Best outdoor wooden benches for shared garden seating

A classic and timeless seating solution.

Best outdoor wooden bench

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The best outdoor wooden bench is a practical and attractive item of garden furniture that can improve any outdoor space. Whether you've got a courtyard, a compact plot, or a large garden, adding some bench seating is recommended for anyone with the space to increase their garden seating options.

While there are many other great garden benches available crafted from alternative materials, we like the traditional look a classic wooden bench offers. We're fans of their durability and appreciate the convenience of not having to drag them into the garden shed when the weather turns wet. Although you will have to give your wooden bench an annual treatment to keep them weatherproof, a good quality, well-looked-after wooden bench can last for years.

Best outdoor wooden benches at a glance:

Best traditional outdoor wooden bench: Kingfisher Three Seater Hardwood Garden Patio Bench - View on Amazon UK
Best designer outdoor wooden bench: Crocus Mkaa Lutyens-Style Three Seater Bench - View on Crocus
Best outdoor wooden bench with storage: AIRWAVE Darcy Wooden Two Seater Outdoor Garden Bench - View on Amazon UK

There are a wide range of different styles of outdoor wooden benches available. We're featuring benches with built-in garden storage, with planters attached, integrated tables, and those that will simply look fabulous in your garden. Take a seat and look through our superb selection of the best outdoor wooden benches currently available.

Best outdoor wooden benches for your outside space

Best traditional outdoor wooden bench

Kingfisher bench Kingfisher/Amazon

This Kingfisher choice is so classic with clean, elegant lines that it would suit any style of garden. It's made from hardwood that's been given a handsome oak wood finish. It's also been given weather treatment to make it more hardy in all kinds of weather. This measures 149cm wide and comes complete with the brass fittings you need to assemble it.

Customer review: "Once put together was easy to move, putting it together was easy. Seems sturdy enough. Comfy enough for a wooden bench! With cushions, will be ideal. Looks good, finish is good, no splinters, am considering getting another one."


  • Brass fittings
  • Weather-treated hardwood


  • Be careful with assembly - overtightening the bolts could split the wood
Dimensions:68D x 149W x 95H centimetres
Assembly required:Yes
Seating capacity: 3

Best designer outdoor wooden bench

Crocus bench Crocus

Considered to be an iconic design, the Lutyens bench was created by British architect Sir Edwin Lutyens for the grounds of his country estate. This bench is inspired by the original and offers a grand design with a high back and scrolled armrests. This is made of durable, weather-resistant FSC-certified eucalyptus and has a sophisticated charcoal grey finish.


  • Handsome design
  • FSC-certified eucalyptus


  • Surface cracking is possible
Dimensions:L165 x W65 x H105 centimetres
Material: Eucalyptus
Assembly required:Part-assembled
Seating capacity: 3

Best outdoor wooden bench with a built-in table

Deuba bench Deuba/Amazon

We love the concept of Deuba's garden bench with its integrated, foldable table. This is great as a space-saving solution if you don't have room for an outdoor coffee table, but even if you do, having your drinks, snacks, book, or phone within such close reaching distance is so convenient. If you fold the table down, this will seat three. It measures 153cm wide and is made of FSC-certified eucalyptus.

Customer review: "The garden bench is excellent. Easy to put together, sturdy. The table in the middle is very handy if there's only two people seated, or can be a third seat if necessary. Very pleased with the product."


  • Folding table
  • Warm finish


  • Will require oiling
Dimensions:57D x 153W x 90H centimetres
Material: Eucalyptus
Assembly required:Yes
Seating capacity: 3, with table folded down

Best decorative outdoor wooden bench

Home Discount bench Home Discount/Amazon

If you prefer everything in your outside space to offer a decorative element, consider this beautiful bench. The seat is made from practical solid pine slats, but the focal point is that stunning backrest. It's made of iron and features a glorious rose-themed design. The backrest is complimented by the elegant iron side panels with scroll detail.

Customer review: "I bought this for my garden for the purpose of people to sit on and not just for looking at. It is strong and comfortably sits two adults on it. The wood comes pre-treated but looks a little flat so I suggest re-staining it. I did and it looks great. It was easy to put together and design looks amazing. I have had lots of nice compliments on it."


