Best hot pressure washer in the UK

Remove grease and grime in no time, leaving surfaces sterilised without going full blast.

Best hot pressure washer in the UK

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The best hot pressure washer makes cleaning faster and reduces the amount of detergent needed. This means that stubborn stains, such as oil, get lifted much faster than with a cold water machine. In addition, a heated surface dries faster, so you can be back to sunbathing on your decking in no time. It's time to say goodbye to your washing-up bowl of hot water and Fairy Liquid and level up your outdoor cleaning arsenal.

Is your patio looking a little green for the wrong reasons? Lichen-encrusted walls and the accumulation of moss can make even the loveliest of backyards feel neglected. Rather than spending a whole afternoon on your hands and knees, scrubbing away in your Marigolds, investing in a pressure washer gets the job done in minutes. This is a powerful machine that sprays a jet of water under pressure (measured in bars). There are various attachments to create a wide-angle spray or super-precise jet, depending on your needs. Tackle heavy-duty jobs and clean everything from swimming pools, exterior walls, cars, driveways, fences and garden furniture with a pressure washer.

Best hot pressure washer at a glance

Best entry-level Kärcher hot pressure washer: Kärcher HDS 5/11 UX – View on Kärcher UK
Best compact hot pressure washer: Clarke Harry 2 Hot Wash 145bar High-Pressure Washer – View on Machine Mart
Best hot pressure washer for portability: V-TUF HD140Hot - Compact Professional Duty Pressure Washer – View on Machine Mart

A hot pressure washer is going to be beneficial if you have a lot of automotive activity in your garage and your driveway is grease stains galore. This is because a hot pressure washer dissolves difficult stains and actually reduces the amount of pressure you need - so you won't damage delicate or crumbling surfaces. They are a worthwhile investment if you have a hot tub or outdoor swimming pool because pressurised cleaning with heated water (anything up to 150 degrees Celsius) hygienically kills and removes algae and bacteria. Hot pressure washers are powered by mains electricity, so you need to factor in proximity to a plug socket. Additionally, they have a fuel tank, which takes diesel or bio-fuel, to heat the water. If that doesn't quite suit your needs, you could opt for a cordless pressure washer.

More expensive than standard pressure washers, hot-water machines are widely used in retail, automotive and construction industries. Do note the product specification of the hot pressure washer you are considering because some models will be wildly beyond the needs of domestic users. In this guide, we're taking a look at options for use in the garden, including a hot Kärcher pressure washer and an equally powerful option from Hyundai.

Best hot pressure washer in the UK

Best entry-level Kärcher hot pressure washer

The Kärcher HDS 5/11 UX is a powerful hot and cold water pressure washer that can be used to hygienically clean a variety of outdoor surfaces. If you have several vehicles or a swimming pool and exterior walls to clean, it's a compelling option. This model is on wheels and has an upright design and ergonomic handle, so it's easy to walk around with. It also makes cleaning steps much easier. The integrated hose reel keeps the hose tidy and is more convenient to extend handle. Featuring the EASY! Force Advanced trigger gun, which saves energy and time. This is an 84cm spray lance on a 15-metre high-pressure hose. Clean surfaces quickly and hygienically with 110 bar pressure hot water up to 80 degrees Celsius. Do bear in mind this model runs on electricity but also has a 6.5-litre fuel tank to power the burner that heats the water. Happily, this runs on biofuel.

Customer review: "We have a large washer at work but I do a lot of cleaning at home, mostly cars but also large areas of paving. This washer is just right for my needs, the only feature it doesn't have is steam cleaning but I can go to the workshop for that. Otherwise it does everything the big washer does and equally as well without being huge. The hose reel is a must have, I nearly didn't bother and that would have been a huge mistake."


  • Powerful
  • Use to use
  • Upright design
  • Effective results
  • Runs on bio-diesel and e-fuel


  • Heavy, especially with a full tank of fuel

Best compact hot pressure washer

Rapidly dissolve dirt with the Clarke Harry 2 Hot Wash 145bar High Pressure Washer. This is a super option for a domestic hot pressure washer because it is so compact and portable. It features large wheels for easy movement and can blast cold or hot water (up to 80 degrees Celsius) from an eight-metre high-pressure hose. The spray lance nozzle is adjustable and can blast a pencil-thin jet or a wide-angle fan spray. This is a diesel-powered model - so the water heats up fast - and it comes with a 300ml bottle of detergent which you can use economically. A great option if you have a caravan or motorhome that needs a good cleaning before taking it out on the road.

