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The best grass seed is a savvy purchase for all gardeners with lawn areas in their outside space looking for a shortcut way to have a green, lively garden, and lovely-looking grass to keep their lawn mower busy.

Lawn seed is one of the easiest ways to make your outdoor area feel like it’s brand new. We're all looking for ways we can help our green spaces flourish all year round and adding grass seed can help your garden lawn be the best it can be by boosting your lawn's growing power.

Best grass seed at a glance:

Best overall grass seed: Miracle-Gro EverGreen Complete 4-in-1 - view on Amazon UK
Best grass seeds for shaded areas: Gro-Sure Aqua Gel Coated Smart Grass Lawn Seed - view on Amazon UK
Best grass seed for patches: Miracle-Gro Patch Magic Grass Seed - view on Argos

Rather than go to the trouble of laying new turf, if you are after a greener outdoor space, or simply need to liven up a few odd patches, then here is our guide to the best grass seed products on the market today - no more patchy dry grass, hello to a luscious lawn.

Best grass seed

Best overall grass seed

Miracle-Gro EverGreen Complete 4in1
Price: £21.98

Our top pick, the Miracle-Gro EverGreen Complete 4-in-1 promises green lawns when it's used properly. The WaterSmart formula helps absorb nutrients, as well as water, effectively - which means you can protect your lawn from any stress and even drought.

With nearly 18,000 reviews, this grass seed is reported to work very well if you follow step-by-step instructions. Customers found it easy to spread and were impressed that they were seeing results within a week. Plus, any weeds were eliminated - which saves on spoiling your garden with weed killer or getting your hands dirty. It's ideal for newbies to lawn care.

However, it is best to use a spreader and place this down before heavy rain to really see the effects. It does require plenty of water, most reviews seem to agree, but is effective once spread out with a rake. Make sure your water butt is full just in case of a dry spell.

As well as promising a thicker, greener lawn, this seed can help suppress weed and moss growth. Many customers were newbies to lawn care and chose this brand due to its reputation and great reviews. Overall, we're impressed by the quality, moss-killing qualities, ease of use - just sprinkle - and what it does to your lawn. Powerful and user-friendly.


  • Weed and moss control to save you a job!
  • WaterSmart formula for protection from stress
  • For a thicker, greener and healthier lawn


  • Requires a spreader for best results

Best grass seeds for shaded areas

Gro-Sure Aqua Gel Coated Smart Grass Lawn Seed
Price: £28 (was £34.99)

Another great choice is the Gro-Sure Aqua Gel Coated Smart Grass Lawn Seed. This grass seed will leave your garden looking alive and fresh, even in shaded areas. It's ideal for over-seeding, lawn repair or establishing a brand-new lawn for your outdoor space.

What are the reviews saying? Well, with an average star rating of 4.2/5, the Aqual Gel Lawn Seed is a great pick, if you're worried about your lawn not getting enough sun. Many customers were pleased by this product as it delivers results with minimal effort. Some customers have come back to this seed to touch up patches that haven't germinated on their lawn - whether in shaded areas or in awkward places, with varied success.

Though the Aqua Gel Coating comes with a number of benefits (covered below), it is good to note that if there is even a bit of frost in the air, then these seeds will not sow. Similarly, some customers found it took a little while to catch on - and felt a little concerned for their lawns. Of course, there may have been mitigating factors to their varied results.

As for our final thoughts, Modern Gardens believes that this could be the best option for touching up lawns as the days get a little warmer, whether patches on the lawn or to neaten up the grass near borders. Plus, the Aqua Gel coating improves seed-to-soil contact, soaks up more water, and increases germination success. And, the blue colour even keeps birds away from pecking at your lawn, which was found to be a great feature by many reviews.


  • Great for fixing up unsightly lawn patches for lawn newbies
  • Aqua Gel increases germination success with water retention
  • Seed blue coating helps identify seeds and keeps birds away


  • May not be as effective in the cold

Best grass seed for patches

Or, consider this Miracle-Gro Patch Magic Grass Seed for your lawn patches. This "magic" grass seed is easy to use, so you'll never fill in patches the same again. All you need to do is rake, sow the seeds, and water them twice a day for the best finish. What do reviews say?

At under 40 reviews, this seed totals out to a respectable 4.0/5 average, with reviews mostly sitting in the four and five categories. Customers were impressed by the quick turnaround to fill in "unsightly patches" on the lawn. One customer says they "always come back" to Patch Magic, due to its reliability and ease of use. An added bonus: you don't worry about the watering process as this seed has a "tackifier," or binder to stop it from washing away.

However, some customers have not had any success with this lawn seed. You need to keep it watered if it is very dry out. One customer complained at least 2/3 of the bag is coir, meaning there are less seeds than expected. Coir can improve root growth results and better overall plant growth. But, some customers are not charmed by the magic. Another customer adds that you should remove dead grass from the patchy areas on your lawn.

