The best electric tiller to get your soil ready for gardening season

We have rounded up the best electric tillers on the market in the UK right now.

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The best electric tiller prepares the soil for gardening season, reducing the time and effort it takes to turn over the ground. It's a great garden tool for effortlessly preparing soil, aerating and mixing. It makes maintaining vegetable gardens and flower beds much easier and convenient, rather than turning the soil over with a fork.

An alternative to manual soil cultivator tools, an electric tiller works in much the same way as a plough, turning over and breaking up the soil as they move through it. This in turn has many benefits for your plants, flowers and crops.

Best electric tiller at a glance:

Editor’s Choice: VonHaus Electric Tiller 1050W – View on
Best electric tiller for compact gardens: The Handy THET Electric Compact Tiller – View on Amazon
Best lightweight electric tiller: Hyundai 1050W 360mm Electric Garden Tiller – View on Amazon

In comparison to petrol-powered tillers, electric garden tillers offer benefits such as quiet operation, lower maintenance, ease of use with push-button start, and lightweight design for manoeuvrability in small spaces.

To make your life easier we have rounded up the best electric tillers on the market in the UK right now. Whether you are looking for a cordless or corded machine, something super powerful or a tiller that won't break the bank - we have covered them all. Without further ado, let's take a look at the best electric tillers so you can prime your plot ready for gardening season.

Best electric tiller

Best new electric tiller

Hyundai HYT1500E 1500W 450mm Corded TillerB&Q/Hyundai

This is a brand new electric tiller from Hyundai. The Hyundai HYT1500E 1500W 450mm Corded Tiller is lightweight, portable and powerful with six angled teeth to easily break up compacted soil. Whether you have an allotment, vegetable garden or small holding, this electric tiller is an essential piece of kit for turning over soil for cultivating.

Customer review: "I bought one of these to prepare a lawn area which had had a heavy duty rotavator over it already. The tiller made a good job of preparing the soil. I found that both letting it go and pulling it back gave best results."


  • Six angled teeth to break up compacted soil
  • Lightweight
  • Long power cable


  • New product so not many reviews

Best cordless garden tiller

Einhell Cordless Tiller GE-CR 30 Li-Solo Power X-Change with EinhellAmazon/Einhell
Price: £154 (was £169.96)

If you are looking for a cordless machine, then the Einhell GE-CR 30 Li-Solo cordless tiller is the perfect helper for easing up the soil so you can prime your yard for gardening season. Designed with four cultivator blades with a width of 30cm and a working depth of up to 20cm - this tiller is perfect for small to medium-sized gardens. For extra power, it uses two high-performance 18V system batteries from the Power X-Change series. Plus, the Einhell Twincharger can charge two Power-X-Change batteries with just one power socket.

Customer review: "For the price, it is well placed as a cordless tiller. I could have bought a cheaper cable one, but I am inherently clumsy and nearly cut through many cables in my life, and I have a largish garden with six annual beds that take an age to hoe by hand. It took me three days to properly hand hoe the beds at the start of this season; after I bought this, I did the beds in 30 minutes. Overall, I have been impressed, and I hope I get many growing seasons from this. Now to sow some green manure seeds."


  • Cordless so you do not need to connect to the mains
  • Double battery powered for better performance


  • Reviews have said that weeds and plants can sometimes get stuck in the blades

Editor's Choice

VonHaus Electric Tiller 1050WVonHaus

This electric tiller would be a suitable choice for anyone with an average to small-sized garden. It will ensure that all the soil has been wonderfully tilled in time for you to plant your seasonal vegetables. Designed with efficiency and mobility in mind - this tiller has a small motor but packs a punch. The tiller will quickly work through large surface areas with a cutting width of 320mm, a maximum tilling depth of 220mm, and four durable steel blades. We also love that there is an overload protection system and electric brake button for safe operation.

Customer review: "This tiller is very powerful, easy to manoeuvre, and fairly quiet. It was used on the front lawn that builders had used to dump rubble in, including whole bricks just below the surface. The tiller churned up the ground with ease, hitting bricks was no problem, and the tiller just jumped when hitting them without any damage being done. Pulling it backwards helped churn up the ground to a deeper level while going forwards, it tended to rush ahead, and you had to hold on tightly! Even when the blades had plants completely wrapped around them and clogged up with mud, the tiller still worked and didn't stop. It gets the job done. A great buy and excellent value for money."


