Best squirrel baffles to help protect your bird feeder

Protect your feeder from squirrels so the birds get the seed they need.


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If you're lucky enough to have wildlife in your garden, you might need to invest in a squirrel baffle. You've probably noticed how squirrels are one of the most agile creatures that'll use their acrobatic nature to target bird feeders and scupper some tasty treats - running away with their cheeks full as soon as they've been caught red-handed. This is where squirrel baffles come into play, helping protect your feeders from greedy squirrels.

Squirrels may be cute and entertaining to watch, but it can persist as an issue when the birds you are trying to feed can’t get a beak in edgeways. A squirrel baffle is a protective shield used to cover a bird feeder or bird table in order to stop squirrels from climbing up to steal the tasty seed or from jumping down onto the feeder from above.

Best squirrel baffles at a glance:

Best overall: Woodside Plastic Universal Squirrel Baffle Dome with Hook - View on AmazonUK
Best twin pack: SPARES2GO Squirrel Baffle Dome Bird Feeding Station Feeder Guard - View on Amazon UK
Best transparent squirrel baffle: Gardman A01158 Squirrel Baffle Bird Feeding Station - View on Amazon UK

Usually made from metal or plastic, this contraption often works by blocking a squirrel's path or stopping the squirrel from getting firm footing, causing them to harmlessly jump to the ground. While they still might do their best to reach it, they shouldn’t have much success with one of these.

Best hanging squirrel baffles

Best overall

This universal squirrel baffle comes with a hook included to hang it up above your bird feeder, but can also be used on the pole of a feeding station. It comes with adaptors included for 12mm, 22mm, or 25.5mm poles. Made of plastic with a wide diameter, it's slippery enough to ensure squirrels don't get a good enough grip.

Customer review: "Squirrels can’t get past this however desperately they try and it is entertaining watching them! They have even tried gnawing at the green plastic clamp but have now given up. It is sturdy enough and straightforward to put in place."


  • Different sizes available
  • Comes with hook
  • Sturdy and strong


  • Attachment complicated at first

Best twin pack

Squirrel baffle twin pack SPARES2GO/Amazon

This twin pack of squirrel baffles will keep those pesky critters from nabbing any bird feed. Each comes with a wide diameter, hook attachments, and a slippery plastic dome. Use just one or both for double protection on a pole if a smart squirrel happens to overcome the first hurdle.

Customer review: "Normally we have a couple of squirrels in the garden but there are seven this year! The bird feeders are under siege at the mo, so decided to buy these. So far, so good. The little birds are now back on the feeders and the sunflower hearts are back to going down at a manageable rate. Hurrah! I’m very pleased."


  • Comes with attachments
  • Great price for two pack


  • None

Best wraparound squirrel baffles

Best transparent squirrel baffle

This universal-fit squirrel baffle will keep even the most determined squirrels from climbing your bird feeder pole to steal seeds. With a super slippery dome, the Gardman baffle comes with adaptors to fit 12mm, 22mm, and 25.5mm diameter poles.

Customer review: "I was worried, I have to admit, with five squirrels in my garden. They all had a go at biting the attachment to the pole, soon gave up and now I can feed them on the ground and leave the feeders to the birds. I don't dislike squirrels at all, but I get annoyed when they clear out the feeders in minutes."


  • Good value for money
  • Easy to install


  • Need to be positioned right and at height

Best easy-to-fit wraparound squirrel baffle

What's fab about this baffle is that you don't need to take your bird feeder down in order to fit it to the pole; just wrap it around the pole and secure it. Suitable for any pole measuring half an inch to 1 3/8 inches, the steel construction makes it slippery to squirrels and robust through changing weather.

Customer review: "Took a while sifting through the different squirrel bafflers on the market and eventually bought this one. It’s made of metal (not cheap plastic like some others) and was easily fixed to my bird feeder. I put it too low, to begin with, and those clever squirrels simply jumped above it! Once at the correct height, and after moving any nearby garden furniture (which they also used to leap from!) it works perfectly - they really do look baffled when climbing the pole!! Felt sorry for them though so have given them their own little peanut feeder elsewhere in the garden! Cleans really easily too (birds are a tad messy). Wouldn’t hesitate to recommend it. Excellent product."


  • Cleans easily
  • Made of metal so a lot sturdier than others
  • Easy to fit on poles


  • Some reviews say it doesn't look amazing but works a treat

Best for square-based bird feeders

For bird tables or feeding stations with square stems measuring up to 6 x 6cm, this squirrel baffle from the RSPB will keep them at bay. The baffle opens up so it can easily be wrapped around - you don't need to dismantle your bird table and can adjust it to fit just right.