Overall, this could solve some patches on your lawn, washed away by rain and pecked at by birds. If you're looking for a quick touch-up within four days, many customers recommend this "magic" grass seed. However, ensure you're applying and maintaining with care.


  • Super quick - with results in just four days!
  • Contains a special binder to ensure growth
  • Helps cover up unsightly patches on your lawn


  • Needs to be spread out evenly

Best grass seed for fast results

RUNADI Grass Lawn Seed
Price: £13.99

If you are looking for quick results, the Pronto Grass Speedy Seed will do the job quickly. You will start to see results in 7-14 days, so you can have green-green grass ASAP. This single box can cover up to 84 square metres when overseeding or half that for a new lawn.

What do the reviews say? A review from a pet owner said their garden looked like a muddy swamp after a season of constant rain and a puppy. You can probably imagine! But, after raking over the holes, they threw down the seeds during Spring - with fantastic results. Though it grows super quickly, this worked out well - as it gave the reviewer a quick indication of any patches. Quick, with great results and coverage - any negatives?

With a review average of 4.3/5 stars, this Pronto Seed is a popular choice. Some customers found that the price wasn't reflecting the amount of seeds they received, but found it easy to use. One review seems to think it might not be a good choice for low-light gardens. Additionally, cannot be sown in winter and can be seen as something tasty for local wildlife, so be sure to keep your eye out for rabbits nibbling at your garden.

Overall, the Pronto Grass Speedy Seed sees results within two weeks, which will leave you amazed. High-quality, hard-wearing and deep-rooted, this seed has undergone rigorous testing. Weed-resistant, this seed will save you from getting the gardening gloves out. The coverage is large and luscious - however, we'd recommend avoiding sowing during winter.


  • Fast-acting - with results in just one week!
  • Regrow a large area with just one box
  • Weed-resistant formula to save you time


  • Needs to be sown between March and October

Best grass seed for hard-wearing lawns

Miracle-Gro EverGreen Multi-purpose Grass Seed
Price: £7.29

This child-and pet-friendly Miracle-Gro EverGreen Multi-purpose Grass Seed is perfect for busy families that want to be able to sow the seed and still use their lawn area. This contains ryegrass which makes for a more hard-wearing lawn. What do the reviews say?

A customer commented that they mixed this seed with clover seeds and compost to fix some bare patches on the lawn - and it's worked a treat. Another customer's lawn was worse for wear after being burnt by hot weather. But, since using Miracle Go EverGreen, everyone envies their green and healthy lawn, thanks to the seeds and added compost.

Despite being bird-repellent, some customers found birds pecking at their sown seeds. Another recommends getting "more seed than you need" as they didn't have quite as much as they needed and were after a lovely, thick lawn. Some customers recommend avoiding sowing in hot months, so suggest April and September as good months to choose from.

The grass seed will allow your grass to grow thicker and stronger; however, it does not work as well in shaded areas, so this is best suited for lawns that get direct sunlight. This Miracle-Gro EverGreen Multi-Purpose Seed is ideal for creating a new lawn, over-seeding or repairing bare patches - boasting faster germination with superior results in five days.


  • High-quality grass seed for hard-wearing lawns
  • Faster germination with superior results in one week
  • WaterSmart tech helps absorption of water and nutrients


  • Avoid sowing in hotter months, opt for milder

Best grass seed for a healthy garden

Gro-Sure Aqua Gel Coated Fast Start Smart Grass Lawn Seed
Price: £10.81 (was £13.99)

This Gro-Sure seed come in pack of three different sizes to suit the area you need to sow. There are options to cover 25, 40, and 80 square metres. This speedy option will show results in as quick as four days and boasts Gro-Sure's clever Aqua Gel coating.

A customer commented that they sowed the area in late September and it was fully grown by October. It may not be as fast as other seeds, but the customer was impressed - as all of their other attempts with other seeds had failed. It looks very hardy, too, they add. Plus, the sprinkle holes in the box work well in getting an even coverage.

As such, many felt Gro Sure's claim of "fast-growing" was exaggerated. Gro Sure says that this seed is best to use this grass seed in late spring, summer, or early autumn as it won't be effective when used below seven degrees. If you sprinkle it with compost, birds are much less likely to peck at it - and you'll avoid patches.

For lush, green grass in shady conditions, this grass seed is established quickly for a strong, healthy lawn in most conditions. The brand recommends sowing in hotter conditions - but not too hot. In mild conditions, it will quickly repair patches on your lawn, too.


  • Success in cold weather, starting at 7°c
  • For lush, green grass in shady conditions
  • Easy application with the holes in the box


  • Not as fast acting as the brand leads us to believe

Best grass seed for beginners

GoodGrow Hard Wearing Grass Seed
Price: £24.99

GoodGrow promises this will work in all soil types, including clay-based soils. This seed has been specially designed for the UK climate and comes with a 100% satisfaction guarantee. This special mix guarantees a lawn upgrade, greener and fuller than ever before.

