The best paddling pools to keep cool this summer

The best paddling pools are right here - but you'd best be quick!

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by Eleanor Weaver |

If the sun is shining and we're lucky enough to be hit with a heatwave in the UK, finding the best paddling pool is a must for keeping cool in the garden.

Easy to store and set up, it'll provide hours of fun for the kids, be a great way for pets to cool down, and for you to cool your feet as you sit in your lounger and bathe in the sun. It's way more affordable than a hot tub and an utter delight for kids and adults alike.

So, if you don't already have a paddling pool stored in your garden shed or garage, you're going to want to get yours pronto as soon as the hot weather hits!

Instead of waiting weeks for it to arrive when let's face it, the hot weather will have likely passed, you can get your paddling pool ASAP with next-day delivery as an Amazon Prime member.

We've rounded up our top picks of the best paddling pools on Amazon with super-fast delivery.

This is so you can have it set up in your garden in just a matter of days.

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The best paddling pools for delivery ASAP

This paddling pool is our top pick because it has it all! It's a great size, has easy storage, is sturdy and perfect for kids and dogs. Not only that, but it's available on next-day delivery! Plus, this pool doesn't need inflating. So, it isn't at risk of punctures and has a non-slip floor to prevent any slip-ups or accidents. Awesome.

Size: 160 x 30cm

Review: "Great pool. I use it for the child, although the dogs are also willing to enter it. Heavy and solid. The fabric is reliable. It does not require pumping so no risk of breaks. The pool is very big. In the summer it will serve as a swimming pool in the garden."

If you just need something to cool the kids (or dogs) off with, this small pool will suit you perfectly. It has an eco-friendly, scratch-resistant design and a thickened bottom with non-slip layering to help your little ones stay stable. It's not the biggest paddling pool, but it's easy to clean and store. This makes it a fab option if you're limited on space.

Size: 80 x 20cm

Review: "Great padding, pool, using for my 2 and 5-year-old. The sides hold well and it packs away small. Thank you."

This little multi-coloured paddling pool has soft inflatable sides and flooring perfect for keeping your kids comfy and stable. It'll keep young kids entertained for sure.

Some reviewers filled theirs with balls to double as a ball pool for extra fun!

Size: 114 x 25cm

Review: "Arrived quickly and easy to inflate - with a foot pump (schoolboy error - vital accessory!) Just the right size for my timid two-year-old granddaughter and we both loved the quilted bottom which was lovely to walk across. Can’t comment on its sturdiness, I’m afraid, as we didn’t have any athletic toddlers around to hurl themselves against the sides and test this factor, but it seems excellent value for money to me. Looking forward to another ladylike paddle this weekend with our lollies."

Imagine you're by the seaside with this seaside print paddling pool. Suitable for ages three and over, it comes with a repair kit should you ever need it. It'll compact well for storage and also has a valve at the bottom for it to be emptied easily, making pack-up and down less of a chore.

Size: 262 x 160 x 46cm

Review: "This paddling pool is fantastic. Rather big but great quality. Been used all summer long and no sign of wear. Good value as hopefully it will be up for another summer next year. Fun bright colours."

This paddling pool borders more on the edge of being a small swimming pool. But, this makes it great for kids and adults to enjoy together as a family. It's a best seller on Amazon and a really popular choice for cooling down in the garden. It needs to be set up on a solid, flat surface and will hold 886 litres of water. As it has the potential to be quite deep, children should be supervised at all times.

Size: 6ft x 20in

Review: "Good size for about 3 adults, 4 max. Easy to set up and made from good quality materials...would recommend this product. Would also advise a pool cover as it heats the pool when the sun's shining on it and protects from clumsy flies and bees landing in it."

If you're looking for a shaded baby pool for added sun protection, this sweet little pool will do the trick! It has a lovely padded bottom, a fun mushroom design, and will be perfect for kids aged one to three years old to splash about.

Size: 40 x 35in

Review: "It is one of the best things I bought for my son. It is of a very good size. My son just loved it. It is made up of very good quality. The colours are as good as is shown on the Amazon page. The colours are very bright and attractive. It is a very well-made and finished product, with no leaks, no faults. We used it quite a number of times. It is just fantastic. Definitely 5 stars for it."

This adorable panda pool is perfect for little ones aged one to three years due to its limited depth and is sure to keep them happy as they play. It even comes with a repair patch just in case.

Size: 46 x 35 x 5.5in

Review: "A lovely little splash pool and a nice size. Not very deep which suits me fine. Only given 4 stars because I would have liked a bit more padding on the bottom, but fine on grass or blanket. My baby loves it."

This fun and colourful paddling pool with a sea creature design has a vinyl bottom and rigid and durable walls, making it a great option for grass or patios. It's super easy to set up quickly, fab for last-minute sun chasing, and for taking out the faff.

Size: 48 x 10in

Review: "This was so perfect, and exactly what we were looking for, delivery was much faster than expected, it comes in a small box, you just roll it out, fill it up and away you go. My 18 month old LOVED it, spent the whole day in and out having fun. Also want to mention we haven't got grass in the garden so a blow-up pool wasn't an option. This was a perfect solution."

Top tips for padding pool safety

The kids are guaranteed to have hours of fun splish-splashing in the paddling pool with their toys, friends, and siblings. But before you let the fun commence, it's important to be clued up on the correct precautions to take to make sure little ones aren't in danger.


Above all else, you need to make sure young children are being supervised while using the paddling pool. It could take just one moment for a child to slip under the water and this could ultimately be fatal. If you need to step away, ask another adult to supervise or take your kids out of the pool to make sure you're taking no risks. You should also always make sure to empty the water immediately after use.


As a rule, 5-10cm of water should be more than enough to provide enough fun and to help kids cool off in the heat. Children can drown in the smallest depth of water so you should try to limit the depth to this to reduce the risk.


Even on the hottest of days, you should refrain from using just cold water from the hose. Just as you'd check the temperature of their food, drinks, and baths, always check the swimming pool isn't too cold before putting them in the water and safely add some buckets of hot water, with the kids at a distance, to help warm it up.

Similarly, you'd be surprised how much the sun can heat up the water too - be careful to check that the water isn't too warm towards the end of a sunny day and add some cold water if necessary.

Kids in paddling pool with dog
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Safety around the pool

With all the splashing and playing, the area around your paddling pool is likely to become very slippery. You should emphasise the importance of not running around (just like at the local swimming pool) and make sure they're careful getting in and out. If they are younger, you should put your children in and take them out of the pool to avoid accidents.

We'd also recommend keeping towels nearby and making sure the children are aware that the inside of the pool may be slippery too. Where possible, they should kneel rather than stand as they are more likely to potentially slip up on their feet.

Sun protection

Sun cream is essential for protecting your child's skin in sunny weather, even if the pool is under the cover of shade. They should wear ample sun protection, including a hat and loose clothing, like a baggy t-shirt if it's particularly sunny.

Insects and debris

If the UK is lucky enough to be enduring a hot spell, you may leave your pool out for a few days. Before your children get in, make sure to clear any bugs, twigs, or debris that could cause harm or offence. You can simply scoop them out using a net or a bucket.

If your paddling pool has been stored in the shed or garage and you're getting it out for the first time since last summer, you should give it a shake and hose it down to remove any dust, spider webs, or bugs before filling it up with water. No one likes to paddle with the bugs!

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