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Here at Modern Gardens, the UK’s best-selling lifestyle gardening magazine, we are here to help you create the garden you will be proud of and grow the plants you love – no green fingers required.

We offer advice on the best easy-grow plants to add to your garden, smart buying guides on hybrid BBQs, furniture, pressure washers, and more as well as projects to do yourself, and creative ways to have more al fresco fun when the weather is on its best behaviour.


Meet The Modern Garden Experts

Angela Kenny
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Angie is the production editor of Modern Gardens magazine. She loves spending time in her garden with her husband Alan and their three cats Rupert, Darcy and Frankie. She says: "We wanted our garden to be very low maintenance and that's exactly what we've achieved. The porcelain patio tiles just need an annual once over with a pressure washer and the palm and olive trees pretty much take care of themselves. We think it looks good all year round, it's great for parties and the cat-proof fencing means we can let the cats come and go as they please without worrying about them getting into trouble!"

Fiona Galley
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Fiona Galley is a regular contributor to Modern Gardens magazine. She enjoys being in her garden with her husband Tim and two children Eben and Jude, although what she enjoys even more is birdsong, a good book and her own company! She says: "When there's not an inflatable bouncy castle hogging the lawn, I find mowing it really therapeutic, and you can't beat the smell of freshly cut grass! I love flowers but I'm a lazy gardener, so there are lots of laurel bushes and trees that don't need much upkeep. I love to cook, so there is a small herb garden, and at the moment, I'm growing eucalyptus, for the sole purpose of taking cuttings and making arrangements with it! The same goes for the holly bush. Our decked area is a sun trap, perfect for a few glasses of rosé and a barbecue."

Jill Morgan
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Jill Morgan writes regularly for Modern Gardens, and loves everything to do with gardens, plants and outdoor living. Her long thin, town garden is the setting for many family and creative projects from bird feeding and veggie growing to den building and mini-pond dipping. She says: "We recently created a tiny wildlife pond and were amazed at how quickly it attracted birds, frogs and insects. My favourite outside space though has to be the 1 x 2m flowerbed in the front garden. It's a constantly changing display that's packed with colour, from the first mini daffs and alliums through to the bold and blowsy dahlias in late autumn. It's lovely to see it bringing pleasure to people walking by."