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Hot tub accessories

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Hot tub accessories enhance the enjoyment of your garden spa, creating a personalised and even more luxurious experience. Installing a hot tub for your outdoor space or garden room is only the beginning of your home hydrotherapy adventure. There are essential spa accessories to purchase – such as a water testing kit and a hot tub cover. Or you can buy waterproof speakers, submersible lights and aromatherapy salts that will elevate your garden hot tub into a soothing sanctuary.

Imagine a lazy bank holiday weekend spent in your very own spa retreat at the bottom of the garden. You could opt to theme it as a tropical oasis or a cosy cabin hot tub. Choose décor and planting to create your secret garden spa haven, or if you're planning a summer of pool parties, stock up on outdoor glassware and decorations. Whether you looking to drift off in a pamper place just for you or create an enchanting hot tub experience for loved ones, be sure to stock up on all the essential accoutrements.

Best hot tub accessories at a glance

Best hot tub thermal blanket: Happy Hot Tubs Quality 7ft x 7ft Thermal Floating Spa Blanket – View on Amazon UK
Best hot tub spa steps: CosySpa Hot Tub & Spa Outdoor Steps – View on Amazon UK
Best hot tub floating LED lights: Bath Spa Floating Lights for Hot Tub – View on Amazon UK

The best hot tub brands, such as Lay-Z-Spa and Jacuzzi have their own ranges of both functional and therapeutic accessories. Get the tape measure out and check that an accessory fits and is compatible with your hot tub. For example, whilst there are universal spa steps, caddies and pillows, a hot tub cover or cover lifter may not be compatible with inflatable hot tubs and alternative brands.

A top tip is to buy a thermal blanket to insulate the water in your hot tub when it's not in use. This will save on energy by keeping the water hotter for longer. Finally, it's important to remember that bathing in nature is all about surrounding oneself with flora and fauna. Choose mood-enhancing plants such as scented Peppermint, Eucalyptus or Jasmine, which are all therapeutic in their own way. More on that further below.

Best hot tub accessories

Best hot tub thermal blanket

Happy Hot Tubs Quality 7ft x 7ft Thermal Floating Spa BlanketAmazon/Happy Hot Tubs

The Happy Hot Tubs Quality 7ft x 7ft Thermal Floating Spa Blanket saves up to 95 per cent on heat loss through evaporation. It's a must-have for hot tub owners as the innovative floating cover not only conserves heat effectively but also provides additional insulation and protects the hot tub from UV damage. It's straightforward to cut the thermal blanket to size and is a small investment to make in extending the lifespan of your hot tub.

Customer review: "Have had this product for four months and have noticed that the hot tub retains its heat much better uses less electricity and also warms up much quicker. It was really easy to cut to size and floats on top of the water – I use an inflatable heat retaining cover plus the insulated lid and have had no issues."


  • Amazon's Choice
  • Value for money
  • Effective


  • Take care to be accurate and safe when cutting this blanket to fit your hot tub

Best hot tub spa steps

CosySpa Hot Tub & Spa Outdoor StepsAmazon/CosySpa

An ideal addition to your garden spa setup. This two-step ladder is perfect for accessing your above-ground pool or hot tub. The CosySpa Hot Tub & Spa Outdoor Steps are compatible with all outdoor spas, including rigid plastic, wooden and inflatable hot tubs. The steps have an anti-slip foam surface for safety. Assembly is tool-free and quick. Additionally, its portability makes it suitable for various uses, including as a caravan step or mini stairs for holiday homes.

Customer review: "They just click together and are ready to use – good sturdy design.


  • Universal use
  • Safe and stable
  • Easy assembly
  • Anti-slip


  • Straight-sided, so there may be a gap if your hot tub is curved

Best hot tub floating LED lights

Bath Spa Lights Floating Light for Hot TubAmazon/DeeprBlu

These Bath Spa Floating Lights for Hot Tubs have 10 super bright RGB LED lights for vibrant colour changes. These waterproof starfish lights require no wiring or tools for installation. They float effortlessly above water, with eight light modes, including single colours and flashing effects to elevate your sensory experience. Rated IP68 waterproof, the lights are suitable for various settings such as pools, hot tubs and outdoor decorations. Installing and using them is a doddle – simply insert three AAA batteries, close the cover and press the button to enjoy mesmerising light shows. Create a magical ambience with these versatile lights.

Customer review: "These work amazingly. Nice and bright. I bought them over four months ago and they're still going strong. Not had to change the batteries yet and they get used three or four times a week for about an hour at a time. Love that you can change the colours and easy to use."


