Stylish hanging baskets to brighten up your garden wall

With chic and modern designs, we've got the best hanging planters and ideas.

Best hanging basket

by Jules Barton-Breck and Eleanor Weaver |

Perfect for displaying colourful plants and flowers and beautifying the wall of your house, hanging baskets are a great way to make the most of your outdoor space, especially if you’re limited on what you can do in your garden.

But gone are the days of just simple, traditional metal or plastic hanging baskets. Now, there’s an abundance of modern designs and styles to choose from, from rattan to self-watering baskets and intricately designed metalwork to cone-shaped designs.

Whether you’re looking for ways to zhuzh up your existing hanging baskets or want some new, trendy options for your front garden, we’ve looked far and wide and found the best options to buy.

Hanging basket brackets and liners

These baskets won't hang themselves! You'll need to pick out brackets so you can affix your hanging basket to the wall - we'd recommend choosing one that matches the aesthetic of your baskets for a seamless, stylish look.

If your hanging basket doesn't have an enclosed base, you may also want to buy a hanging basket liner which will help to contain your plants, promote air circulation, and retain water, releasing it slowly into the soil.

Wilko 26cm Black Hanging Basket Bracket

Wilko 26cm Black Hanging Basket Bracket

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Ornate and a good fit for any garden, this stainless steel bracket measures 22 x 26cm and can carry a load capacity of up to 8kg.

Cast Iron Hanging Basket Bracket

Cast iron hanging basket bracket

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A perfect pairing to the Cast Iron Hanging Basket, this distressed cast-iron bracket is suitable for suspending baskets up to 30cm in diameter and measures 19 x 22cm.

Scalloped Metal Hanging Basket Bracket

Scalloped Metal Hanging Basket Bracket

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Made as a pairing to the Scalloped Hanging Basket but a beautiful option for other baskets too, this pink scallop bracket measures 25 x 25cm.

Hanging Basket Liner

Hanging basket liner

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Made for hanging baskets up to 40cm in diameter, though it can be trimmed to suit smaller baskets, this convenient, pre-shaped liner has been made from long-lasting natural coco fibres with a latex coating.

Watersave Coco Fibre Liner

Watersave coco fibre liner

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Available in two sizes, 35cm and 40cm diameter, this innovative coco fibre liner includes a biodegradable ‘Watersave’ layer in the base which acts as a built-in reservoir.

Best hanging basket plants

Now you’ve got your hanging basket, you’ll need to adorn it with some gorgeous plants that'll waft floral scents and bring a pop of colour to your wall. Here are some great varieties to add to your shopping basket, but for more check out our pick of the best plants for hanging baskets.

Fuchsia: Fuschia ‘Trailing Mixed’

Fuchsia 'Trailing Mixed'

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For a burst of vibrant colour, you can’t beat a two-tone fuchsia. This trailing includes the ‘Swingtime’, ‘Southgate’, ‘Dark Eyes’, ‘La Campanella’, and ‘Marinka’ varieties. Each produces huge, double blooms in both soft and bright pinks, purples, and crimsons from June-October.

Begonia: Begonias x Tuberhybrida ‘Apricot Shades Improved’

Begonias x Tuberhybrida ‘Apricot Shades Improved’

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Flowering June through to October, this bestselling begonia produces large, cascading double blooms in a gorgeous blend of apricot and orange. They'll perform whatever the weather, in a range of light positions, and the abundant trailing habit of this variety makes them a great value plant for hanging baskets.

Lobelia: Lobelia Erinum ‘Sapphire (Trailing)’

Lobelia Erinum ‘Sapphire (Trailing)’

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With flowers in an intense shade of magenta-purple, lobelia is a wonderful choice for jazzing up your summer hanging baskets. Impressive in colour and their trailing habits, they'll flower from May through to the first frosts and look spectacular when planted with rich blues, purples, pinks and silver too.

Hanging basket ideas

Looking for inspiration on how to upcycle your existing hanging baskets or ways to make your hanging basket more enticing and dynamic? We've found some fab ideas to give your hanging baskets that 'wow' factor that'll be the envy of nosy neighbours.

Pimp up plain chains

Add a chic and artistic touch to your hanging planters by replacing the chains with lengths of strong ribbon. You can also turn a normal pot into a hanging one with ribbon.

Brighten a cheap pot

Upgrade a plain plastic hanging planter by decorating it with foam stickers in similar colours to the flowers.

Light up blooms

Enjoy your fab hanging baskets after dark by lighting them up with a solar-powered spotlight. It attaches easily to the chains and the sensor lights your blooms for up to six hours a night, all year round.

Revamp a plastic planter

Washi tape transforms a lacklustre planter into something lovely in a matter of minutes. This tape is super durable and flexible and available in a variety of widths, textures, patterns and colours. Check out for a huge range of designs.

String it up

Repurpose an old string bag, with a pot of bright blooms popped inside, to create a unique hanging basket.

Use a pulley to make maintenance easy

How clever is this? The Hi-Lo Pulley lets you lower your hanging basket by up to 1m to a more manageable height for watering or trimming (or picking strawberries!) and raise it up again when you’re done. It supports a weight of up to 9kg.

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