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This could be our favourite outdoor trend for 2024.

Outdoor baths

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If spending time in the garden brings unparalleled peace and joy, an outdoor bath may sit well in a sunny spot. They’re for whiling away the hours with a good book and a botanical cocktail. Move over hot tubs. A freestanding tub in the back garden may be the warmest outdoor trend we've come across. An hour in the hot tub and a few laps of your pool can do us the world of good. Time spent in water can be healing and, an outdoor soak is ideal for those of us who’d prefer to get away and immerse ourselves in nature.

Cold therapy tubs, similarly, have been used as a way to keep your mind, body and soul in tip-top shape – a radical (yet unconventional) act of self-care. Taking a bath in your garden may not be something you’ve considered for your wellness regime – but, the benefits of bathing (hot or cold) are innumerable. With an outdoor bath, we’re not talking about an inflatable hot tub, we’re talking about a stylish resin, concrete, wooden or metal freestanding tub made to brave the outdoors.

Best outdoor baths at a glance:

Best outdoor bath: Japanese Oak Wood Freestanding Bath – View at Homary
Best budget outdoor bath: Super Deep Double Ended Inset Bath – View at Better Bathrooms
Best outdoor bath for durability: Bespoke Crete Free Standing Cement Bath – View on Etsy

Dutch retailer Rizz states that the "boundaries between indoor and outdoor living are becoming more fluid than ever,” which could answer why outdoor bathrooms are trending. Making your outdoor space an extension of your living areas is growing in popularity, promoting “relaxation and leisure”; taking an al fresco bath can only help you de-stress at the end of a long day.

If you’re wondering how to build an outdoor bath, you have come to the right place. Much like Lay-Z-Spa hot tubs, an outdoor bath will change the way you relax. We have put forward our favourite picks, as well as some outdoor bath ideas and DIY tips in the FAQs. With a little luck, our advice will get you started. No matter the material or style, an outdoor bath could prove to be a hot new garden trend – a talking point for anyone who pops around for a cuppa on the patio.

Best outdoor bath

Best outdoor bath

Japanese Oak Wood Freestanding Bath
Price: £1,259.99 (was £2,500.99)

Convert this Japanese Oak Wood Freestanding Bath into an important part of your wellness regime. Ideal for any Japanese-style or cottagecore space, this oak tub is made for soaking, which can help you destress, as well as relieve you of aches and pains. Though it has no tap and may need to be varnished a little to ensure the weather, this has some potential.

Customer review: "The material of the bathtub feels very high quality and is easy to clean. I am very happy with my purchase."


  • Drainage and a step stool is included
  • Designed for free-standing installation
  • Spacious design accommodates one bather


  • May need to prepare it for outdoor use with varnish
  • No tap included for filling

Best copper outdoor bath

Handcrafted with precision, the Coppersmith Creations Copper Bathtub has a cascading base and luxurious finish that adds sophistication to any alfresco bathing experience. Made of durable 16-gauge copper, each tub is unique and evolves beautifully over time, perfect for outdoor use with minimal maintenance. Perfect for cottagecore or copper-coloured gardens, this tub is ideal for sitting in the sun.


  • Handmade and comes with a popular design and finish
  • Lacquered or hand-waxed for easy maintenance
  • Oxidisation causes the colour to evolve and become rustic


  • No customer reviews on Amazon

Best traditional outdoor bath

Transform your outdoor space into a luxurious oasis with the Milano Legend Traditional Roll Top Freestanding Bath. Hand-painted in the UK, its classic design and choice of colours create a stunning focal point - for any fans of a Bridgerton tea party. Crafted from durable Lucite acrylic, this bath offers indulgent comfort and elegance, perfect for outdoor relaxation.

Customer review: "Excellent product. we painted the outside to match our one-coloured wall in the bathroom, looks great."


  • Will bring class and Regency-era elegance to your space
  • This tub comes in a choice of classic colours and feet
  • Made from a rigid, durable and highly resistant acrylic


  • You will need to grab some bath taps

Best budget outdoor bath

Super Deep Double Ended Inset Bath
Price: £629.97 (was £679.97)

Experience the ultimate in outdoor relaxation with the Super Deep Double Ended Inset Bath! Perfect for alfresco bathing, its spacious design offers intimacy and personal space. Create your spa-like retreat in the comfort of your backyard, with the option to customise taps and tiles for a stylish finish.


