Best plant misters and water sprays for indoor plants

Keep indoor plants happy with a gentle spritz for glorious greenery.

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House plants thrive in humid conditions which is why a mister is a good investment. Central heating reduces moisture in the air but you can counteract this by giving your indoor foliage a spritz of water. Using a plant mister or water spray helps to keep plants hydrated and retain their attractive glossy sheen.

Most plants like a higher-than-average humidity. Common indoor plants such as ferns, philodendrons, and calatheas benefit from misting. With tropical plants, such as maranta, banana plants, and air plants, you can give them a more intense spray as they love the extra humidity. You can also use a plant spray to water delicate seedlings. But not every plant likes water on its leaves. Peace lilies and anthuriums dislike this form of hydration whilst cacti and succulents prefer dry air.

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Not to be confused with watering, the RHS advises that misting helps maintain humidity levels especially when the central heating is on. If you want to maintain good humidity for your plants, consider placing them in the bathroom or kitchen. Meanwhile, watering should be done when the soil surface feels dry and if the room is cool, plants won't need watering as often.

So if you've caught the house plant bug and want to keep your foliage luscious, we've compiled a list of the best plant misters and water sprays. We've taken care to include products that offer different features and come in at a range of price points, from budget to high-end options.

Best plant misters at a glance

Most versatile plant mister: TOVIA Automatic Electric Garden Sprayer - view on Amazon UK
Best decorative plant mister: Vintage Spray Bottle Glass Plant Mister - view on Amazon UK
Best for gifting: Green Glass Plant Mister - view on Oliver Bonas

Best plant misters and water sprays

Most versatile plant mister

On sale

TOVIA Automatic Electric Garden Sprayer
Price: £14.41 (was £19.99)


The TOVIA Automatic Electric Garden Sprayer sprays a wide range of mist or a straight jet spray


  • Range of spray intensities
  • Largest capacity


  • The charger is not included (USB)

Best decorative plant mister

On sale

Glass Plant Mister, Vintage Spray Bottle with Top Pump Fine Mist Garden Flower Sprayer
Price: £9.99


It seems these decorative plant misters are in every shop window display that features green


  • Vintage style
  • Wonderful choice of colours available


  • Some customers dislike the plastic nozzle

Best brass mister

On sale

Polished Solid Brass Water Mister Vintage Style
Price: £13.59 (was £16.99)


Treat yourself to a gorgeous vintage-style brass mister. Potentially this is intended more for


  • Makes a beautiful ornament as well as a practical mister


  • Tarnishes

Best ceramic mister


Ideal for style-conscious gardeners, we love the contemporary design of this ceramic plant mister


  • Stylish modern design
  • Easy to use and clean


  • Some found it a little flimsy

Best for gifting


Hydrate your houseplants with this green glass plant mister from Oliver Bonas. In a beautiful lime


  • Great quality
  • Stylish design
  • Gift boxing available


  • Suitable for indoor use only

Best plant mister for value

On sale

T4U Plastic Plant Mister
Price: £9.99


This reasonably-priced plant mister ticks all the boxes for being ergonomic, easy to use, and


  • Value for money
  • Large capacity


  • Doesn't work if it's tilted

Best bulk buy

Wedama Amber Glass Spray Bottle
Price: £68.43


These Wedama glass spray bottles come in a set of 16 and have a wide range of uses in addition to


  • Made of glass
  • Strong and durable spray mechanism


  • Have to buy in bulk

Best plant mister set


This is another plant mister that's fantastic for gifting, or if you're in the market for a cute


  • Great quality
  • Elegant design


  • The bundle is only available with this plant

Best eco-friendly plant mister


Whilst most plant misters could be described as eco-friendly as they're reusable, this durable


  • Eco-friendly
  • From a reputable plant retailer


  • Doesn't come with free shipping, so you may want to buy a houseplant while you're shopping!

Our verdict: Best plant misters and water sprays

The TOVIA Automatic Electric Garden Sprayer impresses with its thoughtful design that addresses the requirements of being comfortable to use and delivering a decent and variable spray. It has a powerful 2000mAh battery that gives five hours of continuous use. Unlike many water spray bottles that have issues with the nozzle, this product has a premium adjustable copper spout. This rotatable nozzle can switch between steady misting and a fine stream. If you love your houseplants and have several to maintain, then we recommend this product as a good investment.

What to look for in a plant mister or water spray

There are some features to look out for on plant misters; style, automation, adjustable water spray, and ease of use. Whether you want a jet or a puff of water depends on the nozzle. If you require multiple mist settings you should choose a plant mister that has an adjustable nozzle.

Some plant enthusiasts are choosing decorative water sprays to display alongside their plants. Copper, brass, and nickel misters that have traditional press plungers are popular for creating the vignette of a budding botanist.

Battery-powered misters keep plants hydrated automatically and they produce an ultra-fine continuous mist. A continuous spray is useful for misting multiple plants or a large area. Additionally, there are ergonomic water sprays that are comfortable to use and have a pump-style, air-pressurised misting action.


How do I create the perfect conditions for my houseplants?

Plants can suffer from abiotic stress which is caused by environmental issues, such as water, temperature, and humidity. In this video, James Wong and Kew Gardens expert Alberto Trinco take a look at the 'houseplants' in the Princess of Wales Conservatory and discuss how to keep indoor plants hydrated and happy.

It's not about recreating a tropical climate; just giving your houseplants a little bit of a spray and considering where to position them is enough to perk them up. And remember to focus the mister on the leaves, not the plant itself.

How else can I look after my houseplants?

Lynne Dibley from Dibley's Nurseries shares her top tips on the houseplant jobs to do now in our A Modern Garden magazine:

● Wipe shiny-leaved ficus, anthurium and hoya with a dampened cloth periodically to remove a build-up of dust.

● Check regularly for signs of pests or diseases. Aphids (greenfly) pierce the epidermis (outermost layer of skin)
to suck the plants’ sweet sap. The youngest growth on plants – the newest leaves and flower buds – have the
softest epidermis, so this is where aphids concentrate to feed. Wipe or pinch them off as you find them.

● Plants that are still growing and/or flowering will benefit from a fortnightly half-strength feed.

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