What are reviews saying? A customer commented: "This grows fast. It seriously does". They were shocked about how quickly it had worked - with shoots sprouting within a month. Not only are the blades not weak or thin, but they can help revive a dead lawn. Just remember to remove dead grass before sowing, they add. Any negatives?

A customer said the result is lighter than average grass, so this may not be a great pick for reviving dead patches on your lawn. As this mix produces thick and lush green, birds may get a taste for them. So, the brand recommends getting some netting over, an extra cost.

If you are a gardening newbie, then you need this grass seed in your inventory. This product is easy to use and delivers good results, especially on dry grass in the summer months.


  • Ensures quick and easy germination in all kinds of soil
  • Get astonishing results in as little as five days
  • A high-quality blend of seeds for a healthy lawn


  • You'll have to get some net at extra cost to keep birds away

Best budget grass seed

Are you looking for results on a budget? This affordable one-kilogram bag of grass seed boasts over 11,000 reviews and is renowned for its mix of seeds such as Agrostis capillaries, ryegrass, creeping red fescue, and chewings fescue, all of which offer different properties for the end result of a lush lawn. Let's see what these reviews are saying...

Many customers agree that this grass seed is easy to sow and starts sprouting very quickly. Like most, they need daily watering - but, come up hard-wearing and healthy. Take advantage of the seed distributor in the box - for even coverage. Any negatives? Though growing well, a particular customer was confused about the coverage, as the information was inconsistent on Amazon, and wasn't sure entirely if it would cover their lawn.

This product is excellent value for money as it will also cover around 35 square meters of land - ideal for extensive gardens. It's highly effective. This unique and premium grass seed is ideal for creating new lawns, repairing bare patches, or improving existing grass.


  • Rapid growth and germination can be as quick as 10 days
  • Hard-wearing, safe for families with children and pets
  • Highly effective grass seed for new lawns or repairing patches


  • Some customers were unsure of the coverage

What is the best seed for planting grass? Our verdict:

Our top pick is that the Miracle-Gro EverGreen Complete 4in1. It is the best overall grass seed on the market. Not only is it excellent value for money but it gives fantastic results, and the variety of what this product does makes it our top choice.

Grass seed FAQs

How to choose which grass seed is best for you

There is a huge variety of grass seeds available to buy nowadays and it can be a little overwhelming. Even though all grass seed do relatively the same job, it all depends on how much money you want to spend and the size of the area that you want to cover. Although it doesn't really matter, experts say that you should pay attention to the label when buying seed and look for the lower amount of weed seed, crop seed, and inert matter, the better. Some grass seeds also offer the ability to help supress weeds.

There are so many different types, some grass seeds grow quickly, and some grow slower. All you need to do is pick a lawn seed that will survive whether in the sun, shade, poor soil or a combination of all of them.

What are the best types of grass seeds?

Believe it or not, there are so many types of grass seed, from cold weather tolerant grasses to ones that still thrive even though people are constantly walking across it.

Here's a few different types:

Hard Wearing - this type of grass receives quite a lot of wear and tear throughout the day and therefore needs grass seed which is tolerant to a lot of use. Anything with a rye grass mix is the strongest and hardiest.

Luxury and ornamental - this can be used on beds and bowling green style lawns that are beautiful to look at.

Shaded - this type of grass is covered by trees and walls, so the grass will be slow growing because of lack of sunlight, so you’ll need grass seed which is tolerant to these conditions.

General purpose - for use on lawns that have a mix of everything going on. General-purpose grass seed mixes have high germination rates and grow well in most soils and grow fairly quickly, especially in spring and autumn. They’re also the best option if your lawn gets both sun and shade during the day.

When should you sow grass seed?

Whether you're a beginner or an experienced gardener, it can sometimes be hard to know when to sow grass. Grass grows best in warm weather and when you provide it with plenty of water from a can or garden hose. As a general rule it is best to sow grass seed in late summer to the middle of autumn in the UK.

How quickly does grass seed start to grow?

It depends on the conditions. If you've sown the seed as per the instructions, the weather is favourable, and you've kept to a good watering schedule, some of the grass seeds we've featured could start growing in as little as four days. Otherwise from germination to growth could take up to two weeks.

Do grass seeds have an expiration date?

The short answer is yes; grass seeds can expire. Like most products, you will see a use-by date on the packaging. It's also good to note that the older it gets, the less chance the seeds will germinate, especially if your pack isn't stored correctly. So for best results, use fresh grass seeds.

Will grass seed germinate on top of the soil?

As grass seeds are usually small - a layer of topsoil will reduce its chances of growing. Therefore, a quick solution to prevent birds from eating the seeds on top of the soil is to use a decoy bird feeder, cover the ground with straw, or even plant extra seeds to deter wildlife.

Are grass seeds safe for dogs?

According to All Creatures Healthcare, "The reason that grass seeds can be dangerous for dogs (or even cats) is that they can easily penetrate their outer skin in multiple areas. If left untreated, this can be incredibly painful – in worst-case scenarios, the internal damage it may cause can even be fatal". Therefore use this product with care and look out for pet-friendly versions.

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