Cottagecore garden ideas for a self-sufficient outdoor space

From furniture to flowers – here is the best inspiration for your cottage garden.

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by Piper Huxley |

Cottage is back! Well, did it really leave? If you have a penchant for rustic décor, foraging and growing your own tea, you may already be living a cottagecore life – and you didn’t even realise it.

If you didn’t know: Cottagecore is a fashion aesthetic popularised by teenagers and young adults celebrating an idealised rural life. But, why? Well, not only is it a form of escapism and nostalgia for a lot of people, but it seems to be a reactionary movement against modern life. But, essentially, it’s just a deep appreciation of the outdoors.

Another big part of cottagecore is the philosophy of self-sufficiency. Often, you will see people growing their own food, encouraging permacultural farming practices and investing in second hand, vintage or upcycled furniture. Cottagecore encourages ecological mindfulness and an environmentally friendly lifestyle.

Because food always tastes better when you’ve grown it in your own garden. Plus, planting a good number of flowers at home can attract all kinds of amazing insects, including bees, who aid in promoting biodiversity, as well as increasing the pollination and yield of crops.

When it comes to getting cottagecore bits for your garden, you need to remember that simplicity is important and anything too modern is off the table. The cottage trend is all about pastoral life, only.

Fancy adopting a cottagecore garden but don’t know where to start? Modern Gardens has scoured the net and done all the research for you. We’ve found the best ideas for your self-sufficient cottagecore garden.

The best cottagecore ideas for your garden


Flowers come first, obviously, as a cottagecore garden isn't complete without them. To give your garden a vintage feel, our advice is to mix and match colours and species. Pair flowers with climbing roses, shrubs with peonies.

Here are some of our favourites:


The cottagecore lifestyle surrounds sustainability. So, we recommend planting your own little herb garden. Here are some seeds for you to get started.


If you fancy growing your own herbal tea, here are some starters for you. You can also check out our article on growing your own cuppa.

Pots & Planters

When it comes to pots and planters for a cottagecore garden, we’ve seen a lot of vintage terracotta and rustic galvanised metal planters. Here are our top picks.

Furniture & Decor

We've rounded together some cute, vintage-looking furniture and décor to help bring your cottagecore dreams to life.

Bird Baths & Boxes

Cottagecore's ethos focuses on nature and its beauty. With that, comes all creatures great and small. Let's give back to our little winged friends in the sky with some baths and boxes.

Stone Paths

When it comes to the cottagecore aesthetic, consider how effective a meandering pathway would look to help your eye – and feet – walk through the garden.

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