  • Amazon's Choice
  • Enhanced sensory experience
  • Multi-purpose
  • Waterproof


  • A customer comments that it's tightly screwed together, making it difficult to get to the batteries

Best hot tub cover lifter

Canadian Spa Hot Tub Cover LifterAmazon/Candian Spa

Simplify the process of lifting your hot tub cover with a Canadian Spa Hot Tub Cover Lifter. This apparatus makes cover removal and replacement a quick, one-handed task and minimises wear and tear. Made from sturdy aluminium alloy, it can be easily mounted to either side of your hot tub using brackets attached directly to the spa. Installation requires a flat surface that is a minimum area of 18 inches behind the hot tub. This cover lifter is suitable for hot tubs up to 96 inches in size. Additionally, it features a built-in towel holder for added convenience.

Customer review: "The lifter arrived quickly and was very easy to set up on the hot tub. I struggled to lift the lid off the hot tub so I just folded it half back, but now with this lifter I can do it easily in seconds and use whole tub. Extremely pleased with the quality of this item and would recommend."


  • Makes lifting a hot tub cover easy
  • Durable aluminium frame
  • Towel storage rack


  • Needs a clear 18-inch area behind the hot tub in order to store the cover

Best waterproof Bluetooth speaker

KingSom Portable Bluetooth Speakers with Colourful LightsAmazon/KingSom

Make it a pool party with the KingSom Bluetooth Pool Speaker. This speaker doubles as a colourful LED light with seven lighting themes and music-synced flashing modes. Enjoy incredible sound quality with booming bass and distortion-free audio. Also, it has a built-in microphone, so you can answer calls with it too. This speaker is 100 per cent waterproof and equipped with Bluetooth for wireless convenience.

Customer review: "This is an absolutely brilliant speaker. It’s so much bigger than I thought, the sound quality is great even in the hot tub and the lights are so bright that the entire tub looks like a disco."


  • Multi-purpose
  • Built-in microphone
  • Floating speaker


  • Difficult to hear over intense bubbles in a hot tub

Best hot tub spa tray or caddy

 INTEX PureSpa Inflatable Hot Tub TrayCurrys/INTEX

Enhance your relaxation experience with the INTEX PureSpa Inflatable Hot Tub Tray. This convenient tray securely attaches to the hot tub wall, keeping snacks and drinks close at hand. Enjoy the cosy glow of the integrated white LED light strip that's perfect for setting a soothing ambience. With a built-in stand for your tablet or mobile phone, you can easily enjoy entertainment while unwinding in your hot tub.


  • Convenient hot tub table-top
  • Lights up
  • Sturdy


  • No reviews

Best hot tub aromatherapy scents

Jacuzzi® Hot Tub Scents Aromatherapy SaltsOutdoor Living Hot Tubs/Jacuzzi

Enjoy a moonlit garden soak with Jacuzzi® Hot Tub Scents Aromatherapy Salts. Each 500g container offers individual scents like Ylang Ylang for calmness, Tea Tree for invigoration and Lavender for relaxation. Crafted from natural salt crystals infused with essential oils, simply dissolve in your hot tub water for a spa-like ambience and stress relief. Choose from a variety of scents to suit your mood and indulge in the soothing effects. Also, there's the option to subscribe and make it a regular treat.

Customer review: "This was the first aromatherapy scent we've used in our hot tub and it really made a difference to our enjoyment. My wife loved the fragrance and we're pleased that one bottle contains enough granules for several applications."


  • For added relaxation and stress relief
  • Six scents to choose from
  • Promotes wellbeing


  • Some customers comment that the scent doesn't last long

Best hot tub pillow

 STAR SPLASH Hot Tub Pillow Amazon/Star Splash
Price: $46.85

The STAR SPLASH Hot Tub Pillow is designed to elevate your comfort. This dense and supportive cushion provides a 5-inch boost, perfect for both kids and adults seeking added height in a hot tub. Crafted with durable materials and a secure weighting system, its ergonomic design ensures stability. Plus, the non-slip bottom eliminates the need for constant adjustments. Say goodbye to wet hair with elevated seating. Experience blissful relaxation and hassle-free comfort with this essential hot tub accessory.

Customer review: "I bought this for my mum who is 5’4” and cannot sit in the hot tub with head out of the water. Tried inflatable cushions but they don’t work. This is fantastic. It sinks and stays at the bottom and now she can enjoy the hot tub without sitting on her feet. Great quality and can wash the cover."


