Garden shears to help you regain control of your outdoor space

Wave goodbye to untamed hedges and plants.

Garden shears trimming a hedge

by Angelica Daujotas |

Feel like your rusty old garden shears simply don't quite cut it anymore? We've got you covered with our selection of the best garden shears you can buy to help you tame that neglected greenery.

No gardener's tool kit is complete without a trusty set of shears, ready for pruning and making room for all new beautiful blooms. Trimming and cutting aren't just great for aesthetics or space-saving, plant health and growth are reliant on a bit of pruning.

Say hello to clean cuts and healthier hedges and plants than ever before with a great new set of garden shears.

What to consider when buying garden shears


First and foremost, you need to consider what you'll be using your new garden shears for. Some common uses for shears include:

• Cutting branches and stems

• Shaping and trimming hedges

• Cutting up garden waste for easier disposal

• Trimming flowers and plants for display and arrangements

• Trimming and edging lawns

Once you know what you need them for, you'll be able to determine what you need from the build of your shears.

The blade

Depending on what needs pruning in your garden, you'll need to look for a blade that's the right length and shape for the job. Long, flat blades are great for cutting hedges with speed, whilst a shorter curved blade is better for cutting with precision. If the latter is what you need, you'd be better off buying some garden secateurs.

You'll also need your blade to be strong enough to hack through those rogue branches and stems. Carbon steel blades are a great quality material to look for in your shears - it's robust, will retain its sharpness, and provide a smooth cut.

Couple using garden shears on hedge
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The handle

To be able to control the cutting shears with ease, you'll need the handles to be the appropriate length. Much like with the blade, shears with longer handles are ideal for trimming hedges and lawn for reach, whilst shorter handles give more control.

Other things you may want to consider are a lightweight handle that's easy to manoeuvre, reducing fatigue or arm ache, an angled handle optimised for hedge work, and ergonomic handles with non-slip, comfortable grips.


In order to deliver power and precision in one, many garden shears come with added features to make the task lightwork and enjoyable. Such features can include geared or telescopic mechanisms, rust resistance, shock absorption, and safety locks.

Shears vs. secateurs

Secateurs are commonly used for small tasks, like trimming plants and thin branches, whereas shears take on the bigger jobs.

Garden shears are like the secateurs' big brother, used for trimming hedges and cutting those hard-to-reach branches. It helps that shears are commonly long-handled and telescopic, making them great for reaching higher trees.

The best garden shears

Rusty and blunt blades be gone and get ready to meet your shiny new replacements. Check out our top picks of the best garden shears ready to help you get your greenery back in shape.

Lightweight aluminium telescopic handles, with shock absorber grips, these shears have won gold awards for their greatness.

Review: "Really sharp, strong feeling shears, the telescopic section runs smoothly and feels secure once locked in place. We have a lot of Beech hedging which needs to be kept under control."

Prune your garden with comfort and ease, with these precision shears from Davaon. The gearing mechanism allows you to achieve more with less force, making this pair ideal for prolonged tasks.

Review: "They arrived on time…nicely packaged...all in all I think these are the best shears I've ever had! Not too heavy, very sharp and efficient. I used them for over two hours and they still cut through the box hedging and I didn't even get shoulder ache, due to them being lighter than other models I've had in the past. Highly recommend!"

Everything you need to cut and prune in one very handy set! Great without compromising on quality, this set is an amazing bargain for brilliantly sharp and strong blades.

Includes: Telescopic anvil loppers, hedge shears and bypass secateurs.

Review: "Bought these when they were on offer and so far, I can honestly say I'm glad I bought them... From the quality feel of these, I suspect they'll last a good few years of average use. Easy to use and super sharp. Used to prune a large hedge, apple trees and other shrubs. Cut through the branches with ease including some which were the max size for the jaws."

If reliable trimming is what you're after, then these solid hedge shears are perfect. Carefully engineered for easy pruning, they keep hedges and bountiful bushes in shape.

Review: "I have been using these shears since they arrived, and they make all my cutting and trimming so easy. I've actually been using them to deadhead border plants to save bending and it's so much easier."

The perfect tool for trimming and shaping your shrubs, these durable and precision-cutting shears are exquisitely designed and simple to use.

Review: "Excellent hedge shears and just what I had been looking for. Very sharp with a good clean cut and, above all, lightweight and easy to handle (I am only 4'.10" with advanced Osteoporosis!) Very prompt delivery too would thoroughly recommend it!"

Cut easy and smooth with this set of shears, that allows for clean and precise cuts to benefit your plants' health.

Includes: 61cm hedge shears and 21cm pruning shears

Review: "Extremely sharp cutting edge on the shears, the blades are curved to provide a better cutting action. The secateurs are the best I've ever had, will cut through 1cm and bigger with ease with not much pressure on the handles. Both tools good quality and very sturdy. Will last a long time."

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