cushion of air whilst cutting the grass. The mower features dual lever handles and easily folds down for storage and can be wall-mounted. We, and many reviewers, love how lightweight the Flymo Turbo Lite is - perfect for those who don't want to lug around a heavy lawnmower.


  • Lightweight
  • Ideal for small gardens
  • Slim width


  • Some bits of the mower are flimsy

Best cordless lawn mower

Worx Cordless 34cm Rotary Lawnmower and 25cm Grass TrimmerWorx/Amazon

When you've got a small garden or outdoor space, having to wrap around wires can cause anxiety, but this WORX Cordless Lawn Mower will make sure you'll never have to worry, something reviewers worried about damaging cables really appreciate. It can mow lawns on a single charge, achieving cut-to-edge designs and a super simple-to-use six cutting height adjustment lets you pick the right height to accommodate different seasons and different preferences super easily. This comes as a set with WORX's handheld grass strimmer, so you get all the tools you need to maintain your lawn.


  • Charge lasts a while
  • Powerful but small in size
  • Dual batteries


  • Some reviews say the plastic handle is not sturdy

Best mower and trimmer bundle

Einhell GE-CM 18/30 Li Cordless Lawnmower & FREE Grass TrimmerEinhell/Wickes

If your small garden is mainly lawn, you may want to invest in a lawnmower and a trimmer to keep things looking tip-top. The Einhell GE-CM 18/30 Li Cordless Lawnmower & FREE Grass Trimmer is exclusive to Wickes, helping you get your garden into shape quickly with its powerful, cordless and eco-friendly technology. Reviewers are happy with how light and easy to use this mower is.


  • Exclusive deal
  • Has an adjustable axial cutting height of 3 levels


  • Battery needs to be charged

Best lightweight budget mower

Flymo EasiMow 300R Electric Rotary Lawn MowerFlymo/Currys

The Flymo EasiMow 300R Electric Lawn Mower is powered by a 1000W engine and weighs just 8.5kg. This mower creates a clean and even cut, and achieves close edge cutting along borders so no trimming is required. Reviewers appreciate the large grass box for less trips to the garden waste bin. An integrated roller creates a striped effect on your lawn. The start lever spans the entire top of the handlebar, making it easy to use for left and right-handed users.


  • Lightweight and compact
  • Easy to use for both left and right-handed users
  • Edge-cutting


  • Only three cutting heights

Best small lawn mower for versatility

McGregor 32cm Corded Rotary LawnmowerMcGregor/Argos

This McGregor 32cm Corded Rotary Lawnmower may be compact but it boasts powerful performance with a 1200W motor and five cutting heights which reviewers say are easy to change. In addition, the carbon steel cutting blade is powered by Torque Drive which makes short work of dense grass. Plus, the rear roller adds a professional striped finish. The collapsible 33L grass collector box has an indicator to alert when it's complete, and the soft grip handle provides ergonomic comfort. This affordable lawn mower is perfect for those on a budget looking for a powerful, versatile mower with some great features.


  • Powerful motor with Torque Drive
  • Five adjustable cutting heights
  • Collapsible grass box with indicator
  • Rear roller for a striped finish


  • Charger not included

How we chose the best lawn mower for small gardens

All of these lawn mowers for small gardens have been hand-selected by our team of Modern Gardens shopping experts. We carefully considered size, power, and functionality in our selection of the best. Our team has spent hours investigating and researching lawn mowers to make it easier for you to find the very best, and we'd never recommend a product we don't believe in.

Where possible, we also test and share the latest and best products you should know about. And with help from Modern Gardens Magazine, Garden News and Garden Answers, we share expert gardening knowledge to help you get the most from your product.


Do I need a strimmer or lawn mower?

In theory you could use just a cordless strimmer to cut a smaller lawn, but it would take a lot of time and effort. The benefit of a lawn mower is that is covers ground more effectively. You will also get a smoother and more uniform finish with a lawn mower, rather than hacking at your grass with a strimmer.

What type of lawn mower is easiest to use?

This is a matter of opinion. You could argue that a manual, push along lawn mower offers the most simple operation - just grab it out of the shed and go. Cordless lawn mowers give you the freedom of no cables to worry about, but you do need to ensure they are charged up before use. Petrol lawn mowers can be daunting for some who aren't confident dealing with the fuel side of things. Corded, electric mowers are the most popular category, just watch out for the cable. Or, you could go all out and invest in a hands-free robot lawn mower!

What features to consider when buying a small lawn mower?

Comfort handles: Soft, comfortable handles that can be adjusted to your height can make mowing less strenuous on your back and hands, especially when mowing for long periods.

Carry handles: Look for well-spaced carry handles that make the machine more balanced, lighter, and easier to carry. Some smaller models can fold down and are incredibly easy to store.

Blade height adjuster: A good blade height adjuster should be easy to adjust and offer a range of cutting heights. For most lawns, a cutting height of 2.5-4cm (1-1½in) is recommended for much of the year.

Clippings collection: Grass collectors can significantly reduce the time needed to maintain your lawn. Larger collectors will require less frequent emptying.

Grass combs: Side grass combs can help ensure a neater result along edges, fences, and walls.

Rear roller: If you want those traditional lawn stripes, look for a mower with a rear roller. The heavier the machine and roller, the better the stripes will be.

Mulching function: Some mowers cut the grass so finely that you can leave the clippings where they fall. This mulching function can save you time and effort while returning valuable nutrients to your lawn.

Are small lawn mowers less powerful than bigger models?

Smaller lawn mowers normally are less powerful than their bigger rivals because they need to compromise on engine size, but that doesn't mean they can't tackle hard tasks in your garden.

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