Customer review: "This is an excellent hot and cold pressure washer, I have been looking for one for sometime. It very good for removing grease and brake dust from the wheels of our cars and the removal of traffic film remover. It is very compact and excellent value for money. The diesel consumption is approximately one litre per month using it for washing two cars once a week."


  • Compact and lightweight
  • Powerful
  • Easy to use


  • Requires diesel, so not the most eco-friendly option

Best hot pressure washer for portability

Clean surfaces up to 35 per cent faster with a hot pressure washer. This V-TUF HD140Hot - Compact Professional Duty Pressure Washer may be small and comparatively lightweight, but it boasts a 540 litre per hour flow rate, 140 bar pressure and a maximum temperature of 90 degrees Celsius. With a four-litre diesel tank, water gets heated fast and efficiently in a vertical boiler. This model has a self-priming water pump, meaning that it can draw water from a water butt and retain its compact size. It has some nifty safety features too: a total stop system that saves electricity when the machine is not in use. Also, a safety pressure switch cuts off the boiler in case the water tank is empty.


  • Energy-efficient vertical boiler
  • Heats water to a high temperature
  • Compact
  • Self-priming pump can draw water


  • No customer reviews

Best for automotive cleaning hot pressure washer

Hyundai 2100psi / 145bar Hot Pressure Washer
Price: £1,699.99 (was £1,999.99)

Because the Hyundai 2170psi Hot Pressure Washer can reach a maximum temperature of 140 degrees Celsius, it's ideal if you have surfaces that are covered in oil and stubborn grease stains. Combined with detergent from the built-in tank, this powerful model ensures a bacteria and algae-free clean on every surface. With a five-metre power cable for mains electricity and 10-metre high-pressure hose, you should be able to reach all nooks of your outdoor space. The trolley design is easy to wheel, though, at 92kg, it is a mini beast. Additionally, it is prone to being out of stock online.


  • Reaches high temperatures to sterilise surfaces
  • Powerful
  • Runs on diesel


  • More aimed at commercial industry

Best compact hot pressure washer

The V-TUF RAPID MSH240 is a hot water pressure washer that operates at 230 volts and delivers a performance of 1900 PSI (130 BAR) with a flow rate of 9 litres per minute. It features a durable stainless steel construction and a compact design that makes it suitable for various applications. This machine is known for its reliability and ease of maintenance, with affordable spare parts available. Overall, the V-TUF RAPID MSH240 is a versatile and dependable hot water pressure washer.


  • Space-saving design
  • Good price
  • Powerful


  • No customer reviews

We've selected hot pressure washers that are suitable for a domestic environment. There are professional hot pressure washers available too that are considerably more expensive and bulkier. You may want to consider the best cold pressure washers too, which rely on a high bar pressure to remove stubborn stains by force.

Best cold pressure washers

Best heavy-duty Kärcher pressure washer

From removing oil stains on garage floors to cleaning the outside of your house, by utilising the telescopic handle, this almighty pressure washer can do it all. With great power comes great responsibility - the K 7 is powerful enough to remove chewing gum from the paving. Actually, the Kärcher K 7 Premium Full Control Home Pressure Washer can clean delicate surfaces too, thanks to the control modes on the trigger gun. Its top-end power (180 bar, 550 l/h, 2800W) easily tackles large jobs like cleaning the brickwork on the family home. And it boasts a 3-in-1 Multijet lance - combining a detergent applicator, Dirt Blaster and Vario Lance - which almost eliminates the need to change attachments. We also like the Plug and Clean system, which allows you to easily click in detergent bottles onto the top of the pressure washer, ready for application. It's a popular pick, so maybe in low stock from time to time.

Customer review: "This Kärcher pressure washer is about as powerful as required for domestic use. It makes short work cleaning alloy wheels on my car. And is good for a quick blast in wheel arches during winter to remove salt deposits. One word of caution, the rotary feature for extra pressure can be a bit harsh on soft materials such as wooden fence or decking so be careful when on vulnerable surfaces."


