Kids splash pads for every family garden

See the best sprinkler pools for children for fun in the sun right at home in your garden.

Child playing with hose - the best splash pads for kids

by Caitlin Casey |

Summertime may not quite be here yet but we're already looking ahead to the sunny, warm days on the horizon. And with random spells of hot weather throughout spring too (or so we hope!), families and parents with kids may be tempted to get a paddling pool for when the warmth comes back around.

With sticky feet and soggy grass, sometimes swimming pools aren't actually the best option for those looking to keep their garden top-notch. We have a new solution for you: kids splash pads.

Aimed at toddlers and younger children, these are efficient and easy water toys that will keep your kids cool while using less water and keeping the fun high.

What is a water splash pad?

Easy-to-use, splash pads work by having a hose pump water through the inflatable tube whilst small holes sprinkle out water to make a fun effect. There's a lesser volume of water involved, so you won't have any mud piles collected alongside the pad.

Splash pads can come in all sorts of shapes and sizes, so it works for what's best for your garden. Whether you want a small pool and fun sprinkle effect, or a large sprinkle to let your dog run through, you can figure out what's best for you.

The best splash pads and sprinkler pools 2022

We've selected the best splash pads and sprinkler pools for you right here. All ranging from £10 to £30, they're great affordable options for any modern family garden.

This Baztoy Splash Pad has a cute and exciting octopus sprinkler in the centre of the splash pad for the kids to play around in. Underwater themed, this is perfect for any young child with animals, colours, and the alphabet to help inspire learning through play.

Features: Sprinkler in centre, durable PVC material, taller for young children

Size: 170cm diameter

Why we like it: Its unique octopus sprinkler is great fun and adds height

This Peradix splash pad is square and large enough to fit up to four children. Sprinklers coming out of the outer edges of the pool, it's bright and vibrant. Even better, it has an adjustable sprinkler height for more fun.

Features: Adjustable sprinkler height, up to four children, extra ten plastic counters, available in pink or blue

Size: 175 x 175 cm

Why we like it: Great for different ages as it has an adjustable sprinkler height and extra educational fun with its counters

Coming in at 170cm diameter, this splash pad is perfect for any young child or toddler who is stimulated by water play. With counters in the design of the pool, this makes a fun and educational garden water toy.

Features: Counters for educational fun, adjustable sprinklers on outer edges

Size: 170cm diameter

Why we like it: Perfect for any child aged two and above

Coming in under the £10 mark, this value splash pad is a great option for any parent who doesn't want to splash out. It's a great size at 170cm diameter and has vibrant colours for kids to stay entertained.

Features: Animals, counters and numbers on the design for educational fun, space for 3-4 children

Size: 170cm diameter

Why we like it: A great price for a great garden water toy

Want a splash pad with something extra? This MAGIFIRE Splash Pad is a shallow water pool for baby, a wading pool, and a sprinkler all in one meaning even more fun for all the kids. A great value, the design of this splash pad is covered with vivid colours and a geography map for stimulation and learning.

Features: Fits up to four kids, cartoon map design with 34 animal species and seven continents, high quality and thick PVC

Size: 172cm diameter

Why we like it: This is a great size for a great price fit for children of all ages

Health and safety are extremely important when having young children around to play. Ensure that your child is safe with this splash pad that has a non-slip bottom. Available in a unicorn or fish design, you can choose the perfect design for your child.

Features: Non-slip bottom for safety, optional designs, made for 2-3 children

Size: 172cm diameter

Why we like it: Safety comes first, and this non-slip bottoms ensures fun with no falls

If you want a splash pad that doubles up as a paddling pool, check out this GOLDGE splash pad. Big enough for play and adjustable sprinklers, this bright paddling pool can fill up for extra fun.

Features: Adjustable sprinklers, doubles up as a paddling pool, suitable for ages 3+

Size: 170cm length

Why we like it: This is a great option for a family with kids of different ages as it can work as a shallow splash pad or paddling pool

Are splash pads dangerous?

To summarise, no - splash pads are not dangerous if you inflate them and ensure they are being played with safely.

With any inflatable toy, especially water toys, there can be some safety concerns as children run around. We recommend getting splash pads with non-slip bottoms, such as the Anpro Splash Mat above. Make sure to keep an eye on your children when they use the splash mat and make sure the water pressure isn't too high.

In terms of diseases and germs, if you're using an inflatable splash pad at home with your own water, then it should be completely clean as it comes out of the tap. Just ensure you clean out the splash mat after every playtime and it should be perfectly safe to use.

How do you build a splash pad in your garden?

Inflatables not your thing? If you're looking for something more permanent to put in your back garden, then you can actually install your own home splash pad. Treat your children to something special with their own luxury splash park.

There are many ways to install water features and this is definitely one for a fun family summer. Be aware though that this can be costly and definitely requires a DIY job, so make sure you do your research.

You can watch the video below which summarises how you can install your own splash pad in your garden.

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