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Breathe a new lease of life into your lawn and help your grass grow with the best grass seeds.

Grass seed

by Ellen Kinsey |

Looking for a shortcut way to have a green lively garden and lovely-looking grass? Especially while we all battle to keep our garden looking its best in the recent unpredictable weather. Lawn seed is one of the easiest ways to make your outdoor area feel like it’s brand new and with the winter months in sight, we're still looking for ways we can help our green spaces flourish all year round and how adding grass seed can turn it into the best it can be.

If you are after a greener outdoor space, then here is our guide to the best grass seed products on the market today - no more patchy dry grass, hello to a luscious lawn.

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Best grass seed

Best overall grass seed

Miracle-Gro EverGreen Complete 4in1

Rrp: £17.90

Price: £17.90


The Miracle-Gro EverGreen Complete 4in1 does what it promises to when it's used properly. With

Best grass seeds for shaded areas

Gro-Sure Aqua Gel Coated Smart Grass Lawn Seed
Price: £30.88


Another great choice is the Gro-Sure Aqua Gel Coated Smart Grass Lawn Seed. This grass seed will

Best grass seed for patches


This magic grass seeding is easy to use, so you'll never fill in patches the same again. All you

Best grass seed for fast results

RUNADI Grass Lawn Seed
Price: £14.49


If you are looking for quick results, the RUNADI Grass Lawn Seed will do the job quick. You will

Best grass seed for hard-wearing lawns

Miracle-Gro EverGreen Multi-purpose Grass Seed
Price: £8.80


This child and pet-friendly grass seeding is perfect for big busy families. The grass seed will

Best grass seed for a healthy garden

On Sale

Gro-Sure Aqua Gel Coated Fast Start Smart Grass Lawn Seed
Price: £10.99 (was £13.99)
Alternative retailers
Homebase£17.00View offer


This speedy option will show results in as quick as four days. A miracle! It is best to use this

Best grass seed for a thick lawn


This lawn thickener will give your grass all the nutrients it needs to grow thick and strong.

Best grass seed for beginners

GoodGrow Hard Wearing Grass Seed
Price: £24.99


If you are a gardening newbie, then you need this grass seed in your inventory. This product is

Best grass seed for hard-wearing results

MOOWY Power Lawn
Price: £13.99


The trick to this is to add these power lawn seeds to some fresh topsoil and then watch as your

Best budget grass seed

GBW Grass Seed
Price: £12.49


Are you looking for results on a budget? This affordable 1kg bag of grass seed boasts over 7000

What is the best grass seed? Our verdict:

Our top pick is that the Miracle-Gro EverGreen Complete 4in1. It is the best overall grass seed on the market. Not only is it excellent value for money but it gives fantastic results, and the variety of what this product does makes it our top choice.

Grass seed FAQs

How to choose which grass seed is best for you

There is a huge variety of grass seeds available to buy nowadays and it can be a little overwhelming. Even though all grass seed do relatively the same job, it all depends on how much money you want to spend and the size of the area that you want to cover. Although it doesn't really matter, experts say that you should pay attention to the label when buying seed and look for the lower amount of weed seed, crop seed, and inert matter, the better.

There are so many different types, some grass seeds grow quickly, and some grow slower.

All you need to do is pick a lawn seed that will survive whether in the sun, shade, poor soil or a combination of all of them.

What are the types of grass seeds?

Believe it or not, there are so many types of grass seed, from cold weather tolerant grasses to ones that still thrive even though people are constantly walking across it.

Here's a few different types:

Hard Wearing - this type of grass receives quite a lot of wear and tear throughout the day and therefore needs grass seed which is tolerant to a lot of use.

Luxury and ornamental - this can be used on beds and bowling green style lawns that are beautiful to look at.

Shaded - this type of grass is covered by trees and walls, so the grass will be slow growing because of lack of sunlight, so you’ll need grass seed which is tolerant to these conditions.

General purpose - for use on lawns that have a mix of everything going on. General-purpose grass seed mixes grow well in most soils and grow fairly quickly, especially in spring and autumn. They’re also the best option if your lawn gets both sun and shade during the day.

When should you sow grass seed?

Whether you're a beginner or an experienced gardener, it can sometimes be hard to know when to sow grass. Grass grows best when it has plenty of water and in warm weather, so it is best to sow grass seed in late summer to the middle of autumn in the UK.

Do grass seeds have an expiration date?

The short answer is yes; grass seeds can expire. Like most products, you will see a use-by date on the packaging. It's also good to note that the older it gets, the less chance the seeds will germinate, especially if your pack isn't stored correctly. So for best results, use fresh grass seeds.

Will grass seed germinate on top of the soil?

As grass seeds are usually small - a layer of topsoil will reduce its chances of growing. Therefore, a quick solution to prevent birds from eating the seeds on top of the soil is to use a decoy bird feeder, cover the ground with straw, or even plant extra seeds to deter wildlife.

Are grass seeds safe for dogs?

According to All Creatures Healthcare, "The reason that grass seeds can be dangerous for dogs (or even cats) is that they can easily penetrate their outer skin in multiple areas. If left untreated, this can be incredibly painful – in worst-case scenarios, the internal damage it may cause can even be fatal". Therefore use this product with care.

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