Best backpack leaf blower for powerful clean-ups

Substantial tools to invest in for serious garden jobs.

Best backpack leaf blowers

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The best backpack leaf blower is a serious solution for homeowners and gardeners who need to manage large amounts of outdoor debris such as dropped leaves, fallen foliage, and grass cuttings. These useful garden tools can also be handy to shift snow from cars, paths, and driveways and come in useful to dry cars and bikes after washing.

Unlike handheld leaf blowers that can be a struggle to hold for long periods, the backpack-style design helps you manage the weight of the machine, allowing you to work in comfort for longer. They also offer one-handed operation, with triggers on the nozzle that let you control not only the power but the speed of the airflow.

Best backpack leaf blowers at a glance:

Best overall backpack leaf blower: Husqvarna 965877502 Backpack Leaf Blower - View on Amazon UK
Best backpack leaf blower for comfort: McCulloch GB 355 BP Backpack Leaf Blower - View on Amazon UK
Best electric backpack leaf blower: EGO Cordless Electric Backpack Blower - View on Amazon UK

Backpack leaf blowers fall into two main categories; those fuelled by petrol and those that are battery-powered, both of which have their pros and cons. We have a superb selection of both types in our roundup of the best currently available.

Best backpack leaf blowers

Best overall backpack leaf blower

Husqvarna backpack leaf blower Husqvarna/Amazon

Rrp: $399.99

Price: $305.00
Alternative retailers
Lowe's$339.95View offer

Husqvarna's highly rated backpack leaf blower is a petrol-powered option but boasts an HP X-Torq engine that reduces harmful exhaust emissions. The backpack is properly ventilated with wide shoulder straps and a hip belt for extra stability. This can achieve speeds of up to 290km/h, so should offer enough oomph to clear the lawns, patios, and driveways of most homes. The adjustable, offset handle makes this comfortable to use for long periods.

Customer review: "This blower strikes a good balance between ease of use, weight, and performance. As a fit senior female, I was able to use it for three hours without difficulty. It is powerful enough to clear leaves on a one-acre property, and with good technique, did not damage flower beds."


  • Offset handle
  • Hip belt


  • Very noisy

Best backpack leaf blower for comfort

McCulloch backpack leaf blower McCulloch/Amazon

McCulloch's backpack leaf blower is popular for its comfortable design, with large, padded shoulder straps to evenly distribute the weight of the machine. It also has an adjustable trigger grip that boasts a kind of "cruise control" functionality. This means when you hit the speed you need for the job you're doing, you can set the machine to maintain that level and save hand strain. This blower can create an air speed of 355km/h, so is capable of shifting wet leaves.

Customer review: "It performs well, is comfortable, (once on your back), and is very powerful and effective in moving leaves (even wet). I did not find it overly noisy but having said that, I did not have it on full throttle as quite simply there was no need."


  • Anti-vibration system
  • Padded shoulder straps


  • No hip belt

Best electric backpack leaf blower

Ego backpack leaf blower EGO/Amazon
Price: $269.00
Alternative retailers
Lowe's$269.00View offer

This high-end EGO backpack leaf blower is sold as a "bare tool", so you need to buy the batteries and charger separately. When you collect the whole set though, you can look forward to variable speed settings and air flow speeds of up to 230km/h. This offers you up to 180 minutes runtime and, compared to petrol-powered blowers, relatively quiet operation levels of 64dB. The nozzle length is adjustable to suit your task at hand, and the backpack has adjustable straps.

Customer review: "This wolf will huff and puff and blow your house down. I LOVE this blower. Way more power than the Makita gas blower it replaced and without the noise that drives the neighbours crazy."


  • Adjustable tube length
  • Flexible nozzle


  • Battery sold separately

Best lightweight backpack leaf blower

Dealourous backpack leaf blower Dealourous/Amazon

Delourous' backpack leaf blower is powered by a two-stroke 65CC engine but manages to remain relatively lightweight at 6.5 kilograms. The engine has an easy pull start to help get you going faster. The backpack part is comfortable to wear, even for long periods, thanks to the wide, padded shoulder straps. The nozzle has an angled end piece, and the trigger grip has three simple buttons; the on/off switch, throttle to control the speed, and "cruise control" to set the blower to a certain level.