Customer review: "I took the top off my birdhouse as I think it is easier than fixing the baffle upside down. Fitted just below the top as advised on the instructions and it is working a treat. My squirrels can’t be as persistent as other reviewers as they don’t even attempt to eat the bird's food now. Happy Days. Well done RSPB another win for our feathered friends."


  • Solid construction
  • Easy to attach


  • Squirrels may chew the edge

Best bird feeder guardian

Best for fat ball protection

This bird feeder is perfect for housing fat balls and suet balls for small birds, without squirrels, or larger birds, getting in on the action. Designed to hang from a tree or bird feeding station, it's made of powder-coated mesh to increase its lifespan and survive the seasons.

Customer review: "Much as we love our squirrels they were eating the fat balls before the birds even got a chance. These feeders have proved to be squirrel-proof, and have encouraged them to forage for the wealth of natural foodstuffs available on the holding instead of grabbing an easy and less healthy lunch."


  • Sturdy
  • Powder-coated mesh


  • Takes a while for small birds to adjust

Best for birdseed

This heavy-duty seed feeder has a cast cage to provide maximum resistance to squirrels and large birds. The centre feeder has perches for little birds to stand as they nibble on your bird feed. The reservoir can hold 500g of seed, 485g of peanut bites, or 360g of sunflower seeds.

Customer review: "We had a squirrel visiting the garden regularly, eating the bird seed and eventually damaging the feeder. We bought this to hopefully prevent the squirrel from gaining access to the food. The birds quickly adapted to it, seem to feel quite safe in the cage, and appear to be very happy. We have not seen the squirrel since we got the new feeder - not sure if that's just a coincidence or if the squirrel has given up. I'm sure time will tell. Very satisfied with my purchase."


  • Easy to fill and clean
  • Sturdy


  • None

What type of squirrel baffle should I get?

The type of squirrel baffle you get will depend not only on your style of the feeder but also on the strategies of your backyard squirrel. You may need to experiment and watch your garden friends first to determine their main strategies in order to best prevent them. Alternatively, you may want to give them their own squirrel feeder to distract them from what isn’t theirs.

There are two main styles of squirrel baffle. We've listed each with some great options to buy based on what you need.

Hanging squirrel baffles

This type is preferable for stopping squirrels from jumping onto your feeder and can be hung from above on the surrounding trees and foliage. It also doubles as a fantastic ‘weather-proof dome’, protecting your birds and feed from the elements come wind, rain, or snow. This may help make your feeder more versatile for inviting birds all year round.

Wraparound squirrel baffle

This type is best used for feeder poles or feeders based on wooden stands where squirrels are more likely to climb up to get their goods. These can look much like the hanging squirrel baffles with a similar dome shape, but fixed below the feeder it acts as a barrier.

They can also be designed to look more like the bottom of a lamppost with a wider, slanted tube placed around the bottom of the feeder preventing the squirrels from getting a good enough grip to climb up.

Bird feeder guardian

Another option is a bird feeder guardian that works by creating a cage around the feeder to stop squirrels from getting their paws through and larger birds from stealing all the seed. It also helps protect smaller birds from predators who can treat your feeder as a safe haven – definitely encouraging for getting more birds into your garden.

How do you make a squirrel-proof baffle?

If you want to save money, test if it works at low cost, or can't find one suitable for your bird feeder, you may want to try to make your own with your trusty DIY toolkit.

For a hanging squirrel baffle, you can easily drill a hole through the base of a large plastic mixing bowl and hang it above your feeder using wire or string.

For a wraparound squirrel baffle, you can try re-using an old 2-litre bottle by using your trusty garden secateurs to cut a hole in the base and sliding it onto the pole below the feeder. However, make sure to place it at waist height or above so the squirrels can't jump over. You can also try making a baffle out of an old pipe or cheap piping bought from a DIY store.

How high off the ground should a squirrel baffle be?

Squirrels can jump a great distance and use their spring-like abilities to leap from tree to tree. Unfortunately, they use this to jump from tree or ground-to-bird feeders too!

To keep squirrels at bay, make sure to leave ample distance around the feeder to defer any leaping attempts and place your baffle above the capabilities of a squirrel's vertical jump.

As squirrels can jump more than 7 feet across, make sure to place any feeders and hanging baffles 9-10ft away from overhanging tree branches and wires.

Squirrels can jump more than 5 feet off the ground so make sure your guardian or wrap-around baffle is placed higher than this to bring a halt to any treat-stealing attempts for good!

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