  • Super deep tub to create that spa-like feel
  • A comfortable and relaxing build
  • Designed to be built around or tiled in


  • No customer review yet

Best outdoor bath for durability

Add some luxury to your outdoor oasis with the Bespoke Crete Free Standing Cement Bath from Bespoke Crete on Etsy. Handcrafted in Norfolk, UK, it boasts premium MicroCement technology, ensuring waterproof, heat, scratch, and stain resistance. With customisable finishes and colours, enjoy durability and style in your unique outdoor retreat. Unwind in luxury...


  • Fully waterproof, with heat and stain resistance
  • Durable and easy to clean for minimum maintenance
  • Made using reliable and locally sourced materials


  • No product-specific reviews

Best black outdoor bath

Modern Oval Freestanding Black Stone Japanese Soaking Bath
Price: £2,099.99 (was £3,599.99)

If you like an outdoor bath that is a little sleek and black in the garden, the Oval Freestanding Black Stone Japanese Soaking Bath by Homary - is a sleek and narrow tub perfect for outdoor alfresco bathing. Crafted for durability and strength, its ergonomic design and built-in seat offer ultimate comfort. With reversible drain placement and a corrosion-resistant finish, enjoy tranquil soaks in style.

Customer review: "Well made, stylish and unique! We have not yet used this sit tub, as it is for our new home, which is under construction. But, it appears to be well made, stylish and unique - exactly what I had hoped to find for our modern, yet eclectic home decor."


  • Constructed of stone resin for years of durability and strength
  • Soaking bathtub for a deep, full-body experience
  • Spacious design, with a drain and step stool, for support


  • May not suit all outdoor space aesthetics

Best stylish outdoor bath

Oblique Freestanding White Resin Japanese Soaking Bath
Price: £2,099.99 (was £3,339.99)

Crafted from durable stone resin, the Oblique Freestanding White Resin Japanese Soaking Bath has an ergonomic design, and the built-in seat offers ultimate comfort. With reversible drain placement and a corrosion-resistant finish, enjoy tranquil soaks in style! The Japanese Soak Bath's aesthetic is perfect for Japanese-style spaces - a sleek and slim tub, perfect for outdoor alfresco bathing.

Customer review: "Beautiful tub. I love my tub! I'm 5'3" and I can straighten my legs and sit very comfortably. The tub looks beautiful and the plumber had no issues getting it in. The tub is beautiful and fits into my small space. Cleaning has been easy - tub seems quality - no issues."


  • Features a relaxing internal seat for comfort
  • Deep bathtub, designed for full-body immersion
  • Constructed of stone resin for durability and strength


  • May require more water to fill compared to a standard tub

Best round outdoor bath

Round Freestanding Double Ended Bath
Price: £699.97 (was £948.97)

Make a statement in your outdoor oasis with the Batter Bathroom's Round Freestanding Double-Ended Bath. Crafted for luxury bathing, it's a generous size and comfortable soak to make a statement in any setting. Featuring a trendy matt white finish and built-in laser-cut overflow, it's durable, resistant to staining, chipping, and cracking, backed by a 5-year warranty. We have a good feeling about this one...


  • Adds luxury and makes a statement in your garden
  • Material is resistant to staining, chipping, and cracking
  • Complete with adjustable feet and laser-cut overflow


  • Not suitable to drill tap holes - external tap only

Best cold therapy tub

Polar Recovery Tub
Price: $149.99

If you'd prefer to take a cold plunge, this Polar Recovery Tub is made specifically for your cold water practices. They are easy to clean and require minimal maintenance - just change the water every ten days or as preferred. Unlike inflatable tubs, these portable ice baths are built with the highest quality materials to ensure longevity, and they also come with a protective lid to make maintenance easier and the water cleaner when you take a plunge. These tubs are suitable for people up to 6’7.

Customer review: "I’ve been thinking about getting an ice tub for ages, and I’m really glad I did. Great quality and is the perfect size for my garden. I’ve started using it in the mornings after workouts, and I feel so much better about it. It’s really helping with my recovery and sets me up for the day."


  • Made for cold plunges
  • High-quality product
  • With a protective cover


  • Not designed for peaceful warm baths

Best foldable bath tub

Or, consider this bath. The Foldable Freestanding Adult Bathtub does not need to be inflated and can keep water warm or cold with its lid-keep temperature. It's easy to install, store away and carry due to its foldable, portable design. As well as this, the leak-proof technology and anti-slip grip on the bottom of the bath make for a safe and comfortable tub where you can take part in your ice bath therapy.


