The best cantilever parasol to keep you shaded in 2024

There's nothing shady about these stylish parasols for your garden.

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The best cantilever parasol can help you make the most of life outdoors. Such garden furniture is the best way to entice you to spend more time in your outdoor space. You can make it as comfortable as possible with a cantilever parasol - easy to move so you can shelter from UV rays and stunning to look at too. There's the option to choose from curving sidearms and contemporary square shades to ones with lights included.

Also known as an overhang or banana parasol, these versatile sunshades provide fantastic coverage and a generous amount of uninterrupted shade. So whether you're dining al fresco, kicking back on a sun lounger, laying in a hammock, enjoying a chat, or a lovely summery gin cocktail, there's plenty of space for you and your guests to relax and spread out. Available in a range of colours and prices, there’s bound to be a design here that's perfect for your patio.

Best cantilever parasols at a glance:

Best overall: 3-Metre Cantilever Hanging Parasol – View on Very
• Best value cantilever parasol: Charles Bentley 3-Metre Cantilever Parasol – View on Amazon UK
Best cantilever parasol for entertaining: KETTLER 3.5-Metre Freestanding Arm LED Light & Wireless Speaker Parasol – View on John Lewis

The key difference between a cantilever parasol and any other garden parasol is that the pole stands at the side and not directly in the middle. This means you get even more space beneath to shade or place your garden furniture. You don’t need to worry about a pesky pole ruining your view of the garden, find furniture with a pole hole equipped, or have to peer around to chat with family and friends.

Not only that, but cantilever parasols offer the most adjustable sun protection and stability for all weather conditions. Most can rotate between 270 to 360 degrees, be tilted to shield from UV at any angle and be easily height-adjusted with the crank-lift handle. The beauty of this is that you can leave the base in its original spot, saving on the back-breaking lugging required with a traditional garden umbrella. Most cantilever parasols come up larger in size, too, typically measuring between 2.5 to 4 metres, great for large gardens or if you’re looking to shade a larger area for outdoor dining.

Best cantilever parasols for your outside space

Best cantilever parasol overall

3m Cantilever Hanging ParasolVery

Get minimalist vibes with this stylish three-metre Cantilever Hanging Parasol from Very described by reviewers as looking more expensive than it is. With a black steel frame to match your hairpin-style garden furniture, this is a chic yet robust outdoor umbrella. The design incorporates a vent in the canopy to cater for any gusts of wind. Once in position, with weights added to the base - and reviewers recommend classic sandbags - this sturdy yet stylish cantilever hanging parasol won't be going anywhere.


  • Good value
  • Robust steel frame
  • Easy to assemble


  • A little top-heavy, so needs weighting at the base

Best value cantilever parasol

Charles Bentley 3.5m Cantilever ParasolCharles Bentley/Amazon

Ideal to put over a BBQ or a table and chairs set to protect from the sun or rain, this Charles Bentley 3.5-Metre Cantilever Parasol has a highly durable, water-resistant, and corrosion-resistant construction. With an extra-large canopy, this parasol is stylish and freestanding, requiring a weight on the bottom to hold weight securely. Highly versatile, the umbrella can be positioned over a hot tub or large outdoor dining set with reviewers happy it puts all their garden furniture into the shade.


  • Easy to use
  • Durable materials


  • No cover included

Best square cantilever parasol

Challenger Dual Tilt Easy Adjustable Cantilever ParasolLa Redoute

This Challenger Dual Tilt Easy Adjustable Cantilever Parasol from So'Home definitely has a luxe feel with the square-shaped canopy and integrated, wireless lighting in the ribs of the parasol that can shine both upwards and downwards. It can rotate 360 degrees and can be tilted forwards, backwards, and sideways for all-day sun protection with the help of the cast aluminium crank to open and close too. It's reportedly only compatible with the So'Home Parasol Bases, so it's worth keeping that in mind.


  • It can rotate 360 degrees
  • Aluminium crank


  • Need to buy a So'Home base

Best parasol for customisation

If you're after just the right parasol to suit your outdoor space, VOUNOT on Amazon gives you plenty of choices. Choose between a rounded or hexagonal canopy. Take your pick from five colour options including a less common red and green. Each VOUNOT Cantilever Garden Parasol includes a crank handle mechanism for easy opening and closing, top vents and parasol cover. It also has adjustable tilt and a large three-metre water-repellent canopy that'll keep you protected from UV rays and, according to one happy customer, from any neighbour's view.


  • 3-metre canopy span
  • Five colour variations


  • Weighs 11.5 kilograms

Best cantilever parasol for entertaining

KETTLER 3.5m Freestanding Arm LED Light & Wireless Speaker ParasolKettler/John Lewis

Keep your garden or patio party going from day to night with the KETTLER 3.5-Metre Freestanding LED Light and Wireless Speaker Parasol that comes with a Bluetooth-enabled wireless speaker. This means you can play music from your phone and control the glowing solar-powered LED lights, something reviewers love for entertaining. It's made with a durable, lightweight, rust-proof aluminium pole and a shower-resistant canopy offering UV50+ sun protection. You can stay cool and covered from every angle with 270-degree free-arm rotation.


