14 garden mirrors to brighten up your outdoor space

Fancy making your garden look airier, larger and brighter? Look no further.

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by Piper Huxley |

At Modern Gardens, we’re on top of trends sweeping the nation. There is one trend that we’re loving right now: garden mirrors. Why? Well, they look interesting when propped up on your garden wall and create the illusion of extra space. These outdoor decorations match perfectly with a summer garden in bloom.

If your garden lacks something, but you’re not sure what, why not check out our round-up below of the best garden mirrors available right now. From small to large, circular to arch, we’ve got the full range. Maybe you’ll find something that your outdoor sanctuary has been missing.

Why should you get a garden mirror?

Garden mirrors are perfect for small courtyard gardens, on roof terraces and balconies because they can add a brightening touch to your outdoor space. A great tool for reflecting sunlight, a garden mirror, if positioned correctly, can create an illusion, making your garden look bigger and lighter.


Where is the best place to put a mirror in the garden?

Considering a garden mirror but still need some help figuring out where to put it? Well, we have some advice for you. Make sure to choose an area for your outdoor mirror where it cannot cause damage to plants. After all, your mirror will be reflective. So, somewhere shaded would be best. Not only will your garden mirror brighten up the mellow parts of your outdoor space, but it’ll look pretty, too. That’s what we love about this trend.

Are garden mirrors different to indoor mirrors?

Yes. Garden mirrors are specifically made to withstand the wind and rain.

Are garden mirrors safe?

At Modern Gardens, we’re determined to help you keep your garden looking pretty, as well as making sure the surrounding wildlife is happy with it, too. Sometimes, it’s not that simple.

If you’re an avid twitcher, or bird-watcher, and like to leave out feeders for the UK’s vibrant bird population, then a garden mirror is a bad idea. As you well may know, birds are always confusing our windows and glass doors as an extension of the true environment. They sometimes can get hurt. When it comes to garden mirrors, much is the same.

Placing the mirror somewhere darker and more derelict will hopefully help the bird avoid getting injured, and your plants getting a scorching from the mirror’s reflection of the sun.

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