The best garden pods to buy in the UK

Treat yourself to a glazed globe and add style as well as garden shelter to your outdoor space.

Luxury Summerhouse Garden Pod

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Super chic and perfect for lounging, dining, and cosying up, garden pods are a near-instant way to gain invaluable extra living space and enjoy time in your garden too. Rounded and mostly made from tinted but transparent polycarbonate, these striking beauties are happy to take centre stage so you can relax inside, sheltered from the elements, while enjoying a 360-degree view of your gorgeous garden.

From snug dens to more generous oval designs to fit a party of 12, pods come in many sizes. The average pod takes up no more room than a typical circular patio table and chairs set and being largely transparent, can sit comfortably in the smallest of plots.

Because they don’t need to be stuck in a corner or banished to the end of your garden, there’s much more versatility when it comes to the perfect position for it. They’re also quicker, cheaper, and less hassle to install than building an extension, so they offer an easy solution to gain that extra living space we’re craving.

What is a garden pod?

The distinct, rounded shape of garden pods makes them a stunning feature in any outside space and, together with their pronounced timber ribs and futuristic covering of stainless steel and curved acrylic, they are impossible to ignore. Inside they provide a cosy and intimate spot where you can sit and, thanks to the glazed walls, enjoy an interrupted view of your surroundings.

These alfresco escapes come fully equipped with heating, lighting, and optional USB points, so they make a useful garden office as well as a quiet area to chill. Far more stylish than the average shed or garden studio, these gems also make the perfect place to gather and feast with friends. Inside, most feature curved built-in seating with a central table that can be removed or, sometimes, lowered to create a flat, upholstered lounging area.

The best garden pods for your outdoor space:

Farmer’s Cottage 7 Seater Rotating Garden Pod

Farmer’s Cottage 7 Seater Rotating Garden Pod
©John Lewis

Curvy walls in stainless steel and acrylic, enclosed by sleek timber ribs, make this compact pod a striking garden addition and home extension.

This pod can fit seven people and is crafted with curved walls in stainless steel and acrylic, bound by timber ribs, making this compact pod as eye-catching as it is functional. Plus, the front canopy shields you from the temperamental weather.

Dimensions: 2.2m x 2.4m, base diameter of 1.3 meters

Installation: Assembled by the supplier.

Farmer’s Cottage Oval Garden Pod

Farmer’s Cottage Oval Garden Pod
©John Lewis

This oval garden pod summer house is not only a striking architectural feature but will give you a panoramic view of your outdoor space.

Featuring an adjustable coffee-to-dining table, heater, electric socket, and lighting, this fully waterproof pod fits eight people.

Crafted from stainless steel, plastic, fabric, FSC-certified wood this outdoor capsule will keep you cosy and warm year long. Plus, you have a choice of upholstery colourways so you can match the hues to your garden style.

Dimensions: 2.2m x 2.9m x 2.4m, base diameter of 2.1m

Installation: The product will be delivered and assembled by the supplier.

Luxury Rotating Lounger Garden Pod

Cuckooland pod

This gorgeous garden building with different seats up to seven. The central table can be lowered to the same height as the seats to create a relaxing daybed.

This attractive garden building seats up to seven people and comes with a rotating lounger with a rechargeable light that provides eight-ten hours of light. It is made with a stainless steel roof to offer shade and reflect heat.

Dimensions: 250cm x 244cm x 140cm

Installation: A member of the installation team.

Other features: You can make personal modifications to your garden pod, including fabric and interior colours and upgrades.

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The Rotating Lounger

Ornate Garden pod
©Ornate Garden

This outdoor sanctuary seats eight people and can fit into the smallest of garden plots. It comes fitted with a front canopy for a tent-style entrance. The pod has ambient interior lighting so you can sit inside day and night.

The pod has the ability to rotate 360 degrees into the sun, shade or out of the breeze, and can fit up to eight guests into the smallest of garden spaces. It is produced with sustainable materials such as spruce timber arcs and stainless steel.

Dimensions: 250cm x 244cm x 244cm, base diameter 140cm

Installation: The fitting team will install the pod

Summerhouse Garden Pod - Medium

Limelace pod

This stylish and innovative pod is the perfect place to soak up some evening sun or can be doubled as an office room. The pod contains two sofas and can sit up to 10 guests.

It features an 80cm Lockable double-glazed single door entrance that ensures that your outdoor pod is secure and two 80cm slides up and over polycarbonate side windows for ample ventilation.