  • Bluetooth connection
  • Wireless speaker
  • LED lights fitted
  • UV50+ sun protection


  • Base is very heavy so might be difficult to move when needed

Best 2.5-metre cantilever parasol

Argos Home 2.5m Overhanging Garden ParasolArgos

For a slightly smaller canopy, look no further than the Argos Home 2.5-Metre Overhanging Garden Parasol, that'll provide the perfect shady spot in your garden. As well as looking incredibly stylish in black, it's easy to put up and alter the height with the smooth crank mechanism. Don't worry; it's still large enough to fit over your garden table, lounger, or even hot tub. One reviewer is happy with this parasol's performance come rain or shine, and recommends spending a little extra on Argos' heavy-duty cover.


  • Good value for money
  • Good canopy span


  • Only available in black

Best large rotating cantilever parasol

Argos Home Rotating Overhanging Garden ParasolArgos

This cantilever parasol is much like the 2.5-Metre Overhanging Garden Parasol in the Argos Home range, just with some added benefits. As well as having a larger three-metre canopy, this Argos Home Rotating Overhanging Garden Parasol can rotate in a full circle around the pole. As the sun moves around the garden, you can easily direct the shade to where you need it most. Reviewers comment on how sturdy the construction of this parasol feels. It's easy to put together and comes in a beautiful cream colour.


  • Larger 3-metre canopy
  • 360 rotation


  • Some reviewers felt the colour is more of a beige than a cream

Best grey cantilever parasol

Airwave 3m Banana Hanging Parasol (base not included)Airwave/Robert Dyas

Keep yourself shaded from the sun with this Airwave 3-Metre Banana Hanging Parasol from Robert Dyas. In a gorgeous, elegant grey, this parasol can be used as a freestanding parasol using a weighted base to keep the parasol in place. It features an easy-to-operate crank, which will help you to adjust the canopy position when required, something reviewers appreciate as they can move this parasol around their garden as the sun's position changes throughout the day.


  • Easy to operate with a crank
  • 3-metre canopy


  • Base not included

How we chose the best cantilever parasol

All of these cantilever parasols have been hand-selected by our team of Modern Gardens shopping experts. We carefully considered features, size and value in our selection of the best. Our team has spent hours investigating and researching cantilever parasols to make it easier for you to find the very best, and we'd never recommend a product we don't believe in.

Where possible, we also test and share the latest and best products you should know about. And, with help from Modern Gardens Magazine, Garden News and Garden Answers, we share expert gardening knowledge to help you get the most from your product.


How do I choose a cantilever parasol for my garden?

Location - The benefit of a cantilever parasol’s pole is that it can be positioned pretty much anywhere in your garden. However, you’ll need to be wary that the space can accommodate the full span of the opened canopy. Bear in mind, that all cantilever umbrellas tilt, so you need to ensure it has the "headroom" to do so. If it’s a tight space, you may need to consider a freestanding parasol instead that comes available in smaller sizes.

Size - You may want to choose a size that accommodates your outside dining table. 2.5-3m cantilever parasols can fit six-seater dining sets beneath, while those larger can fit up to eight-seater dining sets.

Design - The design of your parasol is completely up to you and your garden aesthetic. You can find cantilever parasols in a range of colours and some with integrated lights and speakers. Perfect for outdoor entertaining or dining out on warm summer evenings.

Material - As well as looking good, your parasol canopy needs to be functional too. Besides being showerproof, all umbrella fabrics have a UPF Rating (Ultraviolet Protection Factor). This indicates how effective they are at blocking the sun’s UV rays. A rating of UPF50+ equates to 98% of UV rays being blocked, while UPF30 indicates a success rating of 96.7%.

Patio with garden furniture and parasol

Are cantilever parasols safe?

Yes, cantilever parasols are perfectly safe. However, you need a well-weighted base in place to keep the side support system stable. Compared to standard parasols, cantilever parasols are more wind-sensitive and require a heavier base to counterbalance the canopy when open. You'll know when it's too windy to use a cantilever umbrella and it's time to put it down, as the umbrella will be moving wildly.

How heavy should a cantilever parasol base be?

Compared to standard parasols, cantilever parasols require a heavier base to counterbalance the canopy when open. Generally, a 3m cantilever parasol canopy requires a 70-80kg base, and a 3.5m canopy requires a 100kg base. Getting a correctly weighted base is the only way to stop a cantilever parasol from falling over.

Fortunately, most garden parasols will fit any parasol base. However, the base will need to be large enough to keep the parasol secure and provide the correct weight for stability. Not all cantilever parasols come with a base, you need to shop for one separately.

Can you leave cantilever umbrella out in winter?

We would not advise doing so. We'd recommend investing in a cover (if your umbrella didn't come complete with one) for occasional use in the more clement months. These can shield from rain and keep your parasol protected from wind gusts. However, in winter such a cover will not suffice. Get that parasol straight in your garden shed!

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