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Turbo Gas Weeder

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We're always on the lookout for tools and gadgets that can help us garden more sustainably, whether that's by saving water, recycling natural resources for self-sufficient gardens, or using products that don't damage the precious earth.

Luckily, Hozelock has a bunch of innovative products to help your garden flourish, and make garden tasks as easy and sustainable as possible. With half a century of horticultural expertise, their products are designed to help you get the most from your garden with solutions that are kind to the earth and its inhabitants, and help to enhance our beloved outdoor spaces.

We've picked out some of our favourite products from the Hozelock range to help make your gardening easy to manage and eco-friendly - the perfect package!

Make your own compost

Easy Mix Composter

Using compost is one of the key cornerstones of gardening – it enriches the soil, retains moisture, and with the new Hozelock EasyMix 2-in-1 Composter, making your own couldn’t be more straightforward!

This new tumbling composter allows you to easily recycle your kitchen and garden waste, producing compost in a speedy six to eight weeks thanks to the aeration and rotation that helps to accelerate the composting process.

It's made from 90% recycled plastic, the lockable lid prevents any pests and unpleasant smells, and you can roll the drum around the garden to distribute compost easily. The nutrient-rich compost liquid is collected under the drum and, thanks to the innovative click and spray applicator, it’s simple to connect to a hose.

Control watering

Select Controller Plus

Save time, water, and having to rely on friends and family while you’re away, with the Select Controller Plus. It’ll let you programme daily watering schedules for up to three times per day. There’s even a Rain Delay function to pause watering in line with the weather forecast, as well as a Water Now function to override the schedule for immediate watering. Pair with a Universal Kit, which contains all you need to create a bespoke micro irrigation network.

Make natural plant feed


BioMix lets you create eco-friendly, nutrient-rich liquid food. Just snip plants such as nettles or comfrey into the lidded tank, add water and the leaves will quickly decompose. Once broken down, the filter drains the liquid ready to be dispensed via the integrated tap.

Weed without chemicals

Turbo Gas Weeder

Say goodbye to garden weeds without resorting to chemicals with the Green Power Turbo Gas Weeder.

Using infrared technology, a ceramic plate (which sits within a safety shield) is heated to 800°C, causing a thermal shock to deprive the weed of its ability to photosynthesise. One treatment zaps most garden weeds, while tougher plants can be permanently controlled with a second treatment two weeks later. With a gas cartridge for cordless weeding, the large plate makes tidying driveways, patios, or gravel easy.

Water where it's needed

Micro Reel

This lightweight Micro Reel makes watering pots easy and means you can direct the water where it’s needed, rather than dousing the whole patio! Simply click the connector onto the tap and let the rotating drum unwind the hose as you walk.

You can water at any length by walking out the exact amount of hose required, or wind it off the reel for greater flexibility. The integrated handle makes rewinding the hose quick and easy. With a 10m hose included, it’s a great solution for watering a small garden space.

Use less water

Multi Spray Gun

The smooth flow control of the Multi Spray Gun with a soft-touch trigger means you can quickly change the amount of water being sprayed with the simple push or pull of a button using your thumb, reducing water usage by up to half. By selecting the pressure, you can choose the right amount of water for each task, whether that’s cleaning outdoor furniture or watering blooms. It’s comfy to hold too!

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