  • Lightweight and easy to manoeuvre
  • Overload protection system and electric brake button


  • No back wheel for stability

Best lightweight electric tiller

Hyundai 1050W 360mm Electric Garden TillerAmazon/Hyundai
Price: £89.98 (was £99.99)

Perfect for vegetable gardens and allotments, this electric tiller from Hyundai uses four angled teeth to break up compacted soil easily. It has four rotating blades made from robust steel, and it covers a width of 36cm to make the job fast and almost effortless. When it comes to putting it away, the handles fold in to allow you to store it compactly away in your shed or garage.

Customer review: "This arrived as expected, and I assembled it with no issues. After reading the instructions I used the machine to dig up my garden, some of which was clay-based and hard, also with buried bits of old brick - the machine handled it all well and I have now laid the new lawn. Whilst light the machine does pack a punch, when hitting debris (suck as buried bricks) it did bounce around a bit, but it was manageable."


  • Simple to use and store
  • Three-year warranty


  • Some reviews mention it can bounce around a little on more stubborn areas

Best electric tiller for compact gardens

This is a fantastic affordable option if you are looking for something compact for smaller-sized gardens. Ideal for prepping small to medium-sized flower beds and vegetable patches, it works to a maximum depth of 20cm and a width of 30cm. We love the nifty thermal protection feature, where the machine detects when the engine is under too much pressure or is overheating and switches itself off automatically. Plus, The Handy THET Electric Compact Tiller is very lightweight and can be manoeuvred around easily.

Customer review: "Right out of the box, it's easy to assemble; although the switch was a bit fiddly as the screw retainers didn't line up well with the holes on the handle, it took less than 10 minutes before it was ready to rock and roll. I highly recommend this machine for those on a budget; keep it clear if it starts to get fouled and the jobs a goodun."


  • Overheating feature will protect the motor for longevity
  • 800W motor delivers enough power for most small and medium-sized gardens


  • The motor turns on very suddenly

Best value garden tiller

Garden Gear Electric Garden TillerAmazon/Garden Gear

Prepare soil for gardening with the Garden Gear Electric Garden Tiller. It's a cultivator and tiller with a powerful 1050W motor. The sturdy tines can break through tough soil, making it suitable to plant vegetables, flowers or to level an area of ground. Additionally, this garden power tool has a two-point safety power switch and cable safety loop hook.

Customer review: "No problems, it does exactly what its described as, at a sensible cost so no issues for me."


  • Easy grip handles
  • Faster than hand tools
  • Safety features
  • Good value


  • Goes from zero to 100, so be prepared

Best electric tiller for portability

eSkde Cordless Garden TillerAmazon/eSkde

The battery-powered eSkde Cordless Garden Tiller is lightweight and comes with an 18v Li-Ion battery and charger. It features a multi-position soft-grip handle. With a cutting depth of 80mm, it's perfect for preparing soil on vegetable patches and allotments. This multi-purpose garden power tool can be used for hoeing the ground or for more intensive breaking up soil. It doesn't have the power to cultivate to any great depth, but it is ample for normal soil preparation and takes labour out of digging, forking and hoeing.

Customer review: "This is not a heavy duty tiller but it is brilliant for keeping the borders weed free and the top couple of inches of soil aerated. I also purchased a spare battery."


  • Multifunctional
  • Great for general soil preparation
  • Lightweight
  • No cables


  • Battery lasts around 20 minutes and takes three-four hours to charge

Best electric tiller for power

WEN TC1014 Electric TillerAmazon/WEN
Price: $109.05

This powerful WEN TC1014 Electric Tiller has a 10 amp motor that drives the tines to 360 rotations per minute, tilling soil up to a depth of 8.7 inches. Overload protection kicks in around rocks and other immovable objects, to prevent damage to the blades.

Customer review: "I tried pulling it backwards rather than pushing it forwards and it turned into a small miracle. It was able to churn up my rock/cement ground far better than I would have ever expected it it and I was super impressed. It still bounced a lot but it really did a great job for the cost and weight."


  • Adjustable wheels for easy transportation
  • Powerful motor
  • Lightweight


  • American import

Best compact electric tiller

Mac Allister MTIP1400-2 1400W Corded TillerB&Q/Mac Allister

With four heavy-duty blades, the Mac Allister MTIP1400-2 1400W Corded Tiller is effective at cultivating soil to a 200mm working depth. It boasts a 1400W motor and six-metre power cord for effective tilling in a small to medium size garden. Additionally, this tiller has a foldable handle for easy transportation and space-saving storage.