  • Fantastic design
  • High-quality material
  • Foldable and portable


  • No customer review

Best outdoor bath mat

Your outdoor bathing experience has stepped up with this Rubberised Bamboo Bathroom Duckboard from John Lewis. It is made from natural bamboo, coated with rubber for durability, and adds a spa-like touch to alfresco bathing. Water-resistant and sustainable, this duckboard offers both style and practicality for your outdoor oasis. Just make sure to look after it...

Customer review: "Upgraded to a luxury wet room, so no place for soggy bath mats. This is perfect to stand on after a shower. Not slippery at all & dries quickly after use. Blends well with a minimalist look."


  • Coated with rubber for durability and water resistance
  • Lightweight, but strong for wet rooms and outdoors
  • Adds a comforting spa-style look to your alfresco bathroom


  • Make sure to store this away and dry it after use

Verdict: Which is the best?

Our favourite bath is the Japanese Oak Wood Freestanding Bath for a serene soak outdoors.

How do I install a bathtub outdoors?

It's safe to say, an outdoor tub can be quite pricey - an investment on the luxury end. Many of us may underestimate the costs of a landscaping project such as this. If you're not looking to take the plunge in an invigorating, but healing, cold therapy bath - you'll need hot water. Plumbing costs will vary, but it works out easier (and cheaper) if you place the bath closer to home and, therefore, your water supply.

If you opt for cold baths and no plumbing, you will need to DIY drainage. The easiest (and most eco-friendly) method to drain an outdoor bath is to let your bathwater seep directly into your lawn. Just don't use any strong products that could harm your precious bedding plants and garden wildlife.

Ideally, you'd like to have your bath in a space that offers some privacy. Greener Spaces, Better Places says that airflow is important, and it's best to prop baths up with "bricks to create stable feet for the tub." Some of our picks above come with feet mounting, which can sit comfortably on paving and pebbles.

Don't forget to surround your chosen area with plants, cosy lighting and garden candles.

How do I heat water for an outdoor bath?

After consulting a plumber about the option to install your alfresco bath, you should have a good idea of which will work best. This could be influenced by your garden's terrain, your bath's chosen spot and its proximity to the house, the placement of your garden hose, access to your kitchen tap and your budget.

There is a lot to tap into, we know.

Budget-friendly options - come in the form of a hosepipe out of the window, ideal if your new garden accessory is close to your home. It involves a simple length of hose attached to your indoor kitchen or bathroom tap - which will, with patience, deliver a hot spa-like, open-air bathing experience.

Or, for a cold bath, use your garden hose - which is an easy, flexible and cost-effective choice.

Mid-range options - can involve hijacking your home's hot water supply for outdoor bathing. With the guidance of a plumber, you'll be able to find the best spot for a new set of outdoor taps, which can be connected to your indoor bathroom or kitchen supply - but, you will have to be close to home.

Our favourite outdoor-friendly tap is the S9 Mixer from Better Bathrooms.

The premium option - involves fixed plumbing, by hooking up to the permanent water lines. This is going to cost you, unfortunately. New and exposed pipes may not be part of your grand garden design. If you're planning to bathe far from your house, there will be a lot of plumbing to cover.

But, you can't deny, this is garden luxury.

Outdoor bath
©Getty Images/ Oleg Breslavtsev

How do I winterise an outdoor bath?

Winterising your hot tub is an integral part of hot tub maintenance. It protects your outdoor hot tub or swimming pool from damage caused by freezing temperatures and harsh weather conditions. But, are there any extra steps to take - to make sure your new freestanding garden bath survives winter? We've come up with some ideas below - to make sure your expensive plumbing remains intact:

Drain all the water you can, in as much of the equipment as possible - all valves and taps.

Removable accessories should be taken away to be dried and stored in a dry, indoor location.

Insulate exposed plumbing to prevent any freezing and bursting with sleeves or foam pipe wraps.

Consider adding anti-freeze to double-protect your new piping line - and ensure it's non-toxic.

Cover the bath with a weatherproof cover to protect your tub from the elements - and fasten.

Check drainage systems ensuring it's clear of any debris, blockages and obstructions.

Monitor regularly - throughout winter to ensure everything remains in good condition.

How do I keep an outdoor bath clean?

Just like you would a hot tub, scrub your bath often with sanitisers to maintain "its shine and provide you

with a bacteria-free bathing experience", says AcquaViva. Keep it covered when not in use, too.

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