You can enjoy 360° panoramic views of the garden are provided by multiple tinted windows for a more spacious feel. In addition, all the materials used are fully waterproof, making the summerhouse a weather-proof capsule.

Dimensions: 230x298x298cm

Installation: Installed by the fitting team.

Luxury Summerhouse Garden Pod

Cuckooland pod

A great alternative to summer houses, this high-spec pod boasts two comfy sofas, heating, lighting, a dining table, a super-slick sliding door and a stainless steel roof.

It features a dining table and two sofas that will sit up to ten people. This large garden pod requires an area of 310 cm diameter to fit into your outdoor space.

Dimensions: 230cm x 299cm x 200cm

Installation: Installed by the fitting team.

Large Oval House

Ornate Garden pod

Need extra living space? This elongated pod has two seating areas, wide double doors and five upward sliding windows, making it a spacious and versatile room.

Crafted from sustainable spruce timber, this pod can offer you living space for up to 14 people.

Plus, it comes equipped with an ambient interior, coloured mood and LED lighting, electrical power, and Bluetooth facilities, making it both comfortable and versatile.

Dimensions: A base area of 360cm x 170cm is required to fit this pod on your plot and measures 220cm x 460cm x 240cm.

Installation: The fitting team will install the garden pod.

The Grande Deluxe Chic

Rotating pod
©Rotating pod

With locking French doors and two sliding windows, this design doubles as the perfect office pod. Roomy enough to fit 12, it boasts an adjustable table, heating, ambient lighting and USB slot.

Constructed with a stainless steel exterior that reflects heat and 16 laminated treated sustainable timber arcs, this is really a first-class garden pod.

Dimensions: It has a base area of 250cm in diameter, a. height of 260cm and a width of 380cm at the widest point.

Installation: The supplier will fit the deluxe pod.

Zapp Rotating Seater

Zapp pod

Whatever your style of garden, this elegant and timeless design will look right at home. With a luxurious, water-resistant interior and ambient lighting, it seats up to seven people.

Made from high-quality materials and crafted in the UK, the Igloo and Pod systems are made to the highest of industry standards. For more information or to make an enquiry on the Zapp Outdoor website.

Installation: The supplier's team will assemble the pod

The Wheel Bench Garden Shelter

The Wheel Bench Garden Shelter

Providing shade from the sun or shelter from the rain - this wheel bench garden shelter will allow you to enjoy your garden yet stay protected from the elements. It is ideally designed to be placed against a wall, fence or as a stand alone picnic bench.

This cylinder Wheel Bench is built with stainless steel, polycarbonate and timber and for extra comfort, seat pads are supplied in a choice of three different colours; charcoal, green and burgundy.

Dimensions: 218cm x 220cm x 135cm

Installation: The supplier's team will assemble the pod

Hypedome S Garden Pod Igloo

Igloo garden pod

If you are looking for something completely transparent this UV-protected, frameless yet robust igloo style pod will allow you to admire your garden year-round.

This outdoor pod can accommodate up to eight people seated or 12 people standing but for the most comfortable experience, the recommendation is six people seated at a round table.

If you need electricity inside the pod, just run a power cord under the frame for lighting, heating, computers, etc. If you require heating, then it is recommended you use a stand-alone electric heater.

Dimensions: 10 m2, Diameter: 3.6m, Height: 2.3m.

Installation: Self-assembly. It comes with a complete DIY Kit, including parts, tools, manuals, even a cleaning kit.

Budget alternatives to garden pods: summer houses

Forest Garden Forest Oakley Summerhouse

Outdoor sanctuary
Forest Garden Forest Oakley Summerhouse

View offer

This summer house contains many fantastic features such as glazed double doors, an overlapping board to encourage rain to run off and is completely watertight. The timber used for this 7 x 5 ft summer house has been pressure treated to give a 15-year guarantee against rot and fungal damage. This budget option is perfect for those that want to create and design their summer sanctuary at a lower cost.

Waltons 7 x 5 Bournemouth Wooden Summerhouse

7 x 5 Bournemouth Wooden Summerhouse

View offer

If you are looking to create a peaceful spot in the garden then this Waltons 7 x 5 Bournemouth Summerhouse could be the one for you. It comes with two fixed windows and double doors, and the glazing is made using strong and shatterproof styrene, a safer alternative to traditional glass glazing. The walls of this summerhouse are manufactured using 12mm Shiplap tongue and groove cladding. This method of construction is hard-wearing, robust and weather-resistant.

