Best garden scissors for pruning precision

Stay sharp with our selection of super snips and scissors.

Best garden scissors

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The best garden scissors are a handy implement to have in your garden tools box. While shears are great for big pruning jobs, and handheld secateurs are useful for cutting through tough stems, a decent pair of garden scissors are ideal for deadheading, harvesting smaller fruit, and cutting flowers.

Garden scissors, or smaller scale 'snips', can also be a topiarist's and bonsai-lover's best friend in order to ensure they can achieve a tidy finish on their trees, hedges, shrubs, and bushes.

Best garden scissors at a glance:

Best all-rounder: Gonicc Professional Micro-Tip Pruning Snip - View on Amazon UK
Best for hedges: Spear & Jackson Razorsharp Garden Scissors - View on Amazon UK
Best for pruning: Kimura Pro Garden Pruning Scissors - View on Amazon UK

Snips are small and nimble for more delicate tasks, such as harvesting microgreens, while gardening scissors are essentially a tougher, and more robust, version of your standard household scissors. Both are obviously useful in their own way. Find out which will suit your next gardening task in the guide below.

Best garden scissors and snips

Best all-rounder

Gonicc pruning snips Gonicc/Amazon

Rrp: $17.95

Price: $13.24

Gonicc has made a name for itself in the secateur sector, so these snips will not disappoint fans of the brand. These small scissors feature fully hardened, precision-ground stainless steel blades that Gonicc promise will stay sharp, even through heavy use. The handles have a comfortable, ergonomic design with a spring-loaded mechanism to make cutting easier.

Customer review: "Great for deadheading! Lightweight and sharp."


  • Ergonomic handles
  • Anti-rust treatment


  • Small blades

Best for hedges

Spear Jackson garden scissors SpearAndJackson/Amazon
Price: $11.32

These affordable garden scissors from Spear & Jackson are perfectly suited to lighter garden tasks. A small-scale alternative to pruning shears, these can help with cutting and tidying up all kinds of garden greenery. They have stainless steel blades, ergonomic soft-feel handles, and a handy locking catch for safer storage.

Customer review: "Really pleased with the scissors. Light, easy to use, nice and sharp, trims my hebes and other small bushes easily."


  • Safety lock
  • Stainless steel blades


  • Only suited to light tasks

Best for pruning

Kimura pruning scissors Kimura/Amazon

These Kimura scissors are a pro-level solution offering high-end specifications. This includes blades made from Japanese steel, a riveted construction for strength, and a rust-resistant steel bolt to hold the blades together. The blades offer a PTFE coating, a kind of Teflon, which helps to avoid sap build-up. A steel spring, vinyl handles, and a leather safety lock complete the picture.

Customer review: "These secateurs are so easy to use one handed. No need for two hands to open them up, just give a squeeze and they are ready for use, brilliant. Lovely and sharp too."


  • Japanese steel blades
  • Riveted construction


  • Not suitable for stems over 5mm

Best for lawn work

Fiskars grass shear Fiskars/Amazon
Price: $40.87

Finnish brand Fiskars is the company behind the iconic orange-handled household scissors, but its garden-variety versions are also worthy of note. These small shears boast Fiskars' clever "Servo-System" mechanism which means you can rotate the blades 360 degrees in order to get the perfect angle. These have practical plastic handles and a robust locking device.

Customer review: "So easy to use - I can use it easily even with arthritis. It's lightweight, versatile, and the blades are very sharp."


  • Rotatable blades
  • Safety lock


  • Only for light tasks

Best for deadheading

Speark Jackson garden snips SpearAndJackson/Amazon
Price: $9.82

These Spear & Jackson snips are award-winning, achieving gold in the Great British Growing Awards. Their palm-friendly, nimble design makes them ideal for cutting, pruning, and trimming jobs when you need to be precise. They have SK5 steel blades. This is a high-carbon steel that is known for its toughness. Your safety is taken care of with a built-in locking catch.

Customer review: "I have used them for pruning rose trees and deheading flowers. Makes the job really easy as they sit comfortably in your hand. Would recommend."


  • Available in three colours
  • SK5 steel blades


  • Small blades

Best for detail work

Darlac compact snips Darlac/Amazon

Darlac's snips are designed for small to medium hands carrying out delicate work. Whether it's trimming bonsai, cutting flowers, or snipping off the finishing touches to a topiary project, they offer a reliable, one-handed way of working. These have SK5 Japanese high-carbon steel blades which have rounded end tips to avoid damage to adjacent growth. The non-slip handles ensure a good grip.

Customer review: "Excellent pruners at a good price. Comfortable to hold, sharp right down to the tip. Nice, long pointed shears, easily gets into the plant foliage."


  • Rounded end blade tips
  • Ambidextrous use


  • Spring may need replacing

Best for houseplants

Draper garden scissors Draper/Amazon

This twin-pack of classic garden scissors from Draper gives you one straight-bladed pair, and one with a curved blade, useful for reaching difficult areas. The blades of both are made from hardened and tempered carbon steel. These have soft grip handles for comfortable use inside and out. While they can be used outdoors, most reviewers rate them as useful for houseplants.

Customer review: "These are so good. I use them for my houseplants to prune and make cuttings. They're simply invaluable. The blades are black anodised and nicely sharp. The handles are covered in thick green plastic. Overly this product is very comfortable and easy to use. I adore them!"


  • Two differently shaped scissors
  • Soft grip handles


  • Not a rugged design

Scissors, snips, secateurs, or shears?

Garden scissors - are great for easier cutting tasks where a lightweight and easily manoeuvrable tool will do the job.

Snips - are perfect for precision work when you need a cutting implement that can be nimble and accurate.

Secateurs - are the tool to reach for if you need to prune tough stems and small branches.

Gardens shears - are a fabulous option if you're tackling the greenery of shrubbery, hedges, and bushes.

How do I sharpen my garden scissors?

There are all kinds of hacks for sharpening blades using sandpaper or even kitchen foil, but we'd recommend investing in a good quality knife sharpener that works for your kitchen knives, household scissors - and garden scissors.

Best scissor sharpener

Sharpal sharpener Sharpal/Amazon

Rrp: $14.99

Price: $13.49

SHARPAL's suction-based sharpener gives you a three-stage process for getting a lovely clean edge on your bladed implements. It covers you for standard straight-bladed kitchen knives, serrated knives, and all kinds of scissors.


  • Works on various blades
  • Suction base


  • Doesn't work with sewing scissors

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