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Give appreciation a whirl with a kinetic sculpture for the garden.

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The best garden wind spinners spark new ideas and encourage upbeat feelings. This form of garden décor has its origins in Chinese culture and mid-century modern art. Kinetic art is epitomised by Alexander Calder's mobiles and like so many design ideas of the 20th-Century, has found its way into our everyday lives and our gardens. Taking the tubular steel furniture of the Bauhaus movement as a case-in-point, it may be almost 100 years old but would look en pointe in any modern garden.

Three-dimensional sculpture can be inexpensive and yet provide dramatic op art against the backdrop of your garden. Pair a mesmerising mandala with morphing movement in front of a garden mirror for a focus to meditate on. Or get your zenergy back with a lawn full of colourful windmills. Essentially a wind spinner has multiple spinning parts that create an optical illusion and reflect undulating colours. Similarly, there are mobiles, windmills and weathervanes that are transformed into pleasing, dynamic forms by the wind.

Best garden wind spinners at a glance

Best overall garden wind spinner: Wind Spinner Emerald - View offer on Amazon UK
Best handmade wind spinner: Pemberley Bronze Garden Wind Sculpture - View offer on Etsy
Best windmill: Seaweed XL Windmill, Multi - View offer on John Lewis
Best sunflower wind spinner: SZHTSWU 4 Pcs Sunflower Wind Spinners - View offer on Amazon UK

Amongst the blousy peonies, abounding wisteria and lolling heads of plump roses, why not turn your garden into a mini sculpture park? Create new shadows, reflections and movement with sunflower, rainbow and bicycle wind spinners. Imagine a rippling metallic heart shape popping against copper garden décor; sensory enjoyment is so good for unblocking emotional stress. Additionally, your outdoor art gallery can extend into the evening with light-up kinetic sculptures that are charged by the sun during the day.

Catch a gleam on a dull day, and even keep pesky pigeons at bay, garden wind spinners are an inexpensive garden accessory that adds colour and year-round interest. Also, a cute whirligig makes an excellent gift for a loved one who spends a lot of time in the garden. As much as possible, we try to recommend products that are made from sustainable materials and produced ethically. If we've peaked your creativity and you want to get hands-on with your garden décor, scroll to the FAQs at the end of this article. Otherwise, prepare to be blown away. Once you begin your moving sculpture collection it's difficult not to become that person whose front garden is full of windmills and pinwheels.

Best garden wind spinners

Best sunflower wind spinner

Manifest happiness for yourself and those around you with the SZHTSWU 4 Pcs Sunflower Wind Spinners. These colourful little pinwheels are lovely lawn decorations, making the summer holidays that much sunnier. Say hooray, happy days are here to stay and use them as inexpensive garden party decoration. Alternatively, spruce up your pots and planters with this set of four pinwheels - ideal if you have a dull balcony that needs jollifying. These sunflower wind spinners will help you to start every day with sunshine in your heart.

Customer review: "Cheap and cheerful product, bright colours, works fine. Bit flimsy but should last a year or two. Good value for the money."


  • Colourful design
  • Good value for money
  • Easy to assemble
  • Ideal for summer garden parties


  • Some customers commented that they don't spin very well

Best overall garden wind spinner

Wind Spinner Emerald

Rrp: $38.49

Price: $34.99

It's a little bit arty with a touch of spiritual steampunk - and the Wind Spinner Emerald is enormously popular on Amazon - making it a winner in our books too. There's something very soothing about its steady spin that reduces stress. This hand-crafted wind spinner is made of durable metal and has been finished with azure powder coating. Position on your lawn for a perfect addition to your outdoor art gallery.

Customer review: "Really happy with ours. Easy to assemble. Really like the fact it is tall. It has not weathered except for (very) slight signs of rust on the tubing where you push them together. The main spinner has remained corrosion free."


  • Arty
  • Charming design
  • Robust in all weather


  • Some reviews comment on problems with the fitting nut

Best handmade wind spinner

Burghley bronze
Price: £107.99

Transform a drab lawn with this Bronze Garden Wind Sculpture for a striking centrepiece to your garden sculpture park. Add visual interest that creates a talking point at your next garden soirée. This quality wind spinner has received thousands of positive reviews on Etsy and because it's made from premium materials, it stands to last longer throughout all weather conditions. Position anywhere with its sturdy ground stake and elevate the ambience of your plot.

Customer review: "The spinner now looks fantastic in the garden! We have a real ''secret garden' feel here, so it goes perfectly."


  • Premium
  • Creates a focal point
  • Handmade


  • Note the dimensions, it's large

Best wind spinner for a range of colours

FONMY Wind Spinner 3D Hanging Garden Decoration
Price: $19.99

Like a Magic Eye picture this rainbow red wind spinner pairs colour therapy with a pulsing effect that is deeply meditative. The FONMY Wind Spinner 3D Hanging Garden Decoration has an S-shaped hook that allows for 360-degree rotation. Additionally, a huge range of wonderful colours and patterns are available, including mandala-effect and kaleidoscope. Hang it from your balcony, a tree or a fence - and make even the bleakest day feel a bit sunnier.

