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Keep your grass in shape with a useful sprinkler watering system

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The best garden sprinklers are an important tool for an outdoor space in the sun – ideal for any hot weather. They also provide an easy hands-free way to water your lawn and garden, keeping your grass looking green and healthy. So when you pull out your very best lawn mower - you can rest assured that all the effort is worth it by ensuring your lawn is lush and hydrated.

The best garden sprinklers bring convenience to your gardening routine and help maintain the beauty and vitality of your outdoor oasis, along with regular mowing.

Best garden sprinklers at a glance

• Best range: Hozelock Pro Oscillating Sprinkler
• Best garden sprinkler for small areasGardena Aqua S Rectangular Sprinkler
• Round garden sprinkler: Hozelock Round Garden Sprinkler Plus
Best rotating garden sprinkler on a budgetAmlion Garden Sprinkler

Whether you use the best electric lawn mower or petrol-fuelled model, you can create a perfectly manicured and well-hydrated landscape to enjoy throughout the warmer months. These efficient and user-friendly sprinklers ensure that every inch of your garden receives the hydration it needs for lush lawn growth.

Best garden sprinkler

Best Oscillating Garden Sprinkler for range


This Hozelock garden sprinkler is a versatile 2-in-1. It features a jet spray for lawns and a fine


  • Versatile 2-in-1 jet and fine spray options
  • Covers up to 314m² with even coverage 


  • Some may only need a basic model

Best Garden Sprinkler for Small Areas

Gardena Aqua S Rectangular Sprinkler
Price: £14.99
Alternative retailers
JD Williams£22.99View offer
Argos£25.00View offer


For even and reliable watering, why not grab this sprinkler from Gardena? It covers a square or


  • Covers 90 to 220 m² with an adjustable spray range
  • The internal filter prevents dirt particles


  • Maybe too small for some gardens

Best Round Garden Sprinkler for rotating

On Sale

Hozelock Round Garden Sprinkler Plus

Rrp: £46.06

Price: £14.44


The Hozelock Round Sprinkler Plus is a rotating sprinkler that operates as a jet spray for


  • Jet and mist spray options for various plant types
  • Maximum coverage of 254m² with 18m diameter


  • Maybe too flashy for some

Best Multi-Jet Garden Sprinkler

Hozelock Garden Multi Sprinkler
Price: £15.95


The Hozelock Multi Sprinkler is a dial sprinkler that covers a maximum area of 79m². Mounted on a


  • Eight spray patterns for versatile watering
  • Soft-touch, easy-grip adjuster ring


  • Maximum coverage limited to 79m²

Best Rotating Garden Sprinkler on a Budget

On Sale

Amlion Garden Sprinkler
Price: £7.66 (was £10.99)


Made from premium quality material, this Amlion sprinkler is priced reasonably low compared to


  • Reasonably priced with 360° rotation and three nozzles
  • Wide irrigation area coverage


  • Best suited for small gardens

Best Spike Garden Sprinkler

Hozelock Round Sprinkler Pro
Price: £22.84


This high-performance metal spike sprinkler is great if you want to keep your sprinkler out of the


  • Covers up to 314m² with even coverage
  • Durable and secure spiked design


  • You may prefer a rotating model

Best Luxury Garden Sprinkler


This AquaZoom compact sprinkler from Gardena is perfect for watering flower and vegetable beds,


  • Even spray coverage for flower and vegetable beds
  • Comes with a Waterstop for easy removal 


  • Requires manual nozzle cleaning for blockages

Garden sprinkler FAQs

What should I look for in a garden sprinkler?

Features – You need to find a garden sprinkler that suits your lifestyle and garden. Luckily, there are plenty of types of garden sprinklers to suit all outdoor spaces and purposes. For example, some are designed to shoot water high into the air, and over a longer distance than others. Some are equipped with multiple functions.

Coverage - When you want to water another area of the garden, you can move sprinklers manually. But you should be thinking about placement. Make sure to measure your garden to ensure you make the best decision for your space.

Motion – Generally, sprinklers are designed to fan back and forth – or move water in a circular manner. Some are low to the ground, and some are mounted on stands. However, some sprinklers are self-propelling. Different motions are suited to different purposes. For example, oscillating sprinklers might be better for a veggie patch – which is low down.

How do I install a garden sprinkler?

Most sprinklers are easy to operate. You just hook them up to a garden hose and turn on the outdoor tap.

When do I use my sprinkler?

If you want to keep water from evaporating in the heat of summer, water in the early morning hours. This will also prevent scorching your lawn or plants. Plus, you can use the sprinkler at night. However, if the water is left on plant leaves too long, they might develop fungal diseases.

Further, sprinklers can also be connected to a timer for added convenience.

Diivoo Smart Irrigation Timer
Price: £49.99


This "Smart Timer" is compatible with your Alexa and Google Home.

Are there any disadvantages to using a sprinkler?

To clarify, sprinklers are not the most efficient, water-conserving method for watering.

This is because most of them are designed to shower water down from above. So, water may not get to the areas that need it. This is why getting the right sprinkler for your garden is so important.

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