Customer review: "For value for money this is great, in comparison to 'known' brands this is superb and half the cost."


  • Wide shoulder straps
  • Anti-vibration


  • Only 1.2-litre capacity tank

Best value backpack leaf blower bundle

Bu-Ko backpack leaf blower Bu-Ko/Amazon

This BU-KO option comes with the choice of three different engine sizes; 52CC, 63CC, and 79CC, with the price obviously increasing with the size. Most average homeowners would be fine with the smallest 52CC engine. This size weighs in at 7.9 kilograms, and the backpack has an ergonomic design with adjustable shoulder straps and a breathable back rest for comfort. This leaf blower comes complete with useful accessories; safety glasses, gloves, ear defenders, a fuel can, and a handy tool kit.

Customer review: "Ordered for general occasional use, arrived today. Very impressed, it was easy to assemble, not too heavy to use, and it started second pull, what more could you want, would recommend to anyone thinking of buying one."


  • Available in different engine sizes
  • Breathable back rest


  • No trigger control

Best economical backpack leaf blower

Hyundai backpack leaf blower Hyundai/Amazon

This powerful choice from Hyundai can give you air flow speeds of up to 270km/h but is an economical choice thanks to its ability to run for nearly an hour - at full throttle - for every litre of fuel you add. This is heavier than similar options, weighing nearly ten kilograms, but it has a balanced design, wide shoulder straps, and a waist belt to help you manage the load. This boasts a "user-friendly lockable throttle lever" for that cruise-control-style continuous operation.

Customer review: "Used it yesterday for about 1.5 hrs on one tanks of fuel that holds 1.25 litres. The throttle control can set at whatever desired 'blow rate' so you don't need to keep your finger on the trigger constantly. Easy to put on you back. Straps easy to adjust. Not heavy at all to wear. So much so that I didn't even use the waist strap."


  • Good runtime
  • Lockable throttle


  • Heavyweight

Best backpack leaf blower for power

Worx backpack leaf blower Worx/Amazon

This WORX backpack leaf blower is another battery-powered option, but this comes complete with Worx's "Basecamp" and four of its 20V Power Share batteries that work across the brand's entire power tool range. This boasts a brushless motor that promises 50% more runtime and 25% more power than brushed versions. This is simple to use with two-speed control to suit the cleaning task ahead of you, either high speed or high volume, for a wider distribution of air. This can deliver air flow speeds of up to 150km/h.

Customer review: "It's probably overkill for most domestic uses but if you have a large garden with a lot of plants that shed over winter then this is definitely for you."


  • Brushless motor
  • Batteries included


  • Only two speed settings

Do I need a backpack leaf blower?

This really depends on how much garden material you need to shift and how often. Backpack leaf blowers are ideal for covering large areas and thanks to their knapsack-style design, are comfortable to use for long periods.

If you only blow leaves off your patio on occasion in the autumn months, you can almost certainly get by with a more affordable and more lightweight, handheld version. Cordless leaf blowers are the ultimate in convenience, offering great manoeuvrability.

Do I go petrol- or battery-powered?

As a rule, petrol-powered leaf blowers are more powerful and offer longer runtimes than their battery-powered rivals. However, they are noisy and smelly, so that's the compromise you have to make. You also need to consider if you're confident enough to mix your own fuel and have somewhere safe to store it.

Battery-powered options are quieter and more eco-friendly though they be more expensive and generally offer shorter runtimes. You also have to plan ahead to ensure you've charged the batteries sufficiently.

What can I use a backpack leaf blower for?

There are many ways a backpack leaf blower can be helpful, aside from the obvious leaf management.

Leaf blowers can help gather grass trimmings into manageable piles, can do the same with light pruning trimmings, and can clear cars of debris from the likes of pine needles and similar.

If you have a garden shed, garage, workshop, or greenhouse, leaf blowers can make short work of clearing cobwebs and getting dust off the floor.

They can blow snow off cars, paths, and driveways. Leaf blowers can also help to dry cars and bikes after you've washed them, so you don't have to wait an age to get the car wax out.

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