Get your garden in tip-top condition with the best pressure washers

Every home needs a pressure washer, especially if you have a patio or decking.

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by Caitlin Casey |

There's nothing more satisfying than blasting your patio and garden furniture with a pressure washer. Seeing all the grime and dirt wash away is definitely one way to have a productive morning.

With loads of options out there, it's hard to know what to pressure wash and which washer is the best option for your garden.

We've had a dig through the market to find the best options for you. From Bosch to Kärcher, check out our choices of the best pressure washers below.

How do you pressure wash a garden?

Pressure washers help to clean large spaces of areas really quickly and efficiently. There are lots of outdoor materials and spaces that you can clean off easily with a pressure washer.

The most common things you'll find to pressure wash in your garden are wooden decks, patios, concrete surfaces, fences, walkways, and driveways. First, you'll want to clear the decks with a leaf blower or a vacuum, though.

As well as these things, you can also use your washer to tackle those gritty, tough parts of the garden like rubbish bins and outdoor furniture when they've got especially grimy.

What's the best pressure washer?

There are lots of things to consider when buying a pressure washer for your garden and outdoor areas.

Weight and size: Firstly, you'll want to think about the type of pressure washer you'll want to invest in. Do you want something big and chunky that will have a high power and pressure rating for heavy-duty jobs? Or would you prefer a lightweight model that allows you to carry your pressure washer around the garden?

Power and pressure rates: With each pressure washer, there will be certain power wattage and pressures that it can go up to. If you'd rather blast all the dirt away as efficiently as possible, you'll want to go up higher, but this may also mean going up in price and size.

Components: Pressure washers can come with all sorts of accessories and additions. Think about what you might need depending on the materials you're hosing down. Do you need various nozzles, brushes and bottles, or do you want to keep it simple?

Hose and cable lengths: Most pressure washers will come with a cable if they're corded and electric, and all will come with a hose attached to the machine. If you have a huge garden with lots to wash down, you may need a longer hose length to reach through your garden.

The best pressure washers for your garden 2022

Need a pressure washer but don't want to be lugging a massive one around the garden? This Bosch EasyAquatak 110 pressure washer is easily portable with enough power to tackle patios and garden furniture. It has a selection of additional heads to add to the jet and an auto-stop system allows energy efficiency.

Also comes in two other options: the EasyAquatak 100 and EasyAquatak 120.

Weight: 4kg

Hose length: 3m

Power source: Corded electric

Pressure: 110 bars

Motor power: 1300 W

Components: EasyAquatak110 pressure washer; high-pressure gun lance; 3m hose; fan jet nozzle; rotary nozzle; detergent nozzle 450ml; water filter

Review: "I used this to clean two very dirty patios with years of caked-on grime. It did an absolutely superb job. I've also used it for car cleaning and again it's been great. I bought the extension hose and I'm pleased I did. It means that I hardly ever have to move it whilst I'm using it. However, when you do need to it's very easy because it's so light and compact. It's also very good value. I'm absolutely delighted with this."

Kärcher, a legendary pressure washer brand, is known for its high quality and durable washers. There are a range of options, including pressure washers for cars or outdoors specifically, but this K7 premium pressure washer tackles everything from cars to external staircases, garden paths, pools and patios. The ultimate pressure washer you can get your hands on.

This machine can work through a Bluetooth connection, meaning you can tailor your machine to what you're cleaning at the press of a button.

Weight: (without accessories) 17.8kg

Hose length: 10m

Power source: Corded electric

Pressure: 20-180 max. bars

Motor power: 2800 W

Components: Home kit, Home kit, K 7 Smart: T 7 Surface Cleaner, Stone and Façade Cleaner, 3-in-1 1l; 3-in-1 multi-jet; hose reel; 10m high-pressure hose; detergent application; telescopic handle; water-cooled motor; water filter; adapter garden hose A3/4

Review: "Overall, this is a great bit of kit, and worked wonders on my driveway! It is compact considering its size as it has storage spaces. I am impressed! So impressed, I have purchased further accessories to compliment it!"

One of the top choices on Amazon, this WORX cordless Hydroshot washer is perfect if you don't have access to mains water and power or just want something easy to work around the garden. It has five different pressure settings, meaning you can use it across a range of materials and you can draw the water from any freshwater source with the 6m hose, including a pool, lake or bucket.

Weight: 1.75kg

Hose length: 6m

Power source: Battery powered (One lithium-ion battery included)

Motor power: 20 V

Components: ‎6m Water Hose, Collapsible Water Bucket, Multiple Nozzle, Bottle Adaptor, Charger, Lance, 2.0Ah Battery, WG620E, Washing Brush, Soap Bottle

Review: "I bought this for cleaning my aviary, for which a Karcher would be much too powerful, but tried it out on my little patio first just to see what it could do - wow! It shifted 15 years of muck and moss with relative ease."

If you're looking for efficiency, this Nilfisk pressure washer allows ease of cleaning whilst incorporating power and value. It has an optimised engine and six-metre hose for easy handling, as well as additional pocket storage. Reviewers love that it's smaller but just as powerful as other pressure washers.

Weight: 6.6kg

Hose length: 6m

Power source: Corded electric

Motor power: 1500W

Pressure: 130 bar max

Components: ‎6m hose; universal motor; hose pocket; built-in trolley; extra on-board storage for accessories; power control buttons; rough pressure nozzle; gentle pressure nozzle

Review: "Had a previous version which lasted 6 years and was constantly used detailing cars. This new version is more powerful and smaller. The new hose rubber is much improved and does not twist up and is so simple to roll up and put into the front hose compartment. Wheels make it nice and easy to move around. Really lightweight and the power control allows my foam gun to work more effectively being able to turn the power down. Great value."

Want more bang for your buck? Check out this Ryobi pressure washer which delivers a 1800W motor and max pressure of 130 bar. It's super durable and has an incorporated 1L tank for efficiency. With wheels making transport easy and on-board accessories, this is an all-rounder with great value.

Weight: 8.9kg

Hose length: 6m

Power source: Corded electric

Motor power: 1800W

Pressure: 130 bar max

Components: ‎Trigger gun, turbo lance, Vario Lance, 25cm patio cleaner, multi-purpose brush, 6m steel-armed hose

Review: "Small and compact - good selection of accessories, no attachments are included for heavy floor cleaning scrubbing head etc - but this wasn’t important to me - easy to set up some slight assembly required for the handles and holders - screwdriver required. I use mine for the cars I feel this was value for money in comparison to other brands and prices."

This Mac Allister pressure washer has more pressure and power for that heavy-duty washing you may need to do outside in your garden. It has a two-year guarantee as well as an anti-tangle hose and two wheels for easy pulling. A great value choice for a high-pressure washer.

Weight: 11kg

Hose length: 8m

Power source: Corded electric

Motor power: 1800W

Pressure: 140 bar max

Components: ‎Fixed brush, rotary brush, patio cleaner, sweeper brush, wheel brush, underbody lance, drain and pipe cleaning, self-priming kit and extension short lance

Review: "I bought this jet wash to tidy the concrete outside my house, it made light work of getting up all the old moss and dirt, I tried it out on my car and van with the snow foam attachment and was surprised how well it did all these jobs, I can not recommend this enough, this is the best jet wash for around £100 hands down."

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