  • Very powerful
  • Versatile


  • Heavy

Best for large patios

Bosch UniversalAquatak 135
Price: £144.80 (was £219.30)

For larger patios, this powerful pressure washer is ideal. It has a seven-metre hose so that you're able to cover larger areas with no problem, and has strong wheels and a handle so that you can move it about. The Bosch UniversalAquatak comes equipped with a 3-in-1 nozzle — pencil, jet and fan — for ease of use, so you don't have to constantly change between them. Plus, the handle folds down for easy storage. Although it doesn't come with the patio cleaner attachment, this can be purchased, but it isn't essential to have.

Customer review: "Great little washer. Easy to set up, very useful attachments. More than powerful enough to clean decking and concrete, ours hadn't been cleaned in 20 years and came up wonderfully. Washing the car is now a breeze, and the whole thing packs away into a fairly small form factor. If I had to moan about something, the water inlet is plastic, I can imagine this could be broken if not looked after. Other than that, great piece of kit."


  • Powerful, so ideal for larger patios
  • 3-in-1 nozzle for ease of use
  • Handle folds away for easy storage


  • Patio cleaner attachment has to be purchased separately


What are the benefits of a hot pressure washer?

A pressure washer is fairly simple, as it's just a water pump powered by an electric motor. The difference between models is that they all vary in size, power, hose length, and the number of attachments available. With a hot water pressure washer, you have the addition of a heating element (commonly fuelled by diesel) to result in temperatures between 80 and 150°C.

According to Kärcher, using a hot water pressure washer "offers a time saving of up to 35 per cent with improved cleaning results." Additionally, a hot pressure washer doesn't need the force of higher pressure, as the hot water produces the same cleaning results, so you can soft wash delicate surfaces, such as roof tiles. It's better for the environment too, as heat accelerates chemical processes and reduces the amount of detergent that's needed. Finally, a hot pressure washer has the benefit of being hygienic, as the higher temperatures can sterilise surfaces.

What should I consider when buying a hot pressure washer?

A hot pressure washer uses heated water for enhanced cleaning power, effectively removing grease and grime. In addition, hot water that's above boiling point kills germs and mould. Hot pressure washers are beneficial for cleaning away grease that you'd find in car and motorbike garages. A hot pressure washer has an heating element that raises the temperature of cold water up beyond 150°C+ as pressurised water exceeds boiling point. Bear this in mind, because whatever temperature the heating element is set at, the water that's expressed will be significently hotter.

When buying a hot pressure washer, consider its suitability for your specific cleaning needs. They tend to be for heavy duty cleaning tasks. Additionally, hot pressure washers exceed £1,000, so it's an investment. Assess the cost, ensuring it aligns with your budget and purpose. Evaluate features like PSI, flow rate and heat source. Additionally, consider the machine's durability, warranty and user-friendly features.

A hot pressure washer is ideal for cleaning grease, oil and stubborn stains on surfaces such as driveways, vehicles, machinery and concrete. Also, you can use a hot pressure washer without the heating element, so for simple cleaning tasks use it like a cold pressure washer.

Precautions are necessary, such as wearing appropriate protective gear. Avoid direct contact with hot water. Follow safety guidelines to prevent injuries and damage to surfaces or equipment.

If you're looking for accessories for a hot pressure washer, make sure they are suitable for high temperatures and pressurised water flow. Follow professional advice and look for product descriptions that state what temperature and pressure the accessory is designed for.

Watch this video of the Clarke Harry Hot Wash High Pressure Washer in action to see the powerful cleaning action of a hot pressure washer for domestic use.

Which pressure washer should I buy?

There are numerous options for pressure washers out there, and we have kept things simple for you by recommending a small handful of the best available. If you shop around further, remember the important factors: build quality, suitable accessories, and power/pressure/flow ratios. The ultimate question when considering a pressure washer is: what is it for? Is it for just cleaning the patio, freeing the car of mud and grime, or cleaning garden furniture?

Or do you need to blast all the brickwork of your entire house before painting?

Electric pressure washers are the best for us regular home users. They have high power, are comfortable to use, and require little maintenance in comparison.

With an electric pressure washer, you'll need to consider these two factors in particular:

Power rating: Given in Watts (W), this will correlate with the pressure and flow rate of your pressure washer. The higher the power, the more energy it has to deliver more powerful cleans.

Power supply: Powered by electricity, these types of pressure washers will need access to power to function. They'll either have a cable - for which you should double-check the cable length to your nearest power outlets - or be cordless. Cordless pressure washers give you unrestricted access but rely on battery power, making them only best suited for light cleaning jobs.

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