Dome 3.6m Geo Garden Dining Outdoor Igloo Pod

Dome 3.6m Geo Garden Dining Outdoor Igloo Pod

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If you love the idea of a garden pod but are not ready to invest, this garden dome can be a lovely addition to your outdoor space. Add fairy lights, furniture and other items inside and you have a lovely retreat to watch the stars in. It is portable, easy to move and seats up to 8 people or more people.

Waltons 7 x 7 Premier Corner Summerhouse

Waltons 7 x 7 Premier Corner Summerhouse

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Ideal for smaller gardens, this compact space-saving design will fit neatly in the corner of your outdoor space. It contains full-length styrene glazed windows and glazed French doors that look elegant and spacious.

Waltons 10 x 8 Helios Summerhouse

Waltons 10 x 8 Helios Summerhouse

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This contemporary and clean summerhouse will transform your garden into a country escape. The modern exterior and stylish roof design will spruce up your outdoor space, and the spacious interior makes for an idyllic place to relax. The outdoor building is crafted with styrene glazed windows and double doors make for a bright and airy space. Plus uou can customise your summer house with different paint, roof upgrades and more.

B&Q Shire Lumley Apex Shiplap Wooden Summerhouse

Garden escape
B&Q Shire Lumley Apex Shiplap Wooden Summer house

View offer

If you are looking for a DIY project, you can assemble your summer house, workshop or storage space to your liking. This 7 x 5 ft summer house is delivered with comprehensive fitting instructions and fixings provided to make your miniature dream home.

Shire Lumley Superior Wooden Garden Summerhouse

Practical and sturdy
Ryan Dyas Shire Lumley Summerhouse

View offer

Make the most of your outdoor space with a functional and stylish garden building. With glazed doors, FSC-approved timber, and a large canopy, this 6 x 6 ft summer house will be a welcome addition to any garden.

Wickes Shire Hampton Double Door Corner Summerhouse

Corner house
Wickes Shire Hampton Double Door Corner Summerhouse

View offer

Designed primarily for a corner location; this 7x7 ft summer house will sit snugly in your garden and make an attractive feature. All fixings and instructions included.

Things to consider when choosing garden pods

Perfectly formed garden structures

Garden pods come either as neat spheres or roomier oval designs. Smaller, round models will cosily seat up to six or seven people around a central table (once social distancing is no longer a worry) and start at around £7,000. They have an enclosed but transparent polycarbonate and stainless-steel shell, usually with a 60- to 90-degree opening for easy access.

Some of the more compact models have no closing door, so often have a small overhanging canopy that sits above the door and provides some protection from the occasional shower. To enclose them fully, many come with an outer canopy cover that clips over the front and features a full-length zip for access.

Rotating garden rooms

Some spherical designs sit on a rotating base, which is great when you fancy a change of scene, wish to escape the sun or a chilly breeze or just want to wow your garden guests. Rotating pods tend to seat around seven to eight people. Manually operated, they’re designed to turn 360 degrees by simply pushing on the external timber ribs.

Room for more

The larger pods are oval in shape and, due to their extra weight, are static. With enough space for up to 12 people, they feel super luxurious and add a real sense of occasion to any get-together. They also command more attention in the garden too. Available with closing doors, you can choose from conventional bifold, French-style doors or curved panels that slide neatly up and over the pod’s outer shell.

No-fuss features

As a large proportion of the pod’s shell is designed to be seen through but also beautifully curved, high quality UV-protected polycarbonate or acrylic sheets are the usual glazing choice. Tough and fully waterproof, the windows seamlessly flow around the curvy shape without the need for unnecessary joins and, of course, let rain simply run off too.

Choose either clear or bronze-tinted glazing, which will reduce the glare from the sun and add to the futuristic vibe. A stainless-steel roof helps to control the temperature by reflecting heat, while stainless-steel louvres above and below each window offer cooling ventilation. The temperature can be further controlled by warm air heaters and side-opening windows, available as upgrades on some models.

Simple installation

A level paved patio or area of concrete is the perfect base for a garden pod. It will need to be around 30cm deep and roughly 60cm wider on all sides than the base of the pod. Be sure to read the small print on the manufacturer’s product specifications as the base measurements of each design vary.

Then with all the groundwork in place, installing your garden pod is speedy, usually taking around four to five hours to complete, depending on its size and spec.

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