  • Multi-purpose
  • Fits all sorts of tubs, baths, spas and pools
  • High-strength composition so it retains its shape


  • A customer comments that the filling was sharp and coming through the cover

Best hot tub water testing kit

Jacuzzi® Hot Tub Chlorine Test StripsOutdoor Living Hot Tubs/Jacuzzi

Check the chlorine, pH and total alkalinity levels in your hot tub water with Jacuzzi® Hot Tub Chlorine Test Strips. These single dip test strips should be used daily to ensure the chlorine level is between 3-5ppm, the pH level is between 7.2 and 7.6, and the total alkalinity level is between 80-120ppm. The colour-coded scale gives you the results in just 15 seconds.

Customer review: "For the safety of you and your family, you must use these test strips to ensure the water balance is right. The readings appear clear and accurate and when the results of the test strips are right, not surprisingly, your water is crystal clear and more importantly safe to use. A must have."


  • Easy to use
  • Subscribe option so you don't forget to order more
  • Accurate


  • Need to use daily

Best hot tub vacuum

Happy Hot Tubs Rechargeable Electric VacuumAmazon/Happy Hot Tubs

Remove grit, sand and debris from the bottom of your hot tub with ease using the Happy Hot Tubs Rechargeable Electric Vacuum. There are four brush head configurations to tackle different types of debris, and the vacuum has a 60-minute run time when fully charged. It has a telescopic pole to reach into the corners of your hot tub or pool. This vacuum can be used on inflatable hot tubs too.

Customer review: "A pool hoover that actually works! Super easy assembly. Took, literally a couple of minutes. It is easy to use, the brushes scrub up well, battery has lasted each time and to clean the filter takes moments. You know it's fun if everyone wants to help."


  • Easy to use
  • Best-selling hot tub vacuum
  • Effective


  • A customer comments that their product broke soon after purchase

What accessories are essential for a hot tub?

Essential hot tub accessories help you maintain your hot tub and ensure safety and cleanliness. The following items are necessary for proper maintenance, safety and comfort in your outdoor spa.

A durable spa cover is essential for maintaining water temperature, keeping debris out and ensuring safety when the hot tub is not in use. It also protects your hot tub from UV rays and harsh weather.

Spa steps provide a safe way to enter and exit the hot tub, especially if it's raised off the ground.

Water care products such as chemicals like chlorine or bromine, pH balancers and water clarifiers keep your hot tub water clean, clear and safe for use.

A water testing kit allows you to regularly monitor and maintain the chemical balance of your hot tub water. This is also a must-have item if you have a built-in swimming pool.

Replaceable hot tub filters trap debris and keep the water clean. It's essential to clean or replace these regularly.

Cleaning supplies such as brushes, sponges and mild cleaners maintain the hot tub shell and surrounding area.

A cover lifter makes it easier to remove and replace the hot tub cover.

A spa vacuum or skimmer net for removing debris, leaves and other foreign objects from the water. Additionally, you can use these to clean paddling pools and swimming pools too.

A thermal blanket helps retain heat and reduce energy costs by covering the hot tub when it's not in use.

What fun accessories can I get for a hot tub?

Enhance your enjoyment and relaxation in the hot tub with hot tub accessories that heighten the sensory and hydrotherapy experience. After all, taking time to be in nature shouldn't be a chore.

Waterproof Bluetooth speakers allow you to enjoy music or podcasts while relaxing in the hot tub.

Spa pillows provide extra comfort and support for your head and neck while lounging in the hot tub.

Aromatherapy scents add fragrance to the water for a more relaxing experience.

LED lights create ambiance and enhance the visual appeal of your hot tub and outdoor spa area.

A spa tray or caddy keeps drinks, snacks and other essentials within reach while you soak.

What should I plant near my hot tub to improve my well-being?

Plants are essential accessories to improve your spa experience too. Consider planting a combination of aromatic and mood-enhancing shrubs and ornamental grasses in the vicinity of your hot tub. Drift off and relax in luxury, surrounded by nature.

Lavender is known for its calming scent; it can help reduce stress and promote relaxation.

Enjoy the deliciously calming scent of vanilla from Sarcococca confusa, an evergreen shrub that's covered in tiny white flowers.

A Rosemary bush has a stress-reducing aroma. Run your hands along the leaves to release its scent. This aromatic herb can uplift your mood and improve mental clarity.

Create a soothing soundscape around your hot tub with ornamental grasses, such as Carex oshimensis.

The refreshing aroma of Peppermint will invigorate your senses and promote mental clarity while you unwind in a starry night soak.

Placing a Eucalyptus plant nearby can help to ease respiratory congestion and promote deep breathing, contributing to a more rejuvenating hot tub experience.

Known for its sweet fragrance, Jasmine can uplift your mood and create a more serene atmosphere, enhancing the overall ambiance of your paradise hot tub.

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