Customer review: "When this is hung up in the yard it is mesmerizing to watch spin. The colours move through it like a portal and when the sun hits it directly it shines like an LED light. It is incredible! If you want a flashy piece for your yard I'd definitely recommend this."


  • Rust-proof and weather resistant
  • Highly popular on Amazon
  • Wonderful range of colours and designs available


  • Note the dimensions as some customers thought it was going to be larger than it actually was

Best light-up wind spinner

A must-have for lovers of steampunk. This Solar Wind Spinner Jewel Cup is coated with bronze powder which gives it an antique charm. Let your imagination run wild as the multi-colour LED light charges with solar energy by day to give you a stunning light show at night. As if by magic, the solar-powered glass ball casts enchanting illumination and the dual blades rotate in opposite directions for mesmerising effect. It's little wonder this wind sculpture has been very highly praised on Amazon, even the bright jewels catching the sun are a spectacle for those who love to day-dream.

Customer review: "Really unusual stunning and looks lovely when spinning in the sunlight. I love the solar colour changing light at night, it goes through to a gorgeous purple which you don't often see on colour changing lights."


  • Colour-changing
  • Solar-powered


  • Fragile in strong wind

Best novelty wind spinner

MIC CIM Wind Spinner
Price: £14.95

Fly like the wind and feel as free as a bird with the MIC CIM Wind Spinner. This can be hung as a mobile or attached to a stake so it's freestanding in the ground. The flexible stake pivots with the wind so your parrot looks like it's riding the air current with glee. Say yes to a bit of fun and exotic vibrancy - it's a small and simple way to bring a smile to someone's face. Additionally, children are going to love the creatures in this range - and this could be the perfect finishing touch to a sand pit or a fort.

Customer review: "Easy to put together, good instructions. Sturdy when all set up. Really very well made. You have the choice of placing in the garden like a tradition windmill or hanging - mine is set in a tub amongst my camellias… very striking. It says it's petite but, I would say its a good size. Works well i.e. spinning feathers - really pleased - thinking of buying a few more for early Christmas presents for my friends who all love their gardens."


  • Can be hung or freestanding
  • Other creatures available


  • Not as sturdy as some other wind spinners

Best vintage-style wind spinner

Blenheim Verdigris Garden Wind Sculpture
Price: £99.99+

Standing the same height as a person, this impressive Blenheim Verdigris Garden Wind Sculpture evokes Victoriana vibes. Making the ideal accessory for an Alice In Wonderland-style tea party, this kinetic sculpture is both whimsical and elegant. With its tulip shape, it would suit a large traditional garden. Ideal for your croquet lawn.

Customer review: "Words can't describe how beautiful this sculpture is. I am over the moon with it."


  • Sturdy
  • Elegant
  • Looks expensive


  • Note the product dimensions - this is best suited to large gardens


What should I consider when buying a garden wind spinner?

First, there are all sorts of reasons why you might be buying a wind spinner. For some, it's purely a decorative device to brighten up the garden. It might be a gift for a loved one who has a particular passion for motorbikes or sunflowers. Also, a wind spinner might be for a memorial and therefore has a poignancy about the style you choose.

Consider the size of the wind spinner and bear in mind its scale in relation to your garden. Like a garden statue, an oversize ornament will make a small space feel cluttered.

Style is the essential factor, for example, you may be looking for a tasteful and traditional garden accessory rather than a bright and bold spinner.

Finally, if you want to display your wind spinner outside all year round, opt for a product that's made from a weatherproof material, such as powder-coated steel. Also, where you position the wind spinner is important too, a more fragile piece is best in a sheltered spot. You could hang it from a tree, balcony, lamp or wall. Additionally, there are some freestanding wind spinners stakes so you can position them in a planter or on the lawn.

How do I create my own garden accessories?

At Modern Gardens we're passionate about sustainability. We can all do better and reduce, reuse and recycle. It can be fun too. We all get through a lot of glass bottles each month, be it wine, beer, soft drinks or condiments. Instead of tossing them into the recycling, make something unique with them to style up your outside living space. Clare Howcutt-Kelly explains how to upcycle empty glass bottles into fabulous bottle lights for the garden that'll gently sway in the wind.

Bottle Lights

You will need:
Selection of wine bottles
Safety goggles and gloves
Bottle cutter
Galvanised wire
Tea lights

What to do:
1 Make a mark on each bottle where you want to cut off the base.
2 Put the gloves and safety goggles on to protect from any stray shards of glass.
3 Position each bottle in the cutter and follow the instructions carefully. Sand off any rough edges after cutting.
4 Set the bottles aside and measure out three lengths of wire roughly twice the length of your bottles. Curl the wire into spirals by winding around the bottle neck.
5 Slightly stretch out the spirals and slide up into each of the bottles and feed through the bottle neck. Pop the tea lights on the bottom spiral inside each bottle.
6 Attach the lengths of wire to a piece of suspended string or sturdy tree branch.

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