Customer review: "As the manual says, check the blades regularly. The product for its strength is quite light, so it does bounce around a little over lumpy clay soil. Noise-wise it is just like a very loud lawnmower. I wore ear plugs for comfort and that was fine."


  • Compact for storage
  • Rust-resistant
  • Dual safety switch


  • Noisy

Best electric tiller for easy storage

Dellonda Electric TillerAmazon/Dellonda
Price: £149.98

Turn over hard soil and weed with ease, with the Dellonda Electric Tiller. It's a lightweight and portable tiller, that boasts 400rpm and a blade diameter of 205mm. It will effortlessly turn over soil to a working depth of 220mm. This hand corded tiller features an adjustable wheel position so it can be folded for space-saving storage with a folded footprint of just 40 x 60 x 45cm.

Customer review: "Great tool makes the dirt fine and it will dig in hard dry top soil easily."


  • Two point safety switch
  • Six durable steel blades
  • Lightweight and portable


  • Not many reviews

How we chose the best electric tillers

All of these electric tillers have been hand-selected by our team of Modern Gardens shopping experts. We carefully considered functionality, safety features and price in our selection of the best. Our team has spent hours investigating and researching electric tillers to make it easier for you to find the very best, and we'd never recommend a product we don't believe in.

Where possible, we also test and share the latest and best products you should know about. And with help from Modern Gardens Magazine, Garden News and Garden Answers, we share expert gardening knowledge to help you get the most from your product.

Best electric tiller FAQs

What is an electric tiller used for?

Electric tillers are used in small to medium-sized gardens to break down hard ground and compact soil. They get the earth nicely loosened up so that it's ready for planting. The tines on an electric tiller work at a rapid rate and get deep into the ground, so it'll save you from hours of manual labour with a garden fork.

Using an electric tiller will help to improve the health of your soil, which will ultimately improve the health of what you grow in it. Turning the ground over brings up all the fresh, moisture-filled soil to the top so it'll help add moisture to the plants growing in it.

What to consider when buying an electric tiller

Front vs rear tine tiller

There are two main types of electric tiller, a front tine tiller and a rear tine tiller. Front tine tillers are the more compact and lightweight option. Not only are they easier to store and carry, but they’re designed to get in all the tight spots, making them a great choice for smaller gardens. Rear tine tillers will be able to get into soil deeper than front tine tillers. They can make their way through tougher, more compacted earth with ease, so they’re seen as being the strongest out of the two. They also tend to have more tines, so they’re wider so they will take up more room when being stored and tend to be more expensive.

Corded vs cordless electric tillers

A corded electric tiller is a good option if you require maximum power and no limits on how long you can use the tiller. The main factor to consider is that you will need to be plugged into the mains to make your cord reach the power source. If you have a large garden, this would be ideal.

On the other hand, a cordless electric tiller is a suitable choice if you don't mind working with a shorter time frame or using a spare battery on hand to finish the job. If you want to skip the hassle of an extension cable, this would be a good pick. If you have a smaller garden or can get the job done quickly, we would recommend a cordless tiller.

How long do electric tillers last?

Usually, cordless tillers can run for about 30 to 45 minutes per charge. However, certain factors can affect this, such as if you are working with hard, compacted soil, the battery will drain more quickly. If you're doing small jobs like mixing in compost or weed removal, it should last its maximum amount.

Can you use an electric tiller to remove grass?

Yes, an electric tiller will have no trouble uprooting grass plants and roots, but you may still have to pick up or rake up leftover grass manually.

It is best to mow the grass first with the mower deck set at the lowest height setting, as this draws as much grass as possible, helping prevent your tiller from getting jammed.

Can you use an electric tiller on wet ground?

You will want to use an electric tiller when the ground you want to loosen is moist, but you should avoid it when the ground is wet. This can cause soil compaction to occur, not to mention put strain on your tiller. The ideal time to use your tiller is a couple of days after heavy rainfall because of this.

What is better: petrol or an electric tiller?

Electric models are usually smaller and are ideal for working in smaller gardens. They are also more lightweight, easier to store, and often more affordable. Petrol tillers are more powerful and suitable for bigger spaces or challenging soil types. One thing to note is that they are on the pricier side and take up a fair amount of space. If you want to buy a petrol tiller, we would recommend the T-Mech 52cc Garden Tiller.

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