Alan Taylor-Jones


Alan Taylor-Jones is CAR magazine's New Cars Editor and since 2021, he's ensured the latest if not necessarily the greatest cars grace both online and paper pages. That has included putting writers on car launches and getting fresh metal into the office to ensure everyone on the team is well informed. He also loves putting tech to the test, including the latest garden gadgets, leaf blowers and vacuums.

While Alan’s day job is all about cars, he’s also an avid gardener. Having transformed the outside of his previous property from an overgrown mess to a multi-purpose cottage garden, he’s now getting stuck into an ex-pub garden.

This much larger space was in a state of disarray, with the last two years spent tidying it up and making it suitable for his young family. With much of the hard graft done, it’s now time to plant, maintain and enjoy.

He’s also a dedicated father to an infant son and magpie, with hobbies including collecting Hot Wheels (for his son, honest) and radio-controlled cars.

Follow Alan on Twitter @alantaylorjones and Instagram @alantaylorjones.