  • Decorative panel
  • Durable, iron side panels


  • Heavyweight
Dimensions:H 74 x W 123 x D 53 centimetres
Material: Pine, iron
Assembly required:Yes
Seating capacity: 3

Best outdoor wooden bench with storage


This 'Darcy' outdoor wooden bench is an eminently practical choice, especially for smaller gardens, offering a generously proportioned storage compartment under the seat. This would be a great place to store outdoor toys, smaller garden tools, or even the cushions you buy for the bench. You simply lift the seat to access the space. This seats two comfortably.

Customer review: "Easy to assembly, built two in less than one hour, sturdy construction with useful storage area. Can't answer how weatherproof they are as they have only been outside for a week or so, but they have weathered a heavy frost and the wood has been treated."


  • Storage compartment
  • Pressure-treated


  • Can be tricky to assemble
Dimensions:24.2D x 45.1W x 33.5H centimetres
Material: Chinese fir wood
Assembly required:Yes
Seating capacity: 2

Best rustic outdoor wooden bench

Outsunny bench Outsunny/Amazon

Outsunny brings some quirky design with this very rustic, wagon-wheel-inspired offering. Those wheels will be a talking point with visitors to your garden, but they double as armrests. This has a slatted design for water runoff and a comfortable high back. We're featuring this bench in a brown finish as that's the wood look we're aiming for, but this does also come in grey.

Customer review: "It's not a very big bench but you can easy fit two people on. The wheels on the side make it really stand out. Everyone who has seen it loves the big wheels on either side. This also is worth the money and really makes your garden stand out."


  • Fun wheel detail
  • Slatted design


  • Maximum load 250 kilograms
Dimensions:59D x 105.5W x 75H centimetres
Material: Fir
Assembly required:Yes
Seating capacity: 2

Best outdoor wooden bench with planters

Furinno bench Furinno/Amazon

Rrp: $89.99

Price: $79.99

If you just want to create a spot to perch and admire your garden or take a brief break from outdoor tasks, this backless bench will offer you the perfect place to do so. You can also admire whatever it is you put in the two integrated planters. This is made of dark red Meranti wood. Meranti is notable for not warping or twisting, hence its use for outdoor furniture.

Customer review: "Really nice little set. It's hard wood and quite heavy and solid. Really easy to put together and just a few self-cutting screws to slot the whole thing together. The finish is smooth and the panels are solid. Of all the garden purchases I've made this year, this is one of the best value I've made. Would heartily recommend."


  • Space-saving design
  • Teak oil finish


  • Backless
Dimensions:40.1D x 40.1W x 45.5H centimetres
Material: Meranti 
Assembly required:Yes
Seating capacity: 2

Where should I place my outdoor wooden bench?

Apart from the obvious - on stable, even ground where all the legs can touch the floor - anywhere that suits you and your space. Sun worshippers may want to find the brightest place possible, while others may prefer a restful, shady spot.

If you're going down the shady route, it's advisable not to place a bench under trees that drip sap, such as willows or poplars, as you'll forever be wiping the stuff up. You may also want to consider an area that birds don't often perch over - for obvious reasons.

What's the best wood for a garden bench?

Acacia is a popular choice thanks to its dense and durable qualities. It is resistant to water, rot, and pests.

Cedar is strong and great for the UK climate as it won't swell or warp in wet weather.

Eucalyptus has a high natural oil content, making it rot- and decay-resistant. It has a high weight-to-strength ratio.

Oak is a native hardwood that's naturally resilient. It has an attractive finish and can handle daily wear and tear.

Pine is not as naturally durable and weatherproof as alternatives, but if it's properly pressure-treated it should last a good few years.

Teak is one of the most popular woods for high-end garden furniture. It's dense, weather-resistant, and turns a lovely silvery colour over time.

How do I care for my wooden bench?

Most wooden garden benches will have already been given some kind of weather-resistant treatment, but this will need refreshing to keep your furniture in good condition. There are a few different options for you to consider.

A varnish suitable for outside use, often called yacht varnish, will give your bench's surface robust protection and let the natural wood finish of your furniture be seen. A wood stain offers similar protection but soaks into the wood and comes in a wide range of wood-themed colours to freshen up your bench's natural good looks.

Oils can also be applied to wooden garden furniture. They help to replace natural oils lost from exposure to the sun. Popular oils are boiled linseed and teak. They are messier to apply than varnishes and, depending on which you opt for, can take up to 24 hours to dry, so not a great choice if you're imminently planning a BBQ.

Alternatively, if you're bored of your outdoor bench's wooden finish, there's always the option to embark on a mini-painting project. A good quality shed or fence paint is perfect for garden benches, and